Doom Lord Chapter 68

Doom Lord

Chapter 68- Probe

Cheng Yang blatantly swaggered his way out of the main city, along with the escort of Yuan Jianze.

Such a situation, in the main city of Xiangcheng City had never occurred.

Along the way, Yuan Jianze constantly tried to inquire information, but Cheng Yang just casually answered him. He made it so that the other side couldn’t grasp their unclear origin.

Seeing Cheng Yang and the others pass through the light screen and go farther away, Yuan Jianze’s expression turned gloomy.

These past several days, he had always felt the control of the entire Xiangcheng City was in his hands. Even though the strength of the several shops’ bosses seemed to be quite strong, but they weren’t able to leave the shop. It was for this reason that Yuan Jianze basically ignored the existence of these people.

But today’s matter had completely smashed his cognition. Where did Cheng Yang, this person drill out from? Was he actually a people of this world? If not, why was he able to leave the stop?

These questions intertwined in Yuan Jianze’s mind, and he urgently wanted to know their answer.

“Commander, do we just let them walk away like this?” Situ Fa said reluctantly.

Yuan Jianze turned his head to give him a quick glance, then turned to the other side to take a look at the fat, middle-aged man following him, he said, “Old He, send two people from your first militia to test them out. …… Situ Fa, you will also call two people. Let them follow far behind, and look at the situation.”

He was the former vice-mayor of Xiangcheng City, currently he was the leader of the first militia. Originally, his status was on par with Yuan Jianze. But due to the arrival of the apocalypse, he was then only a militia leader, and compared with Yuan Jianze’s status was worlds apart.

For Yuan Jianze’s command, the two men dared not violate. At once, they turned around and arranged the matter.

Cheng Yang and the others had been going straight forward. Ma Tao listened to his three family members talked about their own experiences after the apocalypse. Had to say, for any family, the apocalypse had brought disastrous changes to them.

Liu Xiyue three people were very nervous, and up till now, they hadn’t determined who Cheng Yang was. Although Ma Tao had been talking with his family, but they weren’t familiar with Ma Tao’s family as well.

But they also knew that now, their fates rested in the hands of Cheng Yang. They could tell from Yuan Jianze’s performance a moment ago, although Cheng Yang was only one person, but he definitely had an amazing strength. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have any room to bargain with Yuan Jianze.

“Big brother……” Zhou Jie couldn’t bear this depressing atmosphere, so he decided to openly greet Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang interrupted him, “Don’t call me big brother, I’m younger than you. You can either call me Lord or directly call me by my name.”

Ma Tao heard the two’s conversation, immediately he stepped forward a few steps, and said, “This is our Luo Feng Village’s Lord. If you want to later settle in Luo Feng Village, then directly address by Lord.”

“Luo Feng Village?” Zhou Jie’s face was at a loss. “There is a place called Luo Feng village near Xiangcheng City? I only heard of Luo Feng Po.”

Cheng Yang said, “Luo Feng Village is located in Luo Feng Po, but after the apocalypse came, we established a village there. There, you can also transfer to professions. Of course, this also has a prerequisite. In order to settle in Luo Feng Village, you must be subject to management.”

Hearing the first few words made Zhou Jie overjoyed, but after Cheng Yang finished the last sentence, his face immediately collapsed. He felt that if the management system of Luo Feng Village were the same as Xiangcheng City, then whether he stayed in Luo Feng Village or Xiangcheng City made no difference.

Cheng Yang didn’t continue explaining.

Liu Xiyue opened her mouth at this time, she said, “Lord, can you tell us why you brought us out of Xiangcheng City?”

Cheng Yang turned back and looked into her eyes. This made Liu Xiyue somewhat nervous. I shouldn’t had just escaped from the tiger’s mouth, and entered the wolf’s den, right?

Before Yuan Jianze’s people found her, she was snatched by members sent by the leader of the second militia. The other side’s request was simple, that was she had to be willing to become his women. The counterpart terms were also very generous, it also included a place for her to transfer to profession. However, Liu Xiyue didn’t agree. If it were not for Cheng Yang taking her out, she was afraid it was difficult to predict the outcome.

Cheng Yang bluntly stated, “Because someone asked me to save you. Her name is Pang Shan, I think you should be well acquainted with her.”

Liu Xiyue exclaimed, “Pang Shan? She……”

Cheng Yang said, “She is my brother’s girlfriend.”

Liu Xiyue was greatly relieved after hearing this. Since it was Pang Shan who requested him to save her, then there shouldn’t appear a worse result.

While the group was having a casual talk amongst themselves, two professions walked over from the side.

They looked at Cheng Yang’s group of people, one of them rascally said, “****, right on time. Brother, how? Do we both bring her back or should I get the first turn?”

Liu Xiyue hurriedly said, “You…… clean that filthy mouth of yours.”

“Hahaha…… the ***** is also feisty! Just the way I like them. Down below that is! Ha Ha……” The man’s unbridled laugh echoed throughout the surrounding.

Cheng Yang’s mouth wore a trace of a sneer. In his heart, he couldn’t help but look down upon Yuan Jianze for a bit. What is this place? Less than 500 meters away from the main city, and someone just happened to jump out to provoke their group. If this weren’t planned by Yuan Jianze, he was afraid even ghosts would find it hard to believe.

And the people doing the test were too eager. If they had track a little bit further, they could’ve witnessed the scenes of him killing enchanted beasts. Then, they would’ve known that it might be a good idea to run far and hide far, but unfortunately they didn’t do so.

Cheng Yang coldly said, “If you choose to leave now, it’s still not too late. Otherwise, I don’t mind taking two human lives.”

That cold stare from Cheng Yang made the two men’s hearts tremble, but quickly it returned to normal.  Here was Yuan Jianze’s site, although they weren’t Yuan Jianze’s direct subordinate, but this time their operation was done on the orders of Yuan Jianze. Even if there were trouble, with such a huge backing, what were they afraid of?

The first person to speak immediately clamored, “You guys must be tired of living, don’t you know that this is……”

Cheng Yang didn’t have the patient to listen to him speak, directly an ice puck flew out and hit the middle of that man’s face. His voice came to a halt, eyes with breath of arrogance had yet to subside, but his life had already come to an end.

Looking at the man earlier performance, Cheng Yang was already aware that this act of misconduct wasn’t his first time. Keeping such person in the world would only just cause great harm to more people.

“How dare you kill him?!” The remaining warrior had a look of horror. He didn’t understand how his companion was killed in a single attack from the opposite party. And more importantly, the skill that Cheng Yang just used was a skill he’d never seen before.

Cheng Yang sneered, “If you keep talking rubbish, I will kill you. Go back and tell your master not to mess with me. I’m not someone you can afford to provoke.”

At the same time, many survivors in the surrounding still in search for material saw this scene. When they looked at Cheng Yang’s face, they couldn’t help but shiver.  

The remaining warrior wanted to say some rebuttals, but after a stare from Cheng Yang, he immediately tucked tail and ran.

“Okay, let’s get out of here!” Cheng Yang’s face returned to normal, with a smile he spoke to Liu Xiyue.

Liu Xiyue had a complex look on her face when looking at Cheng Yang, but she didn’t say a single word and immediately followed behind Cheng Yang to the south.

After Cheng Yang and the others went forward a few hundred meters, the quantity of monsters gradually increased, so Cheng Yang had no choice but to begin.

Ice puck constantly formed on the tip of Cheng Yang’s staff, and then one by one they spiked the refreshed enchanted beasts.

This scene once again shocked the people in the surrounding, including Zhou Jie and others in his group. When Cheng Yang murdered the man, the feeling wasn’t so intense. But regarding enchanted beasts, they actually knew the opposite side’s strength. However, these powerful enchanted beasts in the hands of Cheng Yang were like paper paste, a move to kill one, making it a quick efficient killing spree.

After killing this group of 40 enchanted beasts, Cheng Yang looked back at the ruins in the distance, and then with Ma Tao and the others swiftly moved away into the distance.

After they left, two men came out from behind the ruins, their eyes filled with fear. It was as if it weren’t enchanted beast Cheng Yang killed a moment ago, but rather their people.

“Quick! Go back and tell the news to the commander, this man…… This man is definitely not from Earth.” One of them frighteningly said.

The other person also agreed with this view. The two men then turned and rushed toward the main city.

After running for a few minutes, the two men finally went through the light screen of the main city. Only at this time were they slightly relieved.

Yuan Jianze was still waiting in place at this time. In front of him were the two professions intimidated by Cheng Yang. It seemed that Yuan Jianze’s experience had already informed him the bad news. Now Yuan Jianze’s expression wasn’t looking so good.

“Commander, that man…… that man is too…… He…… He alone destroyed a group of 40 enchanted beasts.” This man quickly recounted the details.

Yuan Jianze frowned even more tightly, he asked, “Where did they go? Why didn’t you continue to follow?”

The profession’s expression turned sullen, he said, “Commander, that people was too vigilant, he has found our tracks. If we continue to follow them, it was likely to be killed by the other side, and if so, this pieces of news can’t be brought back.”

Yuan Jianze also knew that these people might be more worried about themselves dying, but he didn’t point this out.

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with this matter, a voice suddenly came down from the sky.

“Ants, congratulations on your struggles of living in this turbulent times and surviving these past 10 days! You have passed through God’s initial screening. Now, God will give you some rewards, I hope you will enjoy it.”

That voice!

That voice could be described as unforgettable in the mind of everyone, because it was precisely because of the emergence of this voice, that the apocalypse soon came.

Now that this voice reappeared, what disaster would they be ushered into next?

Although the opposite party spoke of some rewards, but no one would take it seriously. What happened when that voice previously spoke about human evolution? The outcome was almost half of the population died in the disaster.



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