Doom Lord Chapter 71

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Doom Lord

Chapter 71- Stone Forest

“No, your talent is good. If something unexpected happen, it would be a great loss to the territory. “Cheng Yang said.

Zhao Chuan had something he want to say, but was stopped by the motion of Cheng Yang’s hand. Zhao Chuan let out a sigh, he then turned and walked away.

After a long time has passed, Zhao Chuan returned, but this time he wasn’t alone. He was followed by a 24-25 years old young man. Cheng Yang didn’t know this man, he should had just transferred after Zhao Chuan became captain. [TLN: In case you forgot, Cheng Yang was one of the captain of the brigade before handing it over to Zhao Chuan.]

Standing before Cheng Yang, Zhao Chuan said: “Lord, his name is Wang Cheng. He is willing to assist Lord with the task.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “Do you know the risk involved with this mission? ”

Wang Cheng bluntly stated: “I know, at the worst I’ll die. This damn apocalypse, in the end who knows which day they would end up dying? Anyway since that might happen to me, I would prefer if my death be at least of some value. Lord, I only hope that after I die that you take good care of my family. I don’t expect them to become profession. It’s fine as long as they can have a peaceful and steady life.”

Cheng Yang was deeply moved. People with this kind of mindset in the apocalypse is indeed only a minority. Although there are plenty of people in this world struggling at the edge of life and death, but how many of them are capable of confronting it head-on?

“Rest assured, whether or not you are able to smoothly return, you will receive the proper reward. “Cheng Yang said.

Zhao Chuan once again said: “Lord, in the end what is this matter? If the risk is too high…… “

Cheng Yang know that Zhao Chuan wanted to persuade him,so immediately he said: “Don’t mention it, I have a sense of proportion. I also control the entire Luo Feng village as well as the fate of tens of thousands of villagers in my hands, so I don’t want to die anytime soon.”

Hearing that, Zhao Chuan knows he is incapable of persuading him.

After Zhao Chuan is send away, he immediately set off with Wang Cheng.

Ten minutes later, Cheng Yang and Wang Cheng arrived next to the random gate.

Wang Cheng had a puzzled look on his face. Cheng Yang began explaining the function of the random gate to the other side, and then said: “Wang Cheng, after you are transmitted over, in the event that you aren’t immediately attacked, find a place to hide and don’t move. Wait for me to get there, then I’ll arrange the next step.”

Wang Cheng nodded, the look in his eyes became firm, he said, “Don’t worry, Lord. Although I’m not afraid of dying, but it’s best to have a natural death. ”

Having said that, Wang Cheng then raised the iron sword in his hand, and step into the portal.

After Wang Cheng disappeared into the portal, Cheng Yang without hesitation, immediately turned and ran down toward Luo Feng village.

A few minutes later, Cheng Yang rushed inside the village and came before the warrior’s statue. He opened up the warrior’s statue properties panel, and found the transfer’s quota inside is at full capacity, making him instantly relieved.

Wang Cheng’s profession is warrior. If he was killed after being transmitted over, then the warrior’s transfer quota would be vacated a spot.

This is the method Cheng Yang came up with, it’s also the only way to test the safety of the random gate. Of course, this approach also has some risks, but rather than being directly transmitted over, it’s no doubt much safer.

Cheng Yang once again rushed to the location of the random gate. Along the way, people can only see a faint afterimage.

As he stood in front of the random gate, Cheng Yang took a deep breath before stepping inside.

This is the first time Cheng Yang is transmitted through a random gate. This feeling of weightlessness makes him feel like he is falling from a great height. Fortunately, this feeling is very short. When he recovered his senses, he found himself standing in a bare stone forest.

“This isn’t Yunnan province, right? “Cheng Yang mumbled. In the country, the most famous stone forest is in Yunnan province.

But now he can’t be sure, after the earthquake that started the apocalypse happened, who knows how many stone forest god ended up creating?

Suddenly, a head popped out from a stone not too far away, and waved at Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang swept a look at the stone, and saw the person poking his head out is Wang Cheng who he first sent over.

When Cheng Yang ran over, and saw Wang Cheng’s hiding place, he couldn’t help but chuckle: “Ha Ha,you did pretty well finding this place. This place can allow a person to stay hidden for ten days to half a month without fear of being discovered by a monster. ”

Wang Cheng broadly grinned and said: “Lord, it seems my luck is quite good, otherwise how else could I be safe and sound in such a high-risk task. What do I need to do next? ”

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “Your task has been completed. Now all you have to do is hide here until the end of the transmission time. Once it’s up, we’ll automatically return to the territory. ”

During the transmission, Cheng Yang and Wang Cheng had been prompted the transmission time. It tells them that the random gate’s duration is seven hours. According to Cheng Yang’s calculation, the portal should have been in place for two hours before it was discovered. That means in another five hours the random gate will disappear. Not only that, below their properties panel is a countdown, which now displayed 5:03:42.

Wang Cheng hesitated for a moment, but in the end kept his mouth shut. He is well aware of his own strength. The battle ahead, it would be impossible for him to assist the Lord. Rather than holding the Lord back, hiding here would at least not constraint the hands and feets of the Lord.   

“Wang Cheng, do you know where this place is? “Cheng Yang surveyed the surrounding, and casually said.

Wang Cheng said: “Where the specific locations is I don’t know, but there’s one thing I am sure of, that is we have definitely gone abroad. ”

“Oh, really? “Cheng Yang was momentarily surprised:” Why? ” ”

Wang Cheng said: “It’s simple. Lord, you can tell from the sun. Where our Luo Feng village is at the sun is set, but here the sun is up in the sky. ”

Cheng Yang suddenly awakened. Apparently, his observation isn’t attentive enough.

“Alright, you go hide first. I’m ready to set off. “Cheng Yang said.

Wang Cheng immediately said: “Lord, you must pay attention to safety. ”

Wang Cheng is saying this from his heart, after all, whether the people of Luo Feng village can  continue surviving in the apocalypse, to a large extent depends on Cheng Yang being alive. If Cheng Yang has an accident, whether Luo Feng village can keep this kind of rapid growth it has now, no one can say for sure.  

Cheng Yang nodded. After Wang Cheng went into hiding, he chose a direction to move forward.

Walked less than ten steps, when all of a sudden Cheng Yang felt a sense of panic in his heart, as if something bad was about to happen. He quickly looked around, but nothing was discovered.

Cheng Yang didn’t take any chances, and choose to walked along a secluded path. Not more than a few seconds later, suddenly there came a sharp whistling sound in the air. When he looked up, he found a massive silhouette passing by from the air.

“F**k! What is this monster? “Cheng Yang’s mood was filled with fear. Even when confronted with his death, he wasn’t this frightened.

This silhouette is truly huge. Although the other side is still more than tens of thousands of meters from the ground, but it still gave people a great deal of pressure. This guy looks a little like the western dragon in the mythology world. It’s several hundreds of feet long figure was sufficient to cause any aircraft before the apocalypse feel inferior.

Is it a enchanted beast or alienation beast? Cheng Yang don’t know, but it’s reasonable to say that even if it’s an alienation beast with high strength, nor should it have such a degree of change. If it’s an enchanted beast, with it approaching the end of the tenth day of the apocalypse, will there be such a powerful enchanted beast? Isn’t this just asking for humanity to be wiped out?

Although Cheng Yang isn’t aware of the strength level of the jumbo silhouette in the sky, but it’s definitely not as simple as a second or third order enchanted beast. It might possibly be a fifth or sixth and so. Of course, it’s on the premise that these levels exist.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang thought of a possibility. Perhaps when god remodeled this world, like in the game, the Earth was divided into numerous regions. In the vicinity of the main city belongs to low-level monster group, while the area he is at now belonged to high-level monster.

After letting his imagination run loose, Cheng Yang still didn’t get an answer. At this time, the giant flying beast in the air has let his line of sight.

Cheng Yang wiped the cold sweat off his forehead that emerged unexpectedly without notice. He gave a wry smile, and then continue to explore forward.

Now he has become more cautious, because he was worried that he might’ve indeed be in a high-level monster region.

There’s also another matter that is giving Cheng Yang a hard time, in the end where exactly is this treasure or opportunity? Although Cheng Yang had already experienced the apocalypse, but the random gate isn’t based on any pattern, because the location of its transmission isn’t fixed. Let alone Cheng Yang’s one year experience in apocalypse, even if you give him 100 years, nor will he fully understand his current situation.

After Cheng Yang noted the transmission’s central point, he did a circular exploration outward. This stone forest is indeed a troublesome terrain. It’s easy for people to get lost inside of it. However, Cheng Yang wasn’t worry about getting lost, otherwise he wouldn’t freely roam around like this.

Suddenly, a leopard-sized rat sprang out from a cavern in front. Regarding the size of this huge animal, Cheng Yang was surprised, not to mention this rat isn’t strange to him.

Cheng Yang immediately rushed forward to confront the rat. With his staff waved, an ice puck instantly shot out, accurately hitting the rat’s chest.  

After the rat has eaten this attack, it wasn’t yet kill, instead it rushed moved forward with its mouth making loud squeaking noise toward Cheng Yang.

This rat isn’t a first early-order monster, but has reached the existence of a first late-order. If the equipment wasn’t included, its strength would be equal to that of Cheng Yang.  

Cheng Yang is a remote profession, and coupled with his speed being faster than enchanted beast of the same order, this rat is doomed to a fate of tragedy.

After two ice pucks, this rat fell to the ground. Cheng Yang also received 4 power values.

Cheng Yang had just heaved a sigh of relief when all of a sudden he saw another rat drilled out from the cavern.

“F**k, did I just poke a rat’s nest? “Cheng Yang cursed inwardly, as he waved his magic staff to kill this rat.

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