Doom Lord Chapter 93

Doom Lord

Chapter 93- Ice Shield

In this crowd of 120 people that had just transferred in Xianghe village, not a single person was gifted with s-class talent, let alone a person with a special talent.

From this perspective, it can be seen how lucky Cheng Yang was to had found Liu Xiyue and bring her back to the village. Although Liu Xiyue’s talent categorized as “special talent” and was unable to partition equally among the ranks, but by virtue of this one special talent, it was enough to overshadowed all the s-class talent.

After the completion of these people’s transfer, Xianghe village has fulfilled the conditions to upgrade Xianghe village. Immediately, Liu Hao chose to upgrade the territory.

After upgrading Xianghe village, similarly a few more buildings appeared on the list that can be built. But now, Xianghe village apparently doesn’t have enough wood for the construction of these buildings. Fortunately, Luo Feng village wasn’t very far away from the village. If they want to obtain an auxiliary class or purchase items, they can also take the road directly to Luo Feng village.


When Cheng Yang walked out from his room, Liu Xiyue has also completed her first night of cultivation.

Compared with other people, Liu Xiyue was no doubt lucky because she could opened up six times cultivation speed on her first day of cultivation, coupled with the level 3 residence and Cheng Yang’s talent bonus, it was equivalent to opening seven times cultivation speed. In just one night, her cultivation progress went over 14%.  

In other words, Liu Xiyue only requires eight days to advance to mid-order priest’s apprentice.  

“Liu Xiyue, how’s your condition? Alright? It seems your cultivation went fairly went. Many people after their first day of cultivation would find their legs even problematic to even stand correctly.” Cheng Yang said with a smile.

After yesterday’s interaction, Cheng Yang noticed Liu Xiyue was somewhat constrained during their time together and this wasn’t the results he wanted to see.  Although he doesn’t expect Liu Xiyue to be close with him, but as the first guard to accompany him, their relationship shouldn’t be too stiff, right?  

Neither does he know what kind of state Liu Xiyue was in right now. Perhaps, in this short ten days she experienced many things, and this made her heart produced a hint of guard.

However, regarding Cheng Yang’s greeting, she lightly responded, “Thank you for the concerns, Lord. In my opinion, cultivation is easy. Perhaps, currently there was millions of people around the world that wish to cultivate but couldn’t find the proper method. In this regard, Xiyue is also lucky.”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “Your attitude is very optimistic, and this is a good thing. Today, we are going to take a trip to Xiangcheng city’s main city. Go wash up, and find something to eat. Then in a bit, we’ll head off.”

“Yes, Lord.” Liu Xiyue replied with a cry, then departed from the courtyard.

Speaking of wash, it was in fact going to the small river ditch that flows through the territory to wash the face and rinsing the mouth. To be honest, after the gods had transformed the world, the water quality of the entire Earth had gotten much better. Before the apocalypse, this small ditch was utterly filthy, but now it is clear enough to see the bottom. The only pity was that not a single small fish can be seen, making it lacking a bit of vitality.

Cheng Yang arrive at the territory altar, and found the four main profession statues have all completed the last property upgrade. Finally, their level has reached 4.  

This wasn’t the first time Cheng Yang saw a level 4 statue’s properties, but for him, that 2,000 power values nevertheless cause him a great deal of shock. This was equivalent to 4 times the necessary amount for a level 3 profession statue to upgrade an attribute. Such a high requirement wasn’t something all territories can afford. [TLN: The statues need territory power value, as with everything else in the territory that need upgrading.]

Of course, now if he want to upgrade a attribute, the time will be longer. It will takes 3 days for an attribute to be upgrade now. In other words, even in there were sufficient amount of power value, to completely upgrade all the the statue’s attributes would still requires 15 days at the earliest.

It can be seen from some of the rules the gods had set on the territory, that the further back, the harder the difficulty of upgrading the territory would be. This was merely a profession statue, if the territory want to upgrade, then maybe it would be more difficulty.  

From the previous apocalypse, some people predicted that in the last stage that perhaps the upgrade conditions for the professions statue may not only need power value, but also some other preconditions. After all, if the profession statue only need power value, then it can be infinitely upgraded. Like this, every territory can upgrade their statues to the highest extent that the territory was capable of doing.

The reason for this was simple. After the territory reach level 3, you can donate to the territory. According to Luo Feng village’s data, there was nearly a thousand profession in total. If everyone of them donate 100 power values to the territory, the digit would be close to 100,000. Moreover, as the profession statue level increases, so would the transfer quota. Imagine, if the professions in the territory reaches tens of thousands and each one donated 100 power values. How great would that number be?

But this was merely a prediction. After a year in the apocalypse, there wasn’t a single territory that had much understandings about the profession statue.  

After Cheng Yang looked at the properties of the 4 main professions statues, all of them without exception had a transfer quota of 530, adding up to a transfer quota of 2,120.

There was no doubt that in the next few days, Luo Feng village will have a rapid growth in the number of profession.

For this group of transfers, Cheng Yang planned on including them in the army. His purpose was simple, that’s to have the entire territory within his control.

Hiring mercenaries may sound fine as well, but their freedom was too high. They were not conducive to his control over the entire territory. Although the future prosperity of the territory can not be inseparable from mercenaries, but that was a matter for sometimes in the future. At least for now, Cheng Yang does not need a lot of mercenaries.

Then, Cheng Yang opened the Ice Mage’s profession panel, and what he saw was a learnable skill.

Sure enough, it was stronger than the ordinary magic shield by a chip. Even the learning conditions had become higher, needing 1,000 power value. However, for Cheng Yang, 1,000 points of power value was really nothing. Each day, he consumed twice this value when cultivating.

Immediately, Cheng Yang chose to learn the skill. At this point, he had learnt all of the magic skill available in the sorcerer’s apprentice level.

Actually the three skills in the sorcerer’s apprentice level wasn’t complicated. There was one for attack, one for control, and lastly a skill for defense. Naturally, Cheng Yang was an exception because he had transferred to a special profession, which gave a group attack skill that other magicians doesn’t possessed.

To Cheng Yang, Ice Shield was a very powerful skill, because his magic attack has now reached 74 points, so the effect of Ice Shield was equal to increasing his defense by 3 points. This defense was different from defensive equipment that increase defense, because it was an increase in the entire body defense. [TLN: 74 magic attack*.05= 3.7. You round down so 3.]

Although the profession statues has been upgraded, but it was certainly still a long way to go to upgrading the territory. This was because the territory upgrade requirements were too harsh, unexpectedly even needing a second-low order profession.  

Luo Feng village territory as a whole, the most likely to hit second-order was only Cheng Yang, but even he would need at least 40 days to break through.

Next, Cheng Yang began to continue upgrading the attributes of the profession statue. This time, Cheng Yang didn’t prioritize the mana attribute, but instead chose the attack attribute of the statue. Upgrade a property for each of the four main profession statues consumed the territory a total of 8,000 power values.

Fortunately, because of the Scarlet Church instance ascension in level two days ago, the territory power value income has greatly increased. Now the territory power value has accumulated to 15,000 points. Good thing this happens, otherwise there was no way he could gathered so many territory power value for these upgrades.  

After dealing with the matter of upgrading the statues, Cheng Yang had a territory guard go look for Niu Bing, to see if he had came back.

That territory guard didn’t take long, soon he see Niu Bing came trotting over.

“Lord, are you looking for me?” Niu Bing came over and at once asked grinning.

Cheng Yang gave him a dirty look and asked, “Where did you go yesterday? From noon to evening, I didn’t see you return at all.”

Niu Bing’s eyes went all over the place, he said, “This … … This, I went nowhere. Just went out killing some enchanted beasts, and because I wasn’t paying attention, we went a bit too far.”

Cheng Yang doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he said, “Next time when you tell a lie, can your eyes not wander all over the place? Like this everyone can tell that you are lying. Alright spit it out, what were you doing?”

Niu Bing suddenly made a bitter face and said, “I can’t say! Last time I told you about that thing, the result was me getting yelled at by Haozi and the others. If I tell you about this matter, I’ll be lucky if they didn’t beat me half to death.”

Cheng Yang’s heart slightly increase in beat, as he recalled if it wasn’t for Niu Bing’s reminder, he probably would’ve missed the random gate. If it wasn’t for that, he reckons he would be having a headache over looking for enough territory power value to upgrade the territory to level 3

What did this guy found this time? It shouldn’t be another random gate, right? Although the incident wasn’t particularly rare, but neither should it be a lot also. Moreover, all of this was encounter by Niu Bing.

“That matter is already over, and it also brought enormous contributions to our territory. If you don’t say anything about this matter, and we missed out on anything good, you sins will be huge.” Cheng Yang began using coercion.



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