Doom Lord Chapter 65

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Doom Lord

Chapter 65- To No Avail

Xiangcheng city’s main city is exactly like a refugee camp at the moment. In addition to several antique shops in the central location, everywhere else is in ruins. In these ruins, a wide variety of tents can be seen everywhere. And in places that don’t even have a tent, refugees would directly lie down to sleep on the ruins.

Of course, more people have a look of despair on their face. They sat motionless on the side, looking silly.

Cheng Yang knows that these people weren’t really silly. They became this way because they had lost the desire to live. The tragic loss of family members as well as not knowing what tomorrow would hold completely crushed them. But even in such a situation, they didn’t dare confront death.

As the two people walked slowly in the crowd, a man quickly raced over. He hugged the front of Cheng Yang’s thigh, and implored: “Your excellency, this lowly servant beg of you. I would like to serve you for a lifetime, as long as you can give me enough food to eat. ”

“You ……” Ma Tao was trying to block the man, but was stopped by Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang calmly took a look at this man, he is a middle-aged man, approximately less than 40 years old. Frankly, Cheng Yang has nothing but contempt for this man, because this man has lost the moral integrity for life. Originally with his physique, as long as he stepped out of the ruins, and follow some profession’s teams outside, finding food shouldn’t be an issue, but because of his fear of death, he would rather give up his dignity, kneeling for help.

“Let go, I have no intention of accepting a servant. If you don’t want me to punch you, you better scram.” Cheng Yang coldly said.

The man raised his head to look at Cheng Yang, the corner of his mouth moved, but the fear seen in his eyes didn’t permit him to speak out. As the lowest level personnel in the main city, they were very aware of their present situation. They are like ants in comparison to professions, as a result they don’t dare incite the anger of the professions.

The moment the man turned and walked away, Cheng Yang saw in his eyes flashes a little resentment, but Cheng Yang didn’t put this to mind. If the previous world, he absolutely won’t allow this type of people bearing resentment toward him to exist, because his statue isn’t much higher than the opposite party, and once they transferred to a profession, they will be a great threat to him. But this time is different, Cheng Yang is now not only a high-order profession’s apprentice, he is also the lord of Luo Feng village. Even without his status, he isn’t someone an ordinary profession can handled.

“How can these people……” Looking at this scene, Ma Tao was shocked.

Cheng Yang said: “This is the apocalypse, in order to survive, there will be all kind of people. Now many people are still defending their last bit of dignity, very few would choose to break their bottom line. But in the future, this kind of thing is absolutely everywhere. ”

Ma Tao apparently wasn’t convinced, but looking at the ongoing scenes let Ma Tao gained a deep awareness of the cruelty of this world. The time for peace and prosperity has already come to an end for them.

Presently, Xiangcheng city’s main city has an army of 8,000 troops, of which 1,000 has transferred to professions. This number is still increasing at a rate of 200 people a day, it’s almost guaranteed that all these soldiers will eventually be transferred to profession. Besides the regular army, there were three militia groups, each militia has 20 transfer quotas a day. So far, the three militia altogether added up to less than 200 people.

For ordinary people, being able to transfer to profession is undoubtedly their greatest dream. At the present stage, it’s also the sole method for the carp to leaped through dragon’s gate*. Now it’s unlikely to join the army, so their vision is focused on the militia. [TLN: Read the proverb here.]

The leaders of these three militia group were previously well-known and with high status.

One was originally the vice-mayor of Xiangcheng city. After the party secretaries and mayor all died in the disaster, he became the person with the highest post in the Xiangcheng city’s government. He also represents the interests of all survivors of the government system.

Another militia’s leader used to be the president of the chamber of commerce in Xiangcheng city, With his original statue, he has a strong network of contacts with the military’s top echelon, plus with the support of a few people, he naturally became the leader of the second militia.

The leader of the third militia is an individual that no one expected. Before the apocalypse he was an ordinary salesman, but after the apocalypse occurred, by using his extraordinary eloquence, he was also able to attract a group of people to his side. Coupled with the exclusion of the lower class by the government officials and wealthy businessmen, he became the representative of these people’s interests. With their support, he became the leader of the third militia. [TLN: Xiangcheng city’s main city four major parties: The Army, The Government, The Merchant/Wealthy, and The Lower Class.]

In order for these three militias to receive the transfer quota, they must fulfilled certain duties, such as the need to pay a certain amount of power value a day, while at the same time conduct search and rescue operation outside the main city each day. If they don’t achieve a certain result, then the next day the number of transfer quota will be reduced.

Now, the three leaders of the militia are without doubt the hottest character in the entire Xiangcheng city, all the ordinary people think of it an honor to see these three men. Of course, if you can get them to agree to send a transfer quota to oneself, that would be even more perfect.

In order to compete for transfer places, people would stop at nothing. Some would sell themselves into slavery, while women would spare no expense in flaunting their body and purity to obtain the desired result.

The number of people the three leaders can received is after all only a small minority; the vast people can only depend on themselves for survival. They can only hope to gained the favor of someone with high statue to become a profession, even if it’s humiliating, it’s better than the current precarious days.

Like the scene Cheng Yang’s experience moment ago when entering the main city.  

At the moment, the main city is full of stench, among which included the rotting breath of corpses but more strongly the smell of various excrement. Cheng Yang has already experienced this situation, so he isn’t surprised by such sights. However, Ma Tao found it hard to adapt, at this time if it wasn’t for all the fighting that made his willpower more firm, I’m afraid he would’ve vomit on the spot.  

“Lord, how are we going to find my family?” Ma Tao looked at the surrounding crowd, his brow wrinkled tightly.

Cheng Yang said: “This isn’t urgent, let’s take a look at the situation first. ”

Having said that, Cheng Yang continued leading Ma Tao inside.

In fact, Cheng Yang is well aware of the status of Xiangcheng city at this time. Last time he has been very lucky to be selected by the leader of the third militia, and went on to become a profession. Now he intends to not only stroll around the main city, but also to see if any people with special gifted talent can be discovered.

Now the main city all around the world has basically fallen into the hands of mankind. This made the number of people successfully transferring to a profession very high; so now if you want to have a high talent, you can really only look at the individual’s qualifications. [TLN: In case you had forgotten, it’s easier to get a higher talent the earlier a person transferred.]

Naturally, Cheng Yang isn’t looking for professions with high talent. In his previous life, in the entire Xiangcheng city, only four professions got s-class talent, one of which is Liu Hao. The other three people, two are soldiers, while the last one is an ordinary person, but also the backbone of the third militia. Trying to pull these three people to his side will undoubtedly be very difficult.

What Cheng Yang is looking for is people with talent in internal management. Frankly, Luo Feng village have no shortage of high fighting talents, instead the people with ability and talent in internal management are scarce. In this regard, Cheng Yang must rely on his own foresight to walk ahead.

Xiangcheng city’s main city as a whole is a lot larger than Luo Feng village’s current territory, with approximately 100,000 people at the moment. To find a few people out of 100,000 people is undoubtedly very hard.

After looking around for nearly two hours, Cheng Yang had to admit he had been thinking too simple. Relying on their own ability to find people in this boundless sea of people is simply impossible to complete this task, even if found, that would be by luck.

“We’re going to look for a way to find your parents.” Cheng Yang stopped and said toward Ma Tao.

“Good. “Ma Tao suddenly became overjoyed. Frankly, wandering aimlessly in the crowd for more than two hours has already made him a bit impatient. If it weren’t for his trust and awe for Cheng Yang, he probably would’ve earlier raised objections.

Cheng Yang walked quickly toward the main city center, where the profession statues and shops are located. The statue is located inside, while the shops surrounded it on the outside.

Currently, Xiangcheng city’s power holder is Yuan Jianze. He firmly control the transfer rights of the four profession statues in his hands, which means in Xiangcheng city his words is absolute. Ordinary people are incapable of getting near the profession statues.

However, regarding the few shops, contrary to what one might think Yuan Jianze actually has no control over them. After all, everyday profession goes in and out of the shops. If his control is too strict, it’s easier to give rise to people’s backlash. Besides, these six shops only sell a few items in them, but if there is no power value, nothing could be obtained, which included Yuan Jianze himself. For such places, what is the point in controlling?

Cheng Yang was able to smoothly walked into the alchemy shop. The inside of the shop was empty.

The boss saw Cheng Yang, immediately a smile bloomed on his face, he said: “Welcome dear customer, may I ask if there is anything the two customers need? ”

Cheng Yang didn’t intend to buy anything here, after all, he has his own territory. In Luo Feng village, he can enjoy a 5% discount on his transaction. Besides, there isn’t anything good to buy here. In addition to some common potions, there’s nothing.

But if he don’t buy things, their follow-up plan would not be implemented, he said: “I would like to buy 10 bottles of mana potion, but before buying, I hope your sire can let me stay here for some time. There is some matters I need to deal with. ”

Ten bottles worth of power value is already a rare big order in the alchemy shop. The boss generously said to Cheng Yang that he can casually stay here as long as he want with no problem.

Cheng Yang knows, what played a role is the power value in his account. These shopkeepers uses money as a mean to tell people apart. If his account doesn’t have power value, perhaps the boss would’ve earlier thrown him out.


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