Doom Lord Chapter 59

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Doom Lord

Chapter 59- Guardian Temple

The brief halt ended in a blink of an eye, allowing the Blackwater Crocodile’s giant tail to resumed its course toward Cheng Yang. Seeing the tail come his way, Cheng Yang used his Spirit Bone Staff to violently slammed onto the incoming giant tail. With the force of the rebound, Cheng Yang once again rise one meter high into the air, letting him narrowly evade the Blackwater Crocodile leader’s attack.

Cheng Yang fell heavily to the ground three meters away. Just now, the Spirit Bone Staff and the Blackwater Crocodile’s tail had made a direct contact; the huge rebound not only launched him away, but it also let his arm burst in aching pain. On physical strength, four Cheng Yang together can’t match the strength of this Blackwater Crocodile’s leader. Just that short confrontation has let him eat some hidden loss.

Fortunately, he’s finally out of the encirclement ring. Now the initiative finally returned to Cheng Yang’s hands.

Cheng Yang couldn’t help but show a bit of a sneer on his lip. At once, he shot an Ice Puck to the head of the Blackwater Crocodile’s leader that had just attack him.  

The Blackwater Crocodile’s leader naturally don’t have the ability to escape from Cheng Yang’s attack. The Ice Puck landed on it’s forehead, immediately causing it to send out an excruciating scream filled with pain.

The ordinary Blackwater Crocodiles in the surrounding hasn’t been idling around either, as they flocked their way toward Cheng Yang. Looking down from the sky, dense mass of tiny dots can be seen covering the ground, even a space for a foothold can’t be found.

Cheng Yang didn’t dare compete with these enchanted beast in strength. Once again he drew back, while at the same time shot an Ice Puck at the Blackwater Crocodile’s leader. The Ice Puck seemed to only annoyed the Blackwater Crocodile’s leader more, as it continued to angrily rushed over to Cheng Yang.

At this same time, the other Blackwater Crocodile’s leader has also recovered from its frozen state, following his companion on it’s quest to swallowed Cheng Yang into its belly.  

Cheng Yang sneer at their actions. The moment these guys failed to surrounded him has set them on a path to a tragic end. Again an Ice Puck flew out, once more hitting the Blackwater Crocodile’s leader 10 meters away from his location. This Blackwater Crocodile’s leader finally let out its dying cries, as it slowly collapse down to the ground.

He has to say, this Blackwater Crocodile’s skin is really hard and tough. Normally, when facing a common first late-order enchanted beast, Cheng Yang only needs three Ice Pucks to kill it, but this guy in front of him actually need four to finally died.

Next, Cheng Yang switch his target to the second Blackwater Crocodile’s leader. In spite of the fact that the group of Blackwater Crocodiles is now four hundred to five hundred feets away from Cheng Yang, but with the exception of the Blackwater Crocodile’s leader, the rest of these enchanted beast don’t even have half of Cheng Yang’s speed, so Cheng Yang isn’t too worried.

This Blackwater Crocodile’s leader took the lead in rushing at him. In less than a few seconds, it followed its companion’s footsteps.

Cheng Yang can’t wait to kill the rest of the enchanted beasts, but first he must find a safe place for him to release Ice Thorn.

Of course, Cheng Yang has thought of calling out Liu Hao and the others. However, if he doesn’t use Redirection, the role they are able to play won’t be big, and if he does use Redirection, their defense can’t support the Blackwater Crocodile’s attacks for a long period of time. So after a brief thought, he decided to give up the idea.

Cheng Yang retreated at a constant speed, while looking for the right place.

It didn’t take long, he really did found a wonderful hiding place. Before the apocalypse, this should be a gentle slope, but perhaps due to the earthquake, it turned into a cross section, making the top layer 3-4 meters higher than the bottom. As long as Cheng Yang keep his back to the cross section, he’ll only need to worry about the Blackwater Crocodiles in front.

As long as Cheng Yang isn’t in a siege with a first medium-order or higher Blackwater Crocodile, even if the number is more he has no fear. As for the first late-order, now they been killed by Cheng Yang, so there is no need to worry.

At this time, the Blackwater Crocodile in the passageway has massacre all of the Green Anorak, and began to drilled out from the inside. Relatively speaking, the Blackwater Crocodile’s fighting strength is slightly stronger than the Green Anorak, and added to the great disparity in quantity between the two side, these Green Anorak desperate counter-attacks also failed to give the Blackwater Crocodile too much of a trouble.

Cheng Yang rushed full speed toward the cross section. Feeling Mother Earth against his back, Cheng Yang felt his heart gained a lot of stability.

“Ice puck … …” Cheng Yang’s shout attracted the Blackwater Crocodiles group to rushed to this side. His goal is simple, that is to make the group of Blackwater Crocodile crowd together as much as possible. His Ice Thorn skill has no volume restriction, which means as long as it’s within this range, they will be attacked.

10 seconds later, the Blackwater Crocodile group rushed to Cheng Yang’s side. The scattered enchanted beasts had been killed off by his Ice Puck, so the only thing remaining are the dense mass of Blackwater Crocodile coming his way.

Cheng Yang didn’t show any modesty, as he hard carried the Blackwater Crocodile’s attack, while simultaneously spammed his Ice Thorn skill. Looking at his power value continuously increased, Cheng Yang is very pleased.

The group of Blackwater Crocodile also has a certain number of first medium-order monster, but because Cheng Yang doesn’t need to take into account all sides, whenever he see a big fellow, he can find them at first sight. Then, he would focus his attention on them. They simply don’t have the opportunity to rush to Cheng Yang’s side, before being killed by him.

After a few minutes, Cheng Yang have already killed off most of the Blackwater Crocodile, leaving only some sporadic existence remaining.

At this time, Liu Hao and the others suddenly came out from a pile of rubble on the left side. With a war cry coming out of their mouth, they rushed toward the scattered enchanted beast. In a short period of time, all Blackwater Crocodile were eliminated.

“Bet you were specifically looking for an opportunity to win the fruits of victory, right? “Cheng Yang snappily gave them a dirty look, as he laughingly ridicule them.

Liu Hao laughed and said: “Lord, do we dare rob the fruits of your victory? As a matter of fact, after watching you fight so hard, we can’t help but want to come out and assist! Furthermore, with your net worth and killing efficiency, this power value shouldn’t mean much, am I right? ”

Cheng Yang isn’t really blaming them, he smiled and said: “You and your sly tongue. Did you follow my instruction to get the item the group of Blackwater Crocodile was guarding?  

Liu Hao said: “No, just now we saw many crocodiles besiege you so we fear … … hehe(laugh), you know, therefore we decided to wait nearby. ”

Cheng Yang’s heart was suffused with warmth. Although he knows the strength of Liu Hao and the others won’t be much of a help if he encountered danger; however, this feeling of concern, still made him very happy. After the apocalypse happened, the relationship between people was more or less filled with intrigue and distrust. People that can truly care for others are rare.

“Ok, let’s go have a look in the end what the hell these guys were guarding. “Cheng Yang said with a calm smile shown on his face.

Next, the team under the leadership of Cheng Yang, quickly went through a team battle in the direction of the passageway. Afterward, they arrived at the Blackwater Crocodile’s gathering place.

On the ground, laid a scroll-shaped item. This time is unlike the past, Cheng Yang has twice received this type of scroll-like item, but they were both skill scrolls. However, this time, Cheng Yang is certain it isn’t a skill scroll, but his long awaited territorial architectural drawing.

Putting aside the altar stone and the instances’ first clearance, this thing in front of him is one of the most precious items in Xiangcheng city.

Guardian Temple architectural drawing: The drawing record the method to construct the Guardian Temple. After being sacrifice to the altar, the territory will be allowed the permission to build the Guardian temple. (Guardian Temple: Special building, in the temple Lord can recruit territory guards. The strength of the territory guard is associated with the Lord’s strength, while the quantity is associated to the territory level.)

In his last life, the Guardian Temple was obtained by another Xiangcheng city’s station owner. However, for the general role of the Guardian Temple, Cheng Yang more or less has some knowledge.

The highest order the territory guards can be is lower than the Lord by a minor order. Their number isn’t much, a level 1 village only give permission to recruit 10, and every time the village upgrade a level, the number increased by 10. As for the amount of territory guard that can be recruited after the territory is upgraded to town, Cheng Yang has no clue.

Don’t underestimate the role of territory guards. These people are equivalent to the NPC( Non-player character) in the game world, completely taking orders from only the Lord himself. So as long as there is a strong army of territory guard, the statue of the Lord will be very firm.

You must know that in accordance with the present rules, the Lord is the most powerful person within the territory, while the strength of the territory guard is only lower than the Lord by a minor order. Then, can you imagine how powerful an army of territorial guard will be?

When the Guardian Temple is built, Luo Feng village will be able to recruit 20 first medium-order territory guards, who would wound up to be Cheng Yang’s most loyal subordinates.

However, the territorial guards is also subject to restriction, one of its biggest restriction is the inability to leave the scope of the territory. In other words, the territory guards can only defend, and can’t attack. Regarding this point, Cheng Yang also inferred from the performance of the previous apocalypse’s station owner, because the other side has never brought the territory guards out of the station.

“What is this thing? What is the skill called? “Liu Hao on the sideline see Cheng Yang picked up the scroll, instantly became excited. He thought it was skill scroll, because yesterday he obtained a scroll, similar to its appearance.

Cheng Yang said: “This isn’t a skill scroll, but an architectural drawing. Later, when Luo Feng village secure a foothold in the world, this scroll will play a very vital role. ”

“So fierce? “Liu Hao asked with a look of disbelief.

Cheng Yang immediately explains the role of the item to Liu Hao, which immediately left his mouth gaping.

After a long time, Liu Hao with a wry smile, said: “Lord, aren’t these guards too powerful? Directly having the strength of a minor order lower than your, while we still need to exhaust our effort into cultivation, which is completely unfair. ”

Cheng Yang said: “Are you willing to stay all your life in the territory and not go out? ”

“This … … You know what, forget it. “Liu Hao embarrassingly smile, for this benefit he readily declined. Letting him stay a lifetime in Luo Feng village? You might as well kill him.

Cheng Yang wasn’t concern and showed a slight smile pasted on his face, and then he took the Guardian Temple architectural drawing into his arms.

Today, the main task has been completed, with the time now being is close to two o’clock in the afternoon. Cheng Yang and the others then set out again to search a few rescue points. With the success of a profession’s family rescued, they went home.  

After returning to Luo Feng village, the sky was completely dark.

In this trip, Cheng Yang and the others has saved nearly 3,000 people. Compared with the past few days, the amount has decreased, but it was enough to make Cheng Yang happy.

At this moment, Cheng Yang didn’t have enough time to inquires Yu Kai and others about today’s harvest, because he’s eager conjure to up the territory guard.


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