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Doom Lord

Chapter 56- Powerful Talent

Based on the basic property, compared to before the transfer, the attack power has improved a bit, but the magic defense and physical defense respectively has actually increased by two points.

This is the formidable strength of Ice Mage. The reason it can raise two points of defenses is because of the Ice Armor body protection. This is one of the exclusive skills belonging to Ice Mage, as well as the most obvious sign that distinguishes Ice Mage from other profession.

Of course, there is also a strong change to the talent. Originally, Cheng Yang’s magic attack enhancement rate was 3%, and now after transferring to Ice Mage, it abruptly increased by 1%.

This also made Cheng Yang’s talent improve a grade, which in his past life has never occurred.

In the previous apocalypse, there has been some people that successfully switch to a special profession, but none of these people have s-class talent. S-class talent, after all, are very few in number, and the number of special profession are even less. If a person want to have both, the probability is simply too low.

However, Cheng Yang’s mind is now clouded with doubts. The strongest known talent in the previous apocalypse was s-class, while the highest single-property enhancement was 3%. Now all of a sudden, oneself has a single-property enhancement of 4%, what on Earth is going on? This isn’t a bug, right?

Additionally, some of Cheng Yang’s other properties has also undergone some changes. For example, Magic Missile and Wind Shackle have been completely changed. Although the changes doesn’t seems very big, but the property of the two skills has changed from non-attribute to ice magic.

They also have some added special effects to them, like the slowing property on the Magic Missile. Although the probability this effect can occur is only a 30% chance, but when facing a strong enemy, often it can play a huge role. Furthermore, Wind Shackle has been changed to a stronger skill called Freeze. As long as the opponent’s attack power isn’t twice his own, the effects of the skill will occur.

However, perhaps because the effect of this skill is so good, an added restriction was made by the rules, which is the cast time.

For the casting time setting, Cheng Yang knows very well. During the casting time of the skill, the person is required to stand motionless, before the specific skill can be successfully release.

There is no doubt that with this restriction, the practicality of Freeze will reduce a lot. But, relatively speaking, this skill is a lot stronger than Wind Shackle.

These changes are just an early change made for switching to Ice Mage, the real power of Ice Mage also included other factors. Because once the transfer is made to a special profession, it will have its own unique skill learning system.

However, what skills Ice Mage will have in the end, Cheng Yang isn’t clear. Next, Cheng Yang opened the Ice Mage’s skill panel.

Originally, Cheng Yang opened just to have a look, but unexpectedly he found a learnable skill, which made him instantly delighted.

Regardless of the practicality of this skill, even if it isn’t high, having an extra skill in the early-stage of the apocalypse is never a bad thing.

Ice Thorn: Raining down from the heaven a wide range of ice thorns, covering a radius of three meters. All enemies within this range are dealt 50% magic damage, have a cooldown for 2 seconds. Learning Conditions: Medium-order Ice Mage’s Apprentice, 200 points of power value.

Cheng Yang immediately widened his eyes, it turned out to be an AOE spell! [TLN: Area of Effect.]

He didn’t expect to get an AOE magic spell so soon, Cheng Yang has no word to describe the excitement tumbling in his heart. In the previous apocalypse, there has been an Ice Mage that indeed learn this skill, but at that time he was already second-order, and everyone felt this skill needed to be second-order to learn, so they weren’t too concerned about it.

However, Cheng Yang now knows, this powerful AOE skill can be learn in the apprentice order, this disparity can be imagined.

How large is a radius of three meters? In a monster-intensive area, within a radius of three meters it’s enough to accommodate seven or eight enchanted beasts. If facing against the skeletons in Undead Canyon, accommodating more than 10 wouldn’t be a issue. If Cheng Yang uses just Ice thorns, only two rounds of attacks are needed for him to kill all the monsters in this range. This efficiency, compared with killing by Magic Missile is much faster.

Cheng Yang immediately consumed 200 points of power value to learn Ice Thorn. After learning the skill, he realized that this Ice Thorn skill is indeed a powerful skill, but the mana consumption similarly is also very serious. Every spell cast need to consume as much as 12 points of mana.

Next, Cheng Yang gave Yu Kai and the others a command, telling them that he needed the 4,000 points of power value that he lent out back after midnight, then he turned around and exited Luo Feng village.

At the moment, Cheng Yang does his night raids farther into uncharted region, almost about four kilometers away from the existing walls. Since at closer range, the large groups of enchanted beast were basically wiped out by him. Even though these places would spawned out new monsters occasionally, but it can’t meet the needs of Cheng Yang. Besides, if he kill these small group of monsters, what’s left for the territory’s profession to kill?

After a night of raiding, Cheng Yang got nearly 2,000 points of power value. In fact, tonight’s action was very dangerous, he accidentally broke into a monster group of nearly 600 enchanted beasts, which causes an outbreak of a bloody battle, consuming most of his mana potion. The following fights, he could only rely on his refined mana potion for support.

To have such a harvest as tonight, naturally, it’s inseparable from the powerful might of the Ice Thorn skill. Once a few enchanted beasts bundled together, Cheng Yang would use the Ice Thorn skill to cleanly sweep them. This efficiency is more than double compared to in the past. Of course, his Ice Armor also played a very important role, the strong defensive capability made him fearless against ordinary monsters, as he let their attacks lands on his body as he launches Ice Thorn repeatedly into the monster group.

In accordance with the system rules, when the defense value is higher than the attack by 30%, the attack would be completely invalid. And when the defense value is higher than attack but is less than 30%, then there will be a certain probability of reduction in health, which would causes 1 point of damage. Along with the increase in the defense value, this probability will gradually reduced.

Cheng Yang now has six points of defense, so when facing against an enchanted beast with an attack as high as 5 points, there is a high probability of complete immunity. Firmly resisting the attacks from the large group of enchanted beast wasn’t much of a problem.

After returning to the territory, Cheng Yang took back from the hands of Yu Kai and the others the 4,000 points of power values, and then began today’s cultivation.

A night quickly pass, with the arrival of dawn, Cheng Yang’s cultivation progress has reached 13.4%. It’s important to know that last night his cultivation progress was just 9.9%, in other words, overnight his cultivation progress increased by 3.5%. This high efficiency, can be described as very terrifying.

Suddenly, Cheng Yang wrinkled his brows. He noticed something was off. According to the data figured out from the previous apocalypse, with level 3 meditation a daily cultivation should increase the cultivation progress by 0.5%. With six times cultivation speed taken into account, coupled with the level 2 residence and his talent, the increase in the cultivation progress should be around 3.2%, so how did it get to 3.5%?

Prior to upgrading, Cheng Yang has also observed the extent a day of cultivation would enhance, but there wasn’t much of a gap between it and his expectation, so he didn’t care. But now it’s off by a whole 0.3%, so he couldn’t help but care. This is equivalent to the base of his cultivation efficiency being enhanced by more than 50%.

According to the experience from the previous apocalypse, using power values to increase cultivation speed and the efficiency of the residences has  been tested numerous times, so naturally there is no problem with them. Now the only possible change can be their own talent.

After some detailed calculations, Cheng Yang came to a conclusion that made him ecstatic. The speed bonus in his cultivation talent isn’t the multiples of the original sum, but rather multiplied. If it is added, now his cultivation efficiency is 6.29 times, and if multiplied, the efficiency would improved to nearly 6.8 times.

Don’t underestimate a few digits after the decimal point, that’s only because his level is too low so the changes doesn’t seem big, but once his level reached a high level, it would be possible for cultivation efficiency to double the base of the original.  

This is playing God, not only would it double the efficiency, but wouldn’t cost a single power value.

Cheng Yang hasn’t been able to calmed himself down. His talent is simply too overpowered, and most importantly it will played an invaluable role in upgrading the territory strength. As long as there is a certain amount of development time, Luo Feng village will definitely stand on top of the world. No, at that time it shouldn’t be Luo Feng village, but Luo Feng city.

After a long time, Cheng Yang was able to pressed down his excitement, and then walked out of the residence. As for the 720 points of power value consumed after the night’s cultivation, he had completely put it behind him.

This is the end of the ninth day, in Cheng Yang’s mind is a sense of urgency, because the longer time passes, the greater the possibility the human survivors would have of dying.

Fortunately, now the vast majority of humans has escaped from the hands of the monster and managed to get their way inside the light screen of the main city. If the main city has yet to be won, it’s estimated to be difficult for them to rely on their own forces to seize the main city. For the survivors of the city, this would be a crisis of extermination.

Cheng Yang didn’t want to think too far, he only hope to take advantage of this time to save some more refugees back from Xiangcheng city. While at the same time earn some power value, so that his strength and the strength of territory can upgrade as soon as possible.

Next, Cheng Yang will transferred his 10,000 power values all to Yu Kai’s team. This isn’t to allow Yu Kai to enjoy six times cultivation speed, but to let him picked 10 people from his team for 4 times cultivation speed.

According to Cheng Yang’s plan, the teams in Luo Feng village will cultivate in a certain order, with each team cultivating at a fixed time. So as to maximize the use of power value to increase cultivation speed, while not affecting the team’s unified action.

And this time period, is Yu Kai’s team cultivation time. After Yu Kai’s team finished cultivating, Niu Bing’s team would be next.

After this arrangement is done, Cheng Yang then entered the Scarlet Church instance. After a lot of fighting, his power value once again reached 1,400 points.

Cheng Yang once again left 1,000 points of power value for people to use for cultivating, and then with Lee Wanshan and the others left the territory. After these days of transferring people, coupled with the increase in the territory power value, Luo Feng village was able to filled in all the professions’ transfer quota, making each team reached a total of 167 people. At this time, naturally there is no longer a need for Lee Wanshan to stay in the territory.

However, in order to carried out the transfers, Luo Feng village’s territory power value has been completely emptied. Fortunately, he just cleared the Scarlet Church instance, otherwise he would had to wait for evening to come to upgrade the last property of the Priest statue.

The group walked along a pedestrian road toward Xiangcheng city, before Cheng Yang had specifically went to looked for this remote traveled road. Along the way, many monster groups were encountered, but under Cheng Yang’s team orderly formation, these monsters were quickly exterminated. Their purpose seems to only serve to increase the power value of Cheng Yang.


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