Doom Lord Chapter 87

Doom Lord

Chapter 87- Battling Second-Order

Cheng Yang’s strength was far beyond the level of the general professions. As for Chen Yun and the others, each of them basically had on a full set of iron-grade equipment. Although the number of bronze grade equipment available wasn’t much, but everyone also has one to two pieces per person. If it wasn’t for the fact that the territory guards couldn’t leave the territory, Cheng Yang have absolute confidence that with their five man team, they could trample Xiangcheng city’s main city.

“First, we’ll destroy these enchanted beasts, and after that we can think our next plan of action.” Cheng Yang immediately ordered.

Naturally, Chen Yun’s group of four has no comments. The highest strength among these enchanted beasts were first peak-order, so it wasn’t hard to kill them. At that time, when they were still at high-order apprentice, they had to fight alone to kill an enchanted beast in the first peak-order, so this was pretty much a stroll in the park for them.

Subsequent battles also confirmed this point. Every courtyard that had ordinary Grells within were quickly resolved by Cheng Yang’s team. Before entering the next level, they had actually encountered a Grell in the first peak-order. However, under their joint attack, it died in only a single round.

In less than ten minutes, they had already pushed to the final layer of the Scarlet Church “The Prayer Hall”. Along the way, they managed to harvest two piece of equipment, both of which were silver grade.

It seems challenging the nightmare difficulty level instance for the first time really does give out tons of harvest.

Wise Men Necklace: Silver grade accessory. Increases magic attack by 4 points, required apprentice order or above to equipped. Durability: 100/100.

Forest Elf Bow: Silver grade weapon. Increased physical attack by 6 points, required apprentice order or above to equipped. Durability: 100/100.

Needless to say, this wise man necklace went to Cheng Yang. As a result of replacing his necklace, Cheng Yang’s attack power increased by 2 points. As for the Forest Elf Bow, it went to Xu Wu. After all , he was the only archer on the team. This Forest Elf Bow added three more points of attack than the iron grade in his hand, so it can be seen what a powerful piece of equipment this bow was.  

Cheng Yang looked at the prayer hall in front, feeling slightly numbed in his heart.

In the previous apocalypse, Cheng Yang had also entered the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church, but at that time he only played the role of a lacky. During that battle, he fully recognized the powerful might of a second early-order enchanted beast. What’s more, this Grell chieftain wasn’t any ordinary leader, it had on the title of Boss.

“Chen Yun, can you resist this Grell Boss’s attack? “Cheng Yang softly whispered to Chen Yun who was by his side.

Chen Yun said: “This Grell belonged to the physical attack category. At the moment, my bare physical defense is at 17 points. And if we include Zeng Yue’s priest buff, my defense will go up to 18 points. Then, after putting on equipment adding on extra defense, my defense will at least hit 20 points. The Grell Boss on the other side can deal up to 60 points of damage. With my health, I can withstand up to five attacks. However, that is in the event that I’m hit. Not to mention the fact we have potions and Zeng Yue’s healing to support me. This make surviving a breeze. Also, with my fighting skills, even if it’s a Grell in the second early-order, it will be hard for it to sent me flying.”

Listening to his explanation, Cheng Yang was convinced. Regarding Chen Yun’s words, there’s no doubt he trust it very much.

“Okay, in a moment Cao Cun will call out his summoned beast to rush up first, and then afterwards you will use your Charge skill to make the Boss dizzy. For the time being, I won’t use my Freeze skill, just in case something goes wrong. This battle, the only way is to face it head-on.” Cheng Yang immediately ordered,” Cao Cun, call out your summoned beast. Once the cooldown for the skill end, we will start.”

Cao Cun quickly nodded his head, and after slightly waving his staff, a strong sturdy Dark Wolf appeared out of nowhere in front of their eyes. This first peak-order Dark Wolf compared to the other summoners’ summon Dark walk was a head size bigger.

At the same time, Zeng Yue also buffed Cao Cun with Angel Inspiration. As for Cheng Yang and the others, in the previous battles they had been buffed with this skill. The 10 minutes blessing state make it unlikely to disappear so quickly.

After a minute of silence, Cao Cun immediately commanded the Dark Wolf to rushed into the Prayer Hall. In a blink of an eye, the Dark Wolf already went to the front gate of the Prayer Hall. Shortly afterwards, a blockbuster howl came from within, causing a slight tremble to spread throughout the entire instance.

“Prepare for battle! “Cheng Yang shouted. As soon as his voice fell, a Grell with a figure of more than two meters bursted out from within the hall.  

Chen Yun immediately moved, erecting his shield to the front, and then suddenly rushed out like a shooting star, heading straight toward the Grell making its way out of the Pray Hall’s door.

Although the Grell Boss’s strength was alarming, but in the face of Chen Yun’s 300% movement speed, it didn’t had time to make any response. This original majestic presence suddenly stopped, as if caught in some type of daze.  

The rest of the team hasn’t been idling around either. At the same time of Chen Yun’s charge, their attacks also flew toward the Grell Boss, which included the Dark Wolf acting the role of bait. Simultaneously, Zeng Yue’s Divine Protection was timely activated, adding some extra defense onto Chen Yun.  

A round of attacks took away nearly 150 HP from the Grell Boss. This was because this round of attack only Cheng Yang, Cao Cun’s Dark Wolf, and Xu Wu dealt harm to the Boss.

A second later, the Grell Boss awaken from its daze. In a fit of anger, regardless of other targets, it raised the short spear in its hands and thrusted straight at Chen Yun.  

Chen Yun had already expected this kind of action from the Grell Boss, Suddenly, he pushed the shield forward, and in the moment the spear and shield made contact, with a unique rhythm he withdrew the shield back. After unloading a lot of forces, Chen Yun avoided the fate of knocking into the air.

This wasn’t a skill, but a fighting technique. In the future, if warriors want to establish themselves, they must mastered the technique of discharging the forces from the enemy’s attack, because it relates to their role as a frontliner. In the event that a warrior was to meet an enemy with higher attack than their own, and was knocked flying , then this warrior wasn’t even worth mentioning among the other professions.  

The Grell Boss’s attack was invalid. Once again, it raised its spear stabbing for Chen Yun’s shoulder. Apparently, it really hate Chen Yun. Even forgetting the Dark Wolf that was used as bait and was inherently easier when attracting hatred from enchanted beast. As for Cheng Yang and the others who brought even greater harm to it, the monster totally ignored them.  

Chen Yun’s movements were slower than the Grell Boss. He had just resisted an attack from the Grell Boss, and although it looked relaxed, but the fact was that his arm was slightly aching in pain. For this horizontal spear thrust, he was powerless to escape.

“Poof … …” The short spear pierced his left shoulder, which made Chen Yun had a painful grin on his face. However, under the rules of Heaven and Earth, even if the Grell Boss’s spear was sharp, it only caused 59 points of damage to Chen Yun, and didn’t cut off his arm.

At the same time, Cheng Yang and the other released another round of attacks. Cheng Yun also counterattack back. In this split second, The Grell Boss’s health was again taken away by 200 points.  

The Grell Boss followed with its own counterattack, but this time its target wasn’t Chen Yun, but the Dark Wolf next to him.

Taking advantage of this interval, Zeng Yue casted a healing skill on Chen Yun, instantly putting him back at full health. Afterwards, in succession he began casting Divine Protection onto everyone.

After five rounds of attacks, Xu Wu summoned Dark Wolf was killed. And the Grell Boss under the siege of Cheng Yang and the others had lost nearly 1,000 HP. Along with the two previous rounds of attacks, the Grell Boss’s health has been reduced by one-fourth.

However, the moment of the Dark Wolf’s death, the Grell Boss also lost its biggest hostile target. Immediately, it switched its malicious gaze at Cheng Yang. Because among these people, Cheng Yang caused it the most damage.

Chen Yun had ample fighting experience, and quickly he saw the clues from the Grell Boss. At once, he moved his body, appearing in right in front of the Grell Boss, and then with the steel sword in his hand cut at the waist of the Boss.  

After eating a knife from Chen Yun, the Grell Boss still didn’t change its mind. Leaning its body, it wanted to bypass Chen Yun, and chase Cheng Yang.

Was Chen Yun someone that easy to bypass? As an ss-class territory guard summoned from the Guardian Temple, Chen Yun was definitely a fighting genius. Every time the Grell Boss tried to bypass him, Chen Yun would at the same time followed suit, blocking the other side’s path.  However, it was just that at this moment, he didn’t had time to recovered his attack, making him unable to release another chop at the Boss.

Taking advantage of the moment the Grell Boss was entangled with Chen Yun, Cheng Yang and the others continued their frenzy attacks on the other side.

At this time, the Grell Boss realized its situation. If it was not for this guy blocking him, then those damn flies in the back would’ve died already.  

Immediately, it raised the spear in its hand, and thrusted straight at Chen Yun’s forehead. The short spear even exudes a strange light.

Chen Yun, looking at this scene knew the other side had something fishy planned. He wanted to avoid, but it was nevertheless extremely difficult. At once, with the stroke on his left hand, he placed the shield above him, in preparation to stiffly resist the incoming blow.

“Whoosh……” an immense noise was heard, echoing into the ears of the crowd. For a long time, it didn’t disperse.

As the person involved in the clash, the moment the spear hit Chen Yun, he was left completely daze. This trick from the Grell Boss wasn’t an ordinary attack, it was a skill that came with a stun effect.  

The corner of the Grell Boss’s mouth seems to have emerged a trace of a sneer. It gave a look of disdain at Chen Yun, and swept the spear sideway, as if ready to sweep away the trash.

If Chen Yun was swept, he would no doubt be knocked away. Afterwards, when he returned to the battlefield, the defense line arranged beforehand would be in complete disorder. At that time, whether or not they could keep the Grell Boss in the doorway of the Prayer Hall was difficult to say.

At this time, Cheng Yang made his move. A ray of cold light instantly enveloped the Grell Boss, causing the temperature in the entire space to seemingly reduced in number. Looking at the Grell Boss, it can be seen that it was frozen in ice.

In this two seconds of free time, Cheng Yang and the others weren’t doing nothing. Everyone played their biggest killing skill.  

Chen Yun almost at the same time woke up from the Boss’s skill. After sobering up, he promptly joined the fray and attack.  



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