Doom Lord Chapter 90

Doom Lord

Chapter 90- Talent Combination That Goes Against The Heaven

Dongshan Village’s properties was exactly the same as Xianghe Village, also both of them had no territory bonus.

Cheng Yang actually wasn’t surprised by this, because the territory bonus property was very scarce, so not every field station could have one, especially those near the main city. They even had less of a chance of owning a territory bonus.

Looking at the present one square kilometers of open space before him, Cheng Yang momentarily felt at a loss. Yesterday, with the occupation of Xianghe Village, because it was the world’s first affiliated field station, the gods directly rewarded it with a road leading to the central village. This made the connecting traffic between the two villages very simple. However, in contrast to Xianghe Village, Dongshan Village had quite the inconvenience, because it wasn’t rewarded with a road. If he wanted to transport goods and people here, perhaps it wouldn’t be an easy matter.

Without a doubt, because of the road restriction, the development speed of Dongshan Village would probably be slower than Xianghe Village.

After Cheng Yang had his moment of fit, he stopped thinking about this matter. Perhaps, he was the only person in the world to know that the field station existed at the moment. Now that he had occupied three territory altars, he should be content!

Afterwards, Cheng Yang returned on the original route, and then took Yu Kai and the others up besides the altar.

Yu Kai, who was filled with anticipation, successfully inaugurated to being the mayor of Dongshan Village. The vice-mayor was also the vice-captain under Yu Kai’s brigade, named Liu Chengen. He was a warrior who similarly had S-class talent.

Next, Yu Kai led all of the people to guard the vicinity of the territory altar, while Cheng Yang returned alone to Luo Feng Village.

In fact, Cheng Yang could’ve brought along some people with him, and let them carry wood. That way the wall could be instantly built after the territory altar was occupied. But this also had a lot of drawbacks. First of all, this required him to bring a lot of people one-time, it might even need all of the professions in the territory to be dispatched.

And to begin with, Cheng Yang had no way of guaranteeing that he could find the territory altar. If he let all of the professions follow him, let alone it might be a waste of a trip, but the other matters would also be in a state of suspension.

On the journey back, it went without a hitch. Cheng Yang only spent 40 minute to walk a distance of nearly 30 km.

When he returned to Luo Feng Village, the time had just reached noon.

At this time, the vast majority of the profession had returned to Luo Feng Village for lunch. This exempted him from having to call someone to go around looking for people.

When Cheng Yang was about to go look for Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan’s team and have them disembark for Dongshan village, Lee Wanshan excitedly came over and tugged him, he said, “Lord, this time you picked up a treasure.”

Cheng Yang, slightly surprised, asked, “What treasure?”

Lee Wanshan immediately said, “You brought back Ms. Liu Xiyue, right? Well this morning, when I was selecting people for transfer to priest, Pang Shan asked me to give Ms. Liu Xiyue an inspection. After I inspected her, we found Ms. Liu Xiyue was indeed suited for priest. And since this was the case, naturally I gave a transfer quota to Ms. Liu Xiyue.”

Here, Lee Wanshan abruptly stopped.

Annoyed by his antics, Cheng Yang immediately said, “Can’t you just finish all at once?”

Lee Wanshan mischievously laughed, then said, “Lord, Ms. Liu Xiyue’s talent was really powerful. As for the exact details, I’m not too sure myself, but Lord can go to the altar to check it out.”

Cheng Yang looked at Lee Wanshan, it’s estimated that he would not deceive him. Immediately, he went to the altar and opened up the properties list. Afterwards, he found Liu Xiyue’s name, which he proceed to click on, resulting in the properties panel showing up.

“****! So broken?” After Cheng Yang read this property, he couldn’t help but burst out foul language.

In fact, looking at Liu Xiyue’s properties, the skill ‘Luck That Goes Against Heaven’s Will’ was already extremely formidable alone. After all, it was a unique talent. Anything with the word ‘sole’ beside them couldn’t be something that were common, let alone the properties of that ‘Luck That Goes Against Heaven’s Will’ possessed, which did truly live up to the title of unique talent.

If it were only this, Cheng Yang wouldn’t have been so excited. However, when complemented with the talent Sacred Word, Cheng Yang felt that the gods truly doted on Liu Xiyue.

By itself, the Sacred Word skill wasn’t all that great. After all, it was a skill that could only do a one-hit kill on an opponent with a low chance of success. If the chance of success were too high, then there would’ve no room for people to muddle in. However, when this skill was combined with the skill ‘Luck That Goes Against Heaven’s Will’, this was simply one very shameless combination.

Cheng Yang could imagine a beautiful woman pointing at sturdy, strong man and loudly declaring, “God said that you must die!” Then, this man immediately croaked. Such a spectacle would make people’s soul shiver when they laid eyes upon it.

If in the future, Liu Xiyue could grow her magic attack to a certain level, then she would be a major killing ace for Luo Feng Village. Of course, assuming that she didn’t leave Luo Feng Village.

“Lord, isn’t Ms. Liu Xiyue’s properties extraordinary?” Lee Wanshan on the side with a smile asked. He seemed to be enjoying the shocked expression that was plastered on Cheng Yang’s face, because at the time he saw Liu Xiyue’s properties, he was also shocked.

After careful consideration, Cheng Yang suddenly said, “This talent combination looks very strong, but it is actually not as good as you think. After all, the Sacred Word skill requires oneself to have a higher attack power than the opponent to activate. However, once an opponent’s attack power is higher than oneself, then even with the inverse effect of Luck That Goes Against Heaven’s Will, it would be powerless. And in this case, because she has no other talent bonus, she would be weaker than others in a one on one combat-situation, she is almost certain of being defeated.”

Lee Wanshan was slightly startled, he wanted to refute but he couldn’t find the words to counter Cheng Yang’s claims.

Cheng Yang said, “Of course, what I just said is in a normal situation. If we are willing to spend great energy to cultivate Liu Xiyue, in the future she will definitely become a trump card for Luo Feng Village. That’s right, who else beside you knows of Liu Xiyue’s property?”

Lee Wanshan immediately said, “This matter, apart from me, no one knows. I also think that Ms. Liu Xiyue’s property was unusual, therefore for the time being I didn’t speak of it.”

Cheng Yang nodded his head, he was very satisfied with Lee Wanshan’s actions, immediately he said, “We must be careful with this matter. At the moment, we have no enemies, but in this cruel apocalyptic world, who can guarantee we won’t encounter enemies in the future? So for Liu Xiyue’s property, we must keep it confidential.”

Lee Wanshan nodded right away and said, “Don’t worry, Lord. Even if there is a knife on my neck, I will not spread this matter out.”

Cheng Yang smilingly said, “No need to think so gravely. You are regarded as a high-level member of Luo Feng Village, in the future there will be no one that will dare to put a knife on your neck.”

Lee Wanshan softly chuckled, he was very trusting on Cheng Yang’s words.

“Oh that’s right, which team was Liu Xiyue place in?” Cheng Yang asked.

Lee Wanshan said, “It hasn’t been assigned yet, but I recommend that Lord personally take her. Not only can this accelerate her growth, but also keep her property a secret. In addition, regardless of which brigade this girl is place in, there is no guarantee that her ability won’t be exposed.”

Cheng Yang immediately agreed with Lee Wanshan’s suggestion, since in his heart also had the same idea.

“Should I call Ms. Liu over?” Lee Wanshan immediately asked.

Cheng Yang thought for a moment, this time the departure to Dongshan Village would inevitably encounter fighting, so letting Liu Xiyue have early contact with fighting would also be good for her growth. At once, Lee Wanshan arranged for someone to call Liu Xiyue.

Following a short period of time, a 30 years old female profession with Liu Xiyue came over.

She came to the front of Cheng Yang, somewhat nervous and asked, “Lord, is anything the matter?”

Cheng Yang with a smile said, “Don’t be so nervous, you are now also a profession. The reason I ask you to come over is because we are about to disembark to our newly occupied field station, and I have decided to bring you along. You also need to be adapted with fighting the enchanted beasts as soon as possible.”

Liu Xiyue was well aware of her situation, her pretty face flashed a resolute look, she said, “I will follow the arrangements of Lord.”

Cheng Yang nodded his head, with no particular attention to Liu Xiyue, he then departed with a large force behind him.

After walking out of the gate of Luo Feng Village, Cheng Yang called Liu Xiyue to his side, he said, “Liu Xiyue, are you aware what your talent represents?”

Liu Xiyue hesitated for a moment, and then nodded, “I know. In fact, I used to play games. I can see that this property is very strong, but if the attack power doesn’t grow up, this talent will have no value. In addition to killing weak monsters, nothing else can be done.”

Cheng Yang gave another look at Liu Xiyue, not only did the person look beautiful, but the mind was also quite meticulous. She figured out the problem right away. She must’ve met an untimely death in the past apocalypse, otherwise someone of her caliber wouldn’t have been obscure in Xiangcheng City.

“From now on, you will follow me!” Cheng Yang directly said.

If this were placed a few days before the apocalypse, and anyone spoke like this to Liu Xiyue, there would definitely have been a lot of fans rushing at Cheng Yang to let him know why the flowers were so red. Even Liu Xiyue would think of how ridiculous this was. But currently was the apocalypse, not only did Liu Xiyue not think Cheng Yang’s words were ridiculous, but felt slightly moved.

Although Liu Xiyue wasn’t sure what other ideas Cheng Yang might have, but since joining Luo Feng Village, Luo Feng Village and Cheng Yang’s individually self were pretty good, so she felt Cheng Yang shouldn’t be that kind of person.



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