Doom Lord Chapter 69

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Doom Lord

Chapter 69- High Housing Price

Three seconds after the voice faded, the sky shed an intense ray of light, which instantly shrouded the entire earth.

All the survivors felt a stabbing pain in their eyes as their vision were completely covered in white. Their body seems to as if covered in some type of membrane, but no one seem to perceive it.  

After a few seconds, the white light dispersed, and everyone’s line of sight gradually returned to normal.

People outside the main city found no changes has occurred to the surrounding. However, it weren’t the same for the people inside the main city.

Previously, the main city only has several sparse buildings, while the rest of the areas were in ruins. But now the ruins has disappeared, and its place was a serie of buildings. Not only that, the original light screen which covered an area of 10 square kilometers has now expanded by a full four to five times, making it enveloped almost half of Xiangcheng city.

In close proximity to the six shops are a serie of villas, which looks very luxurious. And in the outer circle are a serie of ancient-style lofts, which aligned in rows forming long columns. These lofts are all three floors high. In the most periphery circle, there is a high-rise building, which resembles the previously collapsed buildings.

All those that saw this scene have yet to figure out what’s going on. But a few seconds later, they discovered their mind unexpectedly received some new information, all of which related to these buildings.

At this time, they realized the function of these buildings. Simply put, these buildings were built by God for them to live in. This is also the reward the voice mentioned of a moment ago.

These buildings aren’t ordinary residences. They also differ from the residences built in Luo Feng village. Of course, there is something they both have in common. That is, both of them offered cultivation speed bonus to profession.  

Of course, this isn’t a free lunch. In order to live in these buildings, you must pay a certain amount of power value. People can choose to directly buy the residence, or they can choose to rent them.  

In the main city, those rows of villas in the center are without doubt the best, but their price are also appalling. If you want to rent them, each month would cost 100,000 power values. As for buying, no one dare think about it.

Yuan Jianze originally thought that after taking control of Xiangcheng city’s main city, he should be very rich. But once he found out the conditions for the usage of these villas, he discovered himself to be a poor person, a very poor person.

However, the benefit of the villa is very tempting to him. Because by cultivating inside, you can double the cultivation speed.

Although it appears that the daily power value consumption for using the villa is much higher than directly using power value to double the cultivation speed, but after people’s strength increase, and the basic skill reaches a certain level, this consumption will instead be lower. Moreover, the maximum capacity of a villa can accommodates up to 10 people. So by this conversion, each person consumes only 300 power values per day, which can be described as dirt cheap.

What’s more, the role of the villa isn’t just for cultivation. It’s also a place of shelter, and a symbol of status …

Compared with the high cultivation efficiency of the villa, the lofts in the surrounding is a lot cheaper. But the loft isn’t sold alone, but in rental units. Each loft has two to five rooms, with price ranging from 5,000 to 10,000 power values per month. Moreover, the cultivation speed bonus isn’t the same, for loft it’s only 50%. The only difference between lofts are their sizes and the amount of people each can accommodate. By calculation, and if the capacity is full, each person need to pay 30 power values per day to live in them.

As for the tall building in the most peripheral, it’s in fact divided into two types. One type belonged to the apartment-style and suite-style, it has a speed bonus of 20%. The rent for living inside is about 10 power values per person for each day.

The other type is the dormitory-style. Each can accommodate up to 8 people, and has a cultivation speed bonus of 10%. The rent is two power values per person for each day.

It can be seen that God designed the setting to favor the bottom-echelon. As long as the transfer is made to profession, if you want to live in an apartment-style or suite-style unit, then it shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, under normal circumstances people would share rent. If the entire family are transferred to profession, then that would be more perfect.

The main city didn’t just have residence buildings, but also a number of shops scattered throughout the main city. As a result, the main city seems to look more like a city.

Besides the several shops like the blacksmith shop that already existed, there are a few new buildings. These buildings, in addition to the Mercenary Association and the Trial Hall, there is also a pub.

As stated before, the Mercenary Association is where mercenary group are established and upgrade their rank. Trial Hall is a place to entered trial instance. Lastly, contrary to what one might expect, the pub is very extraordinarily.

In fact, out of all the buildings that can be constructed in the territory, Cheng Yang is most grateful of the pub. Although the pub is a place that provides drinks and amusement, but under the rules of God, the pub is endowed with some special functions.

If you order a glass of wine at the pub, you can find a seat to sit down. At each seat, there will be virtual screen.

On this virtual screen, anyone can search for information or post information. From a certain perspective, this pub is equivalent to a gaming forum.

Cheng Yang knows all the information around the world in a year’s time in the previous apocalypse, the most fundamental reason is due to this pub. It is precisely because of the pub that humans finally affirmed that the dilemma they are presently facing is indeed a global disaster.

Although Cheng Yang didn’t see the changes in the main city, but he was well aware of what they are. He knows that these buildings will also appears in Luo Feng village after it’s upgraded to level 3.

“Lord, what was that about? “Ma Tao with a look of shock asked Cheng Yang. The others has expression that wasn’t at all any better.

Cheng Yang replied: “Didn’t you hear? Specific details, I’m not sure, but it should be a good thing. ”

“But, the God said rewards……” Zhou Jie then said: “Huh? No way, how can I have my own properties panel? Isn’t this unique to only profession? ”

Zhou Jie thought he became a profession after finding the properties panel, but his expectation was wrong. Because the properties panel only displayed simple data. It only showed the name, the title non-transfer, and power value amount.

It is clear that Zhou Jie’s current power value amount is zero point.  

God gave ordinary people the permission to have power value. Not only in order to give them a chance to live in residences, it’s main goal is to allow them to transfer to a profession.

Enchanted beasts are very powerful, but only when people are afraid of them. If several people combined their effort, they also have the opportunity to kill an enchanted beast. After all, the intelligence of a first-order enchanted beast isn’t much higher than an animal. As long as strategies are used, dealing with this kind of enchanted beast is very likely to be successful.

As long as they obtained 10 power values, they will have the authority to transfer. This can also be considered a goal for ordinary people to strive for.

Cheng Yang understood Zhou Jie and the others’ mood, he immediately said: “Don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to transfer. ”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Jie and the others became relieved a lot. As regard to Cheng Yang’s words, they are also very clear that this is just a chance. In order to seize this chance, you must follow Luo Feng village’s management, or rather Cheng Yang’s management.

On this point, they aren’t too opposed. Countless people in Xiangcheng city prayed for the opportunity to transfer, even if it mean selling their children, women, and relatives. Compared to them, simply being subject to management isn’t much of a condition.

Then, the group quicken their pace. They must try to get back to Luo Feng village before it gets dark.

At this moment, as a result of another transformation done by God, the monster that appeared in this world has undergo their first evolution. Although the coverage of this evolution isn’t very wide, it still greatly increase the number of first medium-order enchanted beast.  

Before he left today, Cheng Yang commanded the territory’s professions to be very careful, and for the time being not to explore further into uncharted areas. So as long as there is no unexpected accident, they shouldn’t be in any danger.

When Liu Xiyue and the others from a distance saw Luo Feng village’s high walls, they were deeply shocked. Such a wall, how’s it possible for humans to build in a few days time?

Cheng Yang didn’t gave them an explanation. After they stayed in Luo Feng village for a period of time, they will naturally know the ins and outs of Luo Feng village.

Using his mind, Cheng Yang slowly opened Luo Feng village’s wall. Then, he smoothly led the group into Luo Feng village.

Liu Xiyue and the others discovered that inside Luo Feng village are a lot of survivors. Their current state resembled the ordinary survivors in Xiangcheng city’s main city, but after a careful observation, Liu Xiyue found that these survivors have an obvious differences compared with the ones in Xiangcheng city’s main city.

They aren’t full of hunger or malnourished, and in their eyes can be seen a ray of hope.

Of course, there are some exceptions. A few people with weak psychological capacity were dealt a major blow from the disaster brought forth by God, and lost their goal for the future.

Liu Xiyue and the others has walked forward several hundreds meters, and didn’t encounter a single person begging for shelter, or tried to sell their children.  This made them can’t help but  have more confidence for the future.

At least, Cheng Yang this lord doesn’t seem to so bad.

If Cheng Yang knew what these people’s evaluation of him was, he wouldn’t know what to think.

After going further into the village, they entered the inner circle walls. Here, Liu Xiyue and the others saw another scene. Everyone is a profession here, and many of them wear unique profession equipment. From this point of view, the strength of the territory’s professions should be stronger than some of the forces in the main city.  
Only, they have yet to know the number of professions that existed in Luo Feng village.


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