Doom Lord Chapter 58

Doom Lord

Chapter 58- Fierce Battle

“Attacks from the front and the rear!” In the passageway, Cheng Yang cursed his bad luck.  At that time, how could he forget to look at the other end of the road to see if there were any monster group?

These guys definitely ran over after hearing the commotions. As a result of him looking for a channel with only two exits, he now found himself in such a dilemma. He was literally like a turtle trapped in a jar. (T/N: Chinese idiom which meant to set oneself an easy target.)

A direction had to be chosen to break out. If he continued to stay encircled in the middle, he’d definitely die. Eventually, even the bone residue wouldn’t be remaining.

Choosing the exit toward the Blackwater Crocodile here was clearly not a wise choice. Now there were thousands of Blackwater Crocodile coming in from the outside, and the two big guys in the first late-order had yet to make an appearance. If by any chance he were blocked, his small physique might not be able to withstand the opposite party’s bites.

The only way left was the export in the rear. He just hoped the number of Green Anorak wasn’t much.

At the moment, Cheng Yang wasn’t particularly afraid. After all, in his backpack were ten bottles of health potion. Even if he firmly resisted, he could also kill two hundred to three hundred first early-order enchanted beasts. However, the key question was that here the distance was too far from the station. If by any chance he ran into danger with no potions on him, he might be in trouble.

After Cheng Yang made up his mind, he immediately turned around and ran toward the rear channel. In a few breath, he encountered the group of Green Anorak.

Cheng Yang didn’t intend to fight with them head-on, immediately he jumped, reaching a height of three meters high. Then with this inertia, he propelled himself forward, crossing a distance of 7-8 meters from his previous spot.

This scene left the dozen of Green Anoraks rushing forward dumbfounded. Looking at their target that was about to get hit instantly disappear in front of them was hard for them to accept.

Soon, Cheng Yang reached the apex of his jump, and then began falling downward toward the group of Green Anorak. At the moment Cheng Yang was about to land on the floor, seven to eight manure forks stabbed toward him. It gave Cheng Yang the feeling of being skewer like candied fruit.

However, Cheng Yang also knew that even if these manure forks had high attack power, as long as there were no special effects like piercing, it was impossible for them to pierce his body. Just when his feet were about to hit the floor, Ice Thorn was instantly launched.

A dozen Green Anoraks bathed under the ice thorns, which instantly reduced their health by more than half.

At the same time, the attacks from the Green Anorak finally arrived at Cheng Yang’s body. From this round of attack, Cheng Yang lost 2 health points, which was no different from a tickle.  

But, Cheng Yang still paid close attention to these Green Anorak’s attacks. Constantly he did minor adjustments to his body, as he tried to avoid getting hit in the vital parts by these enchanted beasts. This was not to say that Cheng Yang was worried that these enchanted beasts would do higher damage after hitting a vital part, rather it was to prepare for future fighting.

Along with the enchanted beast’s strength upgrade, there would be some enchanted beast that would gain a special effect onto their attack, such as cut, piercing and so on. For instance, if an enchanted beast had the cut property and landed its attack on a person’s neck, and then the cut property came into effect, a tragedy would appear. In this situation, regardless of how weak the enchanted beast’s attack power was, the professions that got their neck cut would have their health point instantly emptied.   

Since enchanted beast was so, the same was equally true with professions. They just needed to have a special skill or equipment. In the middle of fights, once the effect erupted, they would have a chance of spiking their opponents. At that time, fighting experience and skills would be very important. Unlike now, where both sides exchanged hits with one another, and the amount of health points lost tended to be a lot. People didn’t even have a desire to dodge.

It was precisely because of this involuntary action, which kept people from adapting to such type of fight in the future. Only after a large number of profession became sacrificial lambs did it let other people wake up. As it turned out, fighting wasn’t so simple on the surface.  

In his previous life, Cheng Yang had gradually adapted to include dodging into his fighting style, but that was only to adapt, which was far from being familiar with it. Therefore he had to take advantage of these enchanted beasts in the early-order with no special effect on their attack as a good exercise to temper his fighting skills, and prepare for the future.  

Returning back to the fight, Cheng Yang once again launched another Ice Thorn. The Green Anorak all around his body fell to the ground, directly turning into more than 10 corpses.

Cheng Yang didn’t hesitate to immediately rush forward a few steps, and then jump up again, falling down toward the front. Immediately, it was followed by an Ice Thorn casted out.  

Two consecutive attacks once again cleared out an open space, giving Cheng Yang a chance to rush two steps forward. .

At this time, Cheng Yang was about 20 meters away from the exit, and the distance the Blackwater Crocodile behind him was more than 40 meters away. Fortunately, between him and the Blackwater Crocodile were dozens of Green Anorak, otherwise if Cheng Yang were facing these large-sized Blackwater Crocodiles, perhaps this tactic wouldn’t have worked. When falling downward, he wouldn’t even be able to establish a foothold.

After doing the same thing again for three rounds, Cheng Yang had suffered seven to eight attacks, lowering his health points, and although it wasn’t much, it still made him very depressed. For a magician, being besieged in a monster group was indeed a very tragic thing.

At this time, Cheng Yang finally noticed something that was very beneficial to him, because he saw outside the exit had no large monster group. Which meant, as long as he dashed out of the passageway, he would find himself as a fish diving in the deep blue sea, or a bird that expanded its wing into the bright-azure sky.

With excited mood, Cheng Yang leaped up again, and began to make a descent downward……

“****!” Cheng Yang couldn’t help but curse, because after falling down, his health was instantly reduced by 7 points.

It turned out to be a first medium-order Green Anorak. Cheng Yang cursed himself for being so absent-minded. Such a large group of monsters, how could it not have the existence of first-medium order monster? At once, Cheng Yang turned to take a look. Quickly, he found the Green Anorak that sniped at his back.  

At this time, how could Cheng Yang show any politeness? Instantly, he shot out an Ice Puck. After all, this enchanted beast had just endured a round of Ice thorn from him, and now after getting hit by an Ice Puck, its health suddenly emptied.

At this time, the group of Blackwater Crocodile finally encountered the Green Anorak. Obviously, now the Green Anorak was surrounding to kill Cheng Yang, so they simply didn’t take note of the Blackwater Crocodile chasing in the back. However, the Blackwater Crocodile wasn’t a monster that would be lenient when faced with another type of enchanted beast. Widening their ferocious jaws, they bit toward the Green Anorak.  

The two monster groups quickly broke into a melee……

Cheng Yang didn’t think these two monster groups would actually start fighting each other, such situation rarely occurred in the past. Most of the time, different races of monster would mind their own business. Even if they saw each other, they would also deliberately bypass one another. But now, such a scenario was clearly not possible between the Blackwater Crocodile and the Green Anorak. The two sides directly clashed after meeting each other.

This result, Cheng Yang naturally welcomed. Then, he started to kill these Green Anorak in front, and continue to leap forward.

Less than half a minute later, Cheng Yang smoothly came out of the passageway, and into another stretch of ruins. At this time, Cheng Yang suddenly discovered on either side of the ruins, a large group of Blackwater Crocodile making their way toward him.

‘****! Who said enchanted beast isn’t intelligent?’ Cheng Yang more and more had the impulse to curse in his heart. In the year he spent in the previous apocalypse, Cheng Yang discovered he didn’t really have much understanding of it. Like these enchanted beasts before his eyes, they were only first-order enchanted beast, but they already knew how to do a flank attack.

Regarding this, Cheng Yang could only interpret it as the Gods giving these guys special care. Who let them guard unusual items?

In his heart, Cheng Yang felt himself very lucky. If these Green Anorak didn’t rush inside the rear export first, perhaps he would face the attack of thousands of Blackwater Crocodile from the front and rear. To get out of such a predicament was definitely more difficult than facing the Green Anorak.

Then, Cheng Yang without hesitation immediately ran away. This time, there was no need to choose a direction. The group of Blackwater Crocodile had almost finished their encirclement, and didn’t give him more option to choose.

While running, Cheng Yang quickly took out a bottle of health potion from his pocket, and poured it inside his mouth. His health point which was reduced to less than one-third instantly became full. This also helped ease off a bit of his tension.

If placed a few days before the apocalypse, Cheng Yang current speed could leave those so-called Sprint World Championship runners behind eating his dust. But now, Cheng Yang still felt his speed was too slow. As long as he was within the Blackwater Crocodile’s encirclement, Cheng Yang would not feel safe.

“Whooosh……!” There were seven to eight meters left till Cheng Yang escaped the encirclement.

At that moment, an extra large Blackwater Crocodile quickly dashed out from both sides, and rushed toward the direction Cheng Yang was fleeing. The four to five meter-long body was full of deterrence, even by lying on the ground, its height was more than 1 meter.

Cheng Yang’s expression slightly changed. Even if he used his toes to think, he could tell that these two big guys were the two first late-order that are within the group of Blackwater Crocodile. As for the first medium-order Blackwater Crocodiles, he had killed them all a moment ago. However, they really couldn’t be compared with the two enchanted beasts in front.

How to fight against two first-late order monsters at the same time? Cheng Yang somewhat lacked confident. If it were possible to use the kiting tactics, he had quite a bit of confidence of killing them. But now, he was still within the Blackwater Crocodile’s encirclement.  

Spell it! First, he needed to rush out before thinking about solving those two.

Cheng Yang didn’t slow down his pace, as he headed straight toward the position of the two big Blackwater Crocodiles. At the same time, he slightly waved the staff in his hand, causing it to emit a blue light to overflow from the tip of the staff. The light then covered the head of one of the big Blackwater Crocodile.

Originally, that Blackwater Crocodile was still charging at him when suddenly its body instantly froze, plunging it into a state of rigor mortis. Even its eyes couldn’t be rotated.

“Now is the time!” Cheng Yang started calculating the time. He put a foot on top of the head of the Blackwater Crocodile frozen by Cheng Yang’s Freeze skill, and using it as a leverage leap to fall into the distance.

The other Blackwater Crocodile wasn’t idle. Although it isn’t clear why all of a sudden his companion became motionless, but it was very persistence in its goal of stopping Cheng Yang. At that moment, its huge tail swept over to Cheng Yang’s side.  

Cheng Yang was still in the air with no way of changing his posture. However, his extensive combat experience played a role at this time; an Ice Puck rapidly formed at the end of the Spirit Bone Staff, and directly flew toward the enormous tail.

“Bang……!” The two instantly collided. The huge impact made the Blackwater Crocodile’s giant tail come to a brief halt.



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  1. Bob

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Nice to hear that combat will gain a bit of depth in the future, but the description of the effects of the kills still leaves a lot to desire, just in the other direction now. How can a ‘cut’ on the neck immediately kill someone if it succeeds? What if their defense is enough that it just scratches the skin (hardly any hp damage)? And even if it deeply slashes the neck, getting your neck cut doesn’t immediately kill you. It takes a bit of time to bleed out. So what if they are healed by a priest in that time, instantly fixing the (relatively small) hp damage? It would be different if the skill was decapitate. The same goes for piercing the heart, it is not an instant death and even in some cases survivable with just current medical technology much less magic.

    On a side note, did the author forget that he earlier said that a magician is supposed to stand still while casting his skills? Granted this is hardly the first time that rule has been broken, but it’s pretty glaring coming right after saying it a chapter or two back. He’s casting them constantly on the run, even casting them midleap. I didn’t particularly like that rule either, but the story should at least follow it’s own internal logic.

    Thanks for the translation. I keep reading despite my many many problems with the mechanics of this world, because it’s both gamepocalypse and management mixed into one, but I really wish the author hadn’t subscribed to so many of the worst compromises of early mmorpg’s and instead just harvested the elements that would actually be interesting/exciting in a real world scenario.

    1. jacobpaige

      I’d assume that the author meant either decapitation rather than a simple cut. Either that, or he doesn’t realize that it actually takes a bit to die from having your throat cut. Or possibly, wounds made by Cut can’t be healed, in which case you’d definitely bleed to death eventually.

      Only Freeze requires you to stand still. All the other spells are insta-cast. This chapter sill disregards that, but only for the one spell.

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    What a fight. So interesting. I do agree with the previous comment as well. A tad confusing concerning some of his statements. I mean if my neck is cut open just pour a freaking health pot on it. Should heal right up right? lol.

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    Didn’t it say that he has to stand still to Freeze something? Wasn’t that it’s biggest drawback? Does the author not read his own spell descriptions?


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