Doom Lord Chapter 97

Doom Lord

Chapter 97- Black Tortoise Island

Liu Xiyue naturally knew about the road established by the rules, because in Luo Feng Village there was one. At the moment in the entire village, there didn’t exist a person who didn’t know about it.

Following that, Liu Xiyue no longer continued asking about the issue. She had also heard the difficulty of building the road. Even with the close distance between Luo Feng Village and Dongshan Village, to build a road between the two was extremely difficult, let alone across the city or across the province.

After two hours, within three kilometers of the eastern part of Dongshan Village had been completely visited by Cheng Yang. During the search, they ran across a large group of enchanted beast, but without exception they were all destroyed.

While searching, many enchanted beasts were killed but not a shadow could be seen of the instance entrance.

“Okay, let’s move up a bit more. We’re only less than four kilometers away from the altar.” Cheng Yang muttered softly, and then continue to have a contest with those thorns.

In the middle of Cheng Yang’s cutting jubilation, Liu Xiyue suddenly pointed to the left and asked, “Lord, is that what you are looking for?”

Cheng Yang stopped his action, looking to the direction Liu Xiyue was referring to. Through the shelter of the thickets, he saw about seventy to eighty meters away was a white glimmer constantly flashing.

“Found it!” Cheng Yang was relieved. Although he had yet to see the complete picture of the white glimmer, but for it to appear here, apart from the instance entrance portal, Cheng Yang really couldn’t think of what else that could emit off this light.

“Come, let’s go take a look.” Cheng Yang immediately said, and then with Liu Xiyue walked over toward that side.

After leading the way for more than 40 meters, Cheng Yang was able to firmly confirm his speculation. It was indeed an instance entrance portal, with the exact same appearance as the Scarlet Church instance entrance portal in the territory.

“What instance is this?” Liu Xiyue asked in a low voice, with a flush of excitement on her face.

Cheng Yang with a wry smile, said, “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been in this instance.”

“But… but they told me that you seem to know of a lot of things.” Liu Xiyue didn’t seems to believe what Cheng Yang said.

Cheng Yang said, “I really do know about a lot of stuffs, but that doesn’t mean I know everything. The world is so big, even if it were God himself, it would be impossible for him to know all the things that are going on.”

Liu Xiyue nodded and said, “That’s also true. So what do we do now? Should we go back and inform Yu Kai, or just enter the instance first?”

She had no doubt about Cheng Yang’s ability to solo clear this instance. After all, Cheng Yang had said before that this instance was only a primary grade small-scaled instance, and coupled with it being the first clearance, they could only enter the normal difficulty level, which was not challenging at all for Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang looked at the sky and said, “During the first clearance of an instance, an unexpected situation might occur and with Yu Kai’s current ability, it will be very hard for him to cope with it. It’s better if we go inform him first, and had him enter the instance together with us. This way, it will also make it easier for them to raid the instance later.”

Liu Xiyue didn’t oppose his view. At once, the two turned around and walked toward the direction of Dongshan Village.

The search was very challenging, but the return journey was very relaxed. It was only a straight distance of four kilometers, which took the two people no more than 20 minutes to arrive.

But when they entered Dongshan Village, they found that Yu Kai wasn’t in the village and that he was still out searching.

Upon enquiry, Cheng Yang found that Yu Kai had been gone for about three hours. Moreover, he had also taken his team along. Immediately, Cheng Yang decided to personally go look for him. After all, it was a team of about 400 people. Finding them wasn’t very difficult.

For the purpose of increasing his speed, Cheng Yang didn’t take Liu Xiyue with him and alone exited the west gate of village, creating a dust storm in the midst of his path.

This place was worthy of being called an area visited by a large force. Along the way the thorns had been cut down, which not only caused less trouble for the walking Cheng Yang, but also eliminated the vexation of not finding them.

Following the messy path, Cheng Yang didn’t take much effort to find Yu Kai and his large group of people. At the moment, they were facing against a large group of enchanted beasts with a quantity of about 700.

Yu Kai was then a high-order Archer apprentice. Although he had yet to learn the high-order apprentice skills, but his strength shouldn’t be underestimated. Even in the face of mid-order enchanted beasts, he only needed a move to spike them.

Around that time the number had diminished to a little over 600 enchanted beasts. However, Cheng Yang was unable to “sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight”. At once, he joined the battle. [TLN: Chinese idiom: Watch in safety whilst others fight then reap the rewards when both sides are exhausted.]

Cheng Yang’s killing efficiency was far higher than everyone else. Beneath his ice thorn skill, countless enchanted beasts fell into pieces.

This scene was a real eye opener for the professions Yu Kai brought along with him. For many of them, this was their first time seeing Cheng Yang fight. His powerful image was deeply etched into their hearts.

After a few minutes, the battle came to a total end, Yu Kai erased the blood glued to his body and went to the front of Cheng Yang. He said, “Lord, why did you come over to this side? Don’t tell me you have already found the portal?”

Cheng Yang didn’t immediately answer him, with a teasing tone he said, “Tsk tsk. Old Yu, your fighting techniques need some work. As an archer, you actually got blood all over yourself while fighting, what a big flaw. It’s important to know that you are a remote profession. There’s no point fighting melee ranged with the enchanted beasts.”

Yu Kai wasn’t a vegetarian, immediately he responded back, “Lord, as a matter of fact I learn this from you. Now my defense has reached as high as 4 points, which can be regarded as the highest amongst the team. If I don’t step up, who will?”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Ha ha, forget what I just said. The instance entrance portal, I found it. I came over to specifically inform you. You go pick out two people, and together with me enter the instance so that you can be familiar with the scene inside. Later on, this will be the foundations for when you enter the instance alone.”

Yu Kai grinned and said, “Okay, I’m going to go select the people.”

Having said that, Yu Kai turned and walked away. In less than a moment, he took two people out from the team.

These two men, Cheng Yang also knew because they previously belonged to Yu Kai’s brigade. Later with the expansion of the team, they were also automatically promoted to vice-commander of Fox Hunt Army. One of them was Liu Chengen, the current vice-mayor of Dongshan Village. The other person was Huang Mu, a summoner with A-class talent.

After Cheng Yang gave Liu Chengen and Huang Mu his regards, the party of four set off on the return path to Dongshan Village.

After departing from Dongshan Village, the team increased by one member with the inclusion of Liu Xiyue. This five-member team was the final configuration for this unknown instance clearance.

For this instance, Cheng Yang and the others could be said to be devoid of pressure. After all, it was just a primary grade instance. In normal difficulty level, the strongest monster was only first late-order. In front of Cheng Yang, it was insufficient to put him on guard. On the other hand, Liu Chengen and Huang Mu was more like soy sauce. This trip can be classified as sight-seeing for them.

Once again he came to the front of the instance entrance portal. Immediately, Cheng Yang chose to enter the instance.

All of a sudden everyone’s eyes suddenly went dark. When they opened their eyes again, they had actually arrived on an island. The reason why Cheng Yang determined that this was an island was because the island area was no more than 10,000 square meters. Moreover, there wasn’t any tree or tall building on the island, fully allowing him to have a full panoramic view of the surrounding environment.

In the previous instances, everyone could see that their space was limited, but from this instance Cheng Yang and the others couldn’t see the boundary limit. After all, it was surrounded by the sea. Unless they could enter the sea, otherwise it was impossible to determine exactly how big this instance was in the end.

However, by then Cheng Yang and the others knew the name of this instance, Black Tortoise Island.

Since the name was already known, Cheng Yang and others naturally didn’t need to explore how big this instance was. It could be seen from the name that the main part of this instance was this island.

In Cheng Yang’s memory, there was also a Black Tortoise Island instance, but because it wasn’t an instance within the scope of Xiangcheng City’s main city, he didn’t pay attention to it. So his understanding of the specific circumstances surrounding this instance wasn’t clear.

Cheng Yang took a full view of the island. However, let alone seeing an enchanted beast on the island, even a wild animal couldn’t be found. What was going on with this instance?

“I’ll go take a look, you pay attention to safety.” Cheng Yang whispered to them, and then alone walked towards the center of the island alone. In his view, when it came to a location that might have a trick, it could only be the center of the island, because at that place was a small hill, or rather a small mound.

Before Cheng Yang reached the small mound, he discovered behind the small mound was unexpectedly person-height cave, which issued faint light from the interior.

Cheng Yang headed toward the cave, and took a peek inside. He noticed it was something completely different from what he expected. It was actually a long and narrow channel. Looking in the channel, Cheng Yang could recognize that inside the cave was something similar to an underground palace.

“Come, it’s here.” Cheng Yang immediately shouted to Yu Kai and the others.

Yu Kai and the other soon came rushing over. Cheng Yang said, “It’s there. I’ll lead, make sure to keep up. Old Yu, you bring up the rear. Now we don’t know what the situation is like inside, so everyone be careful.”

Yu Kai immediately nodded his head, and then everyone quickly walked toward the inside.

The team walked through the narrow channel, and didn’t encounter any surprises. But what they saw afterward made them shocked. What kind of underground palace was this, it was obviously an underground prison that had been abandoned.

All around the main hall was a fence that divided up the small rooms. Looking from far away, in these small rooms were dried up bones. From their exterior appearances, some bones were humanoid, but some bones didn’t look to belong to people.

Of course, these details were minor. The most important thing was that wandering around the hall were monsters with a pangolin-shaped head. But apart from the similarity in head, the body was at least as large as a small calf.

“What is this monster?” Yu Kai next to Cheng Yang asked in a low voice.

Cheng Yang said, “Armored beast, its defense is very high, particularly for physical defense. It’s estimated to be at 3 points. First low-order Warrior apprentices can barely break its defense. But their attack aren’t strong, and the speed isn’t very fast, so killing them isn’t difficult.”

Showing he understood, Yu Kai nodded his head and then said, “Should we start killing?”

Cheng Yang said, “These enchanted beasts don’t need our attention. You see them, you kill them. However, there is only a first medium-order leader here, so I assume that there should also be other halls.”

Having said that, Cheng Yang raised the Mithril Wand in his hands, throwing an ice puck directly at the largest Armored beast in the main hall.



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