Doom Lord Chapter 8

Doom Lord

Chapter 8- Occupation Transfer

With the completion of Yu Kai’s transfer, he obtained some insight concerning the abilities of an archer. Even with this knowledge, being able to use the skills to their full potential required practices.

Cheng Yang and Yu Kai once more ascended the wooden wall and began using the enchanted beasts outside as target practice.

In the beginning, Yu Kai had some difficulties even hitting a target, but after shooting more than 10 arrows his accuracy slowly improved to 70%. Although it’s still far from Cheng Yang’s 100% hit rate, it’s still considered fast progress.

The reason for Yu Kai’s quick progress in accuracy was due to Cheng Yang imparting upon him skills that took millions of lives for humans to learn after the end happened, providing him with an advantage over other people currently. But even with all this it was mostly because Yu Kai was a natural born Archer. His shooting skills left even Cheng Yang amazed.

After three minutes, the territory’s power value once again reached 10 points. This time Cheng Yang took Niu Bing with him down the wall to have him transfer occupations. According to his talent, Niu Bing was suited for Summoner. At the beginning, a Summoner could only summon a melee animal, but it wasn’t afraid of dying. This allowed the Summoner to send it over the wall to battle at close range with the enchanted beasts. Afterwards, when the summoned beast died, it could be re-summoned over again. They could also be used as cannon fodder in most conflicts to lessen casualties.

Of course, the reason Cheng Yang made Niu Bing transfer to Summoner wasn’t because of any of this, he wanted to confirm if his earlier guess were correct. In the previous world, Niu Bing’s talent wasn’t good at all.

After a few seconds, on Niu Bing’s hand appeared an ordinary stick, but it was much longer than the one Cheng Yang has. This stick signified that Niu Bing successfully transferred to Summoner.

Looking at Niu Bing’s properties, Cheng Yang was pleased. His earlier speculation had been confirmed by viewing Niu Bing’s properties. It seemed that the earlier a person transferred occupations, the more likely it was they would receive a high level talent.

The end had just started, they could be some of the earliest people on Earth to transfer occupations, or maybe they were the only people to transfer at this point. According to his speculation, the next several occupational transfers will likely all be S-class.

In that case, he needed to use them wisely or else these S-class talents would go to waste.

With Niu Bing joining the fight, they began to gather more strength. Cheng Yang and his two bros started a massacre; it was easy with the enchanted beasts not being able to reach them. Niu Bing summoned a wolf that jumped directly off the wall and straight into close combat with an enchanted beast. The scene quickly turned bloody. The summoned Dark Wolf and the enchanted beasts were of the first low-order, but under constant siege from all of the enchanted beasts it quickly died.

Niu Bing waited until the cooldown period was over, summoned another dark wolf and repeated the same thing over and over.

There was no doubt that Summoner was the easiest playing style, at least for ordinary people like Lee Wanshan (Boss Lee) it was. They just summoned their animals to do the fighting for them.

Soon, 10 territory power value had been reached. Cheng Yang got off the wall and took Liu Hao down to the altar. Cheng Yang wasn’t a generous man, but since people that transfer early had a higher chance of getting better talent, Cheng Yang would use this opportunity on his brother. Whether it was Lee Wanshan or the taxi driver that had followed them back, they would have to wait.

Liu Hao’s transfer didn’t give Cheng Yang any kind of surprise, because his property now, was the same as in his memory of the past.

Liu Hao’s strength lied in the warrior’s next advancement class, the Assassin. Both of his talents were tailor-made for him to become an Assassin. Releasing lightning fast attacks, and having the ability to quickly get away? No one was better suited than Liu Hao to do these types of things.

Although Liu Hao was pretty chubby, the game’s properties didn’t depend on a person’s size. For example, even if Liu Hao became as big as a sumo wrestler, as long as his stats kept growing he would definitely be faster than anyone else.

Cheng Yang currently felt like he was in a dream. In his past life after the end, throughout the entire world. People with S-class talent were no more than 500, which also included some S-level talent that was on another level entirely. The world’s population at the time was 5 billion people; this ratio means only one person out of 10,000,000 people had the chance of getting an S-class talent. But now, there are currently three people with S-class talent in the village standing beside him.

S-class talent didn’t only let a person become stronger in the same order; they also had a greater fighting strength from the outset. They could kill enchanted beasts much faster and earn more power value than those without such talent. This allowed them to have a faster training speed than everyone else. Such exponential growth would allow people with S-class talent to reach great heights, so everyone else was forced to watch as they reached for the top.

Cheng Yang barely contained his own excitement. He suddenly realized he should have started to rearrange his objectives now. He had wanted to occupy several territories to create a strong faction, but it seemed to appear that this goal wasn’t so difficult to achieve.

The next battle, Liu Hao could only helplessly look from the sidelines. His talent was indeed powerful, but it hasn’t yet been transformed into strength. If he went down to fight the enchanted beasts, it would only take a few seconds before he turned into a corpse. Cheng Yang didn’t want Liu Hao to be like a ship that sank before it even left the dock.

Cheng Yang finally gathered together 11 power value. He got down from the wall and took the next person to go transfer. This person was the girl that came along with Niu Bing, Pang Shan. Compared to Boss Lee and the rest, Pang Shan and Niu Bing had a close relationship, helping him justify making Pang Shan the next person to transfer occupation.

But Cheng Yang didn’t know what Pang Shan’s talent was, so he naturally didn’t know what profession would be good for her. Fortunately, this problem wasn’t that difficult to solve. Cheng Yang knew that from the being a Lord he had a special ability that could tell which profession was suitable for each person.

Now, together with Pang Shan, Cheng Yang came to the front of the altar. Niu Bing wanted to know what Pang Shan’s talent was but he had another task to do. Joining together with Yu Kai to continue killing the enchanted beasts outside of the wall.

Under the control of Cheng Yang, spiritual energy changed into pure energy and went into the body of Pang Shan. After a certain amount of time has passed, from Pang Shan’s forehead emerged a fuzzy pattern.

It was an angel pattern. Cheng Yang was stunned immediately after the pattern became clear, because the pattern represented the most suitable job. If the pattern that appeared was a magician hat, that person would be suited for Magician. If a bow appeared they would be suitable for Archer, a sword meant they were suitable to be a Warrior, and a pattern of a wolf meant they would be suitable to be a Summoner.

This angel pattern wasn’t one of the four main occupations. What it represented, Cheng Yang knew. It was the game’s most needed profession, Priest.

People with Priest talent weren’t much, but also not too small. At the moment though, Cheng Yang wasn’t too excited since currently Luo Feng Village had no Priest Statue.

It seem he had to quickly find an instance, which he had tried looking for twice already. Since the end happened, the instance should had appeared already.

Since Pang Shan’s talent was for Priest, Cheng Yang temporarily didn’t allow her to transfer. After a short explanation, he let her go back up the wall to tell Lee Wanshan to come.

After half a minute, Lee Wanshan ran down. Even though he was almost 40 years old, he was in no way slower than these young people.

Cheng Yang let all of his friends transfer occupations first while Lee Wanshan watched, but even so he didn’t have any resentment toward Cheng Yang for not letting him transfer earlier. If he were in Cheng Yang’s position, he would also give those with close relations to him benefits first. Even if he weren’t able to transfer he had nothing to say, after all, everything they had was through Cheng Yang’s ability to get it. Also, to some extent, Cheng Yang saved his life.

“Little bro, what occupation do you think I am suitable to transfer to?” Lee Wanshan started rubbing his hands, barely able to contain his excitement.

Cheng Yang said, “Boss Lee, after this test we will know. I just want to say first, that if you do decide to transfer here, you’ll have to comply with my rules.”

Lee Wanshan immediately said, “Little bro, you can rest assured, I’m not a man who forgets his debts. As long as it isn’t against my ethics and morals, you can ask me to do anything and I will do it right away. Also, please don’t call me Boss Lee anymore, just Lee will be fine.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Well, Lee, you don’t have to worry. Anything against human ethics and morality I won’t ask you to do. Now, I will give you the test.”

Cheng Yang then used the spiritual test to find the appropriate occupation for Lee Wanshan. Soon, on Lee’s forehead, a sword-shaped pattern appeared.



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