Doom Lord Chapter 83 Part 1

Doom Lord

Chapter 83 Part 1- Xianghe Village

At this time, Cheng Yang had already used up two bottles of health potions to maintain his health value above 70%.

Until the last moment, the enchanted beasts didn’t erupt any powerful skills. Even the black bear was powerless to reverse the forthcoming situation.

When Cheng Yang arrived beneath the altar, he released an ice puck, knocking down the black bear from the altar. The black bear filled with rage immediately got back up and roared at Cheng Yang, then hoisting its’ huge bear claw, fanned down at Cheng Yang’s chest.

This monster truly possessed a powerful deterrent. It could even be said that since his rebirth that this was the tallest enchanted beast he had seen. Of course, by length, it was worse than the blackwater crocodile by a mile.

Cheng Yang’s attack speed was nearly twice as fast as beforehand. As this monster was rushing over, another ice puck was ejected, reaching one step faster than the other side, and striking it on the face. At once, its health value was reduced to a dangerously low level.

However, at this time the black bear’s attack finally arrived at Cheng Yang’s side. Its huge claws slapped against Cheng Yang’s left shoulder, and the immense force immediately sent Cheng Yang flying.

Faced with this situation, Cheng Yang was quite annoyed. Why did he choose to be a magician? In terms of terms of strength and health, they weren’t as good as the warriors. And with physical attacks that rival the enchanted beasts, they could stand toe-to-toe against a powerful enchanted beast.  

If a warrior managed to get close to a magician, and was able to land a powerful hit onto the magician’s body, then the other side would be sent flying. In the event that the magician couldn’t properly adjust his form, then there might be a chance of him losing an opportunity to attack. Like how warriors had to deal with the attacks from magicians. If the shields in their hands weren’t used correctly, then likewise they could only passively take a beating.

Fortunately, Cheng Yang’s fighting experience was very abundant. In the moment that he was sent flying, he spinned his legs in the air, and then with the centrifugal force quickly fall toward the ground.

However, trouble came at this time. Now there were no space left on the ground. His feet landed on the back of a steel boar, and immediately the monster was riled up, causing Cheng Yang to be unsteady.

At this time, if Cheng Yang decided to use ice thorn to clear up the enchanted beast in the surroundings, he would inevitably be caught up by the black bear, and once again be sent flying. In desperation, he had to take a shot, then continued to look for another target.

The extent of his speed was much faster than the black bear, by the time he had escaped the black bear only started to pursue. In a flash, he ejected out an ice puck, once more hitting the black bear on the chest.

Just listening to the black bear’s howls could make a person feel chills going down their back. Its body began to sway back and forth, and then slowly collapse to the ground. Two unlucky enchanted beasts around the black bear were also affected by the collapse of the black bear. Although they didn’t die, but their injuries weren’t shallow either.  

After the black bear collapsed to the ground, the enchanted beast’s group as a whole momentarily halted. How could Cheng Yang let go of such an opportunity? Immediately, he jumped into the air, reaching four meters high, and was heading straight toward the top of the altar.

When he stood above the altar, his innermost feeling were calm and steady. This three meters tall altar was already something that was beyond the reaches of these first early-order enchanted beasts.

Basically, this altar had been marked by Cheng Yang. Not wanting to contain his excitement, Cheng Yang let out a wild shout, and then follow up with a large-scale massacre of the surrounding enchanted beasts.  

Ice thorns continually fell down from the sky, taking the life of one enchanted beast after another. Although there were occasionally a few first medium-order enchanted beasts mixed in that would rush to the altar, but they were also killed one by one by Cheng Yang’s ice puck.

10 minutes later, Cheng Yang’s backpack were completely consumed of mana potion. At the same time, all the enchanted beasts in this area were also destroyed.
As he watched the last enchanted beast fall to the ground, Cheng Yang let out a long sigh of relief. Finally, this station would be his.



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