Doom Lord Chapter 73

Doom Lord

Chapter 73-  Narrow Victory

Cheng Yang immediately looked down at ground, and discovered in the slight far away distance was indeed these light blue power value stones.

A feeling of being pleasantly surprised welled up in Cheng Yang’s heart. From just the level 1 power value stones, he had harvested over 1,000 power values. If these were really a higher level power value stones, then how much power values could he possibly get from them?  

Cheng Yang barely had time to go pick up the power value stones when suddenly from the depth of the cavern came a burst of squeaking. That sound unexpectedly matched exactly like those giant rats he had killed outside a moment ago.

“Damn! Don’t tell me there’s a giant rat in here?” As Cheng Yang kept his eyes to the front of the cavern, he couldn’t help but curse.

Sure enough, before he had a chance to make any further action, a percussive sound came from deep inside the cavern. Cheng Yang promptly braced himself, he didn’t want to fail miserably in a very easy task.

Following a few short breaths, the highlight of two flashing light was suddenly knocked to the side of the cavern. After waiting for the distance figure to come closer, Cheng Yang discovered the figure to be a huge rat that was of a much larger size than those previous rats.

If the rats before were comparable to a leopard, then the rat rushing toward him then was at least as big as a black bear. When it ran, even the ground were slightly trembling.

Seeing this scene, Cheng Yang was immediately aware that the situation wasn’t good. Using his mind, a freeze spell was immediately released at the giant rat. Cheng Yang’s casting time was a second long. While he was casting the spell, the rat managed to shorten the original 20 meters distance to 10 meters.

Fortunately, the freeze spell didn’t have a probability for success, so this giant rat was instantly frozen in place.

Cheng Yang didn’t dare have the slightest amount of slack, immediately he turned and ran towards the outside. At the same time, an ice puck was shot backward, hitting the giant rat’s forehead.

However, after releasing the ice puck, Cheng Yang ran only ten meters before the body surface of the giant rat started melting. Once again, it began chasing Cheng Yang.

In other words, the freeze spell he released only played an effect for one second, which was a full half of its original effect duration. Cheng Yang concluded that this monster was likely to be a first-peak order giant rat with some special skills or talent that could weaken his control skills.

It wasn’t like Cheng Yang hadn’t killed a first peak-order enchanted beast before, but that was done in the Scarlet Church instance. Moreover, he did it while staying at the top of the treetop without fear of being attacked by the other side. But at the time he was in a narrow cavern, let alone being in a favorable terrain, on the contrary it made him at a disadvantage.

In a blink of an eye, the ice puck hit the giant rat. However, the huge brunt impact didn’t influence the giant rat one bit. After the ice puck shattered apart, a lot of ice debris scattered all over the floor, the slow effect also failed to trigger.

At this point, the giant rat was only 20 meters away from Cheng Yang. While running, Cheng Yang quickly shot off another ice puck.

Cheng Yang made rapid calculations inside of his head, this giant rat’s magic defense should be around 8 points, which meant each of his attack would only cause over 30 points of damage. With this monster first peak-order strength, its health should be around 240 points. So if he wanted to kill the other side, then he needed to at least hit it more than seven times.

And now he only released two rounds of attack, and the other side has close to a distance of 10 meters. Before the monster overtook him, he still had one more opportunity to attack.

What to do with the remaining rounds of attack? Based on the monster first peak-order strength, it only needed to attack three times to kill him. So as long as he took a bottle of health potion, he’d surely have the opportunity to kill the other side first.

Killing this first peak-order giant rat didn’t seem to be too much of a problem, but it was just a single monster. Who knew how many peak-order giant rats were in this cavern?

If he couldn’t get a certain amount of power value stones, then his action could even be deemed as a loss. Was killing a first peak-order giant rat any good? Wasn’t it worth only 8 points of power value?

Currently, Cheng Yang didn’t have time to think about these things. He could only take it one step at a time.

He immediately released another ice puck, hitting the giant rat’s chest. Once again, it uttered a miserable cries.

Cheng Yang’s good luck came to end at this time, as the giant rat launched its claw directly at Cheng Yang’s head. Cheng Yang tilted his body to dodge, making the huge claws veer off target, and landed on his shoulder. Suddenly, he was sent flying out.

“Its strength was truly huge!” Cheng Yang gloomily muttered. Once both of his feets landed on the ground, he instantly shot off an ice puck.

The giant rat had just retracted its huge claw, and was ready to charge again when it suddenly got hit by Cheng Yang’s Yang ice puck. Mood of intense anger instantly welled up in its chest, causing it to unleashed maddening roars to the heaven. While roaring, it charged straight toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang reckoned that attack should be aimed at his forehead, right? Although Cheng Yang knew that with the current strength of enchanted beast, their attacks shouldn’t come with a special effect, but he didn’t dare take the risk. By virtue of his more than a year of combat experience, he nimbly evaded the fatal location, but the right side of his body was still hit by the giant’s rat head.

Like a trapeze artist he was once again thrown into the air, ejecting outward for seven to eight meters before impacting against the wall with a loud bang. A piercing pain permeated his entire body. It appeared that this first peak-order enchanted beast was really not something to be trifled with.

A mouthful of blood ejected from Cheng Yang’s mouth. The scene looked really horrible, but Cheng Yang’s injury was only 30 points.

Currently, Cheng Yang’s health was only at 20 points. In the event that he suffered another attack, perhaps he might have to go meet with King Yama. As for the possibility of getting another chance at rebirth, the thought had never crossed Cheng Yang’s mind.  

“Shit! Here we go again……” Cheng Yang barely had any breathing room. He could see the giant rat rushing at him. Cheng Yang knew that escaping had no meaning, and immediately shot an ice puck.

At the same time, Cheng Yang held a bottle of health potion in one hand, and rapidly poured it into his mouth.

The giant rat accelerated its speed. He saw a streak of blur fast approaching close to him. And at this moment, Cheng Yang’s health potion has yet to make its way down his belly……

Cheng Yang’s mind was in constant worried. The ice puck hit the middle of the giant rat’s forehead. Immediately, he saw the ice puck shattered into pieces, and covered the surface of the giant’s rat body, causing its speed to be instantly reduced.

Looking at this situation, how could Cheng Yang not understand that the slowing effect of the ice puck was triggered at this time? Containing his feeling of ecstasy at this situation, he quickly ran out of the giant rat’s attack range. Shortly afterward, the health potion displayed its effect, returning Cheng Yang’s life back to full health.

A wisp of a happy smile emerged on Cheng Yang’s face. He immediate shot off another ice puck while the giant rat hadn’t recovered from the slowing effect, which didn’t give it the chance to avoid, and it was directly hit.  

“Squeak… squeak…!” The shrill screams expressing the anger and uneasiness of the giant rat could be heard resounding throughout the cavern.

Experiencing trials of hardship in his past life, Cheng Yang wasn’t the kind to be soft-hearted. Also, there was no need to be soft-hearted to these enchanted beast. Cheng Yang once again shot an ice puck, causing the first peak-order giant rat to suddenly be overturned on the ground. Its eyes began to slow but unwilling close.

After the battle was over, a faint chill tingled down Cheng Yang’s spine. If it weren’t for the ice puck’s slow effect triggering at the final moment, perhaps he really would’ve died.  

Ever since his rebirth, Cheng Yang had always felt a sense of superiority. He felt that in this world, no one was better at understanding the world’s rules than him. At the same time, more aware of what would occur in the year following the apocalypse.  

But this experience no doubt dealt him a blow to the head. News, information, and so on were indeed very important, but if his life were gone, these things would no longer have any value. And the thing that could end his little life were most likely these enchanted beasts.

In his previous life, the enchanted beasts he killed numbered in tens of thousands, but the strongest amongst them was merely a first late-order, which wasn’t comparable to the monster in front. As a result of his lack of experience, he wasn’t able to fully grasp the fighting habits of such a first peak-order giant rat. Also, it was his mistake underestimating the sudden bursts of the giant rat, which brought forth to the crisis at that time.

Later on, it seemed he had to attach more importance to these enchanted beasts, otherwise on a certain day he might suffer a defeat.  

Cheng Yang calmed his mood. Then, he turned to the giant rat’s dead corpse.

Looking at the size of this monster, Cheng Yang couldn’t help but be slightly depressed. If he had possessed a skinning skill, wouldn’t this giant rat be able to provide him with excellent rat’s leather? From the skins of a first peak-order enchanted beast, the equipment made should be able to reach the iron-grade.

Cheng Yang took one last look at the giant rat’s body, and then turned around and went deeper into the hole.

This time, Cheng Yang would be a lot more cautious. A moment ago, if it weren’t for the sudden discovery of those blue ore, causing his frame of mind to be stirred up, maybe he would’ve found the presence of the first peak-order enchanted beast at an earlier time.

Cheng Yang slowly groped his way forward, and quickly returned to the location where he encountered the first peak-order giant rat. Looking at the light blue ores in front, Cheng Yang felt that he must find a method to secure one.  

After clarifying what the hell this object was, then he could decide whether to take the risk forward.

Cheng Yang properly tightened his clothes, and then gently walked forward. After a minute, he crossed less than 20 meters forward.

In fact, Cheng Yang also knew that this approach was very risky. Although he had just killed a first peak-order giant rat a moment ago, but what if all of a sudden two popped out? He might be sent a quick tragic death.

Finally, Cheng Yang arrived within breathing distance of a light blue ore. He slowly bent over to pick it up.

This world hadn’t exist an object that required identification that Cheng Yang was aware of. Anyway, in his previous experience, he didn’t find any items that needed identifying. Of course, to some extent, his previous apocalypse’s experience was equivalent to him mixing in the novice area. The knowledge he knew barely scratched the surface of the entire world.

At present, the light blue ore held in Cheng Yang’s hands also didn’t need identification. He immediately got the object’s properties.

Power Value Stone (Level 2): Contains 1,000 power values in the stone. Can be absorbed by profession or be sacrificed to the territory, then increase the corresponding number of power value. Mining conditions: Have a level 7 mining skill.

Sure enough. It’s a higher level power value stone. Cheng Yang couldn’t express how pleasantly surprised he was right now. Moreover, this level 2 power value stone contained power value 100 times of a level 1 ore. Just recalling it made Cheng Yang very excited.

If level 2 power value stones were like this, then what about a level 3? Could it be 100,000 power values?

If he were hesitant whether to continue exploring before, then now he no longer had any hesitation. Within the range of his eyesight, he saw three level 2 power value stones.  

So long as he could get these three power value stones into his hands, he can definitely upgrade the field station one day in advance. What was more, in this inner cavern, there were a lot of level 1 power value stones. For the level 2 power value stones, Cheng Yang intended to bring back to sacrifice to the territory, and used the level 1 power value stones for his own absorption.



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