Doom Lord Chapter 92

Doom Lord

Chapter 92- Luo Hao’s Advancement

After walking out of the Barrack, Cheng Yang took Liu Xiyue into the forest to kill enchanted beasts.

As the number of battles increased, Liu Xiyue was also getting better at grasping the fighting tempo. However, her skill also had a weak point. It wasn’t suited against the siege of multiple monsters. After all, her skill had a two seconds cooldown.

Cheng Yang planned on thinking of a way to get a better scepter for Liu Xiyue. At the very least it should be bronze-grade, and coupled with an ordinary-grade necklace and earrings, she would have the potential to spike enchanted beasts in the first medium-order. If this counted as a single damage number, it would already be no less than professions at the first high-order.

The night’s struggle earned Cheng Yang around 1,500 power values, much less than the past two days. After all, he was dragging a person with him, which affected his performance.

However, Liu Xiyue’s harvests could be said to be quite rich. When they returned to Luo Feng Village, she had as much as 500 points of power value.

Compared to Cheng Yang, this figure wasn’t much. However, compared to those professions who could only obtain 60 points of power value each day, this was already an astronomical figure.

Today, Cheng Yang’s power value harvest had reached 15,000 points. Nearly 5,000 points were from clearing the two instances, another 5,000 points from killing the enchanted beasts surrounding Dongshan Village, while the rest were from killing ordinary monster groups.

At the moment, Cheng Yang was indeed too overpowered, because most enchanted beasts couldn’t break through his defense, it allowed him to be completely free of worries when killing these beasts. Just from releasing an Ice Thorn, he could get a few power values.

At once, Cheng Yang would temporarily lend 10,000 points of power values to Liu Xiyue, so that she could open up six times cultivation speed. With her own ability to earn power value, it was sufficient to support six times cultivation speed.

In any case, at the moment Yu Kai and the others had yet to return to this small courtyard, so he decided to let Liu Xiyue use a room for cultivation. It could increase the cultivation speed by 30%, so it would be a waste not to use it.


While Cheng Yang was cultivating, Liu Hao had managed to completely upgrade all of the profession statues in Xianghe Village to level 2. The first thing he did afterwards was select 120 ordinary people from within the territory, and then immediately advance toward Xianghe Village in the dark.

Of course, this operation was naturally impossible for Liu Hao to do alone. In addition to his own brigade, he also requested the help of Yu Kai and Lee Wanshan. Originally, Liu Hao wanted to wait for Niu Bing to return before setting off together, but up until then that guy was nowhere to be seen. In the end, Liu Hao decided to head off without him.

At this moment, Liu Hao could be said to be different from other people. After finishing today’s cultivation, he had managed to reach first-medium order, greatly increasing his strength by a large margin.

“Old Lee, don’t you think we should find a time to speak with the Lord, and ask him to look for a few more territory altars? It would be great if each of us captains can have one. Even if it doesn’t come with extra benefits, just the order-promotion alone can help separate us from the general professions.” Liu Hao immediately imagined himself going up to Xianghe Village’s altar and upgrading to the high-order apprentice. Just thinking about it brought wave of excitement that was hard for him to contain. But on the thoughts of Lee Wanshan and the others who had shared the same hardship as him, he couldn’t help but suggest a proposal.

On the contrary, Lee Wanshan was very calm. He smilingly said, “Captain Liu, this matter, I am sure that the Lord has his own agenda. We mustn’t try to disrupt his arrangements. I think that if the Lord has the means to find territory altars, he will certainly think of ways to occupy them. Instead, if there is no more affiliated station to occupy, then even if we go to the Lord, it will not help the matter.”

With a forced smile, Liu Hao said, “You’re actually quite optimistic!”

Lee Wanshan had a bitter taste on his mouth, he said, “What’s wrong with being optimistic? In this damn apocalypse, our current situations are already very good. And this is all thanks to the effort of the Lord. Now that I’ve been reunited with my family, it can be considered as me having nothing left to regret. As my gratitude, the rest of this life of mine will be dedicated to the Lord.”

Yu Kai and Liu Hao was able to understand the feeling of Lee Wanshan. Without compensation, Cheng Yang had helped him save his family from the ruins. This gratitude indeed couldn’t be expressed with a few words. But as one of Cheng Yang’s brothers, Yu Kai didn’t want Lee Wanshan to hold this to mind, he earnestly said, “Old Lee, don’t make such remarks about your life. I also think the Lord wouldn’t want to hear such things either. Oh that’s right, later on you don’t have to call me by captain Yu anymore. You are older than us, so just call me little Yu.”

Lee Wanshan was slightly startled, but momentarily he recovered. With a smile, he said, “Alright. I also thought that way of address was awkward.”

Liu Hao laughingly said, “Hey, after tonight, I will become a high-order warrior’s apprentice. Later on, when I go clear the hard difficulty level instance, I’ll be sure to give you some good equipment.”

Yu Kai gave Liu Hao a look of contempt, then said, “Stop bragging. Whether or not you can clear the hard difficulty level instance is questionable in itself, not to mention that the Lord can now clear the nightmare difficulty level. And let’s not forget about those equipment that those territory guards had given us. Can you get ahold of better equipment than them?”

Liu Hao immediately put on a long face, he said, “Can’t you let me have a moment with being proud of myself? Of course I can’t compare to them, those people aren’t human.”

Truth be told, Liu Hao was full of grievances toward Cheng Yang and the territory guards’ upgrade speed. He was very clear that even his cultivation speed increased, it was impossible to catch up to Cheng Yang. Correspondingly, this also meant he couldn’t catch up with those territory guards.

Yu Kai ignored him, suddenly he asked, “Haozi, do you know if the Lord is aware of any other instance’s entrance location. In our territory, there’s the Scarlet Church instance, but the number of daily clearance is limited, so we are unable to obtain a high earning from it.”

Liu Hao didn’t play jokes, and directly said, “Perhaps there are other copies. Didn’t Xiangcheng City have Undead Canyon? Each time we go in there, the income is even higher than the Scarlet Church.”

Yu Kai said, “The income of that instance is indeed high, but without the Lord’s Redirection, perhaps when we go in, there will be no chance of returning.”

Liu Hao mischievously laughed, “Rest assured. After tomorrow, both you and I will be high-order apprentice, and coupled with Niu Bing and old Lee, clearing hard difficulty level shouldn’t be difficult. Furthermore, the first batch of transfers will also likely advance to the mid-order apprentice in two or three days. When that time come, our team’s strength will have a big jump. Even if we were to be divided into several teams, clearing the Undead Canyon instance will not be a problem.”

Yu Kai said, “I don’t know whether or not we can succeed, but one thing is for sure, it won’t be long before the influence of Xiangcheng City’s main city stretches their antenna to the entrance of the Undead Canyon instance. When that moment comes, perhaps between us two parties will be many conflicts.”

“Let conflict come, let’s see who’s afraid of who!” Liu Hao full of disdains, said, “Now it’s estimated that the main city of Xiangcheng City doesn’t even have a profession in the mid-order apprentice. If we charge on over, we can definitely crush them.”

Lee Wanshan said, “Little Liu, there’s no need to take us. If the Lord really decided to crush Xiangcheng City’s main city, then he alone could do the job.”

Liu Hao was slightly startled, but he felt compelled to agree with Lee Wanshan’s view.

They walked while talking, but the speed was also very fast. Although the road wasn’t particularly safe at night, and occasionally an enchanted beast would spring out but quickly it was killed by Liu Hao and the others. These enchanted beasts didn’t produce any big waves.

After one hour had passed, they arrived at Xianghe Village.

At the moment, Xianghe Village was quiet. Occasionally, from the wall came the sound of bowstring or Magic Missile cutting through the wind, letting people know the night in the apocalypse wasn’t so peaceful.

The majority of the professions was cultivating in the residence. When Liu Hao and the others entered the village, the village’s vice-mayor Cai Chengtian greeted them.

Regarding Liu Hao’s arrival, Cai Chengtian wasn’t at all surprised because yesterday when Cheng Yang and Liu Hao left, Liu Hao went up to him and said that after Xianghe Village smoothly upgraded, he would bring some ordinary people over to fill the gap in the transfer quotas.

Liu Hao simply asked for a brief overview of Xianghe Village for today, then let Cai Chengtian take the personnel to transfer.

As for himself, Liu Hao walked up to the altar. Then, after calming his inner turmoils, he opened the territory’s properties panel, and chose to use the grace (pseudo) opportunity.

After a few breaths, Liu Hao smoothly upgraded from the mid-order warrior’s apprentice into high-order warrior’s apprentice. Because the territory guards were incapable of leaving the territory, he became the territory’s second expert.

Liu Hao waved his weapon a few times, seemingly full of strength, he couldn’t help but grin.

He felt that even if there were a tiger standing in front of him at this time, he also had the ability to split it in half with his sword. Of course, this tiger had to be before the apocalypse. Who knew what kind of mutation the tigers went through after the apocalypse, and the existence they were then?

“Yu, taking advantage of the sky not fully darkening, how about I accompany you on a trip to Dongshan Village, so you can level up?” Just upgrading to high-order warrior’s apprentice, Liu Hao was bursting with confidence.

Yu Kai was calmer, he said, “I’ll pass. Although you have upgraded to high-order apprentice, but in the face of a group of enchanted beasts, you won’t be as calm as the Lord. And the most crucial point is that there are many sudden attacks at night, and with our limited vision, it will be hard for us to cope with difficult situations. For safety reasons, we can go during the day tomorrow. Anyway, I’m in no hurry to advance my order.”

Liu Hao didn’t force it, he said, “You’re right, there’s no need to rush, I was just anxious. Alright, let’s go tomorrow.”

In this time, the newly arrived 120 ordinary people all completed the transfer.

Since ordinary people could also have power value, it made transferring much easier. At this point there was no need to entirely rely on territory power value to transfer people. Just then, Cai Chengtian had the personnel that transferred yesterday lend a portion of the power value, coupled with the amount they borrowed, everyone was able to smoothly complete the transfer.



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