Doom Lord Chapter 9

Doom Lord

Chapter 9- Management Talent

Cheng Yang said, “It looks like your talent is for the Warrior occupation.”

Lee Wanshan nodded and said, “Ok, I’ll go ahead and transfer to Warrior then.”

Having said that, Lee Wanshan walked up to the Warrior statue. While listening to Cheng Yang explain, he started the transfer. After the light dispersed, Lee Wanshan’s hands were armed with a sword and shield while he stood in front of Cheng Yang.

It was another S-class talent! To Cheng Yang’s surprise, Lee Wanshan’s talent belonged to territory management. Such talents were similar to the Lord, in the sense that they both worked on the interior of the village. The only difference was that such talents didn’t require them to be a Lord to be usable; they were just required to be territory management personnel to get the effects.

There was no doubt that Lee Wanshan was a talented person. Even if it was the result of Cheng Yang’s foresight that he was able to activate such a talent.

Lee Wanshan also saw his properties, but none of them knew how powerful their properties really were compared to the average person, because currently everyone’s talent was 3%.

Cheng Yang purposely didn’t explain the significance of their talent to them, creating more pressure on them so that they would continually try to get stronger.

Cheng Yang finally returned to the wall and started killing the enchanted beasts again. After collecting enough power value, he began to transfer the rest of the people who were left.

As time passed on, the enchanted beasts outside the wall began to grow in numbers. This forced Cheng Yang to transfer the people suitable for Magician and Archer first. As for the Warriors and Summoners, they would have to wait until after enough power value was collected.

After continuous transfers, Cheng Yang’s speculation about transferring early was further validated. The talents activated by the workers and the lone taxi driver was at least B-class and almost 90% of the workers were A-class talents. For S-class talent, it didn’t show up again. Even so, Cheng Yang still had a hard time imagining that he had just received such a big pie falling from the sky.

He just had to win these people’s hearts over and then they would become Luo Feng Station’s strongest team. In this regard, Cheng Yang was very confident. After they realized how cruel the world had become, they would most likely join Luo Feng Village after seeing many of its advantages.

The only matter that made Cheng Yang slightly dejected about was that there was no one else with management talent; such a talent was indeed very rare.

After everyone had completed his or her transfer, only half an hour had passed by. Power values were quickly gathered due to Yu Kai and the rest helping to kill the monsters, which gave the territory more than enough power value.

Now, in addition to Yu Kai and the few people that had already transferred earlier, Cheng Yang’s group of people consisted of eight warriors, five magicians, six archers and four summoners.

Cheng Yang said, “Now that we have completed the transfers, I will begin to open the four gates and let everyone get some first-hand experience in learning how to deal with the enchanted beasts… Now, I will assign everyone here their roles.”

At this point, Cheng Yang looked at Lee Wanshan, and said, “The station has a total of four gates, one in each direction. Everyone will be divided into four groups, and each group will be responsible for a gate. Lee, since your occupation is a Warrior, I want you to choose another Warrior and a Mage to come with me to defend the South gate. Brother Yu, pick seven people to guard the East Gate, Brother Niu, choose seven people to guard the east gate, and Liu Hao will pick seven people responsible for the North Gate. Just know that when making your team, make sure that it’s balanced. Finally I want everyone to be careful, this isn’t a game. If you die, you won’t be resurrected after.”

Lee Wanshan’s face flashed with a strange look. This distribution might seem normal, but as an experienced businessman he was able to see things other people couldn’t. Apparently, Cheng Yang still didn’t trust him; so in order to weaken his influence he made him split up from his group. He knew he brought along more people than they were in Cheng Yang’s group.

Although these people weren’t his men, these people were responsible for the transportation of the timbers that his company made. But honestly he didn’t really care; he held no malice or ill will towards Cheng Yang. The only thing he was currently thinking about was how to survive, and being able to make it back to Xiangcheng City to save his loved ones. Cheng Yang was just using his workers to give the team a higher chance of surviving, how could he be angry with that?

Lee Wanshan’s thoughts weren’t wrong, Cheng Yang did arrange the team with such thoughts. In the face of disaster, Cheng Yang relied on his foresight to gain control of the group. But this was only based on their fear of the unknown. Once they calmed down and learned more, they might go back to listening to Lee Wanshan’s command.

Of course, with control of Luo Feng Village Cheng Yang could easily deprive them of their abilities, but that was a last resort. He needed to separate these people, and gradually build sufficient prestige between all of them. After they approved of him, he planned on telling them of his power to deprive them of their abilities. By that point, there wouldn’t be many rejecting him leading them, making it much easier to use them as his men.

Cheng Yang put Lee Wanshan into his group so that he could show off his fighting prowess. He knew this would deter any ill thoughts later on down the line. Everyone, including the workers, were shocked by his skill.

Next, Cheng Yang told Yu Kai and the rest how to use the fighting techniques he taught them earlier when dealing with the enchanted beasts.

These skills were learned with a year’s accumulation of the blood and lives of mankind after the end. They were priceless.

These people didn’t have to go through months of horrific experiences that people from Xiangcheng City would have to go through. From this point of view, Yu Kai and everyone else were extremely lucky.

After everyone had finished taking notes, he let each group go to their own gate to defend, quickly opening the four gates with the control of his mind.

The walls were made from very thick wood, so it’s very strong. With a five-point defense Cheng Yang didn’t have to worry about enchanted beasts breaking through the walls.

Suddenly, a white light flashed 50 meters in front of Cheng Yang. His group suddenly saw a strange animal appear from out of nowhere! This enchanted beast was standing upright on its two legs, looking like an angry gorilla. But this “gorilla” was covered in green fur and it looked very ugly. Of course at this time, no one expressed contempt for the strange, ugly beast that was only 1.5-meter tall because it was holding a weapon in its hand, a pitchfork.

This enchanted beast had already appeared multiple times, but Cheng Yang hadn’t explained anything about it to anyone.

“This is a Green Anorak, a monster in the early-order. It has about 30 HP. This monster is mine, watch how I deal with it.” Cheng Yang calmly said.

Boss Lee had seen Cheng Yang kill enchanted beasts, but that was from the relative safety of the wall. Now face to face with the enchanted beast, he was a bit afraid because he was a Warrior. But Cheng Yang was able to deal with the enchanted beast by himself in close combat? This certainly gave them much reassurance.

After the Anorak appeared, in less than two seconds it started sprinting towards Cheng Yang’s group. It was pretty fast, with speed no less than that of an adult sprinting.

Rushing forward, the Anorak had reached within a distance of 30 meters almost immediately. Cheng Yang raised the stick in his hand, using his mind a fist sized ball of white light condensed at the top of the stick. After it was finished forming, it ejected from the stick speeding like a bullet towards the Anorak.

“BANG…!” the impact from the Magic Missile caused the Anorak to stagger back two steps. The green fur from its chest had been blown off; light blue liquid could be seen flowing out from the inside. After the attack hit, this strange monster cried out like a baby, continuing to rush towards them.

Shortly thereafter, two more Magic Missiles were shot out, again hitting the green Anorak. It was knocked onto the ground as it tried to struggle on its feet, but in the end, it failed to get back up.

A second later, Cheng Yang released a final Magic Missile to end this monster’s life.

After the Green Anorak died, at the same time, a small ball of light that couldn’t be seen rapidly integrated into Cheng Yang’s body.

“Wow……” Lee Wanshan and the other three people were surprised; this monster had given them so much pressure. When they saw that Cheng Yang killed the enchanted beast with four Magic Missiles comfortably, the pressure in their hearts was relieved.

But Lee Wanshan was keen to details and spotted something. When Cheng Yang killed the green Anorak it only required four Magic Missiles. If the Green Anorak’s property were what Cheng Yang said it was, of the low-order warrior apprentice, then Cheng Yang’s magic attack should reached around 9 points.

He was a Warrior, so he knew the property of the low-order warrior apprentice.

If Cheng Yang’s every hit had his damage maxed out, then each hit would cause the Green Anorak to be hurt above 8 points, also with the Green Anorak’s low magic defense, Cheng Yang’s magic attack absolutely reached up to 9 points or even possibly 10 points!

Lee Wanshan had heard other people say, the low-order sorcerer’s apprentice magic attack was only 5 points. So the only explanation left was that Cheng Yang wasn’t at the low-order sorcerer’s apprentice.

Even though Lee Wanshan guessed this, his heart wasn’t jealous one bit. After all, this time the two sides were on the same boat. The stronger Cheng Yang was, the more secure they were.



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