Doom Lord Chapter 88

Chapter 88 – Statue Promotion Stone

Seeing that Chen Yun had returned to attack the Grell Boss immediately put everyone at ease.

The next phase of the battle went very smoothly. Whenever Chen Yun’s health fell to a dangerous level, Zeng Yue would give him a heal to return him to tip-top shape, making the pace of the battle all within Cheng Yang’s expectation.

After Cao Cun’s summoned dark wolf died in battle, he didn’t choose to summon it again because the Grell Boss’s hatred at that time was unstable, and the dark wolf was a dubious existence that was likely to ruin the pace of the fight. However, this time Chen Yun had already taken control of the Grell Boss hatred, so he immediately without hesitation summoned the Dark wolf to join the battle.

After more than 10 seconds, the Grell Boss’s health was reduced by 700 points, going through three rounds of attacks. This monster was thoroughly crippled.

But at this time, the Grell Boss’s two eyes instantly glowed red, showing signs of frenzy from within.

“Get back! Get ready to replenish your health!” Cheng Yang shouted, and then instantly he moved his body to block the front of Zeng Yue.

The rest of the team responded quickly, especially Chen Yun who was in front. The moment Cheng Yang’s voice dropped, his body abruptly swept backward.

“Pop……!” A slight sound of bursting was issued from within the Grell Boss’ body and then a hint of blood fog could be seen erupting from the body’s surface, spreading outward.

Bearing the brunt of the force, the already low health dark wolf didn’t even have time to issue its mournful screams before being engulfed by the mist. Right away, its health was emptied, losing its life. Followed by Chen Yun who had escaped seven to eight metres away, the erupted blood mist reached him in a split second, only to hear him let out a scream. He quickly rushed out of the blood mist, and then with staggered footsteps continued to flee.

Cheng Yang and the others also weren’t able to escape unscathed. The mist swept all the way over to their location, and as along as it contacted him, they would be subjected to damage.

“Recover the health points for Chen Yun!” Cheng Yang released a simple command, and immediately the person hiding behind him Zeng Yue understood his intentions, at once she released off a healing light onto Chen Yun.

From this blow, Chen Yun suffered from a health loss of at least 200 points. During the time of his retreat, he had quickly taken a bottle of health potion, but at the same moment he was also hit, so the health potion had yet to play its effect. So with only a few dozens health points remaining, if he didn’t flee, not to tell, he should stay in place and wait for death?

Fortunately, at this time the effect of the health potion came into effect, instantly adding 30 extra points to his health, letting his health value almost reach 80 points. This let the team relax a bit, at least under normal circumstances, the attacks from the Grell Boss wouldn’t lead to a spike.

And along with Zeng Yue’s timely heal, in addition to the bonus coming from the high magic attack, it soon returned Chen Yun’s health to above 200 points.

Carrying the steel sword in his hand, Chen Yun hurriedly ran toward the Grell Boss. At the moment, he was very worried because the main reason he could keep the boss to their front, to a great extent was due to the narrow entrance to the Pray Hall, making it difficult for the other side to bypass him and reach Cheng Yang and the others. Then without his obstruction, the Grell Boss could effortlessly rush through the gate.

At this time, Cheng Yang sent out an ice puck, instantly hitting the Grell Boss. This made the boss immediately stop in its track, and then fall straight down to the ground.

Other than Cheng Yang, the rest were immediately dumbfounded. According to their calculations, this monster should have six hundred to seven hundred health points remaining, and even if there were deviations among in their estimate, there should still be at least two hundred to three hundred health points left, so how could Cheng Yang’s ice puck kill it?

Cheng Yang recovered his staff, then smilingly said, “You may not know but the skill this guy released just now was a life-saving skill. It changed most of the remaining health into attack power, and then attack the targets surrounding the Grell Boss. The nearer the target was to the boss, the stronger the damage they would receive. That skill the other side just used dealt altogether nearly 700 points of damage to us, so it almost had no health point remaining, which is why all it took to kill it was an ice puck. Such a matter was normal.”

Zeng Yue and the others immediately understood, it was no wonder Cheng Yang rush to the front of her. Her health was only around 100 points, if the blood fog swept by her, there was definitely the chance of being spiked. Because Cheng Yang’s health loss was more than 100 points.

With some lingering fear remaining Chen Yun said, “Lord, isn’t this skill too abnormal? If this guy were to use this skill from the start, then we wouldn’t even have the chance to attack and just be wiped out, right?”

Cheng Yang said, “This isn’t possible, since the prerequisite for launching this skill required the health point to be below 10%. And in this nightmare difficulty level instance, this skill shouldn’t have appeared. The reason this boss had such a skill, it might have something to do with the first clearance.”

In his previous life, Cheng Yang never heard of such a skill appearing on the boss in the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church. However, when he saw the Grell Boss’s eyes turned blood-red, he suddenly thought of something a person described in the forum, the final skill of the boss in hell difficulty level. This was how he knew what skill the Grell Boss released.

If Cheng Yang hadn’t reacted quickly enough, the one nearest to the front Chen Yun would’ve bore most of the outbreak, and his only fate was to be instantly killed.

The battle came to a successful end. Although the process was full of twists and turns, but the result was quite satisfactory. It was smooth clearance for an instance in nightmare difficulty level.

Getting a clearance in the nightmare difficulty level was of great significant, it wasn’t something a normal clearance could match.

On the ground was a Silver Wand, this made Cheng Yang extremely happy. Finally he could finally change his Spirit Bone Staff.

In fact, the time Cheng Yang had this Spirit Bone Staff wasn’t long, only about seven to eight days. This equipment replacing speed, no one can come close to being a comparison. This wand in front of him was definitely worth changing, because this was a gold-grade wand.

In his previous life, the first clearance of the Scarlet Church also broke a gold grade equipment, so Cheng Yang was sure this a gold-grade wand.

Cheng Yang picked up the wand, and instantly saw its properties.

Mithril Wand: Gold-grade weapon. Had a built-in mithril stone, giving it great power. Increases the magic attack by 10 points. Increases the skill level of Magic Missile by 1. Requires apprentice level or above to be equipped. Durability: 120/120.

The best-quality equipment!

Cheng Yang wasn’t surprised by the added 10 points of magic attack property of the wand, since this was a property a gold-grade weapon should have. However, that +1 Magic Missile was very rare. Because it meant raising the original skill level by 1. As far as magic missile went, this was equivalent to increasing the skill damage by 10%.

But then Cheng Yang became depressed because his transfer to Ice Mage had turned Magic Missile to Ice Puck. Although the skill had become stronger, but then he was unable to enjoy this magic missile +1 benefits.

This might also be regarded as a drawback of a special profession! In general, the equipment that burst out from the instance were mass-orientated, and not entirely suitable for special profession.

If they wanted their own equipment, then they would have to find their own materials and afterwards have people manufacture it.

Although he couldn’t enjoy the benefit of magic missile +1, but this Mithril Wand could also be said to be worthy of being called the first rank weapon at this stage, If the gods came up with a weapon list, this equipment would absolutely be in first place.

Cheng Yang immediately put on this piece of equipment, and then had the Spirit Bone Staff stored away in his storage ring. After coming out of this instance, he could give this staff to the other magicians in the territory. This increase of 4 magic attack would no doubt make a first low-order magician’s apprentice more powerful.

“Lord, since this instance has been cleared, can we go back?” Chen Yun said with a trace of joy on his face.

Cheng Yang said, “No need to rush, this is after all the first clearance. Perhaps there are great benefits waiting for us ahead. You guys wait here, I will go take a look at the Prayer Hall.”

After saying that, Cheng Yang walked alone into the Prayer Hall. The environment inside compared to the previous two difficulties level didn’t differ much. The only difference was that the four walls turned dark red, which made people feel quite depressed.

On the high platform at the rear of the Prayer Hall like last time was placed an item, Compared to the skill inheritance bead, this items looked very ordinary. If the skill heritage bead were a gem, then this item was a damaged stone, but also a very irregular damaged stone.

The benefits of getting the first clearance of the Scarlet Church in normal and hard difficulty level, Cheng Yang had been very clear. As for what would be obtained from the first clearance of the nightmare difficulty level, Cheng Yang had no clue.

Cheng Yang climbed up the high platform and picked up the stone. Soon, he saw the properties of the item.

Statue Promotion Stone (Priest): Priest statue related item. Enhances a property of the statue (including upgraded attributes and transfer quota) by two times.

Sure enough, the item was within Cheng Yang’s expectation. With this item, the priest statue’s attribute could be upgraded.

However, inside of Cheng Yang’s head was still a question. Would this statue promotion stone upgrade the property of the current statue? Or did it only improve the underlying property? For example, at times the priest statue’s magic attack attribute had been raised to 11%, so if he used the statue promotion stone, and this ratio reached 22%, what would happen afterward? Would it continue to improve with the original upgrade rate, or would it double the rate of the original upgrade?

If it were based on the original upgrade rate, then this statue promotion stone’s role would increase as he went on. If it were in accordance with double the original rate, then it didn’t matter what time this item was used.

In the previous apocalypse, when the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church was cleared, it had already been nearly a year into the apocalypse. At that time, some strong field stations has reached village level 3. After using the statue promotion stone, although a property of the statue had been upgraded, but whether or not it was still in effect hadn’t been verified.

After all, Cheng Yang had died before he could see the result.



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