Doom Lord Chapter 63

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Doom Lord

Chapter 63- Message

Yuan Jianze has a rough estimate on the general condition of Xiangcheng city. He believes at present, at least one-third of the whole city’s population survived, meaning approximately 300,000 people are still alive. Up until now, those that has been rescued are only a tiny portion of the survivors; if we only rely on the army for rescue, rescue action will seriously lagged behind.

With the passage of time, refugees still in the ruins will find it increasingly difficult to survive. Now the most important thing to do is fight for time.

In the previous apocalypse, Yuan Jianze also made such a choice, which afterward led to a force emerged. They successfully occupied a field station, and captured the Guardian Temple architectural drawing. This gave them the strength to rival the forces of Yuan Jianze.

Of course, in this life because of an anomaly like Cheng Yang, what course the changes of history will goes, no one is clear.

Cheng Yang fought in the wild most of the night, and then went back to Luo Feng village. At this time, his account has reached more than 2,400 points of power value.  

Before he began cultivating, Cheng Yang chose to upgrade the property of the professions’ statue. This time he chose to have all of the attacks strengthen. After the selection, the territory power value was left with only 1,500 points.

The next morning, Cheng Yang’s cultivation progress has increased by 3.5%. At this rate, in about 20 days, he will be able to smoothly advance to peak-order apprentice. But it is clear that in 20 days time, Luo Feng village can absolutely reach level 3, so when the time comes to whether to use grace to upgrade his level or not, this is a difficult decision to make.   

Level 3 grace is effective below the apprentice level. If he wait until his level reach peak-order apprentice to use, then right away he can become a beginner-level magician. This is better than using grace to promote himself to the peak-order apprentice and cultivating again.

However, if he don’t use grace, then in the next 20 days, his strength will be stuck in high-order apprentice. This will not only make some of his plans affected, but also his efficiency of obtaining power value.

After carefully weighing the advantages and disadvantages, Cheng Yang’s mind has already come to a decision.

Once he came out of his residence, Cheng Yang went straight into the instance. At the same time Cheng Yang entered the instance, the three territory guards also entered, but what they were entering was a different instance.

After a fierce battle, Cheng Yang came out from the instance. Less than a few minutes later, Chen Yun and the other two guards also came out from the instance.

After two successive instance clearances, each of them has put together most of their equipment, and because it’s done on hard difficulty level, what came out were all iron-grade equipment.

Cheng Yang went inside the Guardian Temple, recruiting a priest and a magician with ss-class talent from the hiring lists. This made the 4,000 points of power value Cheng Yang just surged to instantly cut down by half.

For the remaining power value, Cheng Yang didn’t continue using, instead he transferred them to Yu Kai’s team of professions, so that they can continue to open four times cultivation speed. At this point, the power value Cheng Yang lend out has reached 13,000 points.

Throughout the day, Cheng Yang with the same team continue their search and rescue operation in Xiangcheng city. Their search and rescue operation has now been 80% completed, with 10 search and rescue points to go, this task will come to an end.  

Although, there are still some family members of professions that weren’t found during this search and rescue operation, but with the power of Luo Feng village, it is impossible to search throughout Xiangcheng city again. Whether or not they can survive, you can only look at their good luck.

In the afternoon, Cheng Yang and the others finally arrived at the last search and rescue point. Although they failed in finding the profession’s family, but instead they obtained a piece of important information. The people they were trying to save were rescued by another group of people yesterday evening.

The provider of the news is a trustworthy survivor. At that time, because the group of people was in a hurry, and he was injured from the earthquake and lost some of his mobility, so before he could rushed to the group, those people had already left.

As the team listened to the survivor’s description of this group of survivors, Cheng Yang’s face instantly turned solemn.

“Lord, do you know that group of people? Do you know where they are? “The profession with concern for the safety of his loved ones anxiously asked.

Cheng Yang thought for a moment and said: “Ma Tao, you don’t have to worry. Although I don’t know this group of people, but here from the main city of Xiangcheng city isn’t very far. Right now, rescue teams are going around everywhere trying to save people, in addition to the military, it can only be people that has just transferred to professions. According to his description, that group of people can’t be the army, so the only possibility is that they are professions, and these people can only come out from the main city. ”

Ma Tao’s face suddenly eased up a lot, he said: “Lord, then do we go to the main city now? ”

“No need to rush. “Cheng Yang immediately said:” We will first return to the station, and make plans for tomorrow morning. The main city is now in the hands of the military. Although there may be some civil forces, but the military still holds the absolute control, so your family for the time being won’t be in any danger there. ”

Ma Tao also know that going to the main city now isn’t very realistic, and more importantly what they come here to do is rescued some people in needs of help back to Luo Feng village.   

Immediately, the people formed a single line with Cheng Yang guiding them back to Luo Feng village. Along the way, they tried avoiding encounters with people coming out of the main city of Xiangcheng city.

As usual, after Cheng Yang and the others returned to Luo Feng village, the sky was completely dark. The first thing he did coming back was assigned some people to make arrangements for these people he had brought back to the village. Afterward, he used the newly added 500 units of wood obtained today to construct the remaining three shops, while the rest of the wood were used to build residences.

After Cheng Yang finished, he hasten to eat his dinner, and then went out alone into the jungle.

Until two o’clock in the morning did Cheng Yang returned to Luo Feng village.

At this time, yesterday selected professions’ statue upgrades have been fully completed. Cheng Yang immediately chose to upgrade health, and then began tonight’s cultivation.

All day yesterday, the five territory guards were responsible for cleaning up enchanted beasts around Luo Feng village. Their exclusive skill was a great advantage in this regard. As long as there is a monster spawned, they will be the first to rushed over and solve it. Because the monster was killed in a timely manner, it causes the respawn rate to be a little bit higher. As a result, on this day, killing monsters around the surrounding territory provided the territory with around 1,600 power values, in addition to tax revenue, as well as instance output, yesterday’s income reached about 5,000 territory power values.

However, because of the fees needed to paid the carpenters for the wood, 1000 points of power value were consumed here. Then, with the 2,500 power values consumption for the professions’ statue upgrade, Luo Feng village only has a total of 3,000 territory power values remaining. But this is quite good, in the future, Luo Feng village’s earning will only appeared a positive growth.

The next morning, after Cheng Yang’s cultivation is completed, he went inside the instance. This has almost become a compulsory course for Cheng Yang.

After coming out from the instance, Cheng Yang assigned tasks for Yu Kai and the others for today.  

Now with Luo Feng village as the center, within a radius of five to six kilometers already been touch upon by the professions of Luo Feng village. In this range, almost all large monster groups have been eliminated by them. Even if there are temporary gathering, its size will not exceed 30.

In this case, each time the brigades does consolidated action is obvious a waste of manpower, so Cheng Yang suggested they do operations in sub-squadron. To make it the maximum extent possible for increasing the efficient for killing enchanted beast.

Currently, Luo Feng village has nearly 1,000 professions. This number can only guarantee that in a single day can annihilate the monsters in this range, after all, this region is over hundreds of square kilometer.

Therefore, each brigade is now basically responsible for a direction. After that, no matter how they divide their work, it will fall on the arrangements of the respective brigade. Of course, if they have confidence in their strength, they can continue to push outward.

But in more distant places, now there are already communities with a thousand enchanted beasts, a careless mistake can easily wiped them out. So Cheng Yang asked everyone to be as caution as possible.

As for the matter on wood, the effort need to be intensify. According to Cheng Yang’s plan, all the professions in Luo Feng village must be ensure to live in level 2 residences, but that is nearly 200 buildings. Level 2 residences need to be upgraded from level 1 residences, so the combined wood needed will be close to 3,000 cubic meters.

Now the first batch of carpenters has their logging skill on the brink of an upgrade, it’s estimated after today the upgrade will be completed. After their logging skill get to level 2, the efficiency for gathering wood will doubled. Moreover, in this five days-period also allow them to fully pay off their loan to Cheng Yang, so in order to stimulate their enthusiasm for wood cutting, Cheng Yang intended to raise the prices for the wood for these carpenters that finished their repayment, from the original 2 points of power value to 3 points.

This must be done, or with the current timber purchase price, the level 1 logging skill will only give profession 20 power values a day, which is a lot lower than the efficiency from killing monsters. After Cheng Yang increase the price, those with level 2 logging skill can earn up to 60 power values a day. When compared with other professions, their power value earning may be slightly less, but logging is more secure. I believe many people are willing to go chop wood.

However, in this way, Luo Feng village’s daily expenditure will reached 2,000 power values, and after the group of carpenters behind them also upgrade their skill to level 2, the expenditure amount will be greater.

Fortunately, now the Scarlet Church instance in the territory is about to be promoted. After the upgrade, the territory can get an extra 1,000 power values each day, which is also a happy occasion.


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