Doom Lord Chapter 85

Doom Lord

Chapter 85- Storage Ring

On the journey back, Cheng Yang’s previous claim was confirmed true. It was reasonable to say that at this very moment there were thousands of enchanted beasts assembling toward Xianghe Village’s altar. And only after these enchanted beasts were wiped out would the spawn rate return back to normal. However, unfortunately for him, as he walked two to three kilometers down the road, not even a shadow from an enchanted beast could be seen.

When he arrived at the edge of Xianghe River, he found that the road had turned into a bridge. Immediately, he stepped on it to cross the river’s surface.

This bridge only had an arched entrance, spanning across more than a kilometer, which could be described as a work of art. The workmanship made from the hands of god really was marvelous. If they used today’s bridge-building technology, it was absolutely impossible to build such a bridge.

Cheng Yang wasn’t too tangled up over such matters. At once, he rushed full speed down the bridge, heading all the way back to Luo Feng Village.

Traveling on this highway road was definitely not something that the beforehand forest’s run could match. With it, Cheng Yang took only a couple of minutes to run back to Luo Feng Village.

At this moment, the time was already 5 o’clock in the afternoon. When Cheng Yang came back, he just happened to run into Niu Bing who had just finished his cultivation, and was leading his team out of the gate; presumably ready to go out and kill monsters.

Noticing Cheng Yang had came back, Niu Bing immediately paused the team, and then alone walked over.

“Lord, why are you back so soon today? Where’s Haozi and the rest?” Niu Bing puzzledly asked. The reason he asked was that before this, every day when Cheng Yang returned, the sky would basically already be dark.  

Cheng Yang said, “We found a field station and had managed to seize control it. The rest of the team are currently there defending it, while I came back to pick up some staffs to transport some woods over. At least enough so that the walls can be built now.”

Niu Bing was immediately overjoyed. Pointing to the road behind Cheng Yang, he said, “This road should lead to the new station, right? Just now we were wondering what sorts of strange invention the gods came up with, but we didn’t expect that was a result of the Lord’s actions.”

Cheng Yang didn’t pay attention to his question, bluntly he said, “Okay, you don’t have to take your team out to kill monsters, instead have all the warriors and archers carry some woods, and then together with the other teams’ warriors and archers head to the new station. Time is of the essence, so hurry up and prepare to complete this one-time task.”

Niu Bing nodded, and immediately began organizing some personnel to get the wood. At the moment, Luo Feng Village had no corresponding warehouse to store the materials, so for large pieces of material like woods, they were placed in a corner of the village.

After waiting for Niu Bing and others to leave, Cheng Yang took a long breath and gaze deeply into the clouds. At this time, he needed to find 80 people who had yet to transfer, and then along with them go to Xianghe Village. The profession statues in Xianghe village at the moment didn’t have a single person that had yet to transfer, so Cheng Yang naturally hoped that all these transfer quota could be filled up immediately.  

The selection process wasn’t very complicated, as Cheng Yang was currently prioritizing the selection on strong, and fit man. Although after transferring this sort of matter in the presence of gods’ rules wouldn’t affect their basic properties, but in the previous lifetime after summarizing the data of millions of people, people with good health tended to have a greater chance of obtaining a higher talent.

In this selection of people, he didn’t include Liu Xiyue or Zhou Jie, because he was going to have these two people transfer in Luo Feng Village. Zhou Jie’s role was of significant importance for later on in the future, and having him transfer in Luo Feng Village will make him even more effective. As for Liu Xiyue, Cheng Yang didn’t know why he kept her for transfer in Luo Feng Village. Maybe it was due to Liu Xiyue being a close friend to Pang Shan, as well as Pang Shan being his brother’s woman.

When Cheng Yang along with the 80 people came to the wall of the East gate, he saw Niu Bing already there with a large crowd of people waiting. The size of the team was at least 300 people, with every two people carrying a piece of wood, adding to a total of no less than 400 cubic meters, which was enough for the early development of Xianghe Village.  

Under Cheng Yang’s loud shout, the team then embarked down the road.

Along the way, all the professions were shocked, because they didn’t encounter any enchanted beast. In their minds, the wilderness area had already completely belonged to the domain of the enchanted beasts. Currently, except for Cheng Yang who dared to be unbridled around the vicinity of the main city, the rest simply didn’t dare to act alone. Even in cases of teaming up, they would need to be cautious and careful.

But now walking down this road, even the shadow from an enchanted beast couldn’t be seen, which seemed very odd to them.

The rest of the crowd, even if there were some with curiosity about this situation, simply let it remain inside their head. As for Niu Bing, he simply went up to Cheng Yang and asked.

After hearing some simple explanations from Cheng Yang, Niu Bing immediately came to an understanding.

Suddenly, Niu Bing seemed to have been enlightened, he said, “Lord, if mankind were to spread such road over the entire world, wouldn’t there not be any more enchanted beast?”

Cheng Yang looked at Niu Bing, admiring how open-minded his brain worked. However, Niu Bing’s idea clearly wasn’t possible to implement. Aside from rules limiting such actions from happening, the benefits that these enchanted beasts brought forth to professions, there would be no one that would be willing to expel all enchanted beasts away.  

A lengthy row of pedestrians took nearly an hour to arrive at Xianghe Village.

At this time, Liu Hao and the others were scattered around the village killing the enchanted beasts. They have over 30 people in the group, in addition to ample fighting experience, before the newly spawned enchanted beasts could arise a new wave of attacks, they were besieged by them to death.

Cheng Yang immediately instructed the professions to lay the wood on the ground, and then let Liu Hao go to the altar for the construction of the walls.

After a split second, with Xianghe Village’s altar as the center, within one kilometer in a circle around the village appeared a ring of solid walls, giving people a strong sense of security. Especially for those people who had yet to transfer, it immediately eased the tensions off of their faces.

The remaining affairs didn’t need Cheng Yang to meddle in. Liu Hao made Cai Tiancheng stay in the village, and left him with 80 people who had yet to transfer to a profession.

Cheng Yang didn’t have high demands of Cai Tiancheng. When he was about to leave, he left Cai Tiancheng with 1,000 power values, so that he could let these people transfer, and cleared the enchanted beasts within the range of the territory. As for more distant places, temporarily there was no need for Cai Tiancheng to do so. After all, apart from within the territory’s range, elsewhere existed a lot of large groups of enchanted beasts. Cai Tiancheng and his team of 80 people that had just transferred in the face of a herd of hundreds or even thousands of enchanted beast didn’t even have a little room for resistance.

After once again returning to Luo Feng Village, the sky was already dark. Cheng Yang let the rest of the professions separate so that they could be busy with their respective affair, and alone went into his own courtyard. With the drug furnace he had obtained moments ago, he refined 35 small bottles of mana potion.

Then, he had all these mana potions packaged up, and was ready to deliver them to the alchemy room’s boss. And in accordance with the original negotiated price, he received 1,440 points of power value.

For this entire day, Cheng Yang’s harvest could be described as extremely rich. Even if it weren’t including Xianghe Village or the silver-grade auxiliary equipment, only the amount of power value alone had reached close to 10,000 points. This had become a regular occasion for him. Who let him be several time stronger than the ordinary professions? Especially the killing spree of enchanted beasts around Xianghe Village’s altar, the mood he was in back then was amazing.  

At the moment, Cheng Yang’s power value has broken 110,000 points of power value, but he still wasn’t satisfied with this amount. On the contrary, after selling the refined mana potions he quickly left Luo Feng Village.

The purpose of Cheng Yang’s action this time was aimed at enchanted beast’s group that numbered over 500 monsters. These enchanted beasts weren’t much of a threat to Cheng Yang, but it wasn’t the same to the general professions. Only after these large herd of enchanted beasts were disposed of will the professions of Luo Feng Village have the strength to advance forward.

After a night of activities, Cheng Yang alone eliminated nearly 3,000 enchanted beasts. The consumption of mana potions was also very high, but compared with the power value he obtained, this pharmacy cost was indeed nothing.

It was around three o’clock in the morning when Cheng Yang came back to Luo Feng Village.

In fact, if Cheng Yang chose to distribute his 110,000 points of power value to other people in the territory, it was enough to let ten people achieve six times cultivation speed. Certainly for now, people with daily harvest that could support six times cultivation speed wasn’t much. Unless Cheng Yang was willing to subsidize his power values for everyone’s cultivation, otherwise this would totally be meaningless.

Would Cheng Yang be willing to subsidize his own power value for everyone’s cultivation? Obviously, this was out of the question. Although Cheng Yang would like to save more people, but that was only in the event it didn’t harm his interests. In accordance with the present situation, even if he contributed all of his daily harvest, it still wouldn’t be sufficient to support the cultivation of the entire territory.

After carefully thinking things over, Cheng Yang decided to be extravagant for once, taking out 10,000 points of power value in order to buy a storage ring.

The function of a storage ring was naturally needless to say. It could let profession play a better fighting strength with the liberation of any extra baggage that could hinder their movement. Not to mention the huge space inside was definitely not what his backpack can match.

Cheng Yang immediately went to the grocery store. It was the first time since being reborn did he come here.

Compared with the other shops in the village, the grocery store was no doubt the most desolate, because the items up for sell, either their role wasn’t very big or at this stage the professions didn’t have the ability to buy them.  

“Lord, is there something you wish to purchase? This small shop’s merchandise are completely stocked. There’s no doubt it will meet the demands of Lord.” After seeing Cheng Yang come in, the grocery store’s owner immediately had a warm smile pasted on his face.

Cheng Yang said, “I need a storage ring.”

The grocery store’s owner became even more cheerful, immediately he said, “Lord, may I ask how much space is needed for the storage ring? I have here storage rings containing space ranging from 1 cubic meter to 100 cubic meters.”

Cheng Yang said, “Give me one with 1 cubic meter of space.”

A look of disappointment flashed through the grocery store’s owner eyes, hurriedly he said, “Lord, a cubic meter storage ring really is too small. How about buying a 10 cubic meters storage ring? A 10 cubic meters storage ring only cost 100,000 power values. If you are buying this small storage ring, in the future you will no doubt regret wasting power value buying it.”

In Cheng Yang’s heart, he gave this profiteer a big scolding, he said, “This isn’t something that concerns you. I clearly know that after purchasing the storage ring, if I want to expand the space inside, I only have to pay a certain amount of power value. So buying this 1 cubic meter storage ring isn’t a waste. Besides, I don’t need a larger space storage ring, so get a move on and give me my ring.”

Crap, I came across a person that seemed to know the rope! The grocery store’s owner was secretly a bit depressed. But still with the fastest speed took out a storage ring. For him, a transaction worth 10,000 power values was absolutely big.



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