Doom Lord Chapter 81

Doom Lord

Chapter 81- Poison Dart Frogs

The drug furnace had the dimension of a washbasin with a height of about 40 cm. With such a size, Cheng Yang had no way of stuffing it into his backpack.

Right in the middle of Cheng Yang’s awkward moment, Zhao Chuan came over. He looked at the drug furnace in Cheng Yang’s hands, and couldn’t help but asked, “Lord, what is that? How come it look like an old drug furnace?”

Cheng Yang said, “It’s not like, but it is.”

“Aren’t potions sold in the alchemy room? Also do the herbs need a drug furnace in order to be refined into potions?” Zhao Chuan with a face full of doubts asked.

Cheng Yang said, “Naturally, herbs can be refined using the production skill, but a drug furnace can also be used to make potions. In addition, only low-end finished products will come out from using the production skill. In the future, higher grade herbs will appear. That is the truly good stuff. Therefore, the emergence of this drug furnace is also a normal occurrence…… Alright, this thing is too big, so it isn’t convenient for me to carry. Go find a few people to take turns carrying it. This is a rare item, so you better not hand it back to me broken.”

“All right!” Zhao Chuan took one look at the huge item and with a forced smile on his face, he agreed.

Afterwards, Zhao Chuan brought over three people from his team and had them take turns carrying the drug furnace forward. Fortunately, although the furnace was big but its weight was also very general, making it easy for a person to carry alone.  

After passing through the channel, everyone discovered that the road was getting more and more difficult to travel.

According to what he remembered, this place should also be a wide road leading out of the city. However, let alone a flat road, they couldn’t even find the trail. The original spacious asphalt road could be seen replaced with a mixture of bitumen and gravel in the grass on the ground, as well as a few lofty trees rooted everywhere.

“Lord, let’s say these trees were to continue to grow and then be condensed in one once they are near one another. If such a situation were to happen, wouldn’t the Earth be entirely covered in wood?” A strange thought suddenly sprang up from within Zhao Chuan’s head.

Cheng Yang knew what the conditions were like in the future. He said, “No, these trees will stop growing once they reach a certain size. Of course, there may be some exceptions. However, regarding the specific details, I am not very clear.”

Zhao Chuan nodded, suddenly feeling relieved a lot. If that moment were to really come, and the Earth were totally covered with trees, then the world shouldn’t be called Earth, but instead cricket ball.  

The trees in the surroundings were very tall, but luckily the interval they appeared wasn’t very concentrated. However, between these trees were densely packed with a variety of thorns. Although they were unable to cause harm to the team, but plenty of tears could be done to their clothing.

Immediately, four warriors stepped forward, raising the sword in their hands toward the thorns and began chopping away. For a moment, branches and leaves started swirling in the air, and a new path was forcibly created.

However, in this world weren’t just plants. More than 10 days had passed since the apocalypse and in this area with no human activities, it made the concentration of monsters here unusually high. Cheng Yang and others had long put on their guard, so along the way they were very cautious.

The team had moved forward 50 meters when sounds of frogs’ calls could be heard coming from the front, giving out a farm-like atmosphere in the air.

“Lord, there are frogs in this world? What do they eat? Are there pests for them to eat?” Liu Hao can’t help but throw out multiple irrelevant questions.

Cheng Yang shook his head and said, “Haozi, you only need to remember that the world no longer have normal animals. All the originally animals have either turned into enchanted beasts, or alienation beasts already. The strong enchanted beasts were sent away by God to other far distant places, while the weak ones got left around the vicinity of the main city. The frogs’ noises you are hearing right now, that is also a kind of enchanted beast.”

Liu Hao had a great comprehension for games, so he immediately seized the details of Cheng Yang’s words and at once asked, “Lord, you just mention alienation beast. What is that? ”

Cheng Yang said, “You can think of it as a kind of incomplete transformation. Alienation beast can evolve like enchanted beast, but they aren’t entirely constrained by the evolution rule made by the gods. In other words, even if we are to now encounter a third-order alienation beast, that’s considered normal. However, under normal circumstances, alienation beasts tend to appear far away from the main city, and are very rare. So for the time being we don’t need to worry ourselves over these monsters that don’t comply with the rules.”

“****, really?” “Liu Hao’s face suddenly changed, “Won’t that mean there’s a lot of alienation beasts at the bottom of the ocean?”

“This …” The tranquil expression on Cheng Yang soon faded away. In his previous life, it was also speculated that the ocean had a lot of alienation beasts. However, due to humanity lacking of strength, they failed to set foot into the ocean. Let alone the ocean, even some large lakes would cause human endless fear, because inside contained large groups of enchanted beast group that reached an unimaginable size.  

Cheng Yang paused and said, “For the matter concerning the ocean, we’ll deal with it at another time. We are located inland and temporarily will face no threat from the ocean. And, as long as we use the fastest means to enhance our strength, I believe that even if the ocean has a large amount of alienation beasts, we are also capable of supporting through it. Since the gods spend so much effort to remodel this world for human evolution, there’s no way they would be that ruthless to humans.”

Although Cheng Yang said that, his heart wasn’t so sure.

Liu Hao saw the concerns in Cheng Yang’s heart. At the same time, he also acknowledged what Cheng Yang said in order to not affect the emotions of other people. This issue, he decided to put aside for the time being.

While they were talking, the team had walked 10 meters when suddenly something catapulted out from the bushes ahead, wanting to hit the warriors at the forefront. Its velocity was super fast, unexpectedly no less than a first late-order enchanted beast at full speed.

“Watch out!” Cheng Yang shouted. Quickly, he raised his staff, ejecting an ice puck straight toward the unknown specimen.

Along with the warning from Cheng Yang’s shout, others even without seeing the scene immediately got into fighting stance. The surrounding warriors lifted their shield ready to meet the incoming enemy.

Cheng Yang’s ice puck ejection speed was much faster than unknown specimen. Before the other side had the chance to hit the warrior, it was already hit by the ice puck.

Everyone turned around and found lying on the ground was a huge frog. Well, if this two-foot tall animal could be regarded as a frog, then it is a frog.

Although Cheng Yang heard the frog’s call beforehand, but in this apocalyptic world there were all kinds of frog monster, so he wasn’t sure which kind of frogs it was in the end. However, after he saw the body on the ground, his face grew solemn.

At this time, in the surrounding bushes all of a sudden came loud noises, followed by a large frog catapulting out from the inside. It launched a violent attack toward Cheng Yang and the others.

Cheng Yang didn’t show any hesitation, as he immediately launched redirection, transferring the blessing onto Liu Hao and four others. He commanded, “Each team, defend a side! We can’t let these monsters break through our defense line.”

Then, Cheng Yang in a flash used ice thorn, covering a large area in front with ice thorns. Suddenly, four to five frogs were ejected out, knocking down to the ground.

While shooting off attacks to one side, Cheng Yang said, “This monster is called Poison Dart Frog. Its health and attack damage aren’t high, but its attack will have poisons in it. If hit, there’s a chance of getting poison. Once poisoned, it will reduce 1 hp per second for ten seconds. In addition, in the event that you are hit by the attacks of various frogs, the poisoning state can be overlaid, so you should be extremely careful.”

Cheng Yang’s words aroused everyone’s vigilance. Especially the warriors in the forefront, their hands gripped onto the shield more tightly.

However, these Poison Dart Frogs’ leaping ability were very strong. Their instantaneous impact speed was very fast. It wasn’t something that these first-early order professions could match. So in the first attack, many of the warriors in the front had failed to block the other side’s attack. Even some people were hit by two to three Poison Dart Frogs at the same time.  

Luckily, these frogs’ attack was really weak. Even the warriors hit in the front only got dealt a bit of damage. From this it could be inferred that their attack power was only three to four points.  

There were two hapless soldier unfortunately infected with the poisons. Their health began to slowly decline. Although it was just the loss of 1 hp per second, but it also brought forth a lot of psychological pressure.

Following the Poison Dart Frogs first round of attacks, their threat suddenly greatly reduced. After all, with no more advantage from the surprise leaping attacks, they were unable to break through the shields of the warriors. They fell down to the ground, ushering into the first wave of counterattacks by the professions.

In this split second, there were at least seven to eight Poison Dart Frogs falling under the profession’s counterattack. This wasn’t including the first move Cheng Yang made with ice thorn.   

Subsequently, in the battle between both sides, only the Poison Dart Frogs was dying one by one. In the end, the professions won the final victory.

After killing the Poison Dart Frogs, Liu Hao wiped the sweat off his brow and said, “So exhilarating! Luckily, the chance of getting poison isn’t very high, and that these monsters are dumb. They didn’t even know how to stack, otherwise we would’ve been in a tragic situation today. ”

Liu Hao’s words weren’t wrong. If a person were overlaid with three poisoning effects, he would need to immediately take a health potion. The most crucial point was that if you wanted to consume a bottle of health potion to solve the problem, you could only choose to temporarily withdraw from the battle. This time, Cheng Yang only brought along 30 people with him. If several warriors were to withdraw from the battle, then the latter half of the fight would’ve been very tough.

Cheng Yang said, “You should be glad that we didn’t encounter that large of a Poison Dart Frog’s group. If the number were more than a thousand enchanted beasts, then in that first round of attacks, we would’ve all been killed.”

After everyone recuperated and reorganized, they continued moving onward. Following a 1 kilometer journey, they encountered four to five enchanted beast’s groups with the largest quantity reaching 1,000 monsters. Faced with this situation, Cheng Yang was also very glad. As long as the warriors in front didn’t fall, then the five mobile fortress in the rear could carry out an unrestrained bombing onto the enchanted beast’s group.

As for Cheng Yang himself, he had been on the frontline. Even if he were a magician, with his current properties, which profession in the entire world could hold a candle against him?  

The fighting was fierce, but everyone’s harvest was also very abundant. In addition to Cheng Yang’s personal income of nearly 2,000 power values, the remaining professions as long as attached with the blessing of Cheng Yang’s redirection skill would earn a few hundred points worth of power value. The ones with the most abundant harvest were no doubt the three team captains, because basically each time Cheng Yang used redirection, he would leave them their quota. As for the remaining two places, he let the rest of the team took turns sharing.  



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