Doom Lord Chapter 54

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Doom Lord

Chapter 54- Ice Mage

The only remaining Skeleton Warriors rushed to the forefront. As soon as it approached the humans, it immediately raised in its hand the bone sword, sweeping it toward Cheng Yang’s team line of defense. With its attack power, the first warrior to get hit is bound to be sent flying.

Standing in the forefront Liu Hao sees this situation, and instantly his stature flashed to the front of the warriors, as he get ready to intercept the Skeleton Warrior. Using his shield, he blocked the incoming bone sword.

“Bang……” a loud noise sounded, hurting the eardrums of several people surrounding it.

As the person involved, Liu Hao also didn’t feel any better. Although he went all-out to meet the enemy head-on, but the strength of the opposition has twice his overall property. Fortunately, his shield can offset some of the damage, allowing him to endure the strike without being sent flying.

The Skeleton Warrior seem to have never thought someone could still be standing after receiving its attack. As its jaw did an up and down motion, the bone sword in its hand was quickly withdrawn, and at a tough angle stabbed toward Liu Hao’s abdomen.

Don’t look down on the opposite party thinking that a skeleton is sure to be clumsy, on the contrary, this guy’s speed is faster than Liu Hao. When the bone sword is thrusted over, Liu Hao wanted to dodged, but it was too late.

In a moment before Liu Hao is about to get injure under the Skeleton Warrior’s sword, two Magic Missiles instantly impacted on the Skeleton Warrior’s frame, making its health value immediately emptied. This originally alive Skeleton Warrior turned into a heap of dry bones.

“Hao, well done! “Cheng Yang said. Of the two Magic Missiles that hit the Skeleton Warrior’s body, one was shot by him.

Cheng Yang didn’t say anything wrong, if the warriors blocking in front was sent flying by the Skeleton Warrior’s attack, it will inevitably led to the collapse of the team’s formation. When that happen they are likely to fall into chaos, its results can be imagined.

Liu Hao hehe smile and said: “Many thanks for the Lord’s saving grace. ”

They laughed at the same time, but their hands didn’t stopped moving, as they continued to target the enemies in front.

In an instant both sides plunged into a tug-of-war. Although the warriors on the human’s side are more formidable, and their shield can also ignore damages, but how can a shield at the same time block the attacks of several skeletons simultaneously. With the passage of time, the warriors in the frontline started to get inflicted with injuries.

Summoners also have their hands full at this time, as they summoned their Dark Wolf to fight alongside the warriors in the forefront. Although this help lessen the burden on the warriors, injuries are still unavoidable. Apart from Niu Bing’s Dark Wolf, the rest weren’t able to persist for more than a minute. After the Dark Wolf dies, the Summoners can only become spectators on the side.

As the number of skeletons decreases, the consumption on the human’s side became more and more serious. Not only in the consumption of potions, but also the consumption of the the warriors’ physical strength on the frontline.

Suddenly, a warrior was cut on the thigh by a skeleton. Although his legs wasn’t entirely cut off, but the huge force causes his center to be unstable, making him directly fall onto the ground. In front of him is an infinite number of skeletons, so this fall gave him absolutely no chance to stand up again.

Cheng Yang is sharp-sighted, instantly he rushed past and pulled the other side back, while a few bone sticks landed on Cheng Yang’s back.

Although Cheng Yang is wearing an iron-grade magic gown on his body, but this equipment only increase magic defense, and not a single point of physical defense. Moreover, Cheng Yang is currently using Redirection, although he has 4 points of physical defense, but due to being in a weakening state, he now only has 2 points of physical defense. Faced with four skeletons’ attack, in an instant took away 12 points of his health value.

Cheng Yang now has more than 80 health points, this injury meant nothing to him. Now he is standing on top of the injured warrior original location, and then started to continue his attack on the skeletons.

As the saying goes, “enough ants may bite an elephant to death”. These skeletons unceasing attacks gave Cheng Yang no small amounts of trouble. Every few seconds, Cheng Yang had to take a bottle of health potion to supplement. Originally, Cheng Yang can restore 220 health points after taking a bottle of health potion, but only 60 points of the potion’s effect had been played out before the skeletons’ attack interrupted it.

So after another 10 seconds, the battle finally came to an end, all of the skeletons were killed.

With Cheng Yang here none of the personnel died, but the warriors standing in the frontline didn’t look much better compared to beggars, all of whom were ragged and bloodied.

Fortunately, these are just flesh wounds, so as long as they consume a bottle of health potion, those blood stains will disappear. Of course, the breakage in the equipment is in need of repair, but at the moment Luo Feng village have none of the corresponding repair shops, so this matter is left alone for the time being. Fortunately, most people are still using their novice equipment, and these equipment are unlikely to get damaged.

Afterwards, no more skeletons reassembled in the canyon, putting an official end to the battle.

While the others are sitting down to recover through meditation, Cheng Yang began cleaning up the battlefield.

In the previous battles, the frequency the skeleton swarms were too high, so Cheng Yang didn’t have time to pick up the items on the ground. Apart from the first wave, the skeleton bosses for the three waves afterward bursted something.

Since this is Undead Canyon first clearance, Cheng Yang has a high expectation for these equipment. Furthermore, it’s a medium-sized instance, which makes it more difficult to clear than small-sized instances. If there isn’t one of two good items, it really can’t be justified.

Sure enough, looking at the items Cheng Yang picked up from the ground, there are unexpectedly six iron-grade equipments, in addition to a scroll-shaped item.

Cheng Yang isn’t interested in the six iron-grade equipments, because after glancing at them he saw that there was no auxiliary equipment for magician, other equipments for him have no value. He readily throw them aside, Cheng Yang then opened the scroll.

It seems that God is deliberately singing a different tune with him, the architectural drawings that Cheng Yang had hoped for didn’t appear, instead he got a skill scroll.

Damage absorption (level 1): Gain a blessing on oneself, can absorb up to 100 points of damage. Have a state duration of 3 minutes with a cooldown of 5 minutes. The higher the skill level, the more the damage can be absorb. Learning Condition: Low-order warrior’s apprentice.

It’s a very practical skill, Cheng Yang is very much satisfied with it. To Cheng Yang, this skill can’t be compared with Redirection, but the maximum value of Redirection is reflected in the strength gap between Cheng Yang and others, while this skill can absorb 100 damages with no weakening effect.

But in order to learn the skill you need to be a warrior, so Cheng Yang can only sigh and give it to someone else.

Cheng Yang decided to leave this skill to Liu Hao, after all, out of all the senior management positions in Luo Feng village, only Liu Hao and Lee Wanshan are warrior. Although Lee Wanshan’s talent is also s-class, but his is more inclined to territory management. In battles, his growth potential is less than Liu Hao. Coupled with the fact that Lee Wanshan didn’t participated in this battle, Liu Hao have the right of first pick, him getting this scroll shouldn’t be a problem.

Afterward Cheng Yang didn’t rushed to enter the canyon to look for the final treasure, but began to distributed the rest of the instance’s harvest. Such things are not complicated to deal with, a piece of equipment is taken out, and then the personnel can bid on the specific equipment, afterward the power value is split amongst the team.

After the allocation of the six pieces of equipment, Cheng Yang also obtained five power values. Although he disdain such a low amount of power values, but this is earned with the team’s effort, therefore he accepted it.

After this is completed, Cheng Yang let everyone rest at their location, he alone walked toward the depths of the Canyon. At this time Liu Hao and the other had the desire to go along with Cheng Yang, but he refused. The instance has finished, so there is no longer any danger.

Liu Hao and the others didn’t press on, especially for these warriors, their loss of health value is quite serious, they really need to sit down to meditate their recovery. As for the use of health potion, unless it’s a crisis, under normal circumstances, using meditation to recover is preferred.

Cheng Yang walked merely 200 meters before arriving at the end of the canyon. At that location, a high platform can be seen with a crystal-like bead placed above it, its surface exuding dim blue light. When a person look at it, a trace of chill will arises from the depth of their heart.

“Sure enough, it’s really was this thing! “Cheng Yang exclaimed.

In his previous life, the first clearance of this medium-sized instance wasn’t won by a team from Xiangcheng city, so this bead also evaded Xiangcheng city’s grasp. But the Russian’s team that obtained the bead spread the message out, which is how Cheng Yang came to know about it.

Whether it’s the priest statue obtained from getting the Scarlet Church instance first clearance, or this bead from Undead Canyon first clearance, both bring great pains to the high-level professions of Xiangcheng city. After all, these two instances also exist in Xiangcheng city, but they failed to get the first clearance, narrowly missing the treasures, how can this not sadden them?

Cheng Yang boarded the platform, and took the bead down.

The spirit of Ice and Snow: To make the spirit of Ice and Snow integrate into the magician statue, allows the magician statue to add one quota to be change into a special profession: Ice mage.

The introduction of the beads is very simple, but inside has two words that stands out, Ice Mage.

There is no doubt that in this world, as long as the word “special” is coated on them, it will far exceed the effect of those ordinary ones. Just like Cheng Yang’s  Redirection skill, its powerful function can bring great shocks to people.

Whether it is a magician or a warrior, there is no professional branch at the apprentice level. But once you breakthrough the apprentice level, you need to choose a branch. Take magician as an example, it is divided into four magic systems: Earth, Fire, Water and Wind. However, these four magic systems are considered ordinary professions.

Special profession is the same as ordinary profession, both need to change the profession at the altar. However, the special profession needs props(items)  to increase the quota, in general, one special prop can only add one special profession. Before the death of the profession who has changed into the special profession, the quota is occupied permanently.

Cheng Yang knows too well the power of the special profession, and the spirit of the Ice and Snow is the only prop he knows he can get from around Xiangcheng city to change into a special profession, which is the main reason why he wants to change into magician from the start.
Ice Mage is a special profession, which is an advanced version of Water Mage. Because after a magician achieved sorcerer level, a Water Mage can transfer to Ice Mage. Even if the sorcerer level isn’t reached, by using this prop there won’t be such a restriction.


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