Doom Lord Chapter 67

Doom Lord

Chapter 67- Exchange

How could Cheng Yang hand over the initiative in the negotiations to other side? Immediately he said, “Not wanting me to sell my potions in the main city isn’t an issue, but wanting me to sell 80% of my production to you isn’t possible. Because my refined potions need to first meet my usage.”

The boss immediately became sullen. This was entirely a seller’s market, he didn’t even have any leeway for bargaining, quickly he said, “Then…… How much can you give me? It can’t only be 10%, right?”

Cheng Yang smiled and said, “How could it be? I am a very generous person, which is why I will trade with you 20% of my daily output. What do you think?”

The boss didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. Although 20% was twice of 10%, but its proportion to Cheng Yang’s total output was too low.

Fortunately, at this time Cheng Yang said, “But 20% is the lowest number, if on certain days I am in a good mood, perhaps I will trade with you some more. Of course, if you are able to increase the price, I don’t mind taking a little bit more out for sale.”

The boss looked at Cheng Yang’s smiling face, and immediately he realized this guy was a sly fox. He thought he was shrewd, but still he couldn’t stop himself from being planted in the opposite party’s hands.

But the boss also knew, now that Cheng Yang had realized the value of God Effect talent for refining potions, wanting to regain the upper hand in the negotiation was out of the question. He had no choice but to agree under this condition.

Next, Cheng Yang began to sign the acquisition agreement with the boss. This agreement was signed under the witness of God, so the contract couldn’t be breached. However, Cheng Yang signed the agreement for only mana potions and health potions. As for other types of potions he would refine in the future, they wouldn’t be included in this agreement.

Of course, there was also a time period for this agreement, which was for one year. The boss wanted to make the time period for the signed agreement as permanent, but Cheng Yang’s head wasn’t defective. How could he agree to such a condition?

As for the supply, naturally it was impossible for Cheng Yang to delivery every day. However, the boss was quite resourceful. After being aware that Cheng Yang was a person from a field station, he had Cheng Yang report the territory name. Now all Cheng Yang had to do was periodically hand over the refined potions to the field station’s alchemy room boss, then the other side would naturally find a method to send the items to him.

After the agreement was signed, Cheng Yang also got to know the other side’s name, Zhao Yi.

This name made Cheng Yang want to endlessly vomit. This guy must’ve been thinking about money like crazy, otherwise how could he have such a name that means trillion?

Cheng Yang placed his copy of the agreement inside his bosom, and then asked, “Boss Zhao, I have a question. Since you know the value of this God Effect talent, then I think Luo Feng Village’s alchemy boss should also know, right? At that time, how come he didn’t propose to purchase my potions?”

After the agreement has been signed, Zhao Yi was in a good mood, he said, “Your station is now only a village. Village shops’ bosses don’t possess the authority for such transactions. But since they are in a field station, god’s’ control is rather loose on them. Occasionally some special items might arise, and the most crucial point is that they have permission to change their craft.” [TLN: Field station can have special items that can be found only at the specific field station, while main city will have the same items sold in all the main cities.]

Cheng Yang could see that Zhao Yi was very envious to the field station’s alchemy room boss. But this sort of thing, Cheng Yang couldn’t do anything, because it was the rules set by gods, unless one days he gained the qualification to confront the gods.

“Today’s potions, you see……” Zhao Yi gave a humble reminder to Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang was very generous, he directly took out six bottles of small mana potion and handed it to the other side. He said, “These are for you.”

Zhao Yi’s mouth was wide enough to plug in a duck’s egg. He had hoped Cheng Yang would sell all 30 bottles of mana potion to him, but didn’t expect it would turn out to be such a result.  

Immediately, Zhao Yi transferred some power value from his account to Cheng Yang. For this number, Cheng Yang was very concerned.

When Cheng Yang saw his power value increased by 180 points, his heart was incessantly pleased. Because Zhao Yi listed the prices from the prices for the potions sold in the main city, otherwise by the price of 2 power values per bottle of potion listed in the field station, Cheng Yang would’ve only received 120 points of power value.  

“Can you increase the price a little more? I might be able to sell all my refined potions to you.” Cheng Yang shakes a bottle of potion in his hand.

Zhao Yi swallowed his saliva, he finally come to a decision, “Each bottle for 40 power values, it can’t be any higher.”

13 times the original price, Cheng Yang was already well satisfied. He knew that since Zhao Yi accepted the offer, that mean the other side could still make a big profit, but now for Cheng Yang, power value was more important. If an extra 1,000 points of power value could be earned each day, Cheng Yang was very glad to do so.

When Zhao Yi used 960 points of power value to purchase the remaining 24 bottles of mana potion from Cheng Yang, he became delighted. But he didn’t dare let his emotions show, god knows what would happened if Cheng Yang were aware of his thought. If he knew, he might increase the price again. He thought of himself as a dishonest businessman, but compared to Cheng Yang, he felt like a sheep walking straight into a wolf’s den.

In fact, Zhao Yi’s statements a moment ago wasn’t entirely true. He said it concerned special instances, but that was not the case. If only certain special instances could use these potions, then its value wouldn’t be so high. The truth was, all instances in hell difficulty level could only use restricted grade potions. Hell difficulty level undoubtedly produced the best items in the instance. If you could clear such an instance, there was no doubt plenty of people would line up to pay a big price for better potions.

After the completion of the two transactions, there came sounds of footsteps outside the shop. Soon, they saw seven to eight men walked in. But Cheng Yang didn’t find the people he was looking for inside this group of people.

In front was a middle-aged man about 40 years old. Although he didn’t wear a uniform, but a warrior’s equipment, Cheng Yang knew he was the military district commander of Xiangcheng City Yuan Jianze, and also the person with the highest power in Xiangcheng City.

“Commander, he is the one who issue the task.” Following behind Yuan Jianze, Situ Fa stated immediately after seeing Cheng Yang.

After Cheng Yang heard these words, he knew Situ Fa had mistaken himself for a NPC task giver; but this was something Cheng Yang had done on purpose, otherwise he wouldn’t have needed to borrow the alchemy room as a site.

Yuan Jianze stepped forward a few steps, and went to Cheng Yang’s side, he said, “May I ask if your sire is the one that requested to find those people?”

Cheng Yang immediately nodded his head and said, “It is. Did you find the people I ask for? ”

Yuan Jianze said, “All the people are already here, but I would like to ask, what do you find these people to do? If you want to hurt them, I will not give them to you.”

For this performance, Cheng Yang’s expression was very dull. He didn’t think Yuan Jianze was a great man from his words. According to Cheng Yang’s understanding, Yuan Jianze for the people of Xiangcheng City might give up some of their own interests, but definitely not because of the life and death of a few people that he would be willing to do so. Moreover, if Yuan Jianze managed to get his hands on the necklace, he could have a more formidable strength, a firmer footing in the apocalypse, and could also lessen the casualties of the city.

Cheng Yang nevertheless stated, “Rest assured, I won’t hurt them.”

Sure enough, after receiving Cheng Yang’s respond, Yuan Jianze didn’t continue to read between the lines. If he really cared about the life and death of these people, he probably wouldn’t be so hasty bringing them here.

Yuan Jianze turned to Situ Fa and said, “Bring them in.”

“Yes, sir!” Situ Fa turned and walked out of the alchemy room. In less than a minute, he along with several soldiers escorted six people in.

These six people were very nervous, because they had no idea what their destiny would have in store for them.

When they entered the alchemy room, three of them suddenly widened their mouth when they saw Ma Tao standing behind Cheng Yang.

“Little Tao? ……”

“Ah Tao……”

After three consecutive shouts, these three people wanted to rush toward Ma Tao. However, they have just walked two step forward when they were pulled back by the soldiers. These soldiers didn’t receive Yuan Jianze’s instruction to release them.

Ma Tao also had a look of excitement, he said, “Dad, Mom, Little Ling, you don’t have to worry.”

It seemed that these three people were right ones, Cheng Yang looked toward the other three people whom he was seeking. Among them was an individual with a more common appearance, belonging to the type that couldn’t be found in a crowd of people, he was called Zhou Jie. Standing next to him was a woman 23-24 years old with a delicate and pretty countenance. She was Wang Lu.

And standing behind these two people was a well-dressed and slender beauty, age less than 20 years old. She has a pretty face that makes female stars that appeared on TV feel ashamed, but at the moment a frightened expression can be seen on her face. However, the firm look in her eyes show that her heart isn’t as weak as her appearance made her out to be.

“These are the people you’re looking for, right?” Yuan Jianze knitted his brows as he looked at Ma Tao, and openingly asked.

In fact, Yuan Jianze’s group of people are very confused, because according to Situ Fa’s description, this person should be a NPC. In that case, how could the man standing behind the NPC be associated with Xiangcheng City’s survivors?

Cheng Yang showed an unconcerned smile, he said, “Your work efficiency is pretty good. They are the people who I’m looking for. Actually, I was really looking for Wang Lu, Zhou Jie, and Liu Xiyue, and as for the other three are family of my follower. Since people have been found, then it’s no longer necessary for me to stay here. This is your reward.” Having said that, Cheng Yang took out the necklace and an ordinary leather armor and threw it to the other side.

He wasn’t worried about Yuan Jianze turning hostile, because with his strength, he could spike all these people in front of him, so there was no need to worry about anything.
After Yuan Jianze received the items, in that split second, indeed gave birth to a hint of hostility, but instantly he pressed it down. Liu Xiyue six people, for him, didn’t have much value. Moreover, he didn’t ascertain the details on Cheng Yang, so naturally he didn’t dare act rashly.



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