Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 2

Chapter 80 Part 2 Enjoy. Advertisements


Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 1

Chapter 80 part 1 Wanting to release this first since I am about to head off for work. Part 2 will come out later today. Sorry for the lateness ppl.


Sorry guys I been a tad busy lately. I will make sure to have the next chapter out by tomorrow, so just wait a little bit longer.

Doom Lord Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Enjoy the chapter. Had a somewhat easy time translating this chapter even though it was bit long.

Doom Lord Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Enjoy the chapter. This should had came out yesterday, but I was too busy watching NaLcs the superbowl. 🙂

Doom Lord Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Sorry, I been very busy these last 2 weeks. Schedule  is back to normal now. Next chapter if fast will be out tomorrow, and if not the latest… Read more »

Doom Lord Chapter 73

Here is Chapter 73! My room is too cold!!! Four giant windows makes it so hard to warm the room up in this cold weather. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.