Doom Lord Chapter 99

Doom Lord

Chapter 99- Killing One Another

When Cheng Yang and the others exited the Black Tortoise Island instance, it was almost dark. Previously, they had spent too much time searching for the instance portal.

Even though it was nearing night, Cheng Yang still wished to return to Luo Feng Village. The main reason wasn’t because he would have a 10% increase in cultivation speed if he were to be in Luo Feng Village. But more importantly, he had to be there tomorrow morning in order to clear the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church, and then head toward Xianghe Village. His purpose was obviously to find the instance portal near Xianghe Village.

That day, he didn’t mention the matter pertaining to the instance portal to Liu Hao because it didn’t seem like he would leave Dongshan Village anytime soon. So even if the instance portal were to be found, it wouldn’t have mattered. Moreover, with Liu Hao’s reckless personality, if the instance portal were truly found, perhaps he would’ve gone in on his own. This fellow would absolutely do such a thing.

After Cheng Yang and Liu Xiyue ate dinner in Dongshan Village, they set off on the road to Luo Feng Village.

Since this road had been walked past several times already, the thistles and thorns were a lot less. It didn’t take long for them to enter the ruins of Xiangcheng City.

Along the way, Cheng Yang took the lead walking in the front while Liu Xiyue followed closely behind him, less than two feet away. It couldn’t be helped. It was then completely dark. As a girl, it was expected to have fear of such a gloomy environment. Especially in this apocalyptic ruins, mutilated bodies could often be seen scattered on the ground. Occasionally one or two enchanted beasts would also abruptly pop out of nowhere.

“Lord, do you think…… ghosts exist in this world?” Liu Xiyue with a feeble voice suddenly asked.

Cheng Yang who was in the middle of concentrating on the surrounding was suddenly startled. After hearing the question, he forced a smile, “Liu Xiyue, the world has already become like this, so who would care about ghosts? Even if there are ghosts, it just needs to be killed. During the day, didn’t we clear the Undead Canyon instance? Even skeleton warriors had appeared, so I suppose ghosts should exist. But the thing is, are there much difference between them and ghosts?”

Liu Xiyue wasn’t aware if it were due to Cheng Yang’s persuasion, or from having heard his voice but the fear in her heart greatly diminished. She said, “Lord, thank you.”

Cheng Yang was baffled, “All right, what’s there to thank? As a girl it is normal to be afraid of ghosts, so don’t worry about it too much.”

Liu Xiyue nodded her head, and then followed Cheng Yang forward.

Along the way, the two experienced many fights. However, Cheng Yang wasn’t worried about them breaking his defense, and together with sufficient amount of various types of potions, it made the battle without worry. Even when encountering large group of enchanted beasts, it was also eliminated by him.

Because they had experienced many fights, naturally their speed slowed down. Almost an hour had past, but they were merely halfway through the ruins.

“Lord, what’s that up ahead?” Liu Xiyue suddenly asked with a touch of surprise.

On this section of the road, they didn’t encounter any enchanted beast so Cheng Yang was feeling a bit bored. After hearing what Liu Xiyue had said, he immediately turned around to the left in the area which she was referring to.

Not far from their left side, there was a flash of light. According to Cheng Yang’s experience, it was someone using magic missile at night to fight.

“Walk, let’s go take a look.” Cheng Yang said in a low voice, and then stealthily went forward with Liu Xiyue.

In less than a minute, they came before a broken wall. Through the broken wall, a full view of the scene unfolded in front of them.

Here ought to be a plaza before the end, because no remnants of destroyed buildings could be seen in the surrounding area. But on this piece of land, there were seventy to eighty people in fierce combat.

“Why are people attacking one another?” Liu Xiyue was momentarily surprised. She obviously hadn’t anticipated that when humanity was confronted with a matter of life and death, there would actually be some people that would try to kill one another.

Cheng Yang wasn’t at all surprised by this scene. While observing the situation, he whispered, “That’s normal. After experiencing the earthquake, all kinds of materials are scarce. From now on, not only the battle among people will not decrease because of the disaster, but will become more acute. Let’s look at our territory, if I hadn’t implemented the food rationing system, but instead let those ordinary people go outside on their own to look for food, do you think when two different teams were to discover a large bag of flour at the same time, they would try to find a peace method to split the bag of flour or would the stronger side repulse or even kill the venerable side, and then pocket all of the flour for themselves?”

“This……” Liu Xiyue hesitated. Although she would very much like to say that these people would divide the bag of flour up equally, but she couldn’t say it. Because she knew the chances of that happening was very low, almost impossible.

Cheng Yang said, “Well, don’t get tangled up over this problem. You might as well take a look at the situation at hand.”

At this point, the entire plaza was a mess. Some professions threw out magic missile, some launched arrows, some hacked with their iron swords in all directions, and dark wolves were called out while their master would run for their lives to escape.

In his heart, Cheng Yang gave these fighting professions an evaluation: Trash.

Since professions had different classes, it was clear that each would have their respective way of combat. In this chaotic mess, there was simply no way to display the advantages of the various classes.

Of course, perhaps at the start of the battle they were in some kind of formation, but after the battle became increasingly intense, all forms of formation crumbled. If this occurred in the future, then it was already a sign of defeat.

However, by then both sides were like so. For the time being, it was hard to distinguish who was strong and who was weak.

While these two sides were fighting, some also threw out verbal abuse. From the words coming out of these people, Cheng Yang more or less obtained some clues. His face was instantly clouded.

“You stay here, don’t come out.” Cheng Yang say to Liu Xiyue in a low voice, and then regardless of whether Liu Xiyue agreed, he came out from behind the broken wall.

“Break it up!” Cheng Yang shouted.

Although the battle was very fierce, Cheng Yang’s voice still spread to everyone’s ears. They were all surprised, while at the same time also halted the attack. They quickly returned to their camp, and then turned to Cheng Yang.

A man with a huge scar on his forehead recovered from the shock, he clamored, “Where did this yellow-haired boy come out from that dares show off in front of uncle?”

Cheng Yang gave him a cold look and said, “You’d better watch that dirty mouth of your, otherwise I don’t mind turning you into a dead corpse.”

“You damn kid……” The scar-faced man was about to say something when a more than 20-years old man pulled him, constantly winking signs at him.

The scar-faced man had yet to grasp Cheng Yang’s depth, so he could only temporarily swallow his tone. He was thinking that after figuring out the bottom line of the other side, he would certainly kill this eyesore that dared threaten him.

“Kid, why’d you stop us? What matter do you have with us?” Scar-faced man’s expression slightly loosened, “If there nothing left to say, then it’s best if you leave as soon as possible. Some water you should not walk past, or else you might find yourself accidentally drowned.”

At this time, a middle-aged man on the opposite side shouted, “You son of a *****, how can you do so many heartless things? Are you not afraid of being hacked by heaven’s thunder? …… Young man, this man is crazy and has long ago lost his humanity. You’d better hurry and get out of here.”

In fact, this middle-aged man would like for Cheng Yang to stay. He could also perceive that Cheng Yang was a profession, and in such tangled warfare, having many people was always a plus. However, he didn’t want for no reason to involve an innocent person. If something unexpected happen were to happen to him, he would feel guilty for the rest of his life. Furthermore, the strongest at this stage was also only at the first low-order apprentice. Such a person couldn’t play a decisive role in this fight.

Cheng Yang’s mouth slightly raised. The image he had of the middle-aged man couldn’t help but promote a lot. Although this sort of person had a very low survival rate in this apocalypse, but they were no doubt very popular. Of course, if such a person were his companion, he might have to reconsider. After all, such a benevolent person in this final days would sometimes inevitably bring disaster to their fellow companions.

“Just now, I happened to have heard your arguments, but some details are actually not very clear. If you don’t mind, can you tell about it? Although I don’t want to be a benevolent person, but I am willing to deal with things like garbage.” Cheng Yang indifferently said. No amount of tension could be heard from his voice.

“……” The middle-aged man somewhat hesitated.

Standing next to him was a 30-years old woman, she couldn’t bear it any longer and rush to say, “Young man, you shouldn’t be alone, right? It is impossible for a person to be alone in this area in the middle of the night. Hurry and call your partners, and then together with us teach this scar-faced and his goons a lesson. These people are utterly heartless. They caught a lot of women, and treat them like animals…..These people are nothing but beasts.” When it came to the last sentence, the woman was already gnashing her teeth.

The scar-faced man after hearing what the women had said, his complexion slightly changed. If this woman were telling the truth, he shouldn’t let that boy leave. The people present before his eyes was already somewhat strenuous to deal with, and if added with another group of people, his group would undoubtedly fall downwind.

The scar-faced man at this time was unable to heed the warning from his team member, and with a poisonous gaze said, “Hey kid, I told you to leave a moment ago but you chose not to go. In that case, you might as well always stay here. …… Brothers, with me……”

His words had not finished when the young man beside him finally said, “Boss, we can’t kill this person. A few days ago, I saw him personally delivered out of the main city by commander Yuan. If commander Yuan were to know of this……”

“So what if commander Yuan knew?” Scar-faced man’s fiercely rebuttal, “As long as we keep our hands and feet clean, and not let Yuan Jianze know, kill and not kill make no difference. Yuan Jianze is now only at first low-order apprentice, which was not higher than us at all.”

The young man opened his mouth, ready to persuade with one or two sentences, but he couldn’t find the reason to refute. Because, everyone already knew that the strongest person throughout the main city was only at the first low-order apprentice, not only for Xiangcheng City’s main city but for all the professions in the entire world.



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