Doom Lord Chapter 66

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Doom Lord

Chapter 66- God effect’s value

Cheng Yang immediately found a small wooden stool, and sat down in a corner of the shop. Ma Tao chose to stand right behind him.

Ma Tao was filled with doubts. He can’t figure out the reason why Cheng Yang did such a thing, but for his trust in Cheng Yang, he chose to unconditionally complied.

In less than ten minutes, someone finally came in from outside the store. Looking at this man’s attire, he should be a person from the military.

This man is indeed a person from the military, but he is also a subordinate to military district commander Yuan Jianze. His name is Situ Fa. At this stage, those that are capable of entering the shop to purchased items are people with influence.

In the instant Situ Fa stepped foot into the alchemy shop, his heart was filled with indescribable shock.

These past several days, he entered the shop no less than 100 times, and each time he only saw the boss. In addition, the boss’s temperament is quite awful. When he first came in, he was thrown out.

But now there are unexpectedly two more people inside the shop, and looking at their attire, they should also be profession. As for whether these two men are people of this world, or from unknown places, Situ Fa isn’t sure. However, according to his estimate, with the shop owner’s temperament, there is no way he would allow people to sit in his shop.

While Situ Fa was still having some doubts, Cheng Yang spoke: “Your excellency, I have here a piece of equipment, I do not know if you are interested? ”

“Equipment? “Situ Fa’s mind somewhat think otherwise. Regarding shops that sell equipment, Situ Fa had already seen them. Apart from equipment that increase attack which makes him quite envious, other equipment he wouldn’t spare a glance, after all, those equipment only increases defense. On the other hand, the prices of these equipment aren’t low. The power value that they obtained everyday in addition to covering cultivation, they still have to buy food supplies, so there isn’t much surplus remaining, let alone buy equipment.

Cheng Yang lightly smile: “Indeed equipment, moreover very good equipment. “Having said that, Cheng Yang took out a necklace from his bosom, and then handed it over to the other side.

Situ Fa took a look at Cheng Yang, and then received the necklace.

Situ Fa gave it a glance, and was suddenly shocked: “Iron-grade necklace? Increase 2 physical attack? This …… ”

Looking at this equipment made it somewhat difficult for Situ Fa to breath. Obviously, the equipment he seen earlier in the carving room was ordinary-grade, but the necklace he see before his eyes is clearly not an ordinary-grade item. If he can get his hand on this item, it would undoubtedly significantly improved his strength. But precious items are clearly not cheap to purchased. Although in his account are some power value, but these are used to purchase potions. He didn’t dare make this decision alone.

After a moment of hesitation, Situ Fa asked: “Excuse me your excellency, may I ask whether or not this equipment is for sale? ”

Cheng Yang shook his head and said: “This isn’t for sale, but if your excellency can do me a favor, this can be given as a present. ”

“NPC task? “These words immediately appeared in Situ Fa’s head. In his view, Cheng Yang’s actions were too similar with the way NPC give tasks in game. First, he suddenly mysteriously appeared. Secondly, the items he came up with aren’t for sale, but given to people that complete the task.  

If Cheng Yang knew what Situ Fa was thinking, he would’ve bursted out laughing.

“May I ask your excellency, how may I be of assistance to you? “Situ Fa tried to pressed down the excitement in his heart, and immediately asked.

Cheng Yang said: “Help me find a few people in your city. This matter is quite difficult to complete, but if you were to tell your boss, I think it would be very easy for him. Of course, if you can do it alone, this necklace can also given to you as a present. In the event that you make your boss complete this matter, I can gift you an ordinary-grade equipment. ”

Situ Fa’s eyes turned, immediately he asked: “Who do you need to find? ”

How can Cheng Yang not know what he is thinking. If the people Cheng Yang named are easy to find, he intended to complete this task on his own. However, if they aren’t easy to find, he will go and tell his commander.

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “I need to find the Ma Xiangnan couple and their daughter-in-law, Liu Xiyue, Wang Lu and Zhou Jie ……” Lastly, Cheng Yang gave a general description of the people he needed to find.

After hearing these names, Situ Fa knew he wasn’t going to get this iron-grade necklace, he immediately said: “Okay, I will tell my commander. I believe soon there will be news. But after we find these people, should we bring them here to you? ”

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “Yes, you can drop them off here. At that time, I will give you the rewards.”

After Situ Fa finished listening, he immediately turned and walked away.

Once Situ Fa was far away, Ma Tao asked: “Lord, are Wang Lu and Zhou Jie your friends? ”

“No, they are people that are very useful to our territory. “Cheng Yang has nothing to hide, and directly said it.

Next is a long period of waiting. Taking advantage of this time, Cheng Yang took out his pharmacy refining tools, and began refining potions in the alchemy room.

Currently, Cheng Yang not only has his herb picking skill upgraded to level 2, but even the pharmaceutical skill has reached level 2. His energy value has now reached 40, which is enough for him to refined potions 40 times. Moreover, as a result of the pharmaceutical skill upgrading, the success rate for refining small mana potion has improved a bit.  Almost every ten tries, seven to eight would be a success.

After 40 points of energy were consumed, Cheng Yang got 30 bottles of mana potion, and his pharmaceutical skill was also raised by 5%. In other words, if Cheng Yang want to upgrade his pharmaceutical skill again, he must successfully refined 600 bottles of small mana potion, which will takes at least 20 days.

Cheng Yang spent half an hour refining potions. During this time, Ma Tao couldn’t keep his composure.

When Cheng Yang opened his eyes, he found a man in front eagerly staring at him. This man is the boss of the alchemy room shop. From the expression seen on his face, he must have made a startling discovery.

“You should have transferred to alchemist, right? Do you have God effect refining talent? “The boss asked with astonishment on his face.

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised, how can this man be so startled from finding out he possessed the talent God effect? At that time when he successfully became an alchemist, he remembered Luo Feng village’s alchemy boss didn’t made such an expression.

“I do have God effect talent, is this strange? “Cheng Yang pretending to be at a loss asked.

The boss was defeated by his expression, he said: “This God effect talent, do you know what God effect talent represent? ”

Cheng Yang nodded and said: “Of course, I know. Isn’t it whenever I refined a potion, the efficiency would double?”

“You … …” The boss choked his words, only after a long time, said: “Forget it, forget I said anything. But I want to make a deal with you, I do not know if you’re interested? ”

Cheng Yang immediately asked: “What deal? ”

“I will buy the refined potions from your hand, purchasing a small bottle of mana potion at three times the original price, what do you think? “The boss immediately said.

Cheng Yang’s mind began stirring, he was prepared to agree when suddenly he recalled a sentence, early birds catches the worm. This guy wants to buy his refining potions, there must be a reason for it. Moreover, their true value is probably more than three times the price of ordinary potion.

“This won’t do, I can’t take advantage of you like this, right? Like this my conscience will be restless. “Cheng Yang said with an innocent look.

The boss with an attitude of righteousness said: “It doesn’t matter, I think of you as a talented person, which is why I am willing to pay a little more to support your growth. If you don’t have any objection, how about we signed a supply agreement? ”

Cheng Yang rigorously shook his head, said: “No, when I transferred to alchemist, my teacher wasn’t too overly excited when seeing this God effect talent, so I think its value shouldn’t be too high. If you buy my refined potion at three times the price, you will lose out. Unless you can tell me why this thing is good, otherwise I will not trade with you. ”

The boss hesitated a little, then said: “Can you guarantee that as long as I tell you the benefit of God effect talent, you will agree to trade with me? ”

“Of course. “Cheng Yang said very sincerely.

If Liu Hao and others are here, they might be able to see some clues, but the boss apparently haven’t noticed anything fishy. Looking at Cheng Yang, he doesn’t think he is a cunning person, he said: “Alright, I’ll tell you. The value of God effect, needless to say, I believe you also know its great strength. God effect talent refined potions, the value itself and ordinary potion have no difference. But there are some special instances in this world, which limited the usage of potions. For example, some instances, you can only use small bottle of mana potion, while medium bottle of mana potion would be ineffective. So, now you know the value of your potion, right? ”

The corner of Cheng Yang’s mouth emerged a trace of a smile of succeeding his plot, he said: “In this way, these potions really does have some value. Since that is the case, isn’t your offer of three times the price a bit too low? ”

The boss saw Cheng Yang’s expression, and understood immediately that things were going downhill, he said: “How could you break your promise? Just now…… “

Cheng Yang smiled and said: “I only promised to make a deal with you, but I didn’t say the price for the transaction. And I think if I were to encountered those instances, wouldn’t there be people who would buy my potions for ten times the price? ”

The boss became speechless, only after a long time, said: “10 times the price is too high. Although I can sell them at ten times the price, but the profits would be very small. I’m a businessman, I can’t do things that are unprofitable, right? ”

Cheng Yang laughed: “How much profit can you get has nothing to do with me, I only know that my profits must be met. If you do not agree to the deal, you mustn’t blame me. ”

The boss’s face became distorted, after a long period of time pass, he said: “If you promise not to sell your potion in the main city, I can promise you 10 times the profits, but you must daily supplied 80% of your refined potion to my shop. These must be included in the supply agreement. ”


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