Doom Lord Chapter 62

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Doom Lord

Chapter 62- Situation

For the professions of Luo Feng village, what they most desire to do is annihilating enchanted beast group rather than stay in the territory killing the low frequency of spawned enchanted beast. This way of earning power value is too low.

In order to provide security for the territory as well as earn territory power value, Cheng Yang had to arrange for some people to handle such a matter.

Now listening to Cheng Yang said that these things will be handed over to the territory guard, naturally they are very happy.

“Everyone disperse, people that ought to be cultivating should go cultivate, and people that ought to be killing enchanted beast should go kill enchanted beast.” Cheng Yang said with a smile, and then took the three guards to the altar behind the territory where the entrance to the Scarlet Church instance is located.  

Cheng Yang said: “This is a instance, can you guys go in? ”

Chen Yun three people have a look of shock once they saw this portal. Cao Cun said: “Lord, this … … How could this portal be in the territory? ”

“Is this strange? “Cao Cun’s words made Cheng Yang very curious.

Cao Cun hesitated for a bit, then said: “In the world we live in, although there are instance portals within the territory, but that is after the territory has developed to a certain level, which made the field instance be included within the territory range. Instance portal like the one in Luo Feng village where the portal is directly located next to the territory altar has indeed never happen.”

Cheng Yang instantly captured the main focus of Cao Cun’s explanation, he asked: “Your world? What is the situation like in your world? ”

Cao Cun with a wry smile said: “When we entered this world, a large portion of our memory was sealed by God. As for the state of affair concerning our world, it isn’t very clear. The only thing I remember are some scattered fragments, like this instance portal. ”

Cheng Yang see the sincerity on Cao Cun’s face, it is estimated that he didn’t lie. Like most people in the previous apocalypse had guess, whether these territory guards, or the shop’s’ owners, neither are people from this world.

However, this problem is clearly not solvable at this stage, so Cheng Yang can only throw them aside for the time being. Then he said: “Let’s not speak about these things. For this instance, are you able to enter? ”

Cao Cun three people nodded, he said: “As long as the instance is within the territory range, we can enter. ”

Cheng Yang immediately became overjoyed, he said: “Good, in a moment Cao Cun and Xu Wu can respectively enter the hard difficulty level instance. Although the final opponent in the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance is a peak-order Grell, but that can be solve with a clever trick … … “

Cheng Yang then explain the instance clearance method to them.

The reason why he is so confident that these newly hired guards can handle the hard difficulty level instance is because these guards are natural born warrior. Their sense for fighting is very valiant, and they have combat experience no less than those people mixed a year in the apocalypse. Therefore, as long as the final trick is mastered, when they enter the instance, there won’t be any danger.

“Lord, let me also go in! “Chen Yun seriously said.

Cheng Yang was momentarily surprised, he said: “You belong to a melee profession, moreover there isn’t any summoned beast to assist you. For you to fight alone against a peak-order enchanted beast, the risk is too big. When your strength increased, we’ll talk about it again. ”

However, Chen Yun was unexpectedly very insistent, he said: “Lord you can rest assured, if I can’t even handle a first peak-order Grell, will I still have face to be a territory guard? Furthermore, I can also wear equipment, and use potions. Coupled with my property bonus, getting rid of this first peak-order Grell isn’t difficult. ”

Cheng Yang see the firm look on Cheng Yun’s face, so after thinking deeply about it, he agreed to his request, but still said: “Then you go ahead and give it a try, but don’t force it. If you find yourself no match for it, quickly rushed up the tree. As long as two hours elapsed, the instance will automatically shut off, then you’ll be safe. ”

“Many thanks for the reminder, Lord. “Chen Yun said while bowing down, but his expression obviously didn’t take Cheng Yang’s reminder seriously.

Cheng Yang sighed. I hope Chen Yun is indeed really sure about this.

At once, Cheng Yang transferred over 200 power values to Chen Yun to let him buy potions. Then, Cheng Yang went to look for the professions in cultivation to borrow equipment. Currently Liu’s group is cultivating, so Cheng Yang went directly over to Liu Hao to borrow his equipment. Although Liu Hao’s equipment isn’t as good as Cheng Yang, but in the entire Luo Feng village it’s ranked among the best.

Chen Yun was satisfied with this set of equipment. Immediately, he went into the instance first, followed by Cao Cun and Xu Wu, these two men.

After the three men disappeared, Cheng Yang began counting today’s harvest. Of course, it’s needless to say his own harvest, what he really cared about is the overall income of the territory.

After reviewing, Cheng Yang discovered the territory has more than 2,200 points of territory power value. Half of which were obtained from the instance clearances this morning, the other half is from killing monsters in the territory.

But now the priest statue has also upgraded to level 3. Later if you want to continue to upgrade the statues’ properties, the daily consumption of territory power value will reach 2,500 points. Fortunately, Cheng Yang has just enlisted three guards. If they can successfully clear the instance, it can provide the territory with nearly an additional 1,500 points of power value a day. Plus with the original income, the daily territory power value will surpass 4,000 points.

This figure, even if humans later occupy a station in the future, nor would it be possible for them in a short period of time to increase the daily territory power value income to such an extent. In the early stage of upgrading the station, territory power value is the most crucial factor restricting the promotion of the territory.  

Next, Cheng Yang personally went out to pick 10 people suitable for transfer to priest, and then brought them to the priest statue for transfer. For the allocation of these ten priests, naturally each brigade received two.

Afterward, Cheng Yang took inventory of the remaining wood. There are still more than 80 cubic meters left. At once, he opted to used them all on constructing level 1 residences. With this construction, the number of residences in Luo Feng village has reached 58. Even so, more than two-third of the professions in Luo Feng village belongs to the category of homeless.

Cheng Yang has also been thinking about speeding up the construction of the residences, at the very least so that those profession with families can have a place to live in. But the output of wood has been Luo Feng village’s biggest headache. There is nothing that can be done about this, each territory must inevitably go through such a process.

Next, Cheng Yang left Luo Feng village alone. He walked towards the distant, while at the same time killing monsters along the way.

Having just recruited the territory guards has made his power value empty, if he don’t work a bit harder, I’m afraid night cultivation would be a problem. Of course, this is only Cheng Yang joking around, even if he’s not out killing monsters now, there is also enough power value for cultivating.  

The reason why he is so diligent, naturally it’s to filled up the vacancies for the territory guard.

Through the study of Chen Yun and the other two guards’ properties, Cheng Yang discovered a problem. Although the territory guards doesn’t need to cultivate to enhance their order, but the skill level need to be used many times to level up. From this aspect, enlisting the guards a little earlier will be very beneficial to enhancing their strength.

About half an hour later, Cheng Yang open his properties panel. He quickly discovered that his power value surged to more than 1,300 points. This immediately allowed Cheng Yang to calm down, it appears Chen Yun three people smoothly succeeded in clearing the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance.

Before 1 am, Cheng Yang completely consumes today’s energy value, successfully refining 12 bottles of mana potion. He then continue to fight in the wild against the monsters … …

These past few days, the main city of Xiangcheng city has gradually entered the right track.  

Yuan Jianze’s army took control of the main city three days later, and from the surrounding saved nearly 50,000 people. Compare with Luo Feng village, their method of saving people is much simpler because the focus of their rescue operation is temporarily only within one kilometer around the main city, which mean they don’t have to walk far.  

But when the main city reach a certain number of people, trouble soon followed.

First of all, the food problems of tens of thousands of people were testing the tolerance of Yuan Jianze. Although testing has identified a number of enchanted beast’s meat can be eaten, but because the number of professions is too little, the amount of enchanted beast’s obtained everyday isn’t many.

Secondly, with a large number of refugees gathered together, and with nothing to do, some secret organizations began to gradually emerged. These people according to the current upheaval, fabricated some doctrine of Gods, and began circulating them among the crowd. This created plenty of trouble for Yuan Jianze’s management.

Finally, some people began advocating for fairness, criticizing the behavior of Yuan Jianze dominating the profession statues. They strongly urged Yuan Jianze to opened the transfers to the public, so that ordinary people can transfer.

These three issues made Yuan Jianze’s head hurt, but as a soldier, a soldier who came from a time of peace, he couldn’t point the muzzle at ordinary people. At least for now, he can’t do such a thing.

Finally, Yuan Jianze had to ordered some professions to search the ruins, and clean out the locations of several supermarket warehouses, which added a lot of food. However, this isn’t enough to meet the needs of all. Finally, the military can only take out a portion of their power value to buy some food at the grocery store to not make everyone starve.

As for those who gathered believers, Yuan Jianze took coercive measures. Although this played a deterrent role, but it can’t be completely eliminated, instead this made them more subtle. In response, Yuan Jianze besides telling the army to strengthen regulation can’t think of any other ways.

Yuan Jianze has decided to fulfilled the people’s request to have the transfer opened to the public. After giving careful consideration, he has decided to have it selectively open.

The reason why he will make such a decision is simply because these days of fighting has once again cause the army’s troop to diminish. Although these soldiers had transferred before going out to fight, but their fighting experience weren’t very abundant. In the face of large groups of enchanted beasts, casualties are inevitable.

Yuan Jianze intended to transferred a portion of the ordinary people, and let them also participate in the sweep against the enchanted beasts; which not only helps stabilize the situation in the city, but also reduced the damage to the army.


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