Doom Lord Chapter 80 part 1

Doom Lord

Chapter 80- Massacre

The present enchanted beasts had already been through its first wave of strengthening, leading to a rise in the number of first medium-order enchanted beast to appear. However, compared with Cheng Yang’s group of people, they still fell a bit short.

Along the way, as long as Cheng Yang came across a group of enchanted beast, he would immediately open the redirection skill, and then with six man-made fortress began bombarding them. Whether it was an enchanted beast in the first early-order or first medium-order, one by one they would fall under the attacks of Cheng Yang and the others.

After marching over the corpses of the enchanted beast, Cheng Yang and the others arrived at the east side of Xiangcheng City. In front of them, more than 100 meters away was a channel full of enchanted beasts.

This wasn’t the first time Cheng Yang and the others had been to this channel. They were also here five days ago. However, at that time due to Cheng Yang lack of strength in the face of this group of spotted spider with long-ranged attack capability, he eventually made the decision to withdraw.

But at the time the situation was different, Cheng Yang’s defense had already reached 12 points, which was more than doubled the attack power of those first early-order enchant beasts. Even if Cheng Yang stood there motionless, allowing numerous first early-order enchanted beast to attack him, he would still be fearless.

“Lord, how should we strike? Or are we still going to continue using the redirection skill?” Liu Hao hiding behind a wall in a soft voice asked.

Contrary to his expectations, Cheng Yang shook his head and said, “This time, I will go alone. You’ll be watching.”

Liu Hao was startled, quickly he said, “Isn’t that a bit too rash? You’re strong, but that’s almost 2,000 enchanted beasts. This……”

Cheng Yang with a smile said, “My strength is now at the peak apprentice-order, while the most powerful enchanted beast inside of this herd is only at the first late-order, and there’s only one of them. Such a herd of enchanted beast, as far as I’m concerned have no pressure whatsoever on me.”

After listening to Cheng Yang’s explanation, Liu Hao and the others didn’t say anymore. Although they didn’t have a clear impression on how strong was Cheng Yang but one thing they were very clear on was that in the event of danger, even if Cheng Yang couldn’t beat the other side, escape wouldn’t be an issue.

Cheng Yang then asked Liu Hao and the others to hide in the ruins, and then went out alone.

A few seconds later, Cheng Yang came to a distance less than 50 meters away from the location of the spotted spider’s group. At this time, these spiders also discovered Cheng Yang, but they didn’t immediately take action. The herd of spotted spider’s eight legs quickly became restless, making harsh squeaking sound.

Without worries, Cheng Yang immediately dashed forward a distance of more than 20 meters, and then instantaneously casted ice thorn. Afterwards, a large amount of ice thorn instantly fall down from the sky, shrouding six to seven spotted spiders that was in front.

In this group of spotted spider was no first medium-order monster, so under Cheng Yang’s ice thorn attack, all were immediately killed.

Cheng Yang’s attack immediately angered these spotted spiders, and combined with him having entered the range of these spotted spider’s attack, a large tract of spider’s thread was suddenly sprayed toward his body.

Cheng Yang was sharp-sighted, at a glance he saw within the herd was a blue and purple spider. Indeed, it was a spotted spider in the first medium-order. Such a guy already had the potential to cause harm to their own.

Taking advantage of the time ice thorn was on cooldown, Cheng Yang shot out an ice puck, accurately hitting on the head of this spotted spider’s leader. His high attack wasn’t something this spotted spider’s leader could bear. Immediately, the head was shattered, causing instant death.

At this time, approximately ten spotted spider’s thread hits Cheng Yang’s body, but he stood there as if nothing happened. These spider’s threads seemed as if encountering a mirror, as they were straightforwardly bouncing back.

In response to these spotted spider’s attacks was a new round of ice thorn…

This massacre held no suspense. These first early-order spotted spiders in the hands of Cheng Yang died in acres.

A few minutes later, the leader hidden in the crowd of spotted spiders seemed to have noticed Cheng Yang was bad news. It discovered that merely by depending on these subordinates in front was incapable of dealing with Cheng Yang. At once, it commanded a large herd of spotted spiders toward Cheng Yang, ready to attack from all four sides.  

On the corner of Cheng Yang’s mouth emerged a sneer. Wanting to use this method to sandwich him, they must’ve overestimated their IQ, right?  Didn’t they know he could just lean against a wall to fight?

At once, Cheng Yang confronted the spotted spiders, while simultaneously retreating backward. Once he retreated to the side of a wall, he immediately stood still and started to attack the spotted spiders that was in front.  

Quickly, 100 spotted spiders were killed. Suddenly, Cheng Yang felt a gust of wind blew over his head. He was able to promptly dodge in time, in a flash a large object fell from the sky and smashed down near his feet.

Huh, wasn’t this a spotted spider? How did it fall from the sky?

While Cheng Yang was figuring out what had happened, a few more spotted spiders fell down from the sky, but luckily Cheng Yang was able to timely avoid them, otherwise he’s afraid they would’ve directly hit him.

“****! How could I forget these guys can climb walls?” Cheng Yang couldn’t help but curse a sentence. He was only thinking about how these monsters couldn’t break through his defense, while ignoring the fact that these spiders were able to freely walk on walls.

If it were only these spotted spiders falling over his head, Cheng Yang wouldn’t need to worry. But then if he tried to put in his best effort to dodge these monsters, he obviously wouldn’t have the energy to deal with the monsters rushing in front. If the amount of spotted spider were low, this would be nothing. However, currently there were thousands of spotted spiders in the surroundings, which was enough to completely bury him off. His strength was strong, but if he were completely buried underneath, he was afraid all that power would have nowhere to go.

Immediately, Cheng Yang chose to abandon his position. After using his ice thorn skill to clear a path, he rapidly receded.

At the time of withdrawal, Cheng Yang chose a direction deliberately avoiding the hiding place of Liu Hao and the others. If he were hasty and chose the direction toward them, it was estimated that the fate of Liu Hao and the others would be completely tragic.
After such a long battle, eight of Cheng Yang’s mana potions were consumed, while the number of spotted spiders he killed reached close to 1,000 enchanted beasts.  



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