Doom Lord Chapter 61

Doom Lord

Chapter 61- Enlisted

Hearing that, Cheng Yang suddenly had a very happy feeling. His decision to build the Guardian Temple first was undoubtedly the right choice. The Guardian Temple wasn’t a unique building. Since Cheng Yang managed to get the drawing, other stations also had the opportunity of obtaining it.

But now, all the high-class talent guards that refreshed in the Guardian Temple completely belonged to their own. And Cheng Yang could guarantee that under normal circumstances, within two months, competitors competing with him for talented guards would not occur. Of course, if there were an anomaly, it was difficult to say.

Cheng Yang wouldn’t be surprised, after all, in the whole world, he was one of the biggest anomaly. Therefore, if he could hire guards with high talent early, Cheng Yang absolutely didn’t want to delay.

However, hiring highly talented guard wasn’t so easy, their price compared with the general guards was like the difference between the underground and the sky.

Cheng Yang looked at his power value. After working hard all day long, he earned about 3,200 points of power value, nearly half of which were from killing the Blackwater Crocodile’s group. Plus the 400 points he earned early in the morning, it’s just enough for him to hire three SS-class talent guards and an S-class talent guard.

Should he wait until his power value reached 100,000 points, in order to open up eight times cultivation speed, then start hiring territory guards?

The idea just came out, but was quickly rejected by Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang didn’t hesitate to choose the guard with the highest employment price. A thousand power values instantly disappeared from Cheng Yang’s account.

Cheng Yang saw a flash of light before his eyes. Then, a guard wearing new warrior equipment appeared in front of Cheng Yang.

It is a man with a handsome appearance, with a look less than 30 years old.

“Subordinate Chen Yun pay respect to the Lord.” The warrior immediately got down on one knee and gave a ceremony to Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang didn’t feel surprised, after all, in his past life he heard these guards employed from the Guardian Temple had temperament similar to ancient time people, and with courtesy exactly the same as them.

Cheng Yang reached out and prop him up, he said, “Chen Yun please. After I leave Luo Feng Village, much of its safety will depend on you.”

“Lord has spoken too discreetly, and fighting for the Lord is your subordinate’s honor.” Chen Yun at once respectfully said.

As a Lord, Cheng Yang was able to view the properties of his subordinate. Territory guard isn’t an exception.

Sure enough the properties was very powerful, its first talent was comparable with his own talent, while the second talent was also a fighting type talent. Were it not for the lack of equipment, he was afraid he wasn’t necessarily Chen Yun’s opponent.

After Cheng Yang saw the introduction of Guardian Force, he suddenly thought of one thing. He could allow the territory guards to kill the enchanted beast that spawned around the territory, and doing so wouldn’t this allow all the other professions to kill monsters further away? Not only would this let the territory earn a fix amount of territory power value every day, it could also correspondingly increase his own power value. This could be described as hitting two birds with one stone.

At the thought of killing monsters to get territorial power value, Cheng Yang instantly thought of the Scarlet Church. In accordance with the rules for obtaining territory power value, the monsters had to be killed within one kilometers of the territory. And since killing monsters inside the Scarlet Church provided the territory with territory power value, couldn’t these territory guards also enter the Scarlet Church instance?

This question was worth testing, and the probability of success was very large. If the hypothesis were correct, he could let these first order masters enter the hard difficulty level of the Scarlet Church instance, so that every day would be able to earn more territory power value, and also make the Scarlet Church promote faster.

The only pity was that as a warrior, Chen Yun wouldn’t be able to handle the hard difficulty level alone, because he couldn’t attack the first peak-order enchanted beast from the top of the tree.

But even if Cheng Yang early thought of using the territory guards to clear the instance, he would still use a special quota on a warrior. Because a powerful warrior for the development of the territory was too important. Even if Chen Yun were unable leave the territory, his role couldn’t be ignored.

For the two remaining places, Cheng Yang had long figured out. He intended to use them to hire an archer, and the other quota on a summoner. As for priest, it’s not that Cheng Yang didn’t want to use it on them, but he didn’t feel that the role of a high-level priest was of greater value than a high-level summoner.

Next, Cheng Yang went over to meet with the other four helpers. After talking to them, he learnt some of their names.

At this time, Cheng Yang really doubted whether or not they were a family, because their surname was exactly the same. The name of the magician was called Long Fa (mean Dragon Method), the archer’s name was called Long Jian (Dragon Arrow), pastor’s name was Long Mu (Dragon Shepherd), and the summoner’s name was Long Huan (Dragon Call). [TLN: Just going to leave the name the way it is, Long Fa, Long Mu, and so on.]

In Cheng Yang’s inner most heart he felt nauseous hearing their names, but on his face is still a smile, because these people in front aren’t like the NPC in the game world. They are real people, if they are offended, they will bear grudges.

After opening these people employment lists, he suddenly discovered that each list had an SS-class guard available for hire, and a number of S-class guards.  At least four or five, at most ten.

Cheng Yang immediately chose to hire the summoner and archer, consuming the remaining two special quotas.

The two properties are also very powerful.


Suddenly, three high-order profession’s apprentices appeared, making Luo Feng Village’s strength greatly increase. Even if there were a positive confrontation with the military at this time, Cheng Yang was also full of confident.

However, after hiring these three guards, Cheng Yang’s power value was only 600 points. After some hesitation, he chose not to use the 600 power values to hire an S-class talent guard.

Next, Cheng Yang with the three guards stepped out of the Guardian Temple. After coming out, there were many professions staring hard at the three guards, some of them had been standing around the Guardian Temple, so naturally they knew that Cheng Yang was the only person that went inside.  

But now there are four people coming out, where did the other three people come from?

Due to respect for Cheng Yang, they didn’t privately talk, but continue to quietly look.

Cheng Yang stopped and laughed, “Are you curious? These three people behind me are territory guards, responsible for the safety of the territory. Later, the responsibility for killing the respawned enchanted beast around the territory will be handed over to them to kill. You are free to head further afield to kill larger monster group.”

The professions below suddenly erupted in huge cheers. For them, where these people came from wasn’t important, the key was that they can help them.



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