Doom Lord Chapter 83 Part 2

Doom Lord

Chapter 83 Part 2- Xianghe Village

Cheng Yang immediately jumped off the altar, and placed his hand on it. In a quiet voice, he said,

“In the name of Cheng Yang! Occupy this altar!”

The moment his voice fell, a faint white light shot out from the stone, and sank into Cheng Yang’s body. Then, he felt a familiar sense of contact to the stone coming from his heart.  

Meanwhile, four light beams burst forth from the ground, quickly forming four virtual statues. In a brief moment, the four virtual statues congealed into solid shapes, looking exactly like the four profession statues in Luo Feng Village, only just a bit smaller.

A voice sounded in Cheng Yang’s ear, “Congratulation on your success in occupying Xianghe Village field station. Due to you already being the lord of Luo Feng Village, please select a village to be the main village.”

Friendly Tips: The main village will become the core of the territory, while the remaining villages will become affiliated station. Once the main village is selected, it can’t be changed. Once the main village is compromised, and if more than 70% of the affiliated station’s managers declared independence, then the territory will be disbanded. If the territory is disband, the lord’s control over the affiliated stations will also disappear.”

In his past life, Cheng Yang had also heard about this main village. Bluntly speaking, it’s the capital of the territory, the equivalent of the capital of a province, or the capital of a country. Cheng Yang’s territory was now merely two villages, so calling the main village the capital at this stage was a bit overstretched.

“Set Luo Feng village as the main village.” Cheng Yang without any hesitation, immediately made the decision. He had no reason not to select Luo Feng Village as the main village, but there are many reasons why he should make it the main village. First, Luo Feng village was at a higher level. And second, Luo Feng Village had its own territory bonus, which wasn’t something that every field station would have.   

The voice sounded again, “The main village has been successfully set up. Xianghe Village will now become an affiliated station to Luo Feng Village. Please specify the mayor and vice-mayor for Xianghe Village within an hour, and set up the appropriate permissions. Otherwise the rules will automatically select the mayor and vice-mayor for Xianghe village from the professions, with full administrative permissions to the station.”

Cheng Yang couldn’t help but curse a few bad words. However, luckily he was already prepared for this situation, or else picking the candidates within an hour could be very troublesome.

Because Cheng Yang was well aware what a pain in the ass it would be if the rules had decided the candidates. Once the rules randomly selected the candidates, then even the Lord can’t change it. The permissions also couldn’t be changed. Unless the mayor and vice-mayor picked by the rules died, otherwise this would become a foregone conclusion.

What were the advantages of occupying an affiliated station? Cheng Yang wasn’t very clear, but he knew that in the affiliated stations there was also the Lord’s exclusive reward, grace. Although the effect fairly weakened, but in the end it was still retained.  

Divine Mercy (pseudo): After every three levels promotion of the station, the station manager will get the opportunity to improve the strength by a minor order.

Compared with Luo Feng Village lord’s exclusive reward, the role of grace for affiliated station no doubt weakened by three times. In fact, Cheng Yang could also allow others to occupy Xianghe Village field station, so that they could directly enjoy the exclusive reward of being a Lord. However, Cheng Yang didn’t intend to do so. You could call him selfish or not thinking about the overall situation, but in any case, he had already made such a decision. After experiencing the days of the apocalypse in his last life, in this life he didn’t want anything to drift outside of his control.  

Of course, maybe some people would say why not let Yu Kai or Liu Hao become the lord of Xianghe Village, and then after the station upgraded a few levels transferred or occupied it back. In this way, the benefits could be received, and the control of Xianghe village will also be in Cheng Yang’s hands.  

However, if the gods left such a big loophole behind, they wouldn’t be called gods.

Speaking of this rule, it could be said to be the Lord’s advantages and constraints. The lord’s personal strength, the biggest advantage came from the lord’s exclusive reward grace, because each time the territory was promoted a level, the lord’s strength could enhance by a minor order. If this were accumulated over a long period of time, then Lord would be the most powerful person in the entire territory.

While the lords could enjoy such privileges, but at the same time they were greatly restricted. Because once the lord lost their territory, their status as lord would disappear. All the benefits received from being a Lord would then be gone. One of the most obvious changes would be from the loss of strength obtained from grace.

This rule was very cruel, because it was based on the number of time your strength was upgraded from the status of being a Lord. Based on your current strength, the strength reduction could be from high to low. Here was a simple example, a person obtained two graces, and then use it to upgrade to high-order apprentice. Then, after six months of diligently cultivating, finally broke through to first peak-order apprentice. However, at this time their territory was lost, and their status as lord disappeared. Then, that person would directly drop from first peak-order apprentice to first medium-order apprentice. Imagine the effort it would take to go from first medium-order to first high-medium order, then compared that with the effort needed from first high-order to first peak-order. Between those two, the amount of effort needed pretty much doubled.

Therefore, while the lords received a huge amount of benefits, but at the same time they also bore a greater risk. On that road, they either succeeded or died trying.

Corresponding with this rule, even if the territory were to become someone else’s affiliated station, and the status of lord changed to affiliated station’s manager, the strength reduction would be based on the number of grace, which would remain only one-third of the original. Therefore, if Cheng Yang let other people occupy this station now, he wasn’t taking care of them, but instead causing them harm.

However, compared with the lords, the affiliated station’s managers, while not able to enjoy the advantages of being as strong as the lords from grace, but the corresponding constraints would be much smaller. First of all, as long as the station had not been completely destroyed, then the benefits of the affiliated station’s manager wouldn’t disappear, even if that person were removed from the post or the affiliated station were occupied by other forces.

The above rules were proven in the previous apocalypse, so Cheng Yang made this decision after careful deliberation.

The candidates for mayor and vice-mayor for Xianghe village, Cheng Yang had already decided. This was the reasons why he bring along Liu Hao with him today.

For a long time now, Cheng Yang felt very grateful to Liu Hao. Although it was only a matter that occurred in his last life, and hadn’t happened in this life, but deep down in his heart, Cheng Yang regarded Liu Hao as his brother. This sentiment, compared with Yu Kai and Niu Bing was slightly deeper.  

Of course, these matters he would not say out loud. Anyway, the future of Luo Feng Village wouldn’t only have one affiliated station. Their only difference would be who would become the affiliated station manager first.

Liu Hao was worthy of being the mayor of Xianghe Village. As for the vice-mayor, he named Liu Hao team’s vice captain, Cai Chengtian. He was a forty years old middle aged man, and came from the first batch of refugees that Cheng Yang and the others rescued back from Huimin Town.



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