Doom Lord Chapter 70

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Doom Lord

Chapter 70- Random Gate

As the group approached the vicinity of the profession statues, they saw Niu Bing coming from afar. From the look on his face, he seems to have come across a troubling matter.

“Niu Bing, what’s going on? “Cheng Yang asked.

Niu Bing bitterly said: “Lord, our team got a causality. ”

“Cheng Yang slightly frowned: “Oh, really? What’s going on? Didn’t I tell you not to go into areas that hasn’t been explored yet?

Niu Bing said: “We didn’t go to the perimeter, and the place where we were at had already been swept. But just after the god’s world transformation ended, at a spot emerged two first medium-order enchanted beasts at the same time. They simultaneously attack the same person. We hardly have any time to save him. In the end that profession was killed.  ”

This startled Cheng Yang. Such a matter is extremely rare, therefore Cheng Yang didn’t mentioned it before.

Following the transformation, while it’s possible to directly respawn first medium-order enchanted beasts, but the probability is extremely low. In Luo Feng village’s surrounding, having a single first-medium order enchanted beast spawned every day is already pretty good, let alone spawning two in the same place at the same time.

This is a small probability event which just so happened to occurred while they were at that particular location!

If it’s someone else, perhaps they may overlooked such a matter. However, as someone who experienced another lifetime, Cheng Yang knows that this isn’t as simple as it look. In the previous apocalypse, someone specializes in statistics discovered that when enchanted beast has an abnormal spawn rate at a certain place, then that mean there must be something special there.

Whether or not that special stuff can be found, you must look at the individual’s abilities and luck.

Cheng Yang immediately asked: “Where is that place? ”

Niu Bing wasn’t clear why Cheng Yang was concerned about this matter, but still he answered: “The place is about two kilometers to the southeast of the south gate, where there is a small hill. It’s quite noticeable. ”

Cheng Yang is very familiar with the terrain around Luo Feng village. After listening to Niu Bing, he immediately thought of the location.

“Old Niu, make arrangements for them. I will go out first. “Cheng Yang quickly said.

Niu Bing noted the several people standing next to Cheng Yang. When he saw Liu Xiyue, he was immediately surprised: “Lord, you really rescue the school beauty back? ”

“I was lucky. She just happened to be in Xiangcheng city’s main city. “Cheng Yang casually said, then he turned and walked away.

Liu Xiyue also know Niu Bing. She is a good friend of Pang Shan. Although Pang Shan and Niu Bing hasn’t been together for long, but they had met face to face. Just now the reason why she didn’t greet Niu Bing was because Cheng Yang is still here.

After Cheng Yang left, Liu Xiyue could no longer contained her doubts, she asked: “Niu Bing, why are you here? Also Pang Shan, where is she now? ”

Niu Bing didn’t immediately answer her question, he turned to Ma Tao and said: “Your name is Ma Tao, right? Are these your family? ”

Ma Tao immediately nodded and said: “Yes, captain Niu. ”

Although Ma Tao isn’t a profession of Niu Bing’s brigade, but being a profession of Luo Feng village, they are very familiar with the captain of the five profession brigades.

Niu Bing immediately said: “Alright, first go find a place for your family, after that return to your unit. As for your family’s transfer, I think that Lord will consider. ”

Ma Tao was pleasantly surprised: “Thank you, captain Niu. ”

Having said that, Ma Tao took his family and quickly left.

Niu Bing then turned to Liu Xiyue: “Liu beauty, welcome to Luo Feng village. Pang Shan is in the alchemy room buying potion right now. She will be coming over soon. ”

Liu Xiyue glanced away from Ma Tao walking in the distance, looking at Niu Bing with a look of shock on her face, she asked: “Niu Bing, you are actually a captain here? For what brigade? ”

Niu Bing had nothing to hide, he smiled and said: “The profession brigade. Our territory have a total of five profession brigades, and I am one of the captain.”

Liu Xiyue became even more surprised, after all, before the apocalypse happened, Niu Bing was just an ordinary college student that couldn’t be any more ordinary. But after the apocalypse, in a flash he became a captain of a profession brigade, while a proud woman like she was still just an ordinary person.  

This gap is indeed too big.

Niu Bing saw the doubts on Liu Xiyue’s face, he smiled and said: “It’s not as complicated as you think, I was made captain simply because the Lord of Luo Feng village is my friend. He goes to the same school as us and share the same dorm room with me. ”

Liu Xiyue widened her eyes, she said: “Did you just say the Lord that brought us here is our fellow student?…… “

“Isn’t it amazing? “Niu Bing loudly laughed:” Initially, I also find it incredible. But now the apocalypse is here, what can’t be inconceivable? ”

Liu Xiyue revealed a faint wry smile and said: “That’s true. ”

Niu Bing said: “Okay, let’s not talk about these things. In the future, you will enjoy your life in Luo Feng village. Although here doesn’t necessarily make you as comfortable as before the apocalypse, but it’s definitely better than Xiangcheng city. ”

After that, Niu Bing began greeting Zhou Jie and Wang Lu. Niu Bing isn’t familiar with the two of them, and he don’t understand why Cheng Yang brought them back from Xiangcheng city.  

But since it’s Cheng Yang who arranged for him to entertain these people, he will certainly it well…..

After Cheng Yang departed Luo Feng village, the sky was starting to turned dark, but Cheng Yang didn’t care. He is by himself, and it only takes a few minutes to reach the destination.

When Cheng Yang came to the small hill Niu Bing described, he didn’t see anything strange. Besides the occasional enchanted beast spawning out, the forest is without the slightest change.

However, Cheng Yang didn’t choose to easily give up. If such abnormal incidents can be so easily discovered, then it wouldn’t reflect its value.

Since after the god’s world transformation, most items will have a certain amount of energy. Moreover, the more precious the item is, the more intense the energy fluctuation would be.

At once, Cheng Yang focus his senses on the plants and trees, and began to carefully screened them … …

10 minutes later, Cheng Yang will have more than half of the hill’s surrounding searched, but still nothing was found.

He felt like he missed a once in a lifetime opportunity. After all, such abnormal incidents, if the time is miss, it’s likely to completely disappear. With a mood of unwilling, Cheng Yang continued proceeding forward. A few minutes later, suddenly a obscure fluctuations of energy came not far in front of him.

Cheng Yang quickly rushed forward, and clawed aside the deep thicket of grasses. He discovered in front of him is unexpectedly a dark gray light screen, which in certain interval would sent icy waves of energy, making anyone it passed through feel a slight chill in one’s heart.  

“How could it be this thing? “Cheng Yang’s face suddenly changed.

This kind of dark gray light screen and the instance portal has the same purpose. It’s just that the instance portal is permanently fixed, while this dark gray light screen is called a random gate. It means anyone that enter into a random gate must resigned themselves to heaven’s will.  

However, the location of each random gate is fixed. If a team go inside, then they will be transmitted to the same location.

Moreover, any random gate’s transmission has a valid time limit. If the transmission time of a random gate is five hours, then after being transmitted inside, they will have five hours before being sent back.

This setting seems to have the same purpose as the instance, but in fact that’s not the case. After all, the space inside of an instance is limited. However, once a person entered a random gate, they would be transmitted to an environment that is as big as Earth. As long as your strength is strong enough, you can explore an unlimited amount of region.

For almost all professions, they are more willing to enter an instance for adventure, rather than entering a random gate. Rather than say it’s hard to obtain a good harvest inside the random gate, on the contrary, it’s the opposite. Although any transmission through a random gate is  stochastic, but this stochastic also has a specific range. As long as you go through the random gate, there will be some type of treasure or opportunity at the location.

And correspondingly, the greater the opportunities the greater the risk. This is the rule established in all region. If you want to get the treasure, it must depends on your ability.

Cheng Yang is now feeling very conflicted. Should he enter through this random door? If by any chance on opposite side is a powerful peak-oder enchanted beast, or alienation beast, would he even have the ability to resist, or would he be directly spiked?

After all, any transmission through the random door can’t return until after the time limit is up. If he encountered a strong monster, he will die.

As for giving up the random gate, Cheng Yang is somewhat reluctant. In his previous life, there were only nine known random gates, of which only from three has some harvests been obtained. For the remaining six, people in four of the random gate were wiped out, while the people in the other two safely returned, but nothing was obtained.

The reason why these two teams came up empty-handed isn’t because the place they were transmitted to didn’t have any treasure, but because they didn’t have the strength to get the treasure.

This is the data for the entire world. From this it can be seen how sparse a random gate is.

“Spell it! What’s there to be afraid of? I already died once already, why be afraid to take this risk? “Cheng Yang mumbled.

Immediately, Cheng Yang turned and ran to Luo Feng village. He first went to the alchemy room and brought 40 bottles of mana potions. He placed half of them in his backpack, while the remaining in his bosom.

Then, Cheng Yang tell someone to called Zhao Chuan to his room. He needed Zhao Chuan’s help with something.

Since Cheng Yang rescued Zhao Chuan from Huimin town’s ruins, Zhao Chuan has been forever grateful to him. And now that Cheng Yang has made him the fifth profession brigade’s captain, it let him give birth to strong feeling of friendship with Cheng Yang.

For this, Cheng Yang can feel, therefore giving this matter to him to deal with is more appropriate.

“Lord, do you need me for something? “Zhao Chuan came to Cheng Yang’s room, and respectfully asked.

Cheng Yang said: “Zhao Chuan, go find me a profession, and have him accompany me to accomplish a task. After it’s completed I will give him a rich reward. You must make it clear to the other side that this task will be life-threatening. It has to be voluntary, and not forced. ”

Zhao Chuan didn’t think twice, he immediately said: “Lord, how about letting me go? ”


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