Doom Lord Chapter 75

Doom Lord

Chapter 75-  Race Against Time

Cheng Yang tightly stared at a dark blue power value stone 20 meters away, which he felt was beckoning him to go over toward it.

No telling he had to give up here? Giving up on this power value stone that could very well be containing 100,000 power values?

If he didn’t give up, what was next? Charging at this group of giant rats and throwing away his life?

Cheng Yang’s mind was constantly in a struggle. This could be said to be the most difficult decision he had to make since being reborn.  

In order to avoid being discovered by the giant rats, Cheng Yang retreated back, and then began thinking deeply. He was really reluctant to give up on those lovely power value stones.

After a long time had passed, Cheng Yang finally thought up of a method. He immediately opened his properties panel and began staring at the countdown above.

Actually, Cheng Yang’s method was very simple. It is to race against time. He planned to snatch a power value stone at the last second, and let the random door transmit him away. When the moment came to depart this place, let alone this giant rat being in the second early-order, even if it were in the third early-order or fourth early-order, so what?

Currently, Cheng Yang was only 20 meters away from the nearest power value stone, while the other side was more than 100 meters away. Plus, the other side was also lying on ground. Cheng Yang calculated under these circumstances, the success rate was at least above 80%.

If he didn’t dare take risks with an 80% success rate, Cheng Yang rather smashed his head in and forget about everything.

As for the next dark blue power value stone, it’s 30 meters away from the first ore. With this distance, wanting to gain possession of this ore would prove to be difficult. Cheng Yang didn’t want to take that risk.

Cheng Yang slowly withdrew to a distance, and then began quietly waiting. Now there are still half an hour left on the countdown, so he didn’t need to wait too long.  

As time slowly passed, Cheng Yang felt more and more stimulated.

Finally, the time displayed the final minute. Cheng Yang also started to count down in his head……

Crossing a distance of 20 meters for Cheng Yang takes at least two seconds. This also included the time for stooping over to pick up the ore within the calculation. And in two seconds, the giant rat in the second early-order giant rats, sprinting at full speed should be able to run close to 90 meters.

Ten seconds…… Nine seconds…… Eight seconds……

Three seconds……

Cheng Yang instantly shot out like an artillery shell being fired, and made a beeline for the front piece of dark blue power value stone.

At the moment Cheng Yang rushed out, the several giant rats in the cavern also awakened, and immediately stood up. The huge enchanted beast in the middle had the fastest reaction. It was only half a second slower than Cheng Yang. Directly rushing out from its location, it went straight to the location of Cheng Yang.

This was the first time Cheng Yang was facing an enchanted beast in the second early-order. Its sprint speed caused Cheng Yang to be amazed. This monster’s speed was definitely not limited to something as simple as double the first peak-order speed. He was afraid it probably had a talent in acceleration, or skills that could enhance speed.  

Only this time Cheng Yang had no more time for hesitation. Even if the other side’s speed were ultra- fast, he must get his hands on that power value stone.

Perhaps it was because of the high concentration of spirit, but Cheng Yang erupted the fastest speed since the beginning of history. In the time span of two seconds, Cheng Yang arrived at the location of the power value stone. But at this time, that towering mouse on the other end is only 20 meters away from Cheng Yang.  

Cheng Yang without the slightest hesitation, immediately bent down to pick up the power value stone, tightly holding the ore in his hand. At this moment, he had no time to put the power value stone into the backpack.

Gripping the power value stone in his hand, Cheng Yang’s heart brimmed with excitement. Success!

At the same time, the giant rat was able to reach Cheng Yang’s side, releasing a huge front paw straight toward his chest. Its velocity was really fast, giving him no time to avoid it.

“Hurry up and transmit me!” Which was the final thought that ran though Cheng Yang’s mind, just before the giant rat’s paw hit his body.

Cheng Yang’s body shot out like a shell, crossing a distance of 10 meters before heavily hitting onto the walls.

While Cheng Yang was flying in the air, the very large sized giant rat was following up closely behind. Opening its huge mouth, which exposed two sharp fangs, it bit down toward Cheng Yang’s two legs.

Just before its giant mouth closed, Cheng Yang’s body instantly disappeared, as if the event never had occurred.

This tyrannically tough giant rat suddenly erupted in a roar of anger! It couldn’t seem to quite understand, how did the food that went into its mouth disappear?

Cheng Yang’s body reappeared in the outskirt of Luo Feng Village, where the location of the random gate’s used to be. Wang Cheng also appeared here.

“I actually didn’t die!” Cheng Yang was at first startled, but then he couldn’t but uttered a loud laugh. Feeling the sense of accomplishment in his right hand, he couldn’t help but want to grip the power value stone in his hand more tightly.  

Wang Cheng stood aside and didn’t speak. He was able to feel the excitement in Cheng Yang’s voice. It seemed our Lord was able to get a good harvest.

After laughing for awhile, Cheng Yang didn’t immediately check to see the property of the piece of ore in his hands, instead he opened his personal properties panel. Seeing the pitiful five points next to health, he couldn’t help but cringe. If the transmission time were to start a second later, wouldn’t I have hang up?

Subsequently, Cheng Yang raised the ore in his hand to view its properties.

Power Value Stone (level 3): Contains 100,000 power values in stone. Can be absorbed by profession or be sacrificed to the territory, then increase by the corresponding number of power value. Mining conditions: Need a level 20 mining skill.

It was really a level 3 power value stone. Moreover, the power value contains in it was also a hundred times of a level 2 power value stone. For the current Cheng Yang, this was a very large number.

Thinking about the 11 level 2 power value stones inside his backpack, Cheng Yang emerged a bright smile. It seems the territory upgrade was just around the corner, even opening eight times cultivation speed was within his reach.

Without hesitation, he immediately absorbed the level 3 power value stone.  

After flicking off the dust in his hand, Cheng Yang with smile said, “Wang Cheng, let’s go back.”

At the time it was the middle of the night, in addition to it being the end of the month, the surrounding was completely dark. However, this didn’t pose a problem for Cheng Yang. He took out a level 2 power value stone, immediately causing the surrounding to be covered in misty blue light, making it unlikely for them to get lost.

While en route, Cheng Yang transferred to Wang Cheng a thousand power values as a reward, which he deserve. Although it seems Wang Cheng didn’t do anything, but in fact his task actually held the biggest risk. After all, under the circumstances of not knowing what was behind the random gate, he being the first to be transmitted was no doubt a death sentence.

However, Wang Cheng contrary to what one might think was reluctant to accept the reward. Only after a lot of righteous preaching by Cheng Yang did he finally accept.

After 10 minutes, Cheng Yang and Wand Cheng returned to Luo Feng Village.

This morning, Luo Feng Village’s territory power value had risen to 7,000 points. Cheng Yang estimated that now Luo Feng Village’s territory power value should almost be 8,000 points, and coupled with the 11 level 2 power value stones in his backpack, even if it were not enough to upgrade Luo Feng Village, it shouldn’t be far off.

Cheng Yang was intending to open the territory’s property panel, but found that Yu Kai and the others were waiting around the altar. Cheng Yang’s appearance immediately made them overjoyed.  

“Lord, you scared the crap out of me.” Niu Bing said. Although Zhao Chuan didn’t speak, but his expression wasn’t much better.

Cheng Yang was a little dumbfounded, he asked, “What’s the matter?”

The two people has yet to speak, Lee Wanshan answered, “Lord, after this you mustn’t do anything this dangerous. Your life is related to the lives of the tens of thousands of people in the entire Luo Feng Village. Once an accident happens to you, our Luo Feng village can be considered as finished.”

Cheng Yang immediately understood the feelings Niu Bing and Zhao Chuan, these two captains’ criticism.

“Before I went I made sure it was foolproof.” Cheng Yang says smilingly, “Although it was somewhat risky, but the harvest is extremely lucrative. Originally, we needed another 10 days to upgrade the territory, but now we will be able to upgrade this evening.”

Yu Kai and the others listening to the side immediately became excited. Although the territory upgrade had no direct benefit on them, but as the territory became more powerful, wouldn’t they also be more secure in the village?  

Cheng Yang went on to say, “After the territory is upgraded, we can build the trial hall. Once that is built, we will be able to complete a number of tasks each day to earn power value and it won’t be necessary to go out to kill monsters. At the same time, the barrack can also be built. These buildings are able to quickly enhance the strength of the territory.”

“Lord, what are you waiting for? Quickly go upgrade!” Liu Hao immediately shouted.

Cheng Yang with a wry smile said, “I was about to go upgrade, but wasn’t I stopped here by you guys?”

Liu Hao immediately let out a light smile, and returned to the side.

Cheng Yang walked over to open the territory’s properties panel, and found the territory power value has reached 7,800 points. If coupled with the power value stones in Cheng Yang’s backpack, the number will reach 18,800; 1,200 points short from the territory upgrade.

Cheng Yang with a forced smile asked Lee Wanshan, “Old Lee, what time is it now?”

On the hands of Lee Wanshan was a mechanical watch, he raised his hand to take a look, and said, “11:45. What’s wrong? Power value isn’t enough?”

Cheng Yang said, “It’s still short of a thousand points, so after 12 o’clock I will go clear the instance. That will give enough power value to upgrade the territory.”

Yu Kai and the rest didn’t think it was anything to feel depressed about, after all, they only have to wait more than 15 minutes.

Fifteen minutes isn’t a long time, after the time changed to the next day, Cheng Yang and the others had entered into the instance. Cheng Yang entered an instance while Chen Yun and the rest of the territory guards separately entered alone. As for Yu Kai and the others, they didn’t need to go in now. After all, they weren’t able to clear the instance alone, and at that time their men were either in cultivation, or killing monsters in the wild. Naturally, they couldn’t immediately return to clear their instance.

Half an hour later, Cheng Yang and his guards emerged from the instances. Four of them took nearly half an hour, and fully provided the territory with nearly 2,000 territory power values.

Currently there wasn’t anything else for Cheng Yang to take into account, he immediately placed the 11 level 2 power value stones onto the territory altar, and then open the sacrifice mode.

In a blink of an eye, 11 power value stones turns into a pile of smithereens.
Looking at the territory power value reached 20,600 points, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but dance with joy.



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