Doom Lord Chapter 79

Doom Lord

Chapter 79-  Bank

Cheng Yang followed by Wang Lu arrived before the profession statues, he asked, “What profession do you want to transfer to?”

Wang Lu looked stunned, she asked, “I can choose? From what other people said, don’t I need to have my personal talent look at first before transferring?”

Originally, Cheng Yang wanted to say something, but then decided to swallow it back, he said, “It’s indeed true that the personal talent need to be check. Alright, let me give you a test first.”

Then, Cheng Yang consumed a little bit of his mental power to test Wang Lu’s talent.

But after waiting for a long time, Wang Lu’s forehead still didn’t display any pattern. After seeing this phenomenon, Cheng Yang became relieved. As expected, his speculations was correct.

Wang Lu couldn’t check to see the pattern on her forehead, so quickly she asked, “Lord, what profession is suited for me?”

Cheng Yang replied, “Your talent doesn’t have a tendency toward any particular profession, so it doesn’t matter which profession you pick. However, right now there’s only a transfer quota left for summoner among the four profession statues.”

Wang Lu didn’t know the benefits of talent, so she wasn’t too concerned about it. As for what profession one wants, she actually had no particular preference. Since Cheng Yang said that the territory only had a spot for summoner, then choosing summoner was good.

A moment later, Wang Lu completed the transfer to summoner. As a result of the transfer, in her hands appeared a wooden stick.

After reading her properties, Wang Lu couldn’t help but ask, “Lord, what is this finance talent?”

Cheng Yang couldn’t conceal the happy expression on his face, he said, “It’s a very good talent.”

There were a few things Cheng Yang didn’t mention to her, that was the role of the finance talent was far more than just good. For a territory, it was going against heaven’s will. Not only was it important to the individual, but it was also of great significance to the entire territory. Because people with finance talent could set up banks.

Banks, as the name implied, it was where money was deposited or loaned. According to Cheng Yang’s past life experience, the banks could be divided into two categories. The first type of bank was built by the individual, such banks had to achieve a certain amount of power value before being built. Another type of bank was built in the name of the territory, the ownership of such banks belonged to the territory, i.e the lord. However, the capitals for the territory bank’s operation wasn’t funded by the Lord, but by territory power value.

Under normal circumstances, the territory power value couldn’t be lent to people, but after the establishment of the bank, the Lord could allocate a portion of the territory power value to the bank, so that bank would be able to operate. This wasn’t only favorable to the professions in the territory, but also beneficial to the development of the territory.

As far as Cheng Yang knew, professions with finance talents weren’t few, but it was definitely not too much. There were approximately below 2,000 people with finance talents in the entire whole. Xiangcheng City also had a person with finance talent. It was the person Cheng Yang brought back to the village, Wang Lu.  

The reason Cheng Yang brought Wang Lu back to the village was obviously wasn’t so that she could have her own bank, but hoped that she could get through Luo Feng Village’s territory power value play its maximum role.

For the establishment of the bank under the rules of gods, Cheng Yang had some general understanding. The initial establishment of the bank was merely level 1. Its level was restricted to territory grade level and the financial planner’s profession rank.

“But how is this bank built?” Wang Lu with a look of loss on her face said.

Cheng Yang said with smile, “This is simple, you just have to go to the territory altar. Once you are there, you will discover that your personal properties will have an option where you can apply for the establishment of the bank. After that option is selected, the matters following it, I will handle them.”

Cheng Yang’s innerly shouted, “Amitabha Buddha, why does this make me feel like the big bad wolf cheating on little red riding hood?”

After listening to Cheng Yang, Wang Lu didn’t have any doubt. She directly went before the territory altar, and according to Cheng Yang’s instructions clicked on the application for the establishment of the bank.

Almost simultaneously a familiar voice sounded in Cheng Yang’s mind.

[Dear Lord, your territory has received a new application. Please deal with it as soon as possible.]

This was the first time that Cheng Yang heard of such tips. It seems the gods were quite humane.

Cheng Yang immediately approached the altar. He opened up the territory’s management page, and sure enough next to Wang Lu’s name was a message prompt.

“Do you agree with Wang Lu building a bank?”

“I agree!”

“Please select a banking model.”

“Territory complete ownership.”

“Because you have chosen the territory complete ownership model, the necessary materials for setting up the bank and funding the operation will be supply for by the territory. As the person in charge of the banking operation, the financial planner will be given 1% of the bank’s proceeds as reward for their services. Do you agree?”

“I agree!” Cheng Yang secretly cursed. How could he not agree? This clause was entirely written by the overlord. Fortunately, this 1% wasn’t much. Although after the bank developed, the daily income would be very impressive, but that was also something Wang Lu deserved.

“Please name the bank.”

“Luo Feng Bank.” A bank in Luo Feng Village was naturally called Luo Feng Bank.

After all the options had been selected, in Luo Feng Village’s properties panel, under the constructable buildings column was added a new building, Bank.  

Luo Feng Bank: Luo Feng bank was owned by Luo Feng Village. After the completion of the bank, a portion of the territory power value can be allocated to the bank. Bank will be managed by the financial planner to generate revenue. Resources needed: 500 cubic meters of wood, 50 cubic meters of stone.

After reading this brief introduction, Cheng Yang finally heaved a sigh of relief. Although 500 cubic meters of wood was a lot, but the territory could still afford it. As for the 50 cubic meters of stone, although the village didn’t have any stone at the moment, but by tomorrow there should be enough cobble together.

“Is it okay?” Wang Lu waited for a while but after seeing no activity, she softly asked.

Cheng Yang said, “It’s alright for the time being. When tomorrow arrives, all the resources should be collected, so at that time the bank can be set up. Later on, you will be the manager of this bank.”

Wang Lu sincerely said, “Lord, rest assured. I used to be accounting. I will make sure this bank’s operation goes smoothly.”

Cheng Yang nodded his head, and then came before the five profession statues. In each of the statue, he selected an option to upgrade. This should be done yesterday night, but because the territory power value was empty, he had to wait until then.

This time, Cheng Yang chose to upgrade the four main profession statues’ physical defense. As for the priest statue, the mana attribute was selected for enhancement. At the moment, the priest statue had already completed upgrading the divine attribute, and the attack attribute. Once the remaining four attributes were upgraded, the priest statue would be able to promote to the next level.  

After finishing this matter, Cheng Yang with Wang Lu returned back to his small courtyard.

Liu Hao and the others also stayed in the courtyard, and had yet to leave. After seeing Cheng Yang come back, everyone curiously gazed at him with a pair of eyes that expressed if you didn’t say the reason then this matter wouldn’t end.

Cheng Yang said, “Wang Lu has been transferred. She received a special talent called finance, and can set up banks in the territory. In the future, our territory’s excess power value can achieve circulation through the bank. At the same time, our excess power value can also be deposited in bank.”

Everyone wasn’t a fool, naturally they knew the importance of the bank. The doubts they had recently also faded away.

“Old Niu, starting today Wang Lu will be appointed to your team, so make sure she gets familiar with the basic knowledge of fighting. Even if later on she has to spend more time dealing with the bank, but in this apocalyptic world, fighting will always be the main theme. It can’t be put aside.” Cheng Yang asserted.

Niu Bing immediately complied.

Then, Liu Hao and the others one by one began to leave the small courtyard. Everyone in accordance with Cheng Yang’s command went to seek for the necessary amount of people.

This unified action with Cheng Yang was something they were all looking forward to. Along with the blessing of Cheng Yang’s redirection skill, the efficiency they would have for gathering power value would increase by several folds.

10 minutes later, Liu Hao and the others brought their people back to the courtyard. Then, under the leadership of Cheng Yang left Luo Feng Village.  

“Lord, where are we going today? Are we going to continue killing enchanted beast groups in the surrounding?” Liu Hao at one’s side, hurriedly asked.

Cheng Yang said, “That’s what you want? Don’t you think about anything besides looking for trouble with these enchanted beasts?”

Liu Hao emerged a wry smile, “Lord, it’s all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter. We are still only at the low-order apprentice, so being able to fight against first early-order enchanted beast group is pretty good. You can’t be under the impression that everyone is as strong as you. Besides, in this world other than fighting enchanted beasts, what else is there to do? The only difference between them is their strength. We are looking forward to trouble with the enchanted beasts, but could it be that Lord you aren’t looking for trouble with the enchanted beast?”

Cheng Yang says smilingly, “Your goal is to kill the enchanted beasts, but my goal is to get those benefits behind these enchanted beasts.”

Liu Hao was slightly stunned, but soon he instantly understood. Surprised he asked, “Boss, what good items will come out this time?”

Cheng Yang lightly laughed, “It’s a secret, you have to get there to know.”

Liu Hao became speechless, but soon he recovered and continued chasing behind Cheng Yang. Lee Wanshan and Zhao Chuan, these two men also couldn’t help but pick up their pace, and it turned out their direction of travel was toward Xiangcheng City.

At this moment, from Luo Feng Village to the south channel of Xiangcheng City, this section of the road almost all belonged in the scope of the territory, so basically along the way they didn’t encounter any enchanted beast. Only after going through the south channel did a number of enchanted beast start appearing.

This time, Cheng Yang didn’t choose to select the familiar path, on the contrary he chose the path that hadn’t been explored yet.



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