Doom Lord Chapter 96

Doom Lord

Chapter 96- Turning Into Armies

At the same time Cheng Yang finished replacing Liu Xiyue’s weapon, Yu Kai and the others had also already chosen the people, and completed the transfer.

Honestly, to complete this task didn’t require much time from them, since each team captain had already picked out the people beforehand. And the only requirement he had was that the people included in the territory’s blacklist were not allowed to transfer. For example, people such as Hu Jun and the others.

These past several days, Hu Jun had also been secretly begging Zhao Chuan, hoping that the opposite side could give him a profession change. He was, after all, Huimin Town’s mayor, while Zhao Chuan was a teacher from Huimin Town. Although, they didn’t have any social interactions with one another, but he was still aware of his name.

But how could Zhao Chuan agree to this request? It was an explicit order from the Lord to not let this person transfer, because this Hu Jun was an example raised up by the Lord. An example of what would happen to those who didn’t obey the territory administration.

The current state Hu Jun was in was quite awful. He wasn’t in ragged clothes or unfed, but almost all of the refugees avoided him like the plague. Naturally, several of his relatives also suffered from the same hardships. At the moment, whether it was the people that were already in Luo Feng Village or those that had newly arrived, everyone knew that Hu Jun hadn’t just once opposed the Lord, but also wanted to seize power from him. Such a person, who would dare mix together with him?

Of course, to Cheng Yang and others, Hu Jun was just a clown. Naturally, they didn’t pay it much heed.

At this point the five profession brigades had expanded their scales to 432 people for each brigade. It seemed the team structure Cheng Yang and others had discussed prior came earlier than expected.

All Luo Feng Village’s five profession teams were then made up of two fully packed brigades, with each brigade consisted of 200 people. The 30 or so remaining people was brought together to form a squadron, and was attached to one of the brigade.

With these transfers, the number of professions in Luo Feng village had broken through 2,000 people. Perhaps, compared with the current condition of Xiangcheng City’s main city, there was a certain gap, but on the combat effectiveness it was definitely in no way inferior. After all, Cheng Yang was an anomaly which couldn’t be inferred with normal common sense.

After doing all of the preparations for the five teams, the personnel for managing the teams was also determined. Regarding this matter, Liu Hao and the others had already made the proper preparations. They had already elected the reserves for the various teams, and then, after the teams had expanded, these people were drawn out for the job.

The teams were ready. Only question left was what to name the teams. According to their argument, with several hundred people together, it couldn’t be justified to not have a resounding name.

Cheng Yang didn’t want the headache of naming the teams, so he threw the problem directly at them, so they can think of it for themselves.

Suddenly, all sorts of names from the crowd were thrown out. Some sounded exotic, while others were just plain weird.

After more than 10 minutes, all the names were finalized. Those names that were difficult to pronounce was the first to be rejected and shot down.

As for the five teams’ name, Yu Kai’s team was called Fox Hunt Army, Liu Hao’s team was called Wind Chasing Army. Niu Bing’s team was called Mad Bull Army. Lee Wanshan’s team was called Crouching Tiger Army. Zhao Chuan’s team was called Snow Leopard Army.

“Haha…… People, later we have a name.” Liu Hao said as he faced his team.

Yu Kai attacked back, “You’re speaking as if you didn’t have name before in general.”

Liu Hao wanted to counterattack, but was dissuaded by Cheng Yang, he said, “Haozi and Zhao Chuan, both of you have yet to clear an instance today, so go do it now. Old Niu and old Lee, you have the freedom to make your own arrangements. As for Yu Kai, you don’t need to go to the Scarlet Church instance, instead you’ll be together with me to take part in the Undead Canyon instance.”

Liu Hao quickly asked, “Lord, how about we also do the Undead Canyon instance? I am now a high-order warrior’s apprentice. The final boss in front of me is also a slag.”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said, “If you are only paying attention to the final boss, then your team will definitely have heavy casualties. Wait until your team have three medium-order apprentices before talking about the matter again.”

Liu Hao had a bitter expression on his face, but chose to remain silent. In any case, at most two to three days, his team would have four to five medium-order apprentice. At that time, he could qualify challenging the Undead Canyon instance, so there was no need to care at this time.

The rest didn’t have any opinion. Then, everyone parted with one another, each respectively walking toward various directions to complete their task.

Cheng Yang with a team of nearly 600 people, majestically advanced toward the main city of Xiangcheng City. Included among them were over 100 normal people, while the rest were all professions.

Along the way, all of the monster groups were like fleeting clouds. Even without Cheng Yang’s hands, those small fries were quickly taken care of by the professions.

Regarding this, Cheng Yang also has no other alternative. He couldn’t just kill-steal from his own subordinates.

After spending nearly an hour, they finally arrived at the entrance of the Undead Canyon.

From his team, Yu Kai selected 47 people, and along with Cheng Yang, Liu Xiyue, and his own, they entered the instance.

This time, Cheng Yang chose to enter the normal difficulty level instance. In fact, with Cheng Yang’s current strength, facing the hard difficulty level instance was also not a problem, but the key was that this Undead Canyon was a medium-scaled instance. As many as 50 people could enter inside at once. When the final boss emerged, there would also be a few late-order monsters. With the current strength of the general professions, confronting these many big guys would likely spike them in seconds.

For safety considerations, Cheng Yang dismissed the idea, however, after today Yu Kai would be promoted to high-order archer’s apprentice. Clearing the hard difficulty level Undead Canyon then shouldn’t be no problem.

In less than ten minutes, they came out from the instance. Although the number of monsters in the Undead Canyon instance was several times more of those in the Scarlet Church instance, but here the monsters are crowded together. So there was a higher efficiency of killing monsters, making the clearance speed faster.

“Lord, how many teams does this Undead Canyon permit to enter a day?” After finishing assigning the equipment, Yu Kai asked.

Cheng Yang said, “These instances are the same. The initial clearance amount are only five times a day.”

Yu Kai said, “This number is too small, right? There should be other instances around Xiangcheng City beside this one, so why don’t we take the time to find them?”

Cheng Yang thought for a moment before saying, “I estimated that every field station has an instance near it, that includes your Dongshan Village and Liu Hao’s Xianghe Village. As for where this instance may be, I’m not sure.”

Hearing this, Yu Kai was suddenly overjoyed, “As long as there is an instance, it’s fine. After I get back to Dongshan Village, I’ll make sure to carefully look for it.”

Cheng Yang didn’t try to stop Yu Kai. In his opinion, these two instances were equally as important. If it could be found, of course it would be something to be happy about.

The reason Cheng Yang knew Dongshan village and Xianghe village had an instance wasn’t because he heard of them in his previous life. On the contrary, the professions from these two respective territories had kept their mouths tightly shut, not revealing the slightest bit of information.

However, some people in the forum had concluded that this instance should be the standard configuration of the field station. In the proximity of the field station, there would inevitably be a small-scaled instance, where the location would generally be between three to five kilometers away from the altar. Whereas for the main city, there will certainly be a medium-scaled instance near it. Undead Canyon was the instance of Xiangcheng City’s main city. But currently Xiangcheng City’s main city professions were too weak, so they were beaten to the punch by Cheng Yang.

Subsequently, the team began to accelerate toward the direction of Dongshan Village. Along the way, they still tried to avoid the area where the professions of the main city operated. Even though Cheng Yang wasn’t afraid of Xiangcheng City’s forces at the moment, but for the time being he didn’t want them to clash. When the time came where conflicts couldn’t be avoided, then it would be the moment where he would have to use strength to speak.

When Cheng Yang and the others arrived at Dongshan Village, it was almost high noon. The first thing Yu Kai did was upgrade to high-order archer’s apprentice, and then began arranging the affairs of the territory.

At the moment, all of the profession statues had completed the upgrades, so naturally Yu Kai could quickly upgrade the territory.

Dongshan village couldn’t be compared to Xianghe Village, which had convenient transportation. So some shops were necessary to set up, such as the Alchemy Shop. The wood brought with them today was prepared for this matter.

After completely using up all of Dongshan Village’s transfer quota, the promotion criteria was fully met. Then, with the manipulation of Yu Kai, Dongshan Village was successfully upgraded to a level 2 village.

Next, Cheng Yang didn’t continue to stay in the village. Since Yu Kai said just now he wanted to look for the instance’s entrance, he decided to also help look for it. Anyway, even if he returned to Luo Feng Village, he would also have to look for a place to kill monsters to earn power value. It was better to just kill monsters in the vicinities of Dongshan Village.

However, Cheng Yang didn’t plan on travelling together Yu Kai. After some deliberations, Liu Xiyue and him will be responsible for the search on the east side of Dongshan village, while Yu Kai’s team was in charge of searching the west side of the village.

Together with Liu Xiyue, Cheng Yang walked out the east gate of Dongshan Village, and then fumbled in the forest forward. In this range, the professions of Dongshan Village had already trampled down the area and created many paths, so walking wasn’t an issue. However, the farther they went forward, the more thickets and thorns they saw. Cheng Yang had to act like a warrior, and from his storage ring pulled out an common iron sword, to cut out a path. His 8 points of physical attack wasn’t a decoration. Along with the swings of the sword was a bit of power.

Liu Xiyue’s role at the moment couldn’t be underestimated. Those enchanted beasts in the first medium-order in front of her could only be spiked. At this point, near the vicinity of the main city, the vast majority of the enchanted beast was in first early-order or first medium-order, so she was basically invincible.

Of course, there was a prerequisite. That was, she couldn’t be under siege.

Two people, along a fixed route searched outward, trying to not miss any suspicious traces.

Three to four hours of searching passed by, which included them having lunch in the wild. Although the apocalypse had only occurred for more than 10 days, but a proud women such as Liu Xiyue had already adapted to the lifestyle of living outdoor. At least, compared to a few days ago, she was much stronger than in those precarious days.

“Lord, will those thorns always exist? If the world is in such a situation, then if humans want to go on a long journey later, won’t that be impossible?” Liu Xiyue looked at Cheng Yang struggling to cut the thorns in the front, and couldn’t help but ask.

Cheng Yang while waving the sword, answered, “These thistles and thorns only have a fast growth rate in the first wave of the apocalypse. After that, their growth rate will slow down by a lot. As long as we cut down a path, in a short time they will also not grow. Moreover, if later people want to go to other places, they will most likely have to rely on the roads established by the rules.”



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