Doom Lord Chapter 84

Doom Lord

Chapter 84- The Road Constructed by the Rules

In fact, Cheng Yang hadn’t fully concluded the positions of Liu Hao and the others. These few people were currently serving as captain for the five professions brigades, but that was due to there not being any suitable candidate. As a result, there was no other choice but to have them fill in.

Wait until later on in the future, if he saw that they were still suited for leading the teams, then naturally this wouldn’t be an issue. However, if they were suited for internal management instead, then having them be in charge of an affiliated field station was also not a bad idea.

The reason why Cheng Yang chose Liu Hao as the mayor of Xianghe Village wasn’t because Liu Hao was the most suitable person for the job. Instead, he hoped that Liu Hao could rely on the status of mayor of the affiliated station to promote as quickly as possible. As for matters concerning the management of the affiliated station, it was fine to let the vice-mayor handle those affairs.

After reaffirming his plan, Cheng Yang stepped up his pace toward Liu Hao and the others’ hiding place.

Liu Hao and the others had been waiting here for almost two hours, and was already feeling extremely impatient. If it weren’t for Cheng Yang banning them from entering the forest, then perhaps they would’ve already rushed in to search for him.  

At this time, they saw Cheng Yang coming out of the forest. At once, a group of people went forward to greet him.

“Lord, you were gone for a couple of hours. Were you able to find it? “Liu Hao with a look of anticipation asked.

Cheng Yang admitted, “The matter has been handled. Now I will lead you there.” Then, without any further explanation, Cheng Yang walked straight into the forest.

Liu Hao and the others took a quick look at one another, and then immediately afterwards went in.

Less than three kilometers away, for Cheng Yang and others it only took a couple of minutes to arrive. When Liu Hao and others saw the great altar in front, and the pile of monster corpses placed at the bottom, the group immediately became restless.  

“Lord, was this altar your objective?” Liu Hao couldn’t help but ask, “Isn’t it a field station? ”

Cheng Yang nodded his head and smiled, he said, “This is indeed a field station. It’s called Xianghe Village. In the future, it will be known as one of the many affiliated stations belonging to Luo Feng Village. And you, Haozi, will be the first affiliated station’s manager, which is this Xianghe Village. Well, what do you think? Not a bad post to be in, right?”

“Me?! Mayor?!” Liu Hao suddenly widened his eyes, and quickly pleaded, “Please give me a break. I’m not cut out to be mayor. Having to remember scattered bits of data, and arranging trivial tasks everyday will drive me crazy.”

Cheng Yang seemed to have expected such thoughts from this guy, immediately he said, “You don’t have to worry, the mayor is simply the front man. Later on, the person mainly responsible for managing this field station will be your team’s vice-captain. I believe you know who I am talking about?”

Liu Hao immediately turned his head to look at the person behind him. That person was the candidate who Cheng Yang had planned all day long for vice-mayor.

“It can’t be me, right?” Cai Chengtian at a loss looks in all direction. Today, he discovered team captain Liu only brought along with him oneself, which he didn’t know was a coincidence or deliberately arranged beforehand. However, Cheng Yang and Liu Hao both knew that this was definitely a coincidence. Because if Liu Hao didn’t bring along with him Cai Chengtian, then the candidate for vice-mayor would’ve been easily replaced with someone else. For this choice of person, Cheng Yang didn’t really care who was picked.

After receiving the affirmative nod from Cheng Yang, Cai Chengtian became somewhat flustered, “Lord, this…… although I’ve used to run a small company, but this is Luo Feng Village’s first affiliated station. Something of such great significant, I’m worried that……”

Liu Hao immediately interjected, “What’s there to worry about? Can’t you see that this is the Lord trying to cultivate you? Oh, I know, let’s do it this way. Instead of making me the front man, let’s have good old Cai here become the mayor of the village. Although I’ve only known him for 10 days, but the way he handle matters is quite steady. Even if he lacks the drive compare with younger people, but managing a village shouldn’t be a problem. ”

Cheng Yang didn’t even consider Liu Hao’s proposal, he said, “Vice-captain Cai, you can’t run away from the post of vice-mayor. And you Haozi, stop pushing your post onto other people. You must know that the post of village’s mayor in front of you comes with a huge advantage. After you are inaugurated as mayor, you can immediately upgrade your strength by a minor order. And when the village is upgraded to town, there will also be another opportunity to upgrade. For us, at the present stage, there are too few professions with powerful strength, and the affiliated stations are our chance to change that.”

After listening to his explanation, Liu Hao’s expression immediately turned heavy. Although this was an opportunity given to him to enhance his strength, but the great responsibility it represented also made it hard for him to accept. After a long moment of silence, he said, “Lord, why don’t you consider brother Yu Kai? He thinks over matters more carefully and deeply, and in terms of taking into account the overall situation, he is more outstanding than me.”

Cheng Yang said, “This is something you don’t have to be worry about. In the future, whether it’s brother Yu Kai, Niu Bing, or old man Lee, all of them will have the opportunity to become an affiliated station’s mayor. At that time, you may not have this opportunity again.”

Liu Hao thought for a moment, then said, “Alright, this post I accept. What will I have to do to assume the post?”

Cheng Yang nodded, and then commanded him to place his hand on top of the altar. After passing through several confirmations of his identity, Liu Hao finally became mayor of Xianghe Village.

The moment Liu Hao took office as mayor of Xianghe Village, a voice sounded into the two people’s ears:

“Congratulations to the successful inauguration of Xianghe Village’s mayor. The development of the attached affiliated station has been put on the right track. As the world’s first successful affiliated station to operate, and is within one month since the arrival of the apocalypse, based on the implication of the rules, a road will automatically be set up, connecting Luo Feng Village to Xianghe Village. ”

Cheng Yang and Liu Hao heard some subtle differences in the content, but the general meaning was the same.

Once the voice faded away from the two people’s ears, on the level ground in the south side of Xianghe Village, rows and acres of trees like paper fell to the ground. And then, at a speed visible to the naked eye began decaying into the Earth, turning into flat ground. Afterwards, the ground began to solidify into a 30 meters wide road.

It was exactly like the standard eight-lane highway!

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Cheng Yang felt very excited, because he knew that in order to build such a channel at the present stage, the price paid would be unimaginable. This didn’t mean that laying down the road was difficult, but rather the amount of raw materials needed to be extracted would drive people crazy.  

Using this already built road as an example, each meter of the road would require 10 cubic meters of stone to build. From Luo Feng Village to Xianghe Village, the distance between them was absolutely over 30 km. In other words, only for this road, you would need 300,000 cubic meters of stone. This would require 1,000 quarry workers to mine for a year.

As for construction, it’s certainly less complicated. Once there were enough raw materials, Cheng Yang only needed to apply at the altar to set up the road, and then in a flash the project would be completed.

Looking at this road, Liu Hao laughed, “Lord, I didn’t expect the first affiliated station to come with such benefits. Later on, these two village will have a much easier time getting into touch with one another.”

Cheng Yang’s face was full of smiles. He had a better understand than Liu Hao on the importance of this road, he said, “Haozi, this road isn’t that simple. In the future, this type of road made from the rules of god were basically how stations mutually assist one another. Because in the vicinity of the road, there will basically be no monster respawning and all of the large monster groups will avoid these roads.  

Liu Hao wasn’t stupid, he instantly recognized the meaning of those words, immediately he said, “If that’s the case, later on even if it’s ordinary people, they can also travel freely between the two stations?”

Cheng Yang nodded his head and said, “That’s right. Although there are still some risks, but compared with previous ones, it’s over 1,000 times, 10,000 times better.”

Liu Hao immediately said, “Lord, are we not able to build a road from Luo Feng Village to Tianfu City? In this way, we can successfully reach Tianfu City. ”

Cheng Yang understood Liu Hao’s thought, because his home was in Tianfu City. His parents and sister were there, too. However, even if he knew that, he was unable to establish such a road.  

“Haozi, you need to dispel such thoughts. To build such a road, the consumption of stones will be astronomical. From Xiangcheng City to Tianfu City, the distance was at least 1,500 km. Even if we set up the most basic 10 meters wide road, each meter of road will also require three cubic meters of stone. You do the math, from Luo Feng Village to Tianfu City, how much stone is needed? Instead of trying to think up of a method to build this road, you might as well enhance your strength as quickly as possible, and then directly go back to Tianfu City.” Cheng Yang advised.

Liu Hao seems unconvinced, he said, “Didn’t this road not use any stone?”

Cheng Yang bitterly smiled and said, “You should already know that this road was given to us as a reward by the rules, and not built through our application.”

“Ah!” Liu Hao slumped down with a sigh and said, “I guess I am left with no other option.”

Next, Cheng Yang assigned Cai Chengtian as vice-mayor of Xianghe Village.  

Upon completion, Cheng Yang opened up Xianghe Village’s properties panel. Within the properties panel, compared with Luo Feng Village, there were some big differences. The two most notable points were after the ability grace was the word pseudo, while in the panel was added an extra panel for setting permission.

Through the permission column, Cheng Yang could set the rights of the mayor and vice-mayor of Xianghe Village, such as the transfer of personnel, construction of buildings, and a series of other things.

And the properties of Xianghe Village itself was different from Luo Feng Village. The most important one was that Xianghe Village has no territory bonus. [TL: Luo Feng village gives extra movement speed.]

After Cheng Yang set the permissions for Liu Hao and Cai Chengtian, he didn’t continue to stay in Xianghe Village, but directly set foot on the road, leading towards the direction of Luo Feng Village.  

At the moment, Xianghe Village has no wood, and no manpower, and was in a state of complete abandonment. In order to develop it, the first task was to transport some wood from Luo Feng Village to it. Then, bring some people over to transfer to profession, so that Xianghe Village could stabilize and develop gradually.

Liu Hao and the others were temporarily left at Xianghe Village. After all, the station had yet to build a wall, and the enchanted beasts in the surroundings had been respawned. If these enchanted beasts weren’t destroyed as soon as possible, then by the time he arrived at Luo Feng Village’s altar, Cheng Yang’s first affiliated station would probably be gone.

Liu Hao didn’t immediately use grace (pseudo), since he only needed one to two days time to qualify for medium-order apprentice. After upgrading, he would then use grace, directly qualifying for high-order apprentice. This was more cost-effective than using grace now.  



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