Doom Lord Chapter 82

Doom Lord

Chapter 82- Second Field Station

As Cheng Yang and others continue on their journey, the fighting became more and more frequent. While at the same time, their equipment’s durability also began to slowly decline.

“Lord, how much longer do we have to walk? If this goes on, some of the warriors might not have the strength left to lift up their shield.” After a battle had finished, Liu Hao walked over to Cheng Yang and said.

Cheng Yang said, “Don’t worry, we’ll be there soon. Also when we return, the probability of encountering enchanted beast will be much smaller.”

Liu Hao didn’t say anymore. As long as Cheng Yang used the original route when returning from the destination, he believed everything would be fine. After all, after killing the enchanted beast once, then under normal circumstances there would not appear another large group of enchanted beasts.

In this way, they walked for nearly a kilometer when Cheng Yang walking in the front suddenly stopped his movement.

In front of everyone’s eyes was a hill, flanked on both sides by mountains reaching a few kilometers in height, extremely steep, and had stretched to the remote distance. And in between these two peaks was a plain that is 10 km wide, while the other had a broad river flowing through the middle, running away toward the distance.

This river was called Xiang River, or used to be anyway. However, after the earthquake that triggered the start of the apocalypse, the river was forcibly shifted. The location of Luo Feng Village also used to have this river flowing besides it.

“We’ve finally arrived.” Cheng Yang sighed out a deep breath.

Lee Wanshan surveyed the surroundings, then he asked, “Lord, this is our destination? How come I don’t see anything special about this place?”

Cheng Yang with a smile said, “Of course, you don’t see it. There are trees all over the place. You might see the area on both sides of the river bank, but deeper in, you can hardly see anything.”

Lee Wanshan nodded his head. It seemed the thing that Cheng Yang was looking for is inside of these woods.

Sure enough, Cheng Yang then made them continue along the river toward the east. Along the way they didn’t encounter any enchanted beast.

After walking approximately 200 meters, Cheng Yang said in a low voice, “You guys wait here, I’ll go take a look at the situation first.”

Having said that and not waiting for the team to respond, Cheng Yang dived straight into the wood, advancing toward north.

Cheng Yang tried to tread lightly, as he made his way forward. After walking a distance of four hundred to five hundred meters, he also didn’t come across any enchanted beast’s group. Regarding this, Cheng Yang not only wasn’t surprised, on the contrary he became very calm.

That’s because the thing he was looking for this time was a territory altar. According to the rules of gods, prior to occupying the territory altar, the altar would have an unusual appeal to enchanted beasts. The enchanted beasts in the surroundings would be drawn toward it like bees would toward honey.  

Cheng Yang hadn’t been to this field station, so he had no choice but to depend on other people’s description to slowly look for it.  

Cheng Yang fumbled around in the forest for a full half-hour, before he finally heard some news of activity.

Two hundred meters ahead was occasionally transmitted one to two coarse roars. This means there were two possibilities, the first one was that he was at the edge of the altar and that the enchanted beasts here weren’t drawn toward the altar. The second possibility is that he had arrived at the destination, and those roars were from the enchanted beast’s group guarding the altar.  

Cheng Yang quietly sneaked past, and looked through the gaps between the trees. Finally, Cheng Yang saw the scene inside.

Indeed, it was quite a spectacular picture. In front is a flat, treeless plain, covering an area of at least one square kilometer. On this piece of flat land were densely packed with more than 10 various kinds of enchanted beast, the total was no less than 5,000 enchanted beasts.  

In the central plain stood a dark-gray altar about three meters tall, its appearance was identical to the territory altar of Luo Feng Village.

At this very moment, standing above the three meters altar was a black bear. Just the sight of it would let people know that he wasn’t something that could be easily trifled with.

It merely stood on top of the altar, incessantly dancing, while the countless enchanted beasts beneath it followed the dance moves. It was like a mighty general giving a command to his army.  

Cheng Yang didn’t have much of an understanding on this bear-type enchanted beast, because it was a type of ferocious beast. In general, this kind of enchanted beast already possessed a strong strength at the beginning of the apocalypse, so they tended to not appear in the vicinity of the main city.  

At the time this huge bear had appeared here, it probably had something to do with the territory altar.

In his last life, Luo Feng Village had a first peak-order enchanted beast standing on top of the altar. It was also a ferocious beast. Moreover, it was a huge leopard, which gave off a stronger deterrent than this black bear.  

However, the black bear in front shouldn’t have reached the strength of first-peak order. At best, it was only at first-late order.

This black bear leader didn’t bring Cheng Yang a lot of pressure, but the more than 5,000 enchanted beasts herd no doubt gave Cheng Yang a migraine. How to kill all these enchanted beasts at the lowest cost, this was a very difficult matter to accomplish.

All of a sudden, Cheng Yang widened his eyes to tightly stare at the black bear. He seemed to have thought of a method.

General speaking, an altar that was three meters tall wasn’t a height that every single first late-order enchanted beast can surmount. As for the enchanted beasts in the first medium-order, the majority would find this height unattainable, while for the first early-order enchanted beasts, no explanation is needed.

If he could figure out a way to rush up the altar, and kill the black bear on the top on it, wouldn’t he be able to enjoy a slaughter-fest on these enchanted beasts as much as he want?

Once this notion emerged inside of Cheng Yang’s mind, he was unable to keep it under control. Quietly, he began to count the health potions and mana potions within his backpack, and then made a decision.

Spell it! Facing this herd of 5,000 enchanted beasts, even if the entire territory’s professions made their way here, the impact they would have in this battle wouldn’t be significant. Although this would make it easier on him, but the casualties for the ordinary professions would also be very large.

At this stage, Luo Feng Village was still at the initial stage. All the professions had yet to possess a strong fighting force. If he wanted them to play a greater role, then they had to be carefully trained for some time. Although he hated this feeling of being a nanny, but since the children had yet to mature, how could he also expect to them to support their own?

Cheng Yang calculated the distance from here to the altar was about 700 meters. If he didn’t consider the monsters obstructing the way, then he would only need at most half a minute to rush below the altar. However, at the time there were numerous monsters blocking the path, so the time was hard to predict.

However, Cheng Yang didn’t hesitate to process with his plan. Currently, there were nearly 20 mana potions inside of his backpack, as well as four bottles of health potions, so this task shouldn’t be a problem.

At once, Cheng Yang gently pushed aside the bushes of thorns, and then with the fastest speed sprinted forward.

Cheng Yang advanced more than 30 meters, when the enchanted beasts found the abnormal situation. The herd of enchanted beasts immediately became restless.

In a blink of an eye, Cheng Yang had already plunge into the group of enchanted beasts. Not giving the other side a chance to react, his body swiftly swept by them, instantly projecting seven to eight meters away. Following the promotion to first peak-order apprentice, Cheng Yang’s strength and speed had surge one time, therefore jumping a distance of seven to eight meters is normal.  

During Cheng Yang’s descend, the enchanted beasts below the altar immediately reacted, sending forth various types of attacks toward Cheng Yang, creating an imposing momentum ready to rip him to shred.  

On the corner of Cheng Yang’s mouth emerged a slight sneer, the moment his body landed, he was met with seven to eight attacks. However, their attacks was nothing more than tickles to Cheng Yang, simply causing no harm to him.

“Ice thorn……” Cheng Yang didn’t show the slightest mercy, as he immediately launched his AOE attack skill. All of a sudden, the few meters ahead of him was fully covered, numerous ice thorns releasing ice-cold breath fell down from the sky, killing all of the enchanted beast with its scope

Take advantage of this void, Cheng Yang quickly went forward a few steps, then jumped several meters into the distance. After that, by using the same method the enchanted beasts in front were clear.

This tactic, Cheng Yang had used a few days ago. It was in Xiangcheng City during the fight with the Blackwater Crocodiles, in the end the Green Anoraks seized the opportunity to cut off his escape route, and forced him to use this method to break through.

Compared with that time, Cheng Yang’s strength was currently miles away. Previously, he had to worry about those first early-order enchanted beasts attacking him. However, currently there was no need to consider that, and even if met with first medium-order enchanted beasts, the damage they could bring to his health was relatively minor.

Cheng Yang vigorously charged forward without signs of retreat, while the enchanted beasts intercepted his path with no fear of death……

Two minutes later, Cheng Yang advanced more than 200 meters forward. During this time period, he had consumed two bottles of mana potion in order to restore his mana consumption. However, the result was also quite fruitful. At least four hundred to five hundred enchanted beasts were killed under his ice thorn skill. There were corpses of green anorak, gray wolf, steel boar, poisonous frog, as well as many other first medium-order enchanted beasts.

Cheng Yang couldn’t calculate how many enchanted beast he really killed. In his mind, there was only one goal, namely to get closer and closer to the altar.

The black bear had been closely staring at Cheng Yang from the top of the altar, clearing identifying him as an intruder, but it had not made too big of an action. However, when Cheng Yang advanced 200 meters closer, the bear was apparently shock. From the top of the altar, it began howling for the enchanted beasts on the other side to come toward this side.

Quickly, the density of enchanted beasts around Cheng Yang greatly increased. Beforehand, every time he jumped he was able to do a run-up. But now, each time he tried to jump, he would be knocked aside by the body of the enchanted beasts around him, and ultimately had no choice but to jump once again.

Fortunately, no matter how concentrated the enchanted beasts below are, Cheng Yang’s ice thorn could clear up a large range, which made it unlikely for him to be completely buried below the group of monsters.

On the other hand, this was also an excellent opportunity for him, because the denser these monsters became, the more monsters his ice thorn skill could kill after every launch.   

With the passage of time, Cheng Yang reached closer and closer to the central altar, making the enchanted beast’s attack became crazier.

After the consuming the tenth bottle of mana potion, Cheng Yang was only 100 meters away from the altar. At this point, he could clearly see the frantic expression of the black bear on top of the altar.

Around here the number of first medium-order enchanted beast started to pile up, which made Cheng Yang’s injuries gradually increase. Although each hit would only deal one point of damage, but cumulatively it could be very scary.  



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