Doom Lord Chapter 77

Doom Lord

Chapter 77-  Contribution Value

This mass recruitment cost Cheng Yang a total of 15,000 power values, reducing his total power value to below 100,000.

Cheng Yang handed over these 25 territory guards to Chen Yun’s crew of five members, so that they could lead them according to their respective profession. The first recruited territory guard of each profession was made the team’s leader. This couldn’t be helped, after all, who let their talent be the best.

After this affair was completely handled, Cheng Yang came before the territory altar, and opened the exclusive column for the Lord, and selected to use grace.

A ray of energy overflows from the altar, and instantly sank into Cheng Yang’s body.

After a few short breaths, a formidable feeling diffuse throughout Cheng Yang’s body. At this moment, he was became a peak-order apprentice expert. On Earth, amongst humans, Cheng Yang was definitely worthy of being called the first master.

At the same time, Luo Feng Village’s 30 territory guards also upgraded, increasing their grade by a minor order. Aside from the three special quota used on Chen Yun’s trio, the other 27 territory guards without exception upgraded to first late-order, making Luo Feng Village’s defense index sharply soared.

These benefits were a little more than just the territory guards upgrading, Cheng Yang was then fully confident that every day the five quotas for the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church could be cleared. Even if this instance successfully upgraded, Cheng Yang was also certain that every day all the quota would be used up.  

This couldn’t be helped, under so many experts, it was best to just smash through everything!

With his peak-order apprentice strength, coupled with the existence of Chen Yun’s trio with the same strength, Luo Feng village already had the potential to attempt its first nightmare difficulty level clearance in the Scarlet Church instance.

Just thinking about the silver-grade equipment that might burst in the nightmare level instance made Cheng Yang feel endless envious.

Not only that, but once the Scarlet Church instance was fully developed, Luo Feng’s daily harvest of power value would be quite substantial.

Cheng Yang carefully counted, and found that the number of clearance for the Scarlet Church had reached 49 times. Meaning as long as it was clear again, the instance would be able to meet the criteria for promotion. When that happened, the amount of territory power value obtained each day will exceed 8,000.  

Immediately, Cheng Yang sent the territory guards into the hard difficulty level instance.  

Now that he had a luxurious line-up of experts, naturally it was no longer necessary to send a person in alone to clear the instance.

While waiting, Cheng Yang once again opened the territory’s properties panel. On the territory’s management page, he discovered that after the territory upgrade another option had emerged, which gave people the ability to donate.

Once the donation permission was open, all the residents in the territory would have a contribution value available in their personal properties panel, and through that they could donate power value or material to get territory contribution point. When converted, one point of power value would be able to obtain one contribution point.

Contribution value was very important, because the Lord could, according to their way of thinking, set up a system where a certain amount of contribution point had to be met to enjoy certain treatments. For example, a contribution value of 1 could live in residences and so on. Of course, at this stage the type of special treatment Luo Feng Village could provide was very small, but with the development of the territory, the various type of facilities in Luo Feng would gradually improve. When that time comes, contribution value would be something people would be competing over.

To some extent, the contribution value was one of the most important tools the Lord had for managing the entire territory.

Cheng Yang immediately opened the donation permission. Afterwards, below the management page, he promptly saw the contribution value of everyone in the village. In the past, this page only showed the name of several officials in the territory.

At this time, the teams composed of three high-order apprentice territory guards, after entering the instance for less than 20 minutes, smoothly came out from the inside.

At this time, from an exterior point of view, the entrance of the Scarlet Church instance didn’t change the slightest. However, there was a reason why Cheng Yang was clear that 50 clearances was required for upgrading the Scarlet Church instance, because this was some of the data summed up in his previous life.

After upgrading the instance, the daily limit for clearance had reached ten times. Cheng Yang then arranged for five teams into the hard difficulty level instance. As for the increase in the normal difficulty level instance, Cheng Yang didn’t intend to fight for them. After all, the five profession brigades also needed this instance to get equipment.

For the remaining territory guards that didn’t enter the instance, there are other tasks available. That was killing enchanted beasts spawning outside of the territory. Moreover, although the territory guards didn’t need to cultivate each day, they still needed to rest.  After all, people were not machines, and not resting after a long period of time would definitely make them exhausted.

After arranging these matter, Cheng Yang opened the territory properties panel, and then immediately chose to upgrade his residence.

Suddenly, the only level 2 residence in the territory went through a dramatic change. After a short time, the residence became an independent house with a courtyard.  

The small courtyard was very distinctive, on the outside was a row of wooden fences, and then in the interior could be seen a small two-story wooden building. The room added up to a total of ten rooms. However, according to the rules set by the gods, it could only effectively accommodate up to five people.

Cheng Yang walked into the small courtyard, and first selected a room for himself.  

Even if Cheng Yang wanted to live alone in this small courtyard house, at the current stage it’s a bit too extravagant.

After Cheng Yang went into the residence, he found the inside environment was much better than the level 2 residence. Contrary to what one might expect, it had an atmosphere of a high-class hotel. Outside included a tea table, and after that was a wall serving as a partition to the bedroom.

After Cheng Yang sat down on the bed, he proceed to opens his properties panel.

Following the upgrade of Cheng Yang’s property values, with his current strength, he was more like a humanoid boss to those ordinary professions. Even if he stood still and let others attack him, he wouldn’t suffer from any harm.

With the mana value doubling after the upgrade, Cheng Yang gained a more powerful battery life. At this point, even if in the face of a thousand enchanted beasts’ siege, Cheng Yang was without fear. With his ice thorn skill, combined with his high attack power, he was capable of spiking a mass of first early-order enchanted beast at once.

At this time, Cheng Yang didn’t rush to cultivate, but slowly and waited until his power value exceed 100,000 before starting to cultivate.

After 20 minutes has passed, Cheng Yang’s power value in just two to three minutes increased by almost 2,500 points. This portion of power value naturally was contributed by the five teams of territory guards for clearing the hard difficulty level Scarlet Church instance.

Cheng Yang immediately started tonight’s cultivation.

With 100,000 power value, the maximum cultivation speed available was 8 times cultivation speed, and coupled with the level 3 residence and the effect of Cheng Yang’s talent, his cultivation speed reached a terror of 9.26 times cultivation speed. Even then, after a night of cultivation, his peak-order sorcerer’s apprentice’s cultivation progress only increased by 2.3%. This numerical value once again verified Cheng Yang’s talent was a multiplier instead of addition.  

A night of cultivation consumed Cheng Yang a total of 1,920 points of power value, fully emptying the power value he earned from killing enchanted beasts yesterday. It seemed that eight times cultivation speed wasn’t something that anyone could open.

He got up and walked out of his room. Once out of his room, Cheng Yang discovered Liu Hao and the others sitting in the small courtyard. Beside Yu Kai who already started today’s cultivation, the remaining four captain were here in the yard. It wasn’t only them, in addition there are four unexpected guests. They are Pang Shan, Liu Xiyue, Wang Lu, and Zhou Jie.

Seeing Liu Xiyue’s trio, Cheng Yang remembered that after he brought them back, he hadn’t made any specific arrangements. It was no wonder they were up so early in the morning in his yard. Lee Wanshan, what did this guy come here to do? He shouldn’t be attracted to the school beauty Liu Xiyue, right?

“Lord, your residence is so nice. Is there a room for us?” Liu Hao says smilingly.

Cheng Yang said, “Help yourselves! Anyway, only five people can live here.”

Niu Bing suddenly said, “This…… Lord, can I not live here with you?”

Cheng Yang looked at him, then glanced at the person by his side, Pang Shan, suddenly he let out a rogue laugh, “Hey, why don’t you want to stay here?”

Niu Bing immediately blushed, he said, “I…… several men living together is very inconvenient.”

Cheng Yang and several people burst out laughing, he immediately said, “Haha, you should’ve thought of a better excuse than that. If you want to live alone, that’s not a problem, use your power value to buy wood, then I will construct a private residence for you. As for what level residence built, it depends on how much material you buy.”



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