Doom Lord Chapter 87

Chapter 87 Enjoy the chapter. Wasn’t able to finish fix all the previous chapters yet, might take 1-2 more days. One of the biggest change made to the old chapters… Read more »


Doom Lord Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Voila, another chapter. Hope everyone enjoy it. Have like 50 chapters that’s edited that I need to look over and post up (chapter 1-50). I will make sure… Read more »

Doom Lord Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Enjoy the chapter! I was hoping C9 would have a reverse sweep, but sadly that didn’t come true! ^_^ Well, the final of na lcs was still fun… Read more »

Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 1

Chapter 80 part 1 Wanting to release this first since I am about to head off for work. Part 2 will come out later today. Sorry for the lateness ppl.