Doom Lord Chapter 86

Doom Lord

Chapter 86- Nightmare Difficulty Level

Right away Cheng Yang placed the ring on his index finger, and then slipped a portion of his consciousness into the ring. Instantly, he felt inside was an independent space. The volume wasn’t large, only one meter high and one meter wide. Although bulky items couldn’t be put inside, but it was enough for holding potions.

Moreover, the storage ring was different from the general equipment, such as it didn’t increase the user’s personal property nor did it occupy an equipment slot.

Cheng Yang retracted his consciousness from the ring, and was about to leave when the grocery store’s owner couldn’t help but let out a sentence, “Lord, are you really sure you don’t need to purchase anything else? Here we have……”

“Currently there are none, but I’ll make sure to visit the shop again in the near future.” Cheng Yang smiled back at the owner, and then simply left.

Next, Cheng Yang began tonight’s cultivation.

Regarding eight times cultivation speed, Cheng Yang was already extremely satisfied. In order to have a higher cultivation speed, he had to have his power value accumulated to 1 million. If there were no unexpected wealth falling down from the sky, then it would be impossible for him to accumulate to 1 million power values anytime soon.

After the end of today’s cultivation, Cheng Yang’s cultivation progress went up to 13.1%. And on the basis of the current cultivation conditions, he would need at least 40 days to advance to second order.

This was already an extraordinarily speed. In the one year’s times in the previous apocalypse, humanity’s strongest powerhouse was only at second low-order, In this apocalypse, Cheng Yang only needed fifty days to raise his strength to that level, so his advantages can be imagined.

Following the dawn of a new day, Cheng Yang made his way out from within his courtyard, ready to upgrade the five profession statues’ attributes. Currently, the four main profession statues only required one attribute to upgrade. Once the final attribute was upgraded, the four main profession statues would be able to elevate to level 4. At that time, the number of transfer quota in each statue would largely surge. Meanwhile, Cheng Yang also didn’t forget to upgrade one of the priest statue’s attribute.

After he was done with that, Cheng Yang began making preparations for the Scarlet Church instance.

With Cheng Yang’s present strength, clearing the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church already prove to be of no challenge, so he had his eyes fixated on nightmare difficulty level. This was also the main reason Cheng Yang chose to use grace early.

In the previous apocalypse, there had been some people that cleared the nightmare difficulty level of the small-sized instances. The data from those clearances concluded that the strongest monster inside has the strength of second early-order.

However, the reason why nightmare difficulty level was known as nightmare difficulty level wasn’t just because the monster inside has the strength of second early-order. What was even more crucial was that the final monster needed to be killed introduced the concept of game Boss. In other words, when doing the nightmare difficulty level instance, the final boss couldn’t be measured with the standard of the ordinary monsters.

According to the grade classification of the previous apocalypse, the boss in the nightmare difficulty level could be said to be the most common boss, with health 10 times of those enchanted beasts in the same order. The defense also doubled the monsters in the same order, with the attack power remaining mostly the same. However, by depending on the increase in health and defense, it thoroughly sat on the title of Boss.  

Basically, to beat such a Boss, both output and defense were needed. The same could be said about a health-restoring priest. The priest was of major importance, if the warriors merely relied on health potions to recover, sooner or later they wouldn’t be able to support unless the warriors could bring along hundreds of bottles of health potion.  

Cheng Yang began contemplating on how to clear the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church since a long time ago. But back then, he lacked the strength as well as the manpower to challenge it. That all changed when he advanced to peak-order sorcerer’s apprentice.

Under normal circumstances, a second early-order enchanted beast’s health should be around 480, so after being multiplied by tenfolds, its blood should reach 4,800 points. At the same time, the defense would also go up to 32 points from the original 16 points. This was definitely a pain in the ***.

If it were only the increase in health, mankind’s professions could still firmly resist the Boss with the usage of health potion, but could also think up of a method to torment it to death. On the other hand, the two folds increased in defense was equivalent to meaning professions in first high-order or lower couldn’t cause damage to it. Even if it were the general peak-order profession’s apprentice, in the event of not wearing any equipment would also only cause injury to this Boss in the single digits. Compared to the high health value of 4,800 points, being able to kill it were an entirely different matter.  

At the moment, Cheng Yang’s attack had reached an astonishing 64 points, so any damage he inflicted to the Boss would be very substantial. According to the normal situation, if five people entered the instance with the same attack as Cheng Yang, and they each launched a single round of attacks dealing a total of 160 points of damage, then they would need to attack for a total of 30 rounds if they wished to completely kill it.  

That means the professions would have to fend off 30 rounds of attack from the Boss. As a second early-order enchanted beast, its attack would reach an amazing amount of 80 points. Even if the warriors were widely known for their defense, their advancement to peak-order apprentice would only give them 16 points of defense. Even with extra armor, this digit was also hard to surpass 20. This was equivalent to the warrior suffering from over 60 points of injury from each round of attack caused by the Boss. A peak-order warrior’s apprentice’s health only totalled 250 points, so bearing four rounds of attack would be the max.

At this time, if the warriors were to use health potion to strongly resist the Boss’s attack, then after every round of attack, they would have to consume a bottle of health potion to ensure that their health value doesn’t decrease.

Costing close to 30 bottles of health potion, which for a team that was trying to clear an instance in nightmare difficulty level wasn’t an unbearable price to pay. However, that was if everything went ideally. Once the Boss were to erupt whichever skills it had in its arsenal, then the outcome of the battle could altogether go into another track.

Therefore, Cheng Yang planned to bring along a priest. This wouldn’t improve their attack power, but it could save a life in a crisis.  

Next, Cheng Yang not only called for a high-order priest’s apprentice guard, she was the first summoned priest’s guard. At the same time, he had Chen Yun’s trio (Chen Yun, Cao Cun, Xu Wu) come over, naturally to make the instance easier to clear.

Chen Yun and everyone else had been summoned for three to four days now. And yesterday, Cheng Yang had taken out 1,000 power value to allow each of them to learn a high-order profession’s skill. The skills learned when a profession achieved high-order were respectively the warrior’s charge, the archer’s assault strike, the priest’s divine protection, the summoner’s strengthened dark wolf. And let’s not forget the first skill to appear, the magician’s wind shackle.

Charge: Using the shield as a forward attack, enhancing the speed by 200%. The target hit can be stunned for 1 second, has an effectively release distance of 25 meters. Not valid on target with twice the attack power of the user. Has a cooldown of 1 minute. The higher the skill level, the longer the stun time and the shorter the cooldown. Learning condition: High-order warrior’s apprentice, 200 power values.

Assault Strike: Gather the user’s will to improve their own physical attack by 10%. Has a duration of 1 minute, and a cooldown of 90 seconds. The higher the skill level, the greater the increase in physical attack. Learning condition: High-order archer’s apprentice, 200 power values.

Divine Protection: Summon the belief of faith to protect friendly ally. Increase protected ally’s two defenses (physical, magical) by 5%. Has a duration of 2 minutes, and a cooldown of 30 seconds. The higher the skill level, the greater the increase in defense, and the longer the duration of the skill. Learning condition: High-order priest’s apprentice, 200 power values.

Strengthened Dark Wolf: Passive skill. Strengthen the summoned dark wolf, increasing its entire property by 10%. This skill will upgrade following the promotion of the skill Dark Wolf. The higher the skill level, the greater the increase in properties, and the longer the duration of the skill Dark Wolf. Learning condition: High-order summoner’s apprentice, 200 power values.

There was no doubt that these four skills were very useful to enhancing the fighting effectiveness of the professions.

The only matter that could make people feel depressed about was the priest’s divine protection. Obviously, the people feeling depressed would only be the priests, rather than the other professions. Because this suggested that even if all of the priests raised their level to high-order, they still wouldn’t have an attack skill. How sad must this be for them?

Of course, on the one hand in this way, the priests also became even more popular among the rest of the professions. Especially for the priests of Luo Feng Village, they could heal, increase defense, and increase attack. How OP was that? After all of these skills level up, the role of priest will be expanded indefinitely.

Cheng Yang’s frame of mind at the moment was so, he didn’t care about the priest lack of damage, so long as the priest could bring a greater combat effectiveness to the territory. It was definitely better than increasing their personal attack power. After all, the number of transfer quota the priest statue had wasn’t much. If they increased their attack capability, it wouldn’t be much help in increasing the overall fighting efficient of the territory.

When Chen Yun and the others arrived, Cheng Yang first went to the Alchemy Room to buy a lot of health potions and mana potions, and then came to the entrance of the Scarlet Church instance.

Cheng Yang opened the instance’s transmission list, and then without hesitation choose the nightmare difficulty level.

After a brief moment, Cheng Yang and the others appeared in the instance.

Previously, whether it was the normal difficulty or the hard difficulty level Scarlet Church instance, the sky was only slightly dim, however, after entering into the instance this time, it was completely different from beforehand.  

This change wasn’t reflected in the buildings, but the entire environment.

The moment Cheng Yang and the others entered, all without exception felt a deep sense of dread in the air. The sky glowing the color of blood-red made people feel incomparable oppression. ,

In his last life, the highest clearance people went through was nightmare difficulty level. As for the final mode hell difficulty level, although some people went in, but none could clear it. The vast majority of the people would die in the final Boss’s hands, while only a small portion with hidden talent survived by waiting until the instance ended. They could hold their head up high and feel proud of themselves for being the lucky survivors.

In the nightmare difficulty level of the Scarlet Church, the entire sky was bloody red. Deriving from its name alone, Cheng Yang wasn’t at all startled from this change in the environment.



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