Doom Lord Chapter 60

Doom Lord

Chapter 60- Territory Guard

Immediately, he went to the altar and offered up the Guardian Temple’s architectural drawing as a sacrifice. After the drawing disappeared, the altar’s property panel gained an option to build the Guardian Temple.

Guardian Temple: special building, the Lord can recruit territory guards in the Guardian Temple. The strength of the territory guard is associated with the Lord’s strength, while the quantity is associated to the territory level. Building condition: 500 units of wood.

Without a doubt, the Guardian Temple was definitely one of the special buildings with the lowest building condition. This was something Cheng Yang had already known.

Presently, Luo Feng village already had more than 500 units of wood. If used to construct several shops, the level 2 village would be able to complete all the necessary building requirement needed for promotion. But as a result of the limited power value, even if Cheng Yang had those shops build, nor could it let Luo Feng village immediately upgrade. Therefore, Cheng Yang decided to first build the Guardian Temple.

Without hesitation, Cheng Yang immediately opted to build the Guardian Temple.

Immediately, a multicolored light emerged not far adjacent to the profession statues, rapidly forming a virtual image of an ancient temple-style building. After a short moment, the multicolored light faded away, and in its place stood a large magnificent building. Its outward appearance had some points of similarity with the picture on the Guardian Temple’s architectural drawing.

The residents of Luo Feng village wasn’t alarmed by this strange sight, because just yesterday, they witnessed something even more spectacular.

Cheng Yang quickly walked into the temple. Regarding the Guardian Temple, only the Lord had permission to enter. In his past life, the internal context regarding the Guardian Temple didn’t spread out, so in this regard Cheng Yang was also full of interest.

After entering the door, Cheng Yang was slightly disappointed, because inside the temple was totally empty, in addition to the five people that were dressed in weird appearances standing around the Guardian Temple.

When he say weird appearance, he meant compared with the way modern people dress. These professions manner of dressing followed the path toward evolution. Looking at the five people in front, their equipment seemed to be significantly more powerful than Cheng Yang and the others.

“Hello Lord, welcome to the Guardian Temple, is there anything we can do for you?” A profession nearest to Cheng Yang dressed in heavy armor, respectfully said. Judging from his appearance, he should be a warrior.

Cheng Yang put away his curiosity, and said, “Revered warrior, hello, may I ask what’s your name?”

The warrior said, “My name is Long Zhan. A division-level warrior*.” [TLN: Most likely meant second order.]

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “I have come here to hire territory guards. What do I need to do?”

Long Zhan with a light smile said, “Lord, this is very simple. You only need to pay a certain amount of power value, then you can hire the corresponding territory guard. Here you can hire warrior as guards. If you want to hire other professions, then speak to the corresponding helper you see around the Guardian Temple. In addition to warrior, the profession available for hire are magician, archer, summoner, and priest. If you want to hire other types of profession then you would need to set up the corresponding profession statue within the territory.”

Cheng Yang immediately understood. The type of guards he could hire were related to the profession statue the territory owned.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang thought of a problem, immediately he asked, “Is there a limit on the amount of people that can be hired for each profession?”

Long Zhan immediately replied, “Of course there is. The number of guards that can be hired for each profession can’t exceed one-tenth of the profession statue’s transfer quota.”

Cheng Yang was immediately disappointed, one-tenth of the profession’s transfer quota is indeed too few. If he later obtained a special profession statue, wanting to hire more would be impossible.

Forget it, being able to hire one-tenth was already good enough, Cheng Yang comforted himself. Then he asked, “After the territory guards are hired, what else needs to be done?”

Long Zhan patiently explained, “Territory guards are the same as profession, the only difference is that after recruiting the guards, their strength will be dependent on your strength. Later when you promote an order, their strength will also increase by an order, but if you want them to master the corresponding order’s skills, then you need to have them learn it here. Learning the skills here also needs to consume a certain amount of power value, the same amount as profession learning the skill at the profession’s statue. Similarly, the guards also need equipment. These need to be provided by you.”

Cheng Yang was startled, he said, “The power value for learning skills also need to be provided by me? This……”

“Lord, don’t worry! I haven’t finished yet.” Long Zhan slightly chuckled, “The consumption of these guards is indeed entirely provided by you, but in turn, all their harvests are unconditionally owned by you. And because they don’t need to cultivate, the Lord’s harvest will definitely outweigh the consumption.”

Cheng Yang was immediately happy after hearing those words. If the guards’ harvest were completely owned by him, even if he had to provide equipment for them, so what? As for the power value required for learning skills, that was even more negligible.

It was no wonder that a station could compete with Luo Feng Village after the military occupied it. It seemed that this Guardian Temple played a very important role.

“So the highest I can hire at the moment are guards with strength a minor order lower than mine, right?” Cheng Yang asked.

Long Zhan said, “Lord, your words are incorrect. You can only hire guards with strength a minor order lower than your strength. That’s the case now, and in the future that would also be the case.”

After listening, Cheng Yang noticed something fishy, immediately he asked, “How much power value is required for hiring?”

Long Zhan gave a praising smile, and said, “Currently, you can hire mid-order profession apprentices. Each one needs about 200 power values. In the future, when you hire high-order profession’s apprentices, 400 points of power value is required. And along with the increase in the guard’s strength, the amount of power value needed will also correspondingly increase.”

This was definitely good news. Obtaining the Guardian Temple early was definitely a good thing. If he had waited until his strength further increase before getting the drawing, then he was afraid the cost spent for hiring a territory guard would be very high.

Long Zhan looked at Cheng Yang and said, “There is also more good news. Because you are your world’s first Lord to establish a Guardian Temple and employ territory guards, you will be rewarded three special quotas according to the rules of Gods.”

Cheng Yang was momentarily surprised, then he asked, “What special quotas?”

Long Zhan replied, “These three special quotas would allow three territory guards to have the same order as the Lord, and every time the Lord’s order increase, their order would also likewise increase.”

Cheng Yang was immediately excited, this was good news indeed. But in Cheng Yang’s view, these three special quotas to a great extent was more like icing on the cake. Such as when the territory had hundreds of territory guards in the future, would three guards with strength a minor order higher play a major role?

“Can I can start hiring right now?” Cheng Yang asked.

After receiving a positive response from the other side, Cheng Yang immediately asked to begin hiring territory guards.

Long Zhan did a small wave with his hand, and in front a huge light screen suddenly appeared. On it was a dense list of employable guards. Obviously, all the warriors that could be hired were on it.

Cheng Yang carefully looked at it. The light screen displayed on this page list about 100 people, and below the screen, suddenly read a 1,000 page numbers. In other words, he had about 100,000 guards to choose from, and this was only for warrior.

On this page, the guards’ employment prices was 200 power values, it seemed they were mid-order apprentice level. Cheng Yang readily turned a few pages and found that they were all indeed 200 power values.  

“Long Zhan, how do I use the special quotas when hiring?” Cheng Yang curiously asked.

Long Zhan said, “Lord, if you decide to use a special quota for warrior, then the first warrior hired will automatically promote to high-order apprentice.”

Cheng Yang nodded and said, “Then use a special quota for warrior.”

Now Cheng Yang’s wish is to causal choose a warrior to hire as guard, but when he is about to select on a warrior, Long Zhan suddenly said, “Lord, I suggest you first sort it according to employment price.”

Cheng Yang was slightly surprised, immediately he turned to Long Zhan, and saw that he had on an indifferent look. Cheng Yang muttered to himself. There seemed to be something odd going on. Then, he sorted out the warriors according to employment price with the top price at the top.  

After the list was sorted out, Cheng Yang noticed the prices wasn’t the same anymore, because he saw that the top 11 warriors’ employment price was no longer 200 power values. The highest employment price reached 1,000 points, while slightly lower also achieved 600 power values.

“What is going on?” Cheng Yang puzzledly asked, “Are they not mid-order apprentice level?”

Long Zhan said, “Of course they are. The reason their employment prices are different is because of the difference in talent. In our Guardian Temple, the basic talent is A-class, and they all have a tendency toward fighting. Their employment price at mid-order apprentice level is 200 power values. In the temple also exist a few with S-class talent, their employment price would be 600 power values. If you have godly good luck, then you might see guards with SS-class talent available for hire with the price of 1,000 power value like you see there.”

Cheng Yang immediately asked, “What’s the highest level talent?”

Long Zhan said, “This is unclear. The upper talent limit of all guards within the Guardian Temple is dependent on the highest talent in the world*. As for what level your talent can reach, it depends on your own efforts.” [TLN: Cheng Yang’s talent is SS-class at the moment, which is why the upper limit for the guards are SS-class.]

Cheng Yang immediately understood. It appeared that these people along with him had a very limited understanding of this world. Perhaps their knowledge barely scratched the surface of the world.  

“I got it.” Cheng Yang said, “But I don’t know after hiring these guards with high talent, there would be more guards with high talent?”

Long Zhan said, “Of course there would, in the Guarding Temple, one to three guards with S-class talent will come out daily. In a month, one to three guards with SS-class talent will appear. However, the list of guards you see now is open to the world, which means once someone else built the Guardian Temple, then he or she will see the exact same list as you do. Who can hire the more talented guard will depend on who can do it faster.”



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