Doom Lord Chapter 94

Doom Lord

Chapter 94- Small Beastfolk Camp

Niu Bing looked conflicted, his face was full of hesitation. In the end, Niu Bing spoke through gritted teeth; he explained, “Ok, I’ll tell you. Actually what I said a moment ago wasn’t false. Yesterday afternoon, we really didn’t pay attention to the direction we were going, and ended up walking a bit too far from the territory. At that time, we were walking downward from Huimin Town. About three or four kilometers from Huimin Town, there was a mountain ridge. And at that mountain ridge, we saw a small village. Inside were a lot of enchanted beasts. They could walk upright, and behave just like people.”

Cheng Yang heard only half of the story, but had already known what Niu Bing was going to says next.

Following the transformation of this world, mankind named the monsters that appeared in this world enchanted beast or alienation beast. This naming, to some extent, was for humans’ self-satisfaction because the word beast represented low intelligence. The actual situation was also basically the same. The overwhelming majority of the enchanted beast and alienation beast that appeared had low intelligence.

But there were some exceptions. There were some enchanted beasts that had a distinct difference from ordinary enchanted beast. They had a high degree of wisdom, even so much that there was no difference when comparing to human. The enchanted beast that came from Niu Bing’s mouth just then belonged to this category.

Unlike other enchanted beasts’ groups, this kind of enchanted beasts occupied their own stronghold, and had formed its own social systems. To some extent, they were already “people”. Most people still referred to them as enchanted beast, but there were some that recognized such enchanted beast had distinct nature that separated them from the ordinary enchanted beast, and began addressing them as “Beastfolk”.

There weren’t many Beastfolk groups in this world. It might also be due to mankind not encountering much Beastfolks in the one year’s time in the previous apocalypse.

Coincidentally, there was a Beastfolk stronghold(camp) in the surrounding of Xiangcheng City. It was the one Niu Bing just mentioned.

Although Beastfolk and enchanted beast had a great deal of difference, but they were nevertheless essential the same. Because they and human were like fire and water. As long as humans went into their region, there was no chance of returning without an incident.

But what was strange was that these Beastsfolks seemed to suffer from some type of restrictions. Their scopes of activities were limited, and they couldn’t attack human settlements.

Because of all these reasons, humans and Beastfolks basically had no contact with one another. This was why people living in stations had a limited understanding on Beastfolk. So much that their knowledge on Beastfolk could be said to be the most basic common sense.

As a result of this long period of mutual non-disturbance, humans gradually adapted to the presence of Beastfolk, even turning a blind eye to their existence. Cheng Yang had not thought of them one bit before, because the existence of Beastfolk was equivalent to air.

However, knowing that Niu Bing mentioned them once more, Cheng Yang quickly raised his vigilance on the Beastfolks. Although mankind had turn a blind eye to the Beastfolks, but that did not mean that the Beastfolks were not strong. On the contrary, even before Cheng Yang’s rebirth, mankind did not understand how strong the powerful presences in the Beastfolk camp really was to the end.

Before, Cheng Yang was simply an insignificant profession that could be found in the crowd. The existence of Beastfolk camp was far too remote from him. However, it wasn’t the same then. At this point, he was Luo Feng Village’s Lord. For the Beastfolk camp that was seven to eight kilometers away from Luo Feng Village, he had to attach significant amount of attention.

For what reason did this Beastfolk camp exist? Why did gods put them there? Would they be released at some point and attack human settlements?

The more Cheng Yang thought about it, the more he felt nervous and uneasy.

But Cheng Yang also knew that at the moment wasn’t the time to inquire exactly why this Beastfolk camp existed. Compared to this Beastfolk camp, Luo Feng Village’s strength was still too weak.

“Old Niu, do you know how dangerous your method was?” Cheng Yang with an ugly look on his face asked.

Niu Bing was slightly surprised. A moment ago, he had felt Cheng Yang was looking forward to hearing this. How come all of a sudden his attitude changed? Immediately he said, “I am also aware of the dangers, but didn’t the Lord say that in this apocalyptic world, there is no such thing as a place with no danger? Besides, when we observed the village, we hid very subtle and the distance was also very far, so the probability of us being found was extremely low.”

Cheng Yang said, “You should be glad. If you really approached close to it, you probably could not come back. If you recalled, in the enchanted beast groups we had previously faced, the strongest was already in the first late-order. How powerful do you think the strongest monster in this camp will be?”

After this reminder from Cheng Yang, Niu Bing instantly wasn’t calm and said, “Lord, this…… What should we do? In that camp was a great number of enchanted beasts, and if they were really powerful, then wouldn’t our Luo Feng Village be in danger?”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said, “This isn’t necessarily true. First, we’ll need to observe them for some time, then discuss the matter again later. Also, you go instruct someone to tell the rest of the brigades that no one is allowed near the camp. This command can’t be violated no matter what.”

From Cheng Yang’s face, Niu Bing saw the seriousness of the situation. Quickly, he nodded.

“Lord, you called me over. It shouldn’t be to ask about this matter, right?” Niu Bing suddenly asked.

Cheng Yang said, “Of course not. Last night, didn’t I just construct a Barrack? Currently, Liu Hao, Yu Kai, and Lee Wanshan already have a post. Only you and Captain Zhao Chuan are left without a position, so I thought it would be a good idea to have you be in charge of supervising the Barrack.”

Niu Bing was suddenly startled. Only after a long time did he manage to calm down, with a wry smile he said, “Lord, you are kidding, right? My ability, you should be clear. If you let me run the Barrack, perhaps it would do more harm than good. This is nearly 1,000 people. Perhaps, later they will also go out and direct battles.”

Cheng Yang said, “You are overcomplicating the matter. The so-called Barrack Supervisor is simply equivalent to a logistic post. The person with the post only have to be responsible for recruiting soldiers and upgrading the military rank. These are all procedural things. Other than the matter of recruiting soldiers which need you to personally look over, the military ranks upgrade can be done automatically. It doesn’t need you to use any brainpower at all. Besides, even if you’re not good at management, don’t you have Pang Shan by your side? Girls are meticulous. As long as she helps you, there shouldn’t be any problems with completing this matter.”

Listening to Cheng Yang’s words, Niu Bing at first hesitated, then said, “Ok, if it’s that simple, then I’ll be the Barrack Supervisor.”

Cheng Yang helplessly gave him a stern look and said, “Don’t you know you are riding on a massive gravy train? Oh well, later on you will find out just how lucky you are.”

Niu Bing happily laughed, no longer arguing back.

Afterwards, Cheng Yang brought Niu Bing next to the territory altar and had him set up as the Barrack Supervisor. This post was opened up after the Barrack was built. After the territory upgrade, apart from this post, the territory had no other increase in other posts.

At this time, Liu Hao’s group of people had returned to the territory, which included not only his own team, but also Yu Kai, Zhao Chuan and Lee Wanshan. Last night, they had been grinding together. With a high-order apprentice and two mid-order apprentices, the night’s harvest could be described as very rich.

“Old Niu, you finally came back. We planned on calling you to come grind with us last night, but the results was not even a shadow of your figure could be seen. Where did you run off to?” Seeing Niu Bing from afar, Yu Kai immediately walked up and asked.

Niu Bing looked at Cheng Yang, only after seeing him nod his head did he recall yesterday’s event to the crowd again. Then, Cheng Yang also emphasized the seriousness of the Beastfolk camp to everyone, and asked them to not go within 200 meters of the Beastfolk camp.

After Yu Kai heard the details, his face was also heavy. Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, I’m afraid that monster camp is a malignant tumor. We must pull it out as soon as possible.”

“I know what you mean.” Cheng Yang said, “But our forces are still too weak. We have to wait until our strength get stronger before we can even consider about attacking the camp.”

Lee Wanshan said, “How about we send someone to test it out, just in case they aren’t strong?”

Cheng Yang shook his head. Although he had not personally been near the camp, but in his past life there had been plenty of peak-order apprentices that had their lives buried in the Beastfolk camp, therefore Cheng Yang didn’t want to take that risk.

Seeing Cheng Yang so determined, Lee Wanshan no longer continued to persuade, and instead asked, “Lord, what’s our arrangements for today? Do you still want us to continue going around killing monsters?”

Cheng Yang said, “I have just upgraded the profession statues to level 4, so now each statue can transfer up to 530 people. Now is the time to expand the several brigades. Everyone can select their own personnel. However, the power value requires for their transfer will be the responsibility of the respective team.”

Liu Hao and the others were immediately riled up. The expansion of the teams would no doubt give them greater confidence when dealing with large enchanted beast groups. These past few days, unless Cheng Yang took the lead to explore the uncharted wild, they could only stick to killing enchanted beasts in the regions that had already been swept through once. This killing efficiency was on the low side. At the moment that the teams were expanding, coupled with promotion of several of the captains’ strengths, they had gradually developed the ability to work independently.

“Lord, the personnel expansion is naturally a good thing. However, with the current equipment output, even our teams have yet to be fully equipped. Now the number of professions will soon be double, making the equipment gap even larger. How about we use a portion of our power value in the shop to buy equipment.” Lee Wanshan recommended.

Cheng Yang immediately shook his head and said, “It’s not very cost-effective to buy the equipment in the shop. If you want to buy a complete set of equipment, you must spend at least seven hundred to eight hundred power values. With this much power value, it is better to just open four times cultivation speed.”

Lee Wanshan said, “In fact, we only need to purchase the weapons. A weapon in the shop cost only 70-80 power values. This much is still within the affordable range for the first batch of transfers. Moreover, after their attack power increased, the speed of which they kill monsters will also increase. This can help us push outward faster, and increase the scope of our activities.”

Cheng Yang hesitated for a bit before asking, “How many forger and engraver does our territory now have?”

Lee Wanshan turned to look at Yu Kai. All matters regarding the auxiliary class were handled by Yu Kai.



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