Doom Lord Chapter 74

Doom Lord

Chapter 74-  Harvest

After the benefits had been confirmed, Cheng Yang became more careful.

However, the gap between these level 2 power value stones and himself was quite far, so Cheng Yang had no choice but to slowly move toward them. During this process, Cheng Yang was able to absorb the level 1 power value stones he had picked up earlier off of the ground.

Although every moment made Cheng Yang on edge, but in this process he was happy. After all, it only took a few seconds to increase his power value by 10 points. If his position were replaced with somebody else, they would also be in a very cheerful mood.

Granted that with Cheng Yang’s present strength, even if countless enchanted beasts in the first early-order were to remain immobile for him to kill, he would also require ten seconds to obtain 10 power values. Relatively speaking, Cheng Yang was more than willing to harvest power value with this kind of efficiency.

After more than 10 minutes, Cheng Yang finally picked up a level 2 power value stone, which he then carefully placed into the backpack.

At the moment, Cheng Yang felt that even if a gold-grade equipment were to be placed in front of him in exchange for these power value stones, he would not be willing to exchange them. Because relatively speaking, to him these power value stones were much more beneficial.

So after nearly an hour, Cheng Yang finally reached the third level 2 power value stone. The whole process went without a hitch. Furthermore, there was no emergence of giant rat.

Cheng Yang slowly bent down to collect the power value stone and placed it into the backpack.

After getting up, Cheng Yang saw faintly visible in front was a few level 1 power value stones. He decided to go pick up these ores first before making his next course of action.  

After Cheng Yang advanced a few steps, he discovered in front was a curve. It’s no wonder that a moment ago he couldn’t see any farther into the distance.

At this time, Cheng Yang suddenly had a bad premonition. Without a chance to react, noises of running can be heard in the distance with a tempo exactly the same as the giant rat that previously emerged.

“There really is a……” Cheng Yang had yet to finish a line of verse before he turned and ran.

After running back for ten meters, Cheng Yang turned around to take a look, and sure enough he saw a huge sized giant rat coming out from the corner. On its head wore a pair of serene blue colored eyes that was staring straight at him.

When he saw this huge enchanted beast, Cheng Yang’s tension went down a lot, because this monster was exactly the same as the one he had just killed. Since the first giant rat could be killed, then naturally the second one could be too. The only thing that made him depressed was that he had to consume a bottle of health potion.

At this time, Cheng Yang somewhat regretted bringing with him so little health potion. If he had known things were going to be like this, he would have prepared more of them. As for the mana potion, its role at the moment was very limited.   

This time Cheng Yang didn’t dare be as adventurous as last time. After the aftermath of an attack, he immediately consumed a bottle of health potion, and then continued attacking.  

After the death of this huge sized giant rat, Cheng Yang’s health value was left with only 20 points.

Seeing this pitiful health value, Cheng Yang became conflicted. Should I use a bottle of health potion right now or not?

Cheng Yang took one look at the countdown on his personal properties, and saw that there are still three hours and 12 minutes. However, right now he only had three bottles of health potion remaining.

After a little bit of thought, Cheng Yang decided not to waste a bottle of health potion, and immediately sat on the ground and began meditating. Although mediation could only restore about 1 point of health value per minute, but as long as one hour passed, his health can be fully restored, which could be considered as pretty good.  

As time slowly elapsed, Cheng Yang’s health value was finally fully restored. Once more, he began groping his way towards the depth of the cavern.

This time, he repeated the previous pace rhythm. After he made a turn at the corner, Cheng Yang discovered within his line of sight are four exact pale-blue level 2 power value stones. Beyond that, he couldn’t see anything.

Cheng Yang was smarter this time, he estimated that on this section of the road there was no danger, and that after he arrived near the corner of the road, there probably would exist a giant rat.

Cheng Yang immediately accelerated his speed, absorbing the level 1 power value stones picked off of the ground along the way, while at the same time received the level 2 power value stones into his backpack.   

Once again, he arrived close to the corner and with bated breath, Cheng Yang slowly creeped forward. He wanted to have a look at where the huge-sized giant rat was hidden behind the corner, while also prepare for the upcoming battle. Of course, if he could take advantage of the other side not discovering him and attack first, that would be even more perfect.  

Indeed Cheng Yang’s ideal was good, but the reality could be heartbreaking. He had yet to extend his head out to peek around the corner when the opposite side transmitted a squeak.

“As expected it was like this.” Fortunately, Cheng Yang had long been prepared. Immediately, he stepped back a few steps, and then threw an ice puck straight toward the corner.

He wasn’t sure whether or not God was concerned about his well-being, because from the first ice puck released the slow effect was triggered, making the huge sized giant rat’s speed instantly cut down by half. At this point, let alone chase after Cheng Yang, just keeping up with his pace was very difficult.

Such a good opportunity, there was no way Cheng Yang can let it slip past him. At once, he fall back, while rapidly ejecting two ice pucks, causing the other side’s health to drop by nearly half.

The ice puck’s slow effect lasted for only two seconds. In the moment the effect vanished, the giant rat suddenly accelerated towards Cheng Yang.  

Cheng Yang saw this coming, and another round of attacks was released at the giant rat’s body.  

When the two sides began getting stuck in a deadlock, the giant rat had only a trace of residual health left. It was only able to attack Cheng Yang one time before dying under Cheng Yang’s ice puck. As a result, Cheng Yang had also been able to save a bottle of health potion.

Cheng Yang with some expectation he returned to the original location, and with an ease mindset stretched his head to look out of the corner. However, when he saw the scene in front, he couldn’t help but be slightly disappointed, because on the ground in front are only three pale-blue power value stones, while the remaining was a small amount of level 1 power value stones.

“Isn’t this a bit stingy?” Cheng Yang wanted to incessantly criticize, but he still nevertheless quickly walked past, and picked up the power value stones one by one.

Currently, Cheng Yang’s personal account had reached more than 13,000 power values, of which nearly 5,000 points were obtained these past two days from him killing enchanted beasts. While the remaining 8,000 points were all from absorbing these power value stones in this cavern. This was not including the 11 level 2 power value stones he has in his backpack.

Cheng Yang’s harvest could now be described as very rich. Traded with any other person, being able to obtain so much power value just after the tenth day of the apocalypse, he was afraid he had to let the person continue sleeping lest he awakened them from their dream. This was definitely more practical than any high grade equipment. Of course, if compared with architectural drawings, the gap value would lessen.

After looking at the distribution of luminous blue-rays of light emitting from the ores leading to the corner, Cheng Yang took a glance at his remaining health potions, and decided to continue exploring ahead.  

As Cheng Yang approached near the corner, he waited for the expected sound to appear. However, reality tended to play a joke on Cheng Yang. His head was about look out of the corner, and the opposite side still had no movement.

Cheng Yang’s mind was filled with doubts. Was there no enchanted beast on the other side?

Cheng Yang wasn’t too happy with this thought of his, because in the event that the other side didn’t appear this type of giant rats, it probably indicated that there was no power value stone.

With a nervous mind frame, Cheng Yang turned at the corner. The environment ahead caused him to be startled.  

Before when Cheng Yang was going through the cavern mine, the mine path could be described as a channel. However, this scene in front of him could absolutely be classified as a hall. The entire cavern covered an area of no less than 10,000 square meters, and in the cavern’s walls were scattered numerous deep-blue gems. Its shape matched 70-80% of those power value stones he had previously. The only minor difference is that the color is much deeper.

“This was just asking for a person to die!” Cheng Yang saw the multiple precious gems on the walls, and couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

Cheng Yang speculated that these dark blue colored gems should be a higher level power value stone. By this calculation, there was no doubt each gem would contain a huge amount of power value. And such power value stones in this hallway in front of his eyes were no fewer than 1,000. If these power value stones could all be income by him, how much would his power value increase by? 10 million? Or maybe 100 million? With these ores, Cheng Yang felt that even standing proudly on top of the world in the future wouldn’t be impossible.

This was really too enticing, so much that it made it difficult for anyone to refuse.

The power value stones on the stones was unattainable to Cheng Yang. With his ability, these power value stones couldn’t be mined. On the ground, he saw scattered with no fewer than ten deep-blue colored power value stones, this was what he really cared about.

If exchanged with someone else, maybe they would’ve already rushed out. But Cheng Yang was someone that had known the importance of life, so his impulses had faded a lot. He knew more than anyone the cruelty and danger of this world.

Cheng Yang shifted his sight away from these tempting power value stones, and then began to survey the entire cavern.  

At once, he saw in the deep interior lays five giant rats. Four of which looks exactly the same as the one just kill. However, the one in the center nearly double in size of these four monsters. Moreover, from their distributed positions, this giant rat in the middle was definitely the leader of the group.  

A monster that could serve as leader to a group of first peak-order was what type of existence? Cheng Yang was willing to vouch that this monster was at least second early-order.

Thinking up to here, Cheng Yang’s vest immediately cropped up in cold sweat. To him killing a first peak-order enchanted beast, perhaps might not be too hard. And precisely as territory guard Chen Yun said, as a profession, with the usage of potions and equipment, not being able to kill enchanted beast more powerful than oneself would simply squandered the title of profession.  

But now the enchanted beast in front of Cheng Yang wasn’t a minor order higher than his first peak-order, and was very like to be a powerful presence in the second early-order.

What kind of existence was a second early-order? Cheng Yang wasn’t particularly clear, after all, in the year spent in his previous life after the apocalypse, the frequency of second-order monsters weren’t very high. However, one thing was certain, second early-order monster more than doubled the strength of first-peak order enchanted beast.

Now poised for battle with such an existence, his only fate was being spiked. Like the way he recently spiked first early-order enchanted beast, there would be no room for any resistance.

At this moment, Cheng Yang felt the scent of death drawing close to him. It was even more intense than the fight he had with the first huge sized giant rat.  

What to do? Retreat? Anyway, he had already earned plenty from this trip.



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