Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 2

Maybe it was due to finding out that its subordinates’ attack were too weak, or that Cheng Yang was too strong, the spotted spider’s leader chose to stop hiding. Along with approximately 20 spotted spiders in the first medium-order as escort, it advanced directly toward Cheng Yang and got ready to begin a long-range siege.

This lineup was absolutely formidable in the early stage. If Cheng Yang hadn’t qualified for the peak-apprentice order, he also wouldn’t dare to duke it out with these monsters. But at the time, Cheng Yang didn’t have much to worry about.

While the other side was approaching, Cheng Yang played out an ice puck straight at the spotted spider’s leader. Almost simultaneously, this group of spotted spiders had also begun their attack on Cheng Yang.

Both sides used long-range attack, so the battle turned into a combination of hitting, dodging and defending.

For both parties, the hit rate could reach 100%. Needless to say, after experiencing a year of fighting Cheng Yang was able to do it. As for the spotted spiders, their silk skill was innate, so their hit rate was higher than Cheng Yang.

At the present stage, dodging was very difficult. Under the rules of God, in order to dodge an opponent’s attacks, you had to have a movement speed 10 times higher than the opposition’s attack speed. Take for instance Cheng Yang, if his movement speed could break through 10 points, there was a chance that he could dodge the attacks of ordinary first early-order enchanted beast.

Compared to dodging, defending was much easier. However, dodging clearly belonged to a higher level of combat. Take for example the usage of health potion, if you could dodge the enemy’s attack, the effect of the health potion would be able to continue. However, once the attack hit, even if you had a high defensive value and suffered no damage, the effect of the potion would immediately be interrupted.   

After a round of attacks from both sides, the spotted spider’s leader lost more than half of its health, while Cheng Yang only lost less than 30 health points under its blow.

Cheng Yang didn’t give the spotted spider’s leader a chance to launch another attack, immediately he raised his staff and ejected out an ice puck. Under the spotted spider’s leader panicked movements, the ice puck accurately hit its huge stomach, and instantly gave it a huge hollow wound. Slowly the dim lights vanished from its eyes showing regret and unwilling, as it fell to ground with a big bang.

The following battle had no suspense. Cheng Yang immediately spiked all the first medium-order spotted spiders. After killing the 20 first medium-order spotted spiders, Cheng Yang only suffered a health loss of 30 points.

At this point, in this spotted spider’s community that had reached up to 2,000 enchanted beasts, all presence above first medium-order were eliminated by Cheng Yang. Next up was a complete one-sided massacre.

The battle lasted seven to eight minutes. In front was only 100 spotted spiders remaining, and they were scattered everywhere.

Liu Hao and the others who has been waiting on the sidelines, after seeing this situation couldn’t bear it any longer. After unleashing a loud war cry, they began the encirclement on the remnant monsters.

Looking at this scene, Cheng Yang could only shake his head helplessly. The majority of these guys are like rowdy bandits. As far as these people were concerned, like swarm of bees attracted to honey, as long as everyone could earn 2-3 power values it was already quite good. For his current income, how could these measly 2-3 power values be put before his eyes?

Not paying attention to these guys plundering the fruits of his victory, Cheng Yang quickly walked toward the channel. There might be a treasured object there waiting for him.

Cheng Yang went to the center of the channel, turning a blind eye to the deep cracks in the Earth on both sides. His eyes stared straight at the object on the ground ahead.

There was an item there, and the size isn’t small. However, after looking left and right Cheng Yang wasn’t able to recognize what it is. Quickly he stepped forward, and picked up the item.

“Damn! Isn’t this just trying to deceive Father?” Once Cheng Yang had gotten his hands on the item, he finally understood why he didn’t recognize it. Because as it turned out, it was completely covered with a layer of mud on the outside. If he could recognize the item, that would’ve been odd.

After carefully peeling the outer layer of mud off, Cheng Yang finally saw its true colors.

It was a drug furnace.

Simply looking at the properties of this item, Cheng Yang was immediately taken aback.

Spirit Gathering Drug Furnace: Silver-grade drug furnace. Improve the drug rate by 30%, pharmacy production skill +1.

Turned out to be a silver-grade drug furnace. This was a good thing. It was important to know that auxiliary class equipment were very scarce. A set of the lowest quality goods could sell in the shops for a few hundreds power values, not to mention this silver-grade furnace used to make potions.

The most crucial point was that in the one year period of the previously apocalypse, there seemingly didn’t appear a method to create furnace for creating potions. In fact, not only drug furnace, whether it was any auxiliary class items, no one found a manufacturing method.

Imagine if equipment used by profession could directly be manufactured by various auxiliary classes. As long as there was good material, what high grade equipment couldn’t be made? However, professions currently didn’t have the means. In addition to purchasing the standard items from the shop, they could only obtain them through the instance of finding treasures in the wild.



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  1. Olemonade

    Thank you for the chapter. I just caught up to the story, and honestly I’m hooked. Very glad that you decided to translate this, because damnnn, I love this story. 😀

  2. Bob

    Thanks. I really hate the way the author made the game mechanics so absolute though. It’s already a stretch to propose a system, whether natural or built by gods or aliens or whatever, which imposes game-like mechanics such as leveling, infinite monsters, loot, etc, on the real world. It’s preposterous to say that it follows game mechanics so closely that it even accounts for compromise systems that are visible in games due to the limitations of computer processing power. For instance dodging based on your movement speed vs the opponent’s attack speed. The only reason such things ever existed was because the makers of MMOs wanted to keep the amt of processing power on their servers as low as possible for cost, and to limit the amt of data being sent between the server and client. Even modern action MMOs mostly make dodging based on actual player movement. For a ‘game apocalypse’ it would only make sense for the movement speed, or agility stat, or whatever to affect a person’s speed and acceleration and for a dodge to be the result of successfully using that to get out of the way of an attack.

    The cool part about these stories is the meshing of the real world and the power fantasy of RPGs. Not imposing all the compromise mechanics of old games on the real world.

  3. Sage Hidden Bear

    30% higher chance of success? or adds 30% to your normal success rate. Either way its decent.

  4. jacobpaige

    How is anybody supposed to dodge anything with a rule like that? Didn’t it say in an earlier chapter that people dealt with things via technique because not dodging was a good way to wake up dead? And didn’t the MC himself dodge a tone of crap previously? And how did anything dodge his side’s Archers and Mages with a rule like that in place? Did the author even think about it before he started spouting such nonsense?

    So basically, his Alchemy can’t fail anymore. At least, not for the recipes he currently has access to.


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