Doom Lord Chapter 72

Doom Lord

Chapter 72- Power Value Stones

Perhaps, God had decided to fulfill Cheng Yang’s request. After Cheng Yang shot out the final ice puck, another huge rat could be seen drilling out of the cavern.

At this time, Cheng Yang stopped being collected. A moment ago, when he said ‘poke a rat’s nest’, that was nothing more than a bad pun. If there really were a large group of first late-order rat, then he’d definitely want to distance himself as far away from here as he could. Although he considered himself a very powerful profession, but in the face of a monster siege fulled of first late-order, he’d no doubt be overwhelmed.

Cheng Yang attacked the rat’s head, and then began retreating backward. After two attacks, Cheng Yang discovered another rat coming out of the cavern, and it seemed at the same time this monster also noticed Cheng Yang, as it started to rush its way over.

Witnessing this scene, a thought suddenly popped up in Cheng Yang’s head. The treasures he’s looking for shouldn’t be associated with these rat, right? If that were the case, his idea to escape didn’t seem to make any sense.

Cheng Yang once again released two ice pucks, killing the rat in front. Afterward, he turned around to see if there were any good hiding place.

The terrain here was very advantages to Cheng Yang. Everywhere was full of caves, so he only needed to select one that was stable.

He had yet to find a suitable cavern, when he noticed the rat chasing him unexpectedly turned around and ran back. It was just in time to meet another rat coming out of the cavern. Both enormous rats stopped at the entrance of the cavern, and unexpectedly chose to defend it.

“Sure enough, there’s something fishy going on.” Cheng Yang muttered. Maybe the reason these rats were adamant in defending the cavern behind them, apart from the cavern being their nest, perhaps there might be some other reasons.

Cheng Yang’s mind received a shock. He stopped searching for a cavern, and once again approached the cavern.

As the distance between Cheng Yang and the two rats gradually narrowed, the two rats issued an ear-piercing scream. In less than a few seconds, from inside the cavern once again came an echo of movements, followed by two rats coming out from the inside.

These monsters were without exception all first-late order. With the three rats Cheng Yang already killed, plus the four monsters in front, he was afraid that it was enough to wipe out the current main city.

Cheng Yang slowly approached them. He wanted to test out how far the hatred of these monsters really was.

80 m……

60 m……

50 m……

The rat’s cries became more and more sharp. The ear-piercing sound caused Cheng Yang to feel flustered.  

However, Cheng Yang remained unmoved, as he continued slowly forward. When he moved another 10 meters forward, the four rats couldn’t bear it any more. Using their hind legs to propel themselves, they pounced toward Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang had long been prepared. When these rats rushed forward 10 meters, the Spirit Bone Staff in his hand out of nowhere appeared an ice puck at the tip. It flew straight to a rat in middle.  

“Bam……” A crisp sound was heard, followed by the screaming of the rat at the other end. His luck seemed to be good, the slowing effect was triggered, causing the rat to fall behind from the rest.

The remaining three rats were unaffected by the scream of its companion, as they continued to charge forward. Cheng Yang didn’t want the battle to drag on for too long, so immediately he used Freeze, causing a rat to be frozen on the spot. Then, he slowly retreated while attacking the remaining two rats.

Cheng Yang’s retreating speed was only about half of the rat’s speed. When they were about to catch up to him, one of the rat had lost its life. The last rat seeing an opportunity opened, abruptly accelerated its attack on Cheng Yang.

At this point, Cheng Yang was too late to avoid. The explosiveness of this type of enchanted beast was unparalleled. Once their instant outbreak of speed was triggered, it was enough to completely erase Cheng Yang’s speed advantages.  

“Bang……!” The rat rammed straight into Cheng Yang’s chest. Such an immense frontal impact immediately caused Cheng Yang to be unsteady, making him rapidly stagger backward. At the same time, his health was instantly reduced by 14 points.

Although the pain in his chest made Cheng Yang feel very uncomfortable, but such an experience was a normal occurrence for him.

Separating himself from the entanglement with the rat, Cheng Yang immediately ran toward a stone pillar on the left, while shooting an ice puck……

Meanwhile, the other two rats recovered from the effects of Cheng Yang’s skills at this time, and began to quickly catch up to them.

Cheng Yang didn’t dare take any risk right now. So left with no better option, following the elimination of the rat that did a frontal charge on him, he withdraw 100 meters away. At this time, the remaining two rats unexpected once again regardless of Cheng Yang’s presence ran back to the cavern.

“I knew you would be like this.” Cheng Yang sneered, and began to meditate to recover. After his mana value was fully recovered, he swept forward and provoked the rats.

This time, the remaining two rats didn’t call for their companion, or maybe they had no other companion.

Cheng Yang easily resolved his two opponents, but then there was another matter that was troubling him, how come there was no monster coming out of the cave? Could it be that he needed to go inside of the cave?

Cheng Yang took a deep look at this dark cavern, and finally mustered up the courage to step inside.

For the first few meters of the cavern, the light outside could reflect onto the surface of the ground. However, as he continued to go deeper inside, only by touching the wall could he continue forward.  

Cheng Yang’s heart slowly grew more solemn. If it were in a bright environment, he wouldn’t even fear facing seven to eight giant rats. But in this dark environment, with the rat’s night vision capabilities, in addition to him passively taking a beating, even the ability to fight back was lacking.  

But things had already come to this point, and withdrawing wasn’t Cheng Yang’s nature. Besides, he had with him a couple of bottles of health potion. Even if there were giant rats ahead, he would still have the ability resist the other side’s attacks and rush out.

After walking for nearly a minute, Cheng Yang suddenly felt something shine on him. Looking ahead, he saw a faint fluorescent light on the cavern’s walls, extending throughout the areas.

“This is……” Cheng Yang stared vacantly at the scene in front of him.

After discovering no enchanted beast ahead, Cheng Yang quickly rushed forward. When he saw the objects on the wall, the look of astonishment on his face couldn’t be expressed with words.

“How can it be this thing? How can there be so much?” In Cheng Yang’s eyes, apart from being pleasantly surprised, there was a trace of unwilling.

These glowing objects were called power value stone. As the name implies, these power value stones was a type of ore that contained power value. As for how much power value each power value stone contained, it depended on the level of the power value stone.

In his previous life, Cheng Yang once saw in the “Forum” someone got this thing. At that time, there were pictures released, which looked exactly the same as the ore in front of him.

But that person only obtained a few power value stones, moreover they were all level 1 ores. Each level 1 power value stone contained only 10 points of power value in them. Although the amount of power value wasn’t much, but it also pointed out another road for humans to acquire power value.

Until the arrival of Cheng Yang’s death, humans still hadn’t found a single quarry that could produce the tiniest amount of power value stone.

It was currently more than 10 days after Cheng Yang’s rebirth, and the apocalypse was only on its tenth day, but there was already a mine that produced power value stone in front of his eyes. How could he not be excited by this? Although this made him very excited, but at the same time Cheng Yang felt tangled, because at the time he had no method of getting these power value stones.

Let alone him having no mining skill, the random gate by itself was enough to deter him from having any greedy thought.  

Before his eyes was merely a level 1 power value quarry. Even if he had a level 1 mining skill, in just four to five hours how much power value stones could he collect? If he wanted to absorb the power value from the power value stones, he had to extract the ores from the mine. This was the rules of the game, and Cheng Yang didn’t have the ability to violate it.

While he was pondering on what to do next, Cheng Yang’s expression suddenly changed. He discovered a few shining objects on the ground in front of him, and quickly ran over to pick it up to take a look. He discovered they were power value stones.

Cheng Yang immediately understood. These power value stones should be the benefits for entering the random gate that those with capabilities could obtain. The only problem was in the end how much one could obtain. If the amount were too small, Cheng Yang might not be particularly interested.

At once, Cheng Yang held onto a power value stone, and by using his mind, the power value in the ore was extracted into Cheng Yang’s account, increasing it by 10 points. In an instant, the power value stone in his hand turned into a pile of dust.  

The method for using the power value stones was known in the previous apocalypse, but he never got the chance to personally use it. Now being able to smoothly extract the power value, he felt quite a sense of accomplishment.

Cheng Yang roughly estimated the ores on the ground, his eyes confirmed no fewer than 20 pieces of ore, which is worth 200 power values.

Cheng Yang without hesitation quickly rushed over and picked these power value stones up one by one, and then extracted the power value out from the inside.

As Cheng Yang gradually went deeper into the interior, he found along the way more power value stones scattered on the road.

Regarding this, Cheng Yang guessed that either God deliberately left some power value stones behind when transforming the world, or when transferring the mine out of thin-air to the location, some unexpected changes occurred, which caused some power value stones to be scattered on the ground.

Whichever possibility it might be Cheng Yang wasn’t sure, but for him, getting power value was a good thing. He had long been looking forward to his power value amount exceeding 100,000, so that he could open up eight times cultivation speed.

Moreover, the function of power value stones wasn’t used only for professions increasing their power value. It could also be used as an offering to sacrifice to the territory, in order to increase territory power value.

If it weren’t for the fact that each power value stone was the size of a fist, he would’ve packaged all of these ores into his backpack, and used them to increase the territory power value.  

After advancing 100 meters, Cheng obtained more than 100 power value stones, which also increase his power value by 1,000 points.  

Right at this time, while Cheng Yang was lamenting over the operation not being a loss, he discovered that the power value stones on the walls suddenly changed. The originally pure white jade-like ores has now emerged a few light blue stones, and the texture was smoother and rounded.  

Cheng Yang’s expression lighted up. When he saw these power value stones, he immediately thought that it might be a higher level power value stone.



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