Doom Lord Chapter 57

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Doom Lord

Chapter 57- Blackwater Crocodile

The speed that Cheng Yang and his party proceeded isn’t the slightest bit slow. Cheng Yang doesn’t need to spend any time dealing with the scattered monsters, and with him on the team, his fellow professions doesn’t need to waste energy avoiding large-sized monster group that they are incapable of resisting. The cooperation between the two sides is very well coordinated, and the harvest gained is also in abundance.

When they arrived at the entrance of the Undead Canyon instance, Cheng Yang led everyone and drilled inside once again. Strictly speaking, although this instance doesn’t take much time, but on the efficiency of earning power value, the outside simply can’t compare with this copy.

After some fighting, Cheng Yang and his party left the instance. This time harvest compared with the previous was just too poor, not only does it not have the spirit of Ice and Snow, but even the equipment bursted had been reduced a notch. In addition to an iron-grade equipment, the rest was ordinary equipment.  

Fortunately, Cheng Yang didn’t hold too much hope on this time harvest, therefore he wasn’t bother by it. He knew that in order to get good equipment, apart from manufacturing them by craft, the only way is to rely on hard-difficulty instance.

Then, Cheng Yang began to rush to the next place. On the map Cheng Yang annotated, in addition to the city center, and the two channels out of the city, is a final point.

However, before going there, the team must first detour to several rescue points to begin their search and rescue operation.

Along the way, they didn’t encounter anything that was too much of a danger. Unless the team encounter a large community of long-ranged enchanted beast, otherwise Cheng Yan will have no fear when facing any other types of large monster group. After spending three to four hours, Cheng Yang finally arrived at the last point.

In front of them is a monster group that can only be described as huge. Cheng Yang estimated that this quantity shouldn’t be any less than 1,500 enchanted beasts, a scale that’s even greater than the monster group guarding the channel. Cheng Yang knows that this monster group’s strength isn’t only reflected by its size, the most important key is that inside has two enchanted beasts with strength that reached as powerful as first late-order.

In the previous apocalypse, after humanity won Luo Feng village by exterminating the monster group residing inside it, they discovered this monster group, but at that time no one had any idea what this monster group was guarding. And secondly the strength of this monster group isn’t any weaker than the monster group guarding the field station. Relatively speaking, the role of field station far surpasses any treasure, but the Gods considered the field station as a basic need for human evolution, as a result the strength of the monsters guarding them were reduced.

However, wild treasures aren’t the same. Thinking about it, the Spirit Bone Staff, Cheng Yang had previously obtained is considered a wild treasure that is guarded in the wild. It’s important to know, whether it’s the monster guarding the field station or the city channel, there is only a single first late-order enchanted beast.

The monster group in front has two first late-order enchanted beasts, it can be imagine how powerful the items inside may be.

Cheng Yang is clear what’s hidden inside, which is why he is so eager to attain this thing. If he wait until the day after tomorrow to defeat this monster group, it may be more difficult to obtain. Because ten days after the apocalypse, the enchanted beasts in the wild will welcome its first evolution, with nearly 5% of the first early-order enchanted beast advancing to medium-order. This is a human catastrophe.

When that happen, this monster group with more than 1,000 enchanted beasts will have more than 50 first medium-order monsters. And if the two first late-order leaders after this period also gained a skill, even if Cheng Yang led all the profession in Luo Feng village to come, he wouldn’t dare take this monster group lightly.

“Hao, you guys go find a place to hide, I’ll attack first. If you can exterminate the leaders, that’s great. If not, it’s also fine to consumes some of the other side’s forces. “Cheng Yang told in a whisper.

Liu Hao didn’t agree with the decision, he said: “Lord, going by yourself is too dangerous. Why don’t we find a safe place for you to use Redirection, and then fight with them head-on. ”

Cheng Yang looked around and said: “Currently in this world, is there a place that is absolutely safe? Take a look at those destroyed residential buildings, while we are standing on top of them the monster won’t be able hit us, but the two first late-order monsters definitely has the ability to break down the walls, and collapse the foundation. Therefore, the safest solution is for me to go alone. After all, I have the speed that these monsters can’t match, and even if I can’t beat them, escaping isn’t a problem. What you need to do is find a distant place to hide, so you don’t get discovered by the enchanted beast group. If you can after I lead the enchanted beasts away, take the guarded treasures, that would be better. Of course, this matter must be within our capabilities, and not forced. ”

Liu Hao found himself unable to persuade Cheng Yang, and couldn’t refute his viewpoint, so he has to comply. Immediately, he withdraw the team 200-300 meters back along with Lee Wanshan and Niu Bing, and then went to look for a secluded place to hide.

Once Liu Hao and the others left, Cheng Yang carefully checked the surrounding terrain. There are many places available that he can put to use.

Cheng Yang first selected a narrow channel, which used to be an alley, but after the earthquake occurred, the houses on both sides completely collapsed. Now all that’s left of the two sides is a wall formed from the destroyed concrete.

The intelligence of enchanted beast isn’t high, so long as there’s a path directly to the enemy, they won’t bother to take another path. So even though the remnants of thick walls on both sides can’t resist the attack from the enchanted beast, but as long as the road in front of them is unimpeded, they won’t attack the walls on either side.

After Cheng Yang determined his strategy, he immediately dashed out from his hidden location behind the wall, and went straight to the enchanted beast herd.

These enchanted beasts ahead of him aren’t the same as the small-category enchanted beast they been facing like the Bloodthirsty Jackal, but instead ferocious crocodiles. They are called Blackwater Crocodile, their body size is huge, and they looks terribly frightening , but in fact they are only rank first early-order.

Of course, compared with ordinary first early-order enchanted beast, they also have their own advantages. For them, it’s their strong defense and high health value, but in term of speed, they are a lot slower.

In the previous apocalypse, people with probing skill discovered that the health value of the Blackwater Crocodile reached 40 points, and has a physical defense of 3 points, even the magic defense is 2 points. It’s an absolute model for thick-fleshed.

Some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder wanted to figure out a problem. How do these Blackwater Crocodiles live on land? However, it was clear that one year after the apocalypse no one was able to come up with an answer. The only explanation is that the Gods made it that way. There’s nothing that can be done about it, who makes the opposite party so formidable? Having no sharks on land is already a huge mercy.

Cheng Yang’s appearance immediately attracted the attention of these bloodthirsty fellows. Quickly, they began making their way toward the incoming Cheng Yang, with their four-stout legs constantly dancing on the ground, but their speed honestly didn’t increase by much.

After Cheng Yang rushed within attacking distance, he immediately launched an attack with Ice Puck. One infant head-sized Ice Puck hit a Blackwater Crocodile, immediately causing the other side to let out a scream. The Ice Puck after breaking, turned into ice dregs shrouding the surface of the Blackwater Crocodile’s body, suffusing it with blue light.

The Ice Puck slowing effect was unable to manifest on these ordinary Blackwater Crocodile, because all these Blackwater Crocodile attacked by Cheng Yang died from a single attack.

By the time these Blackwater Crocodile charged toward Cheng Yang’s side, there are already more than 10 dead bodies. The remaining Blackwater Crocodile seems to not care about these dead bodies, and continue their assault forward.

Cheng Yang naturally can’t sit still waiting for death, even if his strength is powerful, he wouldn’t dare be surrounded by more than 1,000 crocodiles, not to mention in these Blackwater Crocodile, there are a few first-medium order, and even has existence with first late-order strength. At once, he made a u-turn and headed toward the narrow channel he had previously selected. In just a few breath, Cheng Yang made his way inside the narrow channel.

This narrow channel is only two meters wide, with the Blackwater Crocodile huge body, it’s only able to accommodate up to three at the same time, therefore the threat to Cheng Yang has gotten much smaller.

A few seconds after Cheng Yang stormed inside the narrow channel, a large group of Blackwater Crocodile came in. Cheng Yang now happens to defend the entrance of the narrow channel, immediately he cast out an Ice Thorn. Suddenly, from the sky emerged multiple huge 10 meters long ice thorns, making its way downward toward the Blackwater Crocodile at the bottom.  

Now the Blackwater Crocodile is densely packed with extrusion at the narrow channel entrance. This attack from Cheng Yang was able to covered 7-8 enchanted beasts. However, two Blackwater Crocodiles has managed to crossed the front of the entrance, and directly took a bite at Cheng Yang.

Have to say, the speed of these guys are really too slow. They have yet to land a bite on Cheng Yang, and he has already managed to slipped out a few meters away. Another Ice Puck is quickly launched, killing one of the Blackwater Crocodile.

Finally, the sole Blackwater Crocodile as if exhausting all of its potential, once more crawled toward Cheng Yang. But right behind it, already have twenty to thirty Blackwater Crocodiles squeezing through the entrance, followed by a charge toward Cheng Yang. The distance between the two sides are about 7-8 meters.

But how can Cheng Yang miss such a good opportunity, immediately another Ice Thorn is launched, instantly turning eight enchanted beasts into corpse. Then, he followed up with an Ice Puck, solving the Blackwater Crocodile in front of him. If not for Cheng Yang’s Ice Thorn skill having a two seconds cooldown, his monsters killing efficient would be higher.  

The number of Blackwater Crocodile is indeed too much, with the death of only a dozen or so enchanted beasts, it wouldn’t have any effect. Can’t it been seen from the large group of Blackwater Crocodiles making their way into the narrow channel?

Cheng Yang stood in the narrow channel and crazily massacre the incoming Blackwater Crocodiles, but he didn’t resist them head-on, instead he slowly retreated while killing a few.

The narrow channel is now mostly filled with Blackwater Crocodile, it can be said to be a death channel, basically every meter will leave behind 2-3 Blackwater Crocodile’s corpses. The most crucial point is that the narrow channel is two hundred to three hundred meters long. Wait until Cheng Yang is fully through this channel, once that happen the Blackwater Crocodile’s strength will be sapped.  

Cheng Yang killed in all four directions, fully killing about 300 Blackwater Crocodiles, making his heart happy. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from the rear. Quickly, he looked back, suddenly he received a scared that wasn’t light.   

Originally, in his expected export location, there was a swarm of enchanted beasts unexpectedly darted toward this side. This type of enchanted beast Cheng Yang has encountered, that is the Green Anorak, and their number is a lot, rushed into the channel is no fewer than 20 of them.


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    “Some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder wanted to figure out a problem. How do these Blackwater Crocodiles live on land? However, it was clear that one year after the apocalypse no one was able to come up with an answer. The only explanation is that the Gods made it that way. ”

    I’ve solved it. The answer was that Crocodiles aren’t fish and so they breath air.

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