Doom Lord Chapter 64

Doom Lord

Chapter 64- Main City

Since all of Luo Feng Village’s shops had then been built, Cheng Yang decided it was time for all professions to respectively learn a craft. This matter couldn’t be delayed, especially for quarrying, because after the territory was upgraded to level 3, many of the buildings would require stone. If a certain amount of stones weren’t stored up, it would be a tragedy.

After arranging these matters, he called Ma Tao. Today, he planned on taking Ma Tao with him to Xiangcheng City’s main city.  

Cheng Yang reckoned that by now Xiangcheng City should have already opened part of their transferred privileges to ordinary people. So as long as they were careful in the main city, their identities won’t be exposed.

When Cheng Yang was about to leave, Niu Bing suddenly came over with Pang Shan, he said, “Lord, I heard that you are going to Xiangcheng City’s main city today?”

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised for a moment, then he said, “Yes, and? Do you want to come along?”

Niu Bing shook his head, with a smile he said, “Actually I do want to go, but I have to take my team to kill monsters. Pang Shan has a favor she need to ask of you.”

Pang Shan displayed an apologetic smile and said, “Lord, when you arrive at the main city of Xiangcheng City, can you help me find my friend? I know that this request of mine is excessive, after all, other professions’ relatives have yet to be found. However, my friend and I are very intimate, moreover she is also a university student at Xiangcheng City. I think she should had now been rescued into the main city, and if possible, I also requested that the Lord bring her to Luo Feng Village.”

After listening to the first part of the phrase, Cheng Yang knitted his brows. Just like Pang Shan had said, now many people didn’t even have their relatives rescued, but she actually wanted to rescue her friend. Indeed, this did seem somewhat inappropriate. Listening to the latter part of the phrase, he knew the other side was just reminding him in case he encountered her to bring her back, which could be done without the slightest effort; so Cheng Yang prepared to comply with her request.

“What’s her name?” Cheng Yang immediately asked.

Pang Shan said, “Liu Xiyue, she’s our fellow schoolmate.”

“Liu Xiyue?” Cheng Yang was slightly surprised, this name sounded a bit familiar.

Niu Bing said, “Have you forgotten? Liu Xiyue is our school’s beauty queen, a very beautiful woman.”

Cheng Yang soon recalled her image. Liu Xiyue truly was the school beauty queen of Xiangcheng University, but also a very famous school beauty queen. However, after a year of ordeal in the apocalypse, Cheng Yang had a new understanding on the word beauty. With his lip slightly raised, he said, “Beauty? After the apocalypse happened, there is no lack of beautiful women. In the end, a vase-like beauty will have a value that can’t be comparable with an apprentice-level profession. Alright, if I meet her, I will bring her back.”

In fact, Cheng Yang’s mind came up with a plan. If he could find Liu Xiyue, he might even find some of his fellow classmates. While in College, the best relationship Cheng Yang had was with Yu Kai and his bros, but his relationship with most of his classmates were also pretty decent. If he could find them, Cheng Yang wouldn’t mind bringing them all back to Luo Feng Village.

Immediately, he set off together with Ma Tao. Along the way, unless absolutely necessary, Cheng Yang would choose to avoid the monster group. From here Xiangcheng City’s main city was about 10 km away. If it weren’t for Ma Tao’s slow speed, Cheng Yang would only take half an hour to arrive there. But now, when Cheng Yang and the others arrived at the center of Xiangcheng City, it was already more than two hours later.

“Lord, is the light screen in front of us the main city of Xiangcheng City?” Ma Tao finally saw the gigantic dome-shaped light screen covering ground, and with a look of shock, he asked.

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Yes it is, that light screen is established to protect the main city, ordinary monsters can’t get through it. So relatively speaking, the security of the main city is stronger than the field station.”

With expectation, Ma Tao asked, “Does that mean our Luo Feng Village can also have that kind of light screen?”

Cheng Yang suffused with a smile on his lip. The word “our Luo Feng Village” from Ma Tao’s mouth showed that he had identify himself as part of Luo Feng Village. This was a widespread feeling among all of the professions in Luo Feng Village. Although, it was only the tenth day after the apocalypse, but due to the pressure of survival, it led the professions of Luo Feng Village be more unified.

“I don’t know, but I think the light screen isn’t particularly important. If you want to survive in the apocalypse, depending on defense alone is not enough, we must make ourselves strong enough, so that one day we can understand the root cause of the apocalypse, and regain the fate of mankind back into its own hands.” Cheng Yang firmly said.

Although Ma Tao felt what Cheng Yang had said was very difficult to achieve, but even so, isn’t this the hope of mankind?

Ma Tao immediately nodded and said, “Lord, rest assured that our brothers are willing to fight and retreat together with the Lord.”

Cheng Yang said, “Okay! We are now going to enter Xiangcheng City’s main city. Remember, in a moment many people will observes us, so speak less, and not expose yourself.”

Ma Tao naturally complied.

Then the two of them moved on. After going forward for less than a hundred metres, suddenly appeared in front was a team of soldiers in military uniforms.

Ma Tao recalled the previous image of a soldier. Soldiers were supposed to be carrying firearms, but these soldiers were either holding a broadsword or a stick, which seemed rather odd.

But at the moment, Ma Tao didn’t think these people look weird, because he himself didn’t look much of a different from them.  

The group of soldiers also saw Cheng Yang’s group of two men. One officer immediately shouted, “Stop, you people belong to which militia? How can you act alone without permission?”

Cheng Yang calmly said, “Sir, we belong to the first militia. A moment ago, we dispersed with the team, and intended to return first. After our leader and the other return, we plan on converging with them.”

The military officer didn’t have any suspicion, he smiled and said, “Turns out to be brothers from the first militia, you can go back first. But on the way pay attention to safety, here is one kilometer from the main city. Along the way, large group of monsters has basically been all eliminated, but small group of twenty to thirty monsters is still a lot. Don’t fail miserably in a very easy task.”

Cheng Yang respectfully said, “Thank you, thank you, we will be careful.” Having said that, Cheng Yang made a wink to Ma Tao, and the two men quickly bypass the army, continuing their march toward Xiangcheng City’s main city.

After the group of soldiers walked away, Ma Tao couldn’t help being puzzled, he asked, “Lord, what do you mean by first militia? You haven’t been to Xiangcheng City’s main city, right?”

Cheng Yang calmly said, “My hearing is relatively good. A moment ago, I heard their discussion, and they happened to mention the first militia.”

Ma Tao didn’t doubt him, and continue to follow Cheng Yang forward.

As they got closer and closer to the main city, more and more humans were encountered, including professions, there were also ordinary refugees. To distinguish between them was very easy, professions wore special equipment, and their face looked normal. However, the refugees weren’t the same, besides their ragged clothes, their faces looked thin, obviously a sign of them suffering from malnutrition.

The professions took the initiative to leave the main city, looking for enchanted beast to kill. But the refugees belonged to the group that was being forced out of the main city, because they had to find food and survival supplies to live. Although the leaders of the main city were merciful to the refugees, by distributing some food every day. However, the food just made them not starve to death.

In order to be able to eat more, these refugees had to go out of the protective cover of the main city, and search the ruins for some scattered supplies.

Cheng Yang’s group of two walked by these people from time to time, their eyes flashed deep envy and fear.

Cheng Yang had long been accustomed to this, but this was Ma Tao’s first time experiencing such a situation. In Luo Feng Village, although there were ordinary refugees, but they didn’t need to risk their lives going out of the station.

Through this distance of one kilometer, Ma Tao had more than once seen the sudden respawn of enchanted beast rushing into refugee groups. After killing a number of people, the professions in the distance would rush to the scene to kill the enchanted beast. Although each time the enchanted beast was killed, the remaining refugees would erupt in huge cheers, but the people who died would forever remain dead.

Seeing this scene, Ma Tao was suffused with a hint of sadness. His original expectation of Xiangcheng City’s main city suddenly weakened a lot.

“Lead…… Boss, are the ordinary people in the main city living this kind of life.” Ma Tao almost made a mistake with his speech, instantly he reacted, correcting his statement.  

Cheng Yang gave him a warning look, and then said, “According to my conjecture, now the stratification has been reflected in the main city. After all, in a short period of time, the main city can’t let all the people be transferred. During this period of time, the first batch of transfers will occupy the dominant position in the main city. And as they adapt to this feeling of superiority, they are bound to later place great restrictions on the transfer of ordinary people. What happens after that, you should be able to guess.”

Ma Tao bitterly smiled, he said, “At this time, how can humans be so selfish?”

He didn’t need an answer from Cheng Yang, because he already know the answer.  

Cheng Yang went on to say, “The entire population of ordinary people are like this in the main city. When you enter the main city, you’ll realize how bad it is for them.”

Ma Tao would no longer ask, but quietly follow behind Cheng Yang. At this moment, his mind was firmer on the idea of taking his parents, wife, and children out of the main city.  

Once they arrived at the light screen, Cheng Yang calmly walked past. Ma Tao was somewhat nervous, but after seeing many people entering and exiting the light screen, he followed Cheng Yang’s footstep in.

“Huh, it didn’t feel like anything.” Ma Tao softly muttered.

Cheng Yang lightly laughed, “That’s normal. After the establishment of the light screen, it’s only valid on enchanted beast, and has no effect on humans.” In fact, there was something Cheng Yang didn’t mention, which was the light screen didn’t block alienation beast. In his past life, more than once, the main city suffered heavy damage from alienation beast.




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