Doom Lord Chapter 98

Doom Lord

Chapter 98- Passing The First Clearance

At this moment, Cheng Yang’s ice puck compared to before looked no different. Merely, in terms of attack power, it was way stronger than the time he first transferred to Ice Mage. Although the first medium-order Armored Beast had formidable defense and high health volume, but when faced with a single hit from Cheng Yang’s ice puck, most of its health was instantly reduced.

Cheng Yang’s attack was like a bowl of water suddenly falling to a pan filled of cooking oil, the main hall immediately exploded. The Armor Beasts wandering the main hall instantly turned hostile, one after another they turned towards where Cheng Yang and the other were standing.

“Hiss……” As the multitude of snake-like eerie sound echoed the interior the main hall, people couldn’t help but feel their scalp tingled. At the same time, these armored beasts also crawled towards Cheng Yang and the others, but looking at their shape, it really didn’t bring forth much of a deterrent.

Meanwhile, the arrow that Yu Kai projected also accurately hit the first medium-order Armored Beast, instantly clearing away its remaining health, dropping it straight down to the ground.

Liu Xiyue didn’t launch an attack, but concentrated on staring at Cheng Yang and the rest of the team. Once their health fell, she would immediately release a healing light. Although her skill was strong, but at the moment wasn’t the right time to use it. Who let there be other people around?

After a few minutes, the battle ended. On the ground, except for dozens of stacked Armor Beasts’ corpses and a iron-grade leather armor, nothing else could be seen.

This leather armor was received by Cheng Yang because among the five individuals present, the worst equipment equipped was also iron-grade leather armor, so this equipment was of no use to them.

At this time, everyone found in the corner on the east side of the main hall unknowingly appeared a dark green ladder that extended all the way downward.

“Walk! Let’s head down.” Cheng Yang casually said.

In the second layer of the main hall, Cheng Yang and the others saw the same scene as in the first layer. It was also quickly cleared up. This layer burst an iron-grade ring. It was a good item. In the end, it was given to Liu Chengen. Although Huang Mu’s vision was heated when looking at it, but he was a Summoner, belonging to the category of magic attack, while this ring enhances physical attack.

Cheng Yang and the others believed that this third layer should be the final layer of this instance, but when they got there, they found themselves wrong. Here, they still didn’t see the final boss.

Following the massacre, Cheng Yang and the others had an average increase of ten power values. At the same time, gained the third dropped item of the instance. It was a leather cap. Even though it was an iron-grade, no one found it useful, so Cheng Yang once more threw it into the storage ring.

After passing through this layer, in the corner was sure enough a downward channel.

Cheng Yang and the others looked at each other, and without a word went down one by one.

When they went down to this layer, they discovered that the layer differed from the previous layers. It was no longer a prison, and more like a person’s lounge. Table and chairs could be seen readily available. It even had a bed. If this bed had a quilt placed on top, it was definitely possible to go to sleep on it.

But that was unlikely. After all, this prison had been abandoned. Naturally, there wouldn’t be any quilt. Merely, on top of that sturdy wooden bead laid a huge enchanted beast. It was a magnified version of the Armor Beast they had encountered.

“And sure enough, it’s here.” Cheng Yang took a look at this big guy, which he still didn’t know if this were the final boss. He directly released an ice puck hitting this fellow, and then quickly to Yu Kai said, “The rest is up you.”

In fact, Cheng Yang could just use the easy method by sealing this monster’s movement with a freeze skill. And then with his and Yu Kai’s attack, only two rounds of attack was needed to thoroughly kill this guy.

But his purpose was to have Yu Kai be familiar with this instance. In particular, the final boss. If he didn’t let Yu Kai experience this guy’s ability, then wouldn’t this opportunity be wasted? With his attack power, two rounds were all it take to kill this guy. This wouldn’t even give the other side a chance to display whatever special abilities it might have. If there were a surprise attack in the next raid, it could be dangerous to the team trying to clear it.

Cheng Yang’s voice had yet to fall when the attacked Armor Beast leader suddenly sprang up from the bed, its two red eye glared at Cheng Yang. It seemed to be aware that Cheng Yang was the one that attacked it.

Yu Kai would not miss this opportunity, immediately an arrow shot out, hitting the middle of the Armored Beast’s forehead.

The arrows caused at least 20 points of damage to the Armored Beast. Now it should be left with 70-80 health points remaining. Toward this attack from Yu Kai, it chose to completely ignore, and continue to run towards Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang obviously wouldn’t wait for it to reach him. Immediately, he ordered Liu Xiyue and the others to first retreat to the prior layer, while he drew back at a fast-paced along the wall to evade the pursuit of the Armored Beast leader.

But this caused Yu Kai to be depressed. This Armored Beast leader really knew how to bully people. There was a person right here, and it actually chose to ignore him!

Some things couldn’t be tolerated. Yu Kai immediately pulled back the bow to shoot again. After two consecutive arrows, he finally won the favor of the Armored Beast leader. This fellow with blood-red eyes came racing towards Yu Kai.

Yu Kai’s lips suffused with a little sneer. Now it noticed him, but wasn’t that a bit too late? Immediately an arrow shot out, hitting the dead center of the opposite side’s eyes.

But under the limitation of the rules, the arrow failed to blind the opposite side. This arrow seemed to have caused some damage to it as it also fell to the ground.

“Here’s another arrow!” Yu Kai looked at the Armored Beast leader ten meters away from his own and muttered. This guy was really slow. If it were any other first late-order enchanted beast, probably it would’ve already rushed to his side.

The Armored Beast leader’s eye turned frantic. As if already aware it was at death’s door, it continued to rush toward Yu Kai.

“Go to Hell!” When the Armored Beast leader was only three meters away from Yu Kai, Yu Kai suddenly shot out an arrow. In his view, this arrow was the kill shot.

The Armored Beast leader suddenly let out a howl before the arrow hit upon it. A sound of metals clashing was issued. Unlike Yu Kai’s expectation, the Armored Beast leader didn’t fall down and die. Instead, as if injected with chicken blood, directly dashed to the chest of Yu Kai.

Yu Kai obviously didn’t expect such a situation to occur. For a brief moment his mind short-circuited.

In that blink of a moment, the Armored Beast leader struck the chest of Yu Kai. The immense force lifted Yu Kai off from the ground, and instantly reduced his health by 10 points.

Cheng Yang also had a scare, but soon calmed down. Yu Kai’s health value wasn’t very high, but there were at least 100 points. Even if this Armored Beast leader wanted to kill him, it would not take one or two moves to accomplish. Let this be a lesson to him, lest in the future he also make such a mistake in a real life and death battle.

After Yu Kai fell to the ground, he instantly got up. Unable to attend to the blood on his lips, on the spot pulled back the wooden bow, nocking an arrow in.

Just as the Armored beast readied itself to pounce again, the arrow accurately hit between the chest and abdomen. Letting out a terrible howling as if all its effort was wasted, it fell to the ground and never got up.

“Finally, it died.” Yu Kai heaved a sigh of relief.

Cheng Yang sternly said, “Next time you enter, make sure to be careful. How can you drop your guard down at that critical moment? Now the enchanted beasts’ attacks don’t come with special effects, but if later you encounter one with cut or pierce effect, just that one hit could’ve cost you your life.”

Yu Kai jokingly laughed, “Lord, isn’t that why I have you next to me? This monster just now seemed to have a skill that provide immunity against attack, but fortunately the duration didn’t last long, otherwise it would have been really difficult to deal with.”

Cheng Yang said, “This is just a normal difficulty level instance. In the future, when you are facing higher difficulty level this Armored Beast leader might be more troublesome…. Okay, this instance can be considered as finished. Let’s go take a good look at the reward.”

Having said that, Cheng Yang began to survey the area. Soon, he discovered that at the rear of the bed that the Armored Beast leader was laying on was an object. He immediately walked over and picked the item up.

No doubt, this was the instance’s first clearance award.

It was a stone. If Cheng Yang hadn’t ever seen this kind of stone before, he would feel that it was something that was thrown here left to gather dust. But at the moment, he didn’t have such thought, instead he felt that he was holding a precious baby.

As expected, it was this item. Cheng Yang heart burst with even more joy. The benefits of this item was self-evident. Last time when he used it on the priest statue, the priest statue’s transfer quota directly went up from 20 places to 40 places. If he used it on the transfer quota, wouldn’t it be possible to change the number of warriors from the original 530 to 1,060? This was a very formidable force. Just thinking about it make Cheng Yang want to hurry on out and run back to Luo Feng Village, and use it on the statue.

Perhaps, some people might think that this statue promotion stone was too broken, but as long as anyone obtained the first clearance of any instance in the entire world, they could get it. As such no one would think of the item as something rare. The only thing that truly matter was strength. With enough strength, people would follow.

At this time, Yu Kai had picked up the piece of equipment that the Armored Beast leader burst upon its death. It was just an iron-grade bow. It was given to Cheng Yang to put into the storage ring.

Seeing the item disappeared from Cheng Yang’s hands, Yu Kai couldn’t help but be envious, “Lord, when can we have such a storage ring? This item was practically made for travelling long-distance, and robbing houses.”

Cheng Yang smilingly said, “When you gather 10,000 points of power value, then you can buy yourself one.”

Yu Kai suddenly had on a sour face, “Ah, do you know how long that will take?!”

Cheng Yang said, “Don’t worry, it will be soon. With your current strength, earning power value will be very quick. You can scrape up enough in no time.”

Yu Kai wasn’t assured. He knew that although he had been promoted, the consumption for the daily cultivation would also be more. Until when he would be able to cobble together enough power value was really hard to say.



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