Doom Lord Chapter 78

Doom Lord

Chapter 78-  Special Talent

Niu Bing hurriedly said, “That won’t be a problem. My auxiliary class is carpenter, so as long as I spend a day cutting down 10 cubic meters of wood, it will be enough to have a level 1 residence built.”

Pang Shan annoyed by his wretched appearance, reached out with a hand toward his waist and gave it a slight pinch. This made Niu Bing immediately jump up in pain.

The scene immediately prompted the crowd to burst into a fit of laughter, but Niu Bing didn’t seem to mind.

After all the laughter died down, Pang Shan turned her head toward Cheng Yang and asked, “Lord, is it possible for Liu Xiyue to transfer?”

Cheng Yang switched his sight onto Liu Xiyue, making the receiving party couldn’t help but feel somewhat nervous.  

After a long time has passed, Cheng Yang said, “Letting her transfer isn’t a problem, but not now. At the moment, all the transfer quota of the few statues in the territory has been used up, so she’ll need to wait until after the statues upgrade. This won’t take too long either, the most it’ll be two days.”

Liu Xiyue was pleasantly surprised, quickly she said, “Thank you…… Lord.” Frankly speaking, she had somewhat of a hard time changing her habits and addressing someone with the unfamiliar term Lord.

“It’s nothing but a small matter. Eventually, you’ll have to transfer anyway.” Cheng Yang said.

“Lord, what about us?” Zhou Jie nervously asked. Although they had heard from Cheng Yang beforehand that they had a chance to transfer, but in the end they didn’t get an exact answer. Therefore, some apprehension was also unavoidable.

Cheng Yang calmly assured them, “Both of you are the same.”

“Thank you, Lord.” Zhou Jie and Wang Lu immediately became delighted   

Cheng Yang looked at the crowd, and couldn’t help but ask, “You have so many people come to find me, it wasn’t just for this matter, right?”

Liu Hao immediately explained, “How could it be? These matters are simply incidental, the main affair hasn’t been said yet. Captain Lee, if you will.”

Cheng Yang immediately turned his attention to Lee Wanshan, and was suddenly enlightened. Perhaps they had some suggestions regarding to the management of the territory. If it were anything else, Liu Hao wouldn’t have asked for Lee Wanshan to speak.

Lee Wanshan stepped forward and said, “Lord, it’s this. Presently, our Luo Feng Village territory’s population has grown to nearly 20,000, with even the number of profession over 800 people. But right now, the management system is a bit chaotic. It could even be said to be loose. Whether it’s regarding the usage of the residences or the living supplies provided to the ordinary people, both have some problems. So last night we had a discussion and came up with some proposals we would like to share with the Lord.”

“Speak, no need to be so polite.” Cheng Yang added.

Lee Wanshan said, “Thank you, Lord. There are two points I would like to make in my proposal. The first point of my proposal is to choose several people from the general population with management experience to handle the tasks of distributing materials as well as mediate between conflicting parties. As for the second point, it concerns looking for suitable candidates, specifically people to transfer to profession and set up conditions which make it possible for them to have their own private residence. Lord, as you know, in the heart of our countrymen, the word home is very important. Therefore, having a place where people can call their home is a very significant matter.”

Cheng Yang immediately said, “Old Lee, your proposal is very good. So be it, I’m going to have to trouble you with the first matter to look for the appropriate people for those tasks, and if they are selected, later they will have first priority for transfer. However, when you choose people, make sure to pay attention to those with a strong bureaucratic ideology. Don’t select these type of people.”

“Yes, Lord!” Lee Wanshan immediately replied.

Cheng Yang went on to say, “As for the second point, I already have a solution. Following this territory upgrade, people gained the permission to donate power value or materials to the territory to enhance their territory contribution value. In the future, the treatment people can enjoy will be closely related to the contribution value. For the specific details you can think over it first, so that later tonight we can discuss over the matter again. At that time, the problem you said will be resolved.”

Lee Wanshan breathe a sigh of relief, suddenly he said, “Lord, why does donated power value and material only get a single contribution point? Isn’t this number a bit too one-sided?”

Cheng Yang said, “I understand your argument, but regarding the territory contribution value, which contains so many things, it is difficult to quantify the importance of one thing, nor is it simple for the world rules to measure. After all, the same thing at different times will have different effects. However, the territory contribution value isn’t the same. So, for this matter we can only develop a system of rewards and punishments outside of the rules of Gods, such as if a person does something for the territory, we’ll reward him with a certain amount of power value. As to whether the other party is willing to donate to the territory, that will be up to them to decide.”

Liu Hao on the sidelines chimed in, “This method is pretty good.”

Lee Wanshan said, “The method is good, but it contains too many details. I’m afraid that in a short time, there is no specific approach for management.”

Cheng Yang said with a smile, “No need to hurry, we can take it slowly. First, draw up a large framework, then if we come across a particular problem, we can once again make adjustments.”

“I understand.” Lee Wanshan sighed. He also knew that currently was different from the past. Before the apocalypse, to decide a matter that affected tens of thousands of people, a meeting had to first be convened, and then several leaders would need to have a deliberation, which would take several months to come to a final conclusion. But currently that wasn’t the case, if you really wanted to decide on a matter, it only needed an affirmative from Cheng Yang, which no doubt simplified the process by a lot.

After the discussion, Liu Hao asked, “Lord, what are our main objective for today? The monsters around the territory no longer need us to clean up, and farther away those large monster groups aren’t something that we can touch.”

Cheng Yang understood the meaning of Liu Hao’s words. After the territory had obtained the territory guards, within one kilometers outside of the territory no longer required the profession brigades to kill monsters. And originally farther away, large enchanted beast groups had already been removed, so these profession brigades could kill monsters as far away as three to four kilometers from the territory.  

But after the territory upgrade, nearly half of this region was included within the scope of the territory, making the remaining region insufficient to accommodate the maximum killing efficiency of more than 800 professions.

Cheng Yang said, “Okay, let’s do it like this. Today, let those with craft skills and tools collect resources. In particular, the extraction of stone. This is urgent, otherwise several of our important buildings can’t be built.”

Lee Wanshan said, “Lord, right now only a small minority possess craft tools. Aside from those who often enter the instance with us with a surplus of power value, the remaining in addition to opening double cultivation speed have not much power value left. However, I heard there already existed a profession who suspended double cultivation speed, and was ready to accumulate power value in order to buy a craft tool.”

Cheng Yang nodded his head, this came of no surprise to him. Craft skill, although it wasn’t an essential prerequisite for survival in the apocalypse, but if you could have a high level craft skill, it would undoubtedly make oneself’s livelihood in the future more comfortable.  

For those that didn’t major in craft, the manufacturing skill didn’t need to be upgraded, but the gathering skill was very much necessary. In general, many precious raw materials were scattered around in this world. Let’s say a profession was to be alone in a far away place and discovered a precious material, but ultimately because of the gathering skill level not being high enough had to give it up. How sad would that be?

Therefore, it was necessary for these people to practice their craft skill as soon as possible.  

Cheng Yang did think about using a number of power value to purchase tools for them, but at the time the territory had more than 800 professions. How much power value was he capable of taking out? He was a Lord, not a nanny. In order to let these people practice their craft skill, he would have to give up his eight times cultivation speed, which for Cheng Yang was unacceptable.

Anyway, at the moment there was no need to rush. These next two days could be used to have the buildings built, and let them slowly developed their craft skill.

Cheng Yang immediately nodded and said, “Now there are still an area available on the outskirts of the village that your team can move toward. Let some of your professions go to that area to kill monsters. Afterward, select ten people to follow along with my operation. Old Niu, you can’t come. Your team’s cultivation time is at noon.”

Niu Bing also knew the importance of cultivation, so he also didn’t badger to come alone on the operation.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang recalled a matter, hurriedly he asked, “Old Niu, yesterday you said one of your team member had been killed. Did you use up that transfer quota yet?”

Niu Bing was surprised, then he went on to say, “No, as soon as I came back last night I had to handle their affair, so there was no time to go out to look for a suitable person for the transfer.”

Cheng Yang immediately said, “You don’t have to continue looking, this transfer quota I will borrow from you. When the profession statues upgrade, I will return it back to you.”

While Niu Bing was left with a stunned look on his face Cheng Yang turned his attention to Wang Lu and said, “Wang Lu, how about you come with me to transfer?”

Having said that, regardless of Wang Lu’s surprise and delight, he walked directly towards the outside. Faced with such a happy event, Wang Lu naturally wouldn’t reject. Promptly, she went out with Cheng Yang.

Leaving behind Liu Hao and others staring at one another, Niu Bing couldn’t bear the continued silent and said, “Haozi, you don’t think Yangzi and that…… that Wang Lu is……”

Liu Hao had yet to to give an answer when Pang Shan on the side interjected, “Your way of thinking is too complex. Perhaps, Wang Lu has a special talent so the Lord decided to have her transfer first?”

“That could be true.” Niu Bing was startled, he argued, “However, Wang Lu hasn’t yet transferred, so how does Yangzi know whether or not Wang Lu had a special talent?”

Pang Shan rolled her eyes and said, “How can you be so stupid? The apocalypse hadn’t happened before, so how did the Lord know the apocalypse was coming?”

Niu Bing with a wry smile said, “Hehe, I didn’t even think about that.”

Lee Wanshan looked at the two young people slapstick comedy, and couldn’t help but laugh, he said, “I agree with Pang Shan’s view. Maybe that Wang Lu really has a special talent, otherwise why would he bring her and Zhou Jie back from Xiangcheng City?”

Zhou Jie with astonishment on his face, asked, “So, I have a special talent?”
The remaining few people focused their attention on Zhou Jie, Liu Hao shook his head and directly said, “Can’t tell.”



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