Doom Lord Chapter 76

Doom Lord

Chapter 76-  Level 3 Village

In his previous life, humanity had only started to occupy the field stations outside of the city 2-3 months after the apocalypse occurred. Even then, they had to spend nearly half a year to upgrade the station to level 3. There was nothing that could be done to change this, after all, at that time the monster spawn rate in the wild had decreased, while the large monster communities in the surrounding area had already been wiped up. In that condition, being able to obtain an average of 500 power value a day was quite good.

Cheng Yang made one last confirmation that the upgrade conditions had been met. The village had met the 400 professions condition, the building requirements and amount of power value satisfied the conditions. Cheng Yang inwardly smiled, the territory could then be upgraded.

At once, Cheng Yang without any hesitation, immediately selected to upgrade the territory.

A familiar voice echoed into his mind:

[Congratulations, your territory “Luo Feng Village” has successfully upgraded to level 3, please view the territory’s properties panel to examine the details.]

Cheng Yang immediately opened the territory’s properties panel, and found as expected after the upgrade the properties had undergone a great change.

Cheng Yang was well aware of the properties of a level 3 village. In his previous life, it was also the highest level humanity had reached. What restricted these territories from upgrading wasn’t the rest of the conditions, rather it was the lack of high strength professions.  

If the condition only required for a single second early-order, then plenty of territories could achieve the conditions. After all, as a Lord, every level could raise a minor order. But at the time the condition required 3, which was completely leading them toward the road to death.

As for the other conditions, compared to the third condition, could only be regarded as a drizzle.

At the moment, Cheng Yang wasn’t tangled over the conditions for the territory upgrade. Level 3 was already enough for Luo Feng Village to digest for period of time.

“Lord, how about building the pub first? These past 10 days without drinking can make a person feel listless.” Zhao Chuan on the side said.

In fact, Cheng Yang had already made plans. First of all, level 3 walls for the time being didn’t need to be built. With the current strength of the monsters, even the level 2 walls couldn’t be broken.  

Second, the importance of the mercenary association wasn’t too big. Presently, all of the professions in the territory had joined the five brigades. Cheng Yang planned on making these professions his regular army. As for the mercenaries, Cheng Yang intended to wait until after the profession statues upgraded before coming up with a plan.

However, the barrack and task hall building had to be built as soon as possible. As for the pub, Cheng Yang was somewhat hesitant. The value of the pub wasn’t very large, but also definitely not small.

However, the problem that Cheng Yang currently faced with wasn’t the issue of choosing which building to built, rather it was simply because the territory had no stone at the moment. Apart from the residences and walls, nothing else could be built.

After Cheng Yang stated the problem, Zhao Chuan and the others also had a look of frustration on their face. It seemed he needed to wait a bit longer if he planned on making these people his regular army.  

Afterward, Cheng Yang sent Yu Kai and the others away. As for the matter of his adventure into the random gate, it wasn’t neglected because of the territory upgrade. Cheng Yang felt relieved overcoming the dilemma, because he knew that in this apocalypse, everything couldn’t be 100% safe. And if he wanted success in the apocalypse, not taking risk was impossible.

Looking at the territory altar in front of him, Cheng Yang’s heart gave birth to a trace of emotion. He managed to upgrade his territory to level 3 just after the tenth day of the apocalypse, this should be sufficient to show disdain to the other warlords, right?

At this time, Cheng Yang didn’t immediately use the grace privilege, instead he went alone into the guardian temple.

He remembered very clearly that when recruiting territory guard from the guardian temple it was based on oneself own strength to determine the grade of recruitment. If he waited until his rank was risen, recruiting the same number of territories guards might need more power value.

Cheng Yang looked at his account, and saw he had a total of 114,000 power values. This huge number, in his previous life one year’s effort wasn’t able to achieve.

However, compared with his previous life, Cheng Yang also needed to consume a large amount of power value. At the time he had to use up all the territory guard’s quota, so this power value consumption wouldn’t be a small number.   

With the upgrade of Luo Feng Village, the territory guard’s quota went from 20 places to 30 places. Minus the five places Cheng Yang had already used, he still needed to hire 25 territory guards.

Cheng Yang first went to every hiring guide to check the hiring list. As expected, there wasn’t a single SS-class talent guard. It seems that such guards are very rare.

Cheng Yang didn’t want to wait any longer, immediately he went to these guides and hired the guards he liked.

Without exception, Cheng Yang chose to hire only guards with S-class talent. When they appeared, they would already have first medium-order strength.

For the 25 places, Cheng Yang distributed them equally among the four main professions, with the final quota used to hire a priest.

It was not that Cheng Yang didn’t want to use more places to hire priest, but because Luo Feng Village’s priest statue was currently only level 3, giving it a transfer quota of 20. According to the territory guard’s employment rules, he could only hire a total of two priests.  

Watching the 25 territory guards in front of him, Cheng Yang felt a sense of accomplishment. In the future, these people would become the backbone of Luo Feng Village’s territory guard.



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  1. JanO


    He was talking about it in the past that maybe he should wait to train up to next level before using the privlige, it would make him quicker gain secound rank strength.

    so that should take him about 5 days (i belive he said 10 then but now with 100000 he can have 8 times training speed) so why not wait 5 days and then hire the 5 new SS rank soldiers?

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    Well it just means he needs to let time pass for a bit to allow actual cultivation to take place. He’s already reached such power so quickly after all.

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    I wonder if the Territory Guards count towards the town upgrade requirements.

    I think he should hold off on the Pub for a little bit. Once its up and running, people will definitely start telling the world about Luo Feng Village, and I don’t know if he wants to deal with the hassles that will create yet.

    Didn’t he start mining stone a few days ago?


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