Doom Lord Chapter 55

Doom Lord

Chapter 55- Ice Magic

Cheng Yang put away the spirit of Ice and Snow, and then returned to the crowd. At this time, there were still some people that hadn’t fully restored their health value, so Cheng Yang decided to sit down and wait for them.

“Boss, did you get anything good just now?” Yu Kai, Niu Bing, and Liu Hao eagerly asked.

Cheng Yang no longer concealed it. He took out the spirit of Ice and Snow, and after handing it to them said, “See for yourself.”

Yu Kai was the first to snatch it, and after a look he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Special profession? Is it very powerful?”

Cheng Yang said, “How should I know, has anyone transferred to it yet? After transferring, naturally we will know. But since it is a special profession, it should be stronger than the ordinary professions.”

Yu Kai and the others agreed with this point, but they didn’t have the slightest interest in the spirit of Ice and Snow. After all, this was something Cheng Yang obtained, moreover they weren’t magician.

After everyone recovered, Cheng Yang took the lead in leaving the instance.

After returning to the main world, Cheng Yang continued leading the team north. Battling in the instance a moment ago, although breathtaking, but the harvest was quite plentiful. All the power values obtained added up to about 1,000 points. In particular, the spirit of Ice and Snow, to Cheng Yang was priceless.

“Lord, would we continue to come and play this instance tomorrow?” Liu Hao said after having a taste of the food’s marrow, his savor grew more. After all, in that battle, the speed of harvesting power value was very quick, and the risk wasn’t as high as on the outside. After all, the monsters inside spawned according to certain rules.

Cheng Yang said, “Today, it’s impossible for us to finish all the search and rescue points in the northern end, so we’ll still need to come here tomorrow. We’ll play this instance again at that time. In the future, if I have no other arrangements, I’ll also take you guys to come and play this instance. For the time being, you don’t have the ability to challenge this instance alone, unless the team’s overall strength reaches medium-order apprentice, or have five high-order apprentices.”

Liu Hao’s demand wasn’t high, as long as they could come challenge this instance under Cheng Yang’s leadership, he would be content. As for acting alone, he wasn’t arrogant to that extent. Today, if it weren’t for Cheng Yang’s Redirection skill, their team would’ve definitely been buried inside.

Continuously till 4 PM, Cheng Yang searched 7-8 rescue points north of Xiangcheng City, but the result wasn’t ideal, only two professions’ families were found. It had also been determined that the family members of a profession had died, which was without doubt a sad matter.

In the evening, a line of several thousand people returned to Luo Feng Village. These extra people were naturally rescued back by Cheng Yang and his team along the way. Now Luo Feng Village’s population has exceeded 15,000 people, if placed before the apocalypse, it would be considered a large town, but now, it is a level 2 village.

Originally, Luo Feng Village was already very crowded, and currently that Cheng Yang had come back more than 3,000 people, some people couldn’t even get in.

However, Cheng Yang had earlier made plans, and didn’t directly bring them inside Luo Feng Village. He first went inside, and then selected the construction of the level 2 walls at the territory altar.

After Cheng Yang selected the construction, a light screen once again enveloped Luo Feng Village, slowly it began fade away after each breath. After the light completely vanished, Luo Feng Village could be seen encircled by a solid wooden wall.

The new wall height was only three meters, but the thickness had increased a lot. Moreover, this wall had a scope coverage of nine square kilometers, which was an expansion of nine times compared with the original walls.

Of course, these were only superficial, the most crucial point was the changes in the wall’s properties. This wall didn’t only have the defense doubled, even the durability had reached 5,000 points. Even if met with a large monster siege full of first medium-order enchanted beasts, Luo Feng Village could come out unscathed.

This scene shocked the vast majority of the people in Luo Feng Village, even if some of them had seen the construction of some of the buildings, but none of them had a momentum as comparable as the construction of the wall. It’s as if God descended down onto the Earth, such scenes would be unforgettable to all who saw it.

After the construction of the wall, the 500 cubic meters of wood Luo Feng Village had gathered today was consumed. Fortunately, the biggest consumption of wood was removed, now only the task of constructing a few shops were left, then the territory would be one step closer to upgrading. Only the 20,000 power values needed for promotion, Cheng Yang still had trouble solving.

Currently, Luo Feng Village’s territory power value was zero. The territory power value earned today were all used in transferring people, as well as those power value paid back by the first batch to had done the transfer. After all, today had an increase of more than 600 professions, which was equivalent to consuming 6,000 territorial power values. Although this consumption belonged to rolling consumption, but such returns would also require a certain amount of time.

With no territorial power value, the property promotions for the territory’s statues could only be put to the side. But when Cheng Yang opened the priest statue’s properties panel, he found out that its level 2 magic defense had been upgraded. Wait until tomorrow morning arrived to upgrade the physical defense, then the priest statue would be able to successfully reach level 3.

In the early stage, with there being health potions, the priest’s profession was a bit weak, with their only role seemed to be to save a few power values. But the fact wasn’t so, the effect of health potions would be interrupted after being attacked. Meanwhile, as the priest got promoted in ranks, their skills would become more and more abundant, and along with the Angel Inspiration skill, it would make priest become the object all team scrambled to obtain.

Through the deliberations of Cheng Yang, Yu Kai and the others, they eventually decided to transfer all the ordinary people to outside the village, which was between the inner level 1 walls and the outer level 2 walls. Although this might seem a bit unfair, but in this cruel apocalyptic world, would fairness exist? What Cheng Yang had done, within a certain range, could be considered relative fair.

This involved the relocation of tens of thousands of people, these people didn’t have houses, so there wasn’t much material. But they still had simple warm blankets, and floor mats, which were found in the ruins, and now they had become essential items for them to live. Therefore, the relocation was quite time-consuming.

At this stage, Cheng Yang would throw all the time consuming tasks to someone else. His main task was to go earn power values.

After today’s fight, the power value in his account finally broke through 5,500 points, of which 2,000 were surplus from yesterday, another part was 3,000 points earned from today, and the other part was from the returns of those loggers. If counting the 4,000 power value he lent out, after tonight’s sweep, he would be able to scrape up 10,000 power value. Six times cultivation speed was already close at hand.

Cheng Yang came before the magician’s statue, took out the recently obtained spirit of Ice and Snow, and then pasted it on top of the statue.

The spirit of Ice and Snow immediately released a ray of intense blue light, attracting the attentions of all those around. However, after they saw Cheng Yang in action, no one came over to ask.

After several breaths, the spirit of Ice and Snow in Cheng Yang’s hands disappeared. Cheng Yang then opened the magician statue’s properties panel.

Not much had changed in the statue’s properties, except below the learnable skill column there was a new added column for special profession. In this column, there suddenly appeared an option for Ice Mage.

Ice Mage (1).

This represented Ice Mage’s transfer quota inside Luo Feng Village’s magician statue. Moreover, this quota wasn’t calculated with the rest of the statue’s transfer quota.

Cheng Yang tried it, and found himself unable to open the Ice Mage’s job description and operation panel. It seemed that it was only effective after the transfer.

Cheng Yang no longer hesitated, and directly clicked to transfer. At that moment, an orb of blue energy sprang out from the statue, and instantly went into Cheng Yang’s body, then it began to rapidly transform his body. Cheng Yang felt like his body was deeply immersed in ice.

After several breaths, the transformation ended. Cheng Yang’s body began to return to warmer temperature. Checking his property, in this short period of time, it had actually undergone huge changes.



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