Doom Lord Chapter 7

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Doom Lord

Chapter 7- Talent Change

At this time, in the center of Xiangcheng city’s ruins a screen appeared with a three-kilometer radius.

While the screen was expanding outward, everyone who saw it was scared to turn around and start running, because they didn’t know what the consequences would be from touching it. Some people who ran a little slower than the rest were hit by the light curtain and catapulted outwards, forcing them to continue to flee forward.

What these people don’t know is that in the middle of the ruins would gradually appear four, dozens of meters tall statues. The shape was identical to the four statues of Luo Feng village but the height was 10 times greater. Besides the four statues, there were also six antique buildings. What the six buildings roles were, exactly nobody knew. At least the people in Xiangcheng city didn’t know.

Cheng Yang was currently running at high speed.

Being with a girl forced them to reduce their speed a lot, after four minutes they only went forward more than 700 meters.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang’s face slightly changed. He felt a subtle energy in the air. This kind of volatility usually occurs whenever an enchanted beast is about to emerge.

Sure enough, as they continued to move more than 50 meters forward, a flash of light jumped in front of them and a grey wolf appeared. It let out a howl as it lunged toward Cheng Yang’s group.

Niu Bing was jumping out of his skin, the way this animal appeared was way too weird, and it’s a wolf! For most humans, this was considered a real predator.

“Magic Missile!“ Cheng Yang’s heart meditated, a white ball began to form light at the top of his staff, and then shot out at the grey wolf with the speed of a bullet.

This Grey Wolf was a low-order monster, the equivalent of low-order sorcerer’s apprentice. After getting hit by Cheng Yang’s Magic Missile it was immediately repelled back, its injuries weren’t light at all.

But this wolf was very vicious, after getting injured it didn’t choose to escape, but to once again wildly rush at them.

“That wolf didn’t die?“ Niu Bing, Pang Shan and the taxi driver were shocked, they thought that the monster would be instantly killed after getting hit by Cheng Yang’s attack, but it’s still alive and kicking!

Cheng Yang raised his wand and explained: “This Gray Wolf is an enchanted beast of the low-order, equivalent to the strength of a human low-order warrior apprentice. Their hit points are about 30, my Magic Missile can only cause 9 points of damage, so naturally it’s not a one hit kill.” Cheng Yang said while shooting off another Magic Missile.

The Gray Wolf hadn’t been able to run forward more than a few steps before it was beaten back once more.

Why do these words sound like they’re from a game? Niu Bing, Pang Shang and the taxi driver had calmed down a bit after the initial shock, but they still were unable to accept that such a monster actually exists.

The Gray Wolf released a pained howl and rushed again towards Cheng Yang. Cheng Yang quickly stepped back and sent another attack, making the wolf fly violently backwards.

After hitting the ground, the wolf died on the spot without the slightest breath left in its body.

Suddenly, a few fuzzy points of light flew out from the Gray Wolf’s body, entering into Cheng Yang’s body. These lights are power values. They can be absorbed in the village territory power value, and will also appear in the personal properties panel.

Power values don’t directly enhance people’s strength, but their usage is enormously important.

First of all, it can be used to make the practice speed even faster. With the usage of power value, the practice speed can be boosted to two times as fast, or to even higher levels. The speed increase depending on the total power value a person has to use.

Secondly, power value is needed for the occupation promotions, every promotion needs to consume a certain amount of power value, the higher the order it is the more it will consume.

Finally, power value is the main currency of the world now after the end. The six antique buildings in the city also use power value as their main currency. Since five of those buildings are the Tailor shop, Blacksmith shop, Woodworking shop, Carving room, and Alchemy room, If you want to buy something from there, then it has to be with power value.

The only bad thing is that they are more than a kilometer away from the station, and killing the enchanted beasts will not contribute any power value to the territory.

Cheng Yang wasn’t very worried for the time being, enchanted beasts have now just started appearing, so they haven’t formed any groups yet. One or two enchanted beasts don’t pose any threat to him.

They continue to move forward, and then slay a fox-like enchanted beast. Cheng Yang’s mana had been consumed by more than half, so for safety reasons, he could only stop to recover his mana.

Under normal circumstances, mana can be restored by one point every minute, while meditating can greatly accelerate the pace of recovery. While at Meditation level 1, almost every two seconds he could recover one point of mana. This is almost 30 times faster than if he recovered naturally. Of course, Cheng Yang’s mana can recover even more quickly in a meditative state. Every three seconds he can recover two mana; this is because his meditation technique has reached level 2.

After recovering his mana, they set out again. Luo Feng village station was only more than 800 meters away at the moment. Cheng Yang didn’t rush with the group towards the village. They ended up encountering three enchanted beasts coming out from the forest, with all of them being quickly killed by Cheng Yang.

Low-order enchanted creatures don’t pose any threat to Cheng Yang who is a mid-order sorcerer’s apprentice. If he hadn’t been concerned about Niu Bing security, he would have been able to make it back to the village in one breath.

Cheng Yang rushed to the station’s north gate, seeing that there were numerous enchanted beasts surrounding the wall. Fortunately at this time, the north gate of the entrance had no enchanted beasts near it.

Doors instantly opened the moment Cheng Yang came through with the group, relieving his tension. He didn’t hesitate before rushing out to rescue Niu Bing, but he also knew that it had been very risky. Although he is aware of the general situation after the end occurred, there still might be unknown variables. If they had run into a large group of enchanted beasts, he could rely on his speed to be able to escape, but for Niu Bing, it would have been very dangerous and almost near impossible for him to escape death.

Boss Lee ran down from the walls, standing next to Cheng Yang and immediately asked: “Little bro, since shortly after you left there have been more than 20 wild monsters to appear, all of them gathering around the station. It’s almost like they want to rush in. But first, what the hell is this place? And you said transfer……”

Cheng Yang raised a hand stopping him and said: “This is something I can’t explain currently, I can only say that it’s the end of the world and the whole world has become a game. If you want to live, you can only struggle to upgrade your strength, or you will die.”

“What shall we do?“ Boss Lee was at a loss for words. After Cheng Yang left earlier, he had become the leader. Others are still waiting for his orders! In order to survive, he managed to remain alert and calm everyone down. But now that Cheng Yang is back, he didn’t know what to do.

Boss Lee was a smart man. He noticed Cheng Yang seems to know a lot of things that others don’t know, but he didn’t become inquisitive, instead he stood by awaiting Cheng Yang’s decision.

Cheng Yang said: “Right now the most important thing to do is to transfer, but currently there isn’t enough power value, so the job change will have to wait for a bit.”

With that said, Cheng Yang quickly climbed onto the wall and started sending Magic Missiles onto the enchanted creatures below.

With Cheng Yang’s attack power, four Magic Missiles can snatched away an enchanted creature’s life. Each kill can give a little power value, but also some territory power value.

After killing six enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang’s individual power values reached 11, while Luo Feng village territory’s power values reached 10.

Cheng Yang stopped attacking the enchanted beasts and turned to Yu Kai, who stood watch: “Yu, come with me to go transfer. Afterwards, come with me to kill enchanted beasts so we can increase the killing speed.”

Yu Kai was slightly dumbfounded: “How am I the first to transfer? Let Hao go first, this bro’s level of game play is about the same as you.”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said: “He is more suitable to transfer to Warrior, but since we can’t open the door, close combat warriors can’t play a role just yet. You are suitable for transfer to Archer, naturally you will be first.”

Cheng Yang remembered the previous Yu Kai’s talent is C-class with each increasing a minor order. Ranged attack distance increased 2%, physical attack damage increased by 1%. Such talents belonged to the average humans after the end.

After listening to the interpretation of Cheng Yang, Yu Kai didn’t continue to insist, he believed Cheng Yang naturally had his reasons to say what he said.

According to Cheng Yang’s orders, Yu Kai stepped down from the wall and put his hand on the Archer statue. Followed by many colorful lights wrapping around him, the countless lights soon disappeared. Suddenly in his hand was a wooden bow with a bag of arrows hung at his waist.

Cheng Yang opened the territory property panel, went to the management page, and saw Yu Kai’s name. As a Lord, he can see the properties of any people who transfer in Luo Feng village.

Name: Yu Kai

Subordinate force: Luo Feng village

Occupation: Archer Rank: Low-order Archer apprentice (0%)

Age: 19 Life: 110 years

Health: 25 Mana: 25

Physical Attack: 5 Magical Attack: 1

Physical Defense: 1 Magic Defense: 1

Attack Speed: 1 Movement Speed: 1.1


1. Each increasing a minor order, enhances physical attack 3%.

2. Each increasing a minor order, enhances range attack distance 3%.


Tactics: Level 1 (Using an Archer’s basic skills through tactics can gradually enhance the user’s strength. Skill level with career-order ascension upgrade.)

Magic Arrow: Level 1 (Magic is attached to the arrow, attacking distant targets resulting in 100% physical damage. Attack distance of 30 meters, no special effect. Spell consumes 4 points of mana. Proficiency 0%.)


Wooden bow: Archer status symbol, no additional properties.

Quiver: Magic bag containing arrows, automatically restore an arrow every minute. No additional properties.

Seeing this property, Cheng Yang was immediately dumbfounded. How did Yu Kai have S-class talent? His own S-class talent could be explained due to his rebirth, but for Yu Kai’s talent, how was he supposed to explain this?

Suddenly, an idea emerged from Cheng Yang mind; maybe his talent property change isn’t caused by the rebirth, but because of his fast transfer time. Perhaps the faster a person transfer to a profession, the more likely they will get in obtaining a good talent. Of course this is just an assumption Cheng Yang made, he still needs to make further verification to confirm his thought.

At present ,whether it’s his own talent or Yu Kai’s talent, both are S-class, but the actual effect isn’t particularly obvious. But talent is a gift; it will improve as people increase in strength. After a certain point, Yu Kai’s strength in the same order would be invincible. Provided, of course, the talent others obtained wouldn’t be the same as he, s-class.

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