Doom Lord Chapter 6

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Doom Lord

Chapter 6- Rapid Relief

Cheng Yang also heard the voice, but this is the second time he had heard those words, so he wasn’t surprise.

At this time, he had his sights firmly fixed on the flat land that had suddenly appeared, in a one square km radius the trees had been blown away. He didn’t know where they went, but he thought it was strange that there weren’t any tree stumps on the ground.

More than 100 meters from his current location was a complete territory altar, the appearance, identical to the one in his memory after the end. Around the altar stood four, three meter-high statues. They were the occupation statues, which matched his memories perfectly.

“Follow me! “Cheng Yang yelled. The hurricane had stopped at the moment, so he didn’t really need to continue shouting. Shortly thereafter, Cheng Yang was the first to move forward.

Cheng Yang had walked more than 10 meters before Yu Kai, and other personnel finally reacted, following right behind Cheng Yang.

Boss Lee, saw that Cheng Yang seemed to call the shots in this group of people, and he also seems to know something that other people don’t know about. So when he saw that Yu Kai had rushed forward, he also ran.

Cheng Yang took only a few seconds of time, and then rushed to the front of the altar. He instantly called up the altar’s properties panel and selected the construction of the wall.

At this moment, the more than 10 cars that remained in the river with wood still on them seemingly melted into the air, disappearing. Immediately after, a three meter-high, wooden wall appeared around the altar in just in a few seconds. The one-kilometer radius around the altar had been completely surrounded. Even on top of the stream there were two wooden walls across of them, and they also stopped the river from flowing inside the station.

At this time, Yu Kai and the others had also rushed to the side of the altar and stood in front of Cheng Yang dumbfounded. After being alive for so many years, they had never seen such a strange thing.

Boss Lee asked: “Yoko, please tell me, what the hell is going on?“ Since he was the oldest of the group, he was more calm-headed as he turned to face Cheng Yang.

Cheng Yang said: “I can’t explain it all to you right now, we don’t have much time left. Let me put it this way; you should know that we are now in a game world. Placed here are the four statues that can be used to transfer occupations, these occupations are the Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Summoner. We must now select our favorite to transfer to as soon as possible.”

Boss Lee, let alone the experienced players of games like Liu would also feel shocked. Liu didn’t expect the real world to really change into a game, but when this scene really happened right in front of him, he felt so strange, even crazy.

At the moment they saw the surrounding circular wall that appeared, they knew that this was something they were unable to use science to explain.

Although the things happening in front of them made them quite shocked, they knew that they must make a decision quickly.

“Yoko, can we also transfer to an occupation? “Liu asked expectedly.

“Of course.“ Cheng Yang holding his magic wand and said, ”Just not now, the transfer needs power values, wait until I bring Niu Bing back and we will talk more.”

Boss Lee hesitated for a long time, walked up to Cheng Yang, and said: “Young man, do you think these people can also change occupations?”

Cheng Yang’s heart was happy since he didn’t have to take the initiative to invite them. This was obviously a good thing for him.

Now he needed to act like a Lord. Cheng Yang immediately responded with: “Naturally, but I warn you, the head of this station belong to me. To use the resources here you need to obey my rules. Of course, I don’t make harsh rules, just what is needed to be able to survive in this cruel world now.”

Perhaps it was because the people had just gone through a great shock, or maybe Cheng Yang’s foresight let them find a trace of a security from him, so when they heard Cheng Yang announced ownership of the station they didn’t refute.

They don’t know, but even if they did argue it wouldn’t matter because Cheng Yang had ownership of the station. If he doesn’t want someone to transfer at the statue, then you really can’t transfer. Cheng Yang can also assign staff with permissions to do the same.

Of course, temporarily, Cheng Yang wouldn’t say these things.

“Yoko, what do we do next? Or do we go with you to save Niu Bing?“ Liu asked while looking at the gradually darkening sky. The surrounding terrain was still changing, causing Liu to be very disturbed.

Yu Kai was not the only one with anxiety; others were just as equally dazed. This sudden change completely disrupted everyone’s mind, especially when they heard Cheng Yang said that now the whole world suffered the same disaster. They became even more panicked.

The world had changed so much, what should they do next?

Cheng Yang without any hesitation said, “No, I’m enough to save him, you haven’t changed your job. Your poor abilities now won’t help too much. In seven or eight minutes, there will be enchanted beasts appearing. We must find Niu Bing before the enchanted beasts appear or he might encounter danger. That bro should have been on the road by now, it should be no problem.”

Cheng Yang didn’t give them any time to argue and immediately rushed toward the outer residence.

When Cheng Yang rushed to North Gate of the wall, the tall wooden gate opened under his control with a moment’s notice. At the moment he dashed out of the station like a speeding arrow, the wooden doors behind him were automatically closed. As Luo Feng village’s Lord, as long as he’s in the territory, Cheng Yang can manipulate any constructed building.

Cheng Yang ran, praying in his heart that Niu Bing didn’t have an accident.

He’s running at twice the speed of a normal human, but since he’s a magician his stamina can’t be compared with that of a warrior’s. This means he can’t run for a very long time, but even so, his sprinting speed is faster than ever before.

In three minutes time, he rushed out a distance of nearly two kilometers. If this had happened before the end he would have set a new world record.

Eventually, he saw a crashed taxi down in the middle of the road with three people standing by it. One of them was Niu Bing.

“Yoko, how did you get here? The earthquake just now, did you also experience it?“ Niu Bing ran over from afar to Cheng Yang, immediately asking.

Cheng Yang didn’t explain and said: “If you don’t want to die here immediately come with me, I don’t have time to explain anything right now.”

Finished, Cheng Yang grabbed a hold of Niu Bing’s arm and started going toward the direction of the village.

“Wait a minute, Pang Shan, I have to bring her!“ Niu Bing struggled a bit, and then quickly said.

Cheng Yang noticed when he arrived that Niu Bing was near a girl about the same age, and her appearance is also above average. Perhaps this is who Yu Kai mentioned, Niu Bing’s girlfriend. If she was, they would make a good couple.

Cheng Yang quickly said to her, “Go, I hope you can keep up with our speed.”

Pang Shan wanted to say something, but Niu Bing shook his head and said: “Don’t ask, Yoko should know what’s he doing.”

In fact, Niu Bing had a hint of bad feeling about this, the earthquake wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

At this time, Cheng Yang had run forward with Niu Bing. With the girl no longer staying, she followed after Cheng Yang toward the direction of Luo Feng village.

The driver at this time doesn’t know what to do. He is still unclear about the situation, but hearing from Cheng Yang that this matter might be related to his life was enough to scare him.

People are social animals, in the absence of a sense of security, they tend to go toward the direction with more people. For example, the driver had decided to follow after Cheng Yang who ran away. Later on when he thought of this decision, he felt very wise knowing it was the best decision he had ever made in his life.

At this point Xiangcheng city had nothing left in good shape, as far as the eye could see are ruins of high-rises and other buildings.

Finally the Earthquakes had stopped and the hurricanes disappeared. The surviving humans were ready to start looking for their loved ones, but the sound from the sky gave them an even greater shock than the earlier disasters. If one person hears this voice, it can be interpreted as an illusion. But when everyone hears the voice, it represents a much different meaning.

These are definitely not common geological disasters, which is almost every ones current innermost thought.

What are they suppose to do now? No one knows the answer.

The voice everyone heard told them that people needed to evolve by killing, but how are they killing? Just a straight up fistfight? That’s crap, right? If it’s so, then a boxer should be the most powerful being in the world!

Since there was no clue for the time being, they put the matter behind them and then started looking for their lost relatives while thinking about what to do next. Should they wait for the government’s rescue or rely on themselves?

Xiangcheng City government also begun to act at this time, but since all their communications equipment was unable to be used, the strength they can gather is very limited. But with possession of firearms and other weapons, the police force had gathered together preparing the city hall as the center of their operation, while gradually moving outward to stabilize the current situation.

Meanwhile, they also sent specialists to explore the aftermath of Xiangcheng city. Some of these people think deeper than ordinary people, they always feel that things are not so simple on the surface. Being told that killing creatures was needed to evolve, there’s a keyword that caught their attention, and it’s evolution.

How can we evolve? What direction of evolution are we headed towards? What are the opportunities available to us? These are issues the government heads want to know the answer to.

Of course this issue concerns not only the Government, it also concerns big corporate companies. They were prepared to, after everything became stable, also look for answers about evolution.

At this very moment, no one thought it was only Xiangcheng city that experienced this disaster. Because in today’s world, there are no means available to make all electrical appliances completely scrapped, where even the power is unable to come on. There was also that weird voice, it confused the humans still attached to scientific beliefs to no end. The only plausible explanation is that Earth suffered a very strange change; it entered onto another path of evolution entirely.

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